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ThatOtherDev nous propose une mise à jour de 1bit Invaders qui est un jeu de shoot dans l'espace avec un environnement entièrement destructible et des graphismes monochromes "retro".
Pour rester en vie et gagner des points, tirez sur les ronds s'approchant de vous.


Version 2.2
1bit Invaders has a newly added scoreboard and improved music quality. Added the new home menu.

Version 2.1
Enemies bump into one another now instead of just overlapping each other. The map is more then twice its previous size (so you can fly farther in any direction before the game starts to forget what the environment you left behind was like). Shooting walls makes larger holes. I removed the onscreen frame rate monitor. The movement speed of pretty much everything has been increased. I added background music (Slow Down by ccowley). I also added classic controller support (though I find it to be far better to play with a nunchuck and wiimote).

Its really not a note worthy update. The most significant thing is that there is now for the first time a PC version of the game.

Version 2
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http://thatotherdev.wordpress.com/ Site officiel : http://thatotherdev.wordpress.com/

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