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WoxelCraft est un petit jeu de Voxels 3D, un peu comme Minecraft.

Version 0.0.7
Infinite world
Savegame using SD Card
Various engine changes

Version 0.0.6
Fixed broken sprites

Version 0.0.5
New stone blocks and trees

Version 0.0.4
Texture binding optimization
Implemented usage of mipmaps for TPL files

image image

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Choisir un Film : La meilleure solution quand on ne sait pas quel film regarder
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Le homebrew channel à l'envers, ou qui n'aime pas quand vous installer cIOSCorp, qui vous dit de ne pas modifier le hbc, ça vous rappelle des choses ?
Marcan vient de publier sur twitter la liste complète et détaillée de toutes les protections en place dans l'installateur ou dans homebrew channel, qui le protège contre la modification.
On y trouve de l'exploitation de bug dans le matériel (bug qui n'est pas présent dans dolphin, ce qui fait que ça plante sous dolphin), des adresses mémoire camouflées, ou bien des vérifications de timing, mais bien d'autre, comme l'ajout volontaire d'un bug qui fait planter bien plus tard.

Si vous êtes curieux, je vous invite à lire le post complet sur twitter ici

Le HBC à l'envers, c'est ce code

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RetroArch est un émulateur multi plates formes utilisant la libRetro, et permettant ainsi d'avoir le même code pour les versions Wii, Xbox, pc etc, et la libRetro s'occupe de tout ce qui est spécifique à la plate forme.


Version 1.7.0
– CHEEVOS: Add badges for achievements, shows thumbnail images of achievements.
– CHEEVOS: Leaderboard support.
– CHEEVOS: Only disable savestates on hardcore mode if achievements are not available.
– COMMANDLINE: Fix fullscreen toggle switch.
– COMMON: Add ‘Automatically Load Content To Playlist’ feature, enabled by default.
– COMMON: Fix slowmotion ratio always being reset back to 1.
– COMMON: Optimized NBIO implementations now for Apple, Windows, and Linux. Uses mmap for Linux/Windows/BSD if/when available. File I/O should now be much faster for loading images inside the menu.
– COMMON: Native Blissbox support now for latest firmware as of writing (2.0). Implementation through libusb and/or native Windows HID.
– COMMON: New lightgun API.
– COMMON: New VFS (Virtual File System) API.
– COMMON: Fixed some playlist bugs.
– COMMON: New snow shader.
– COMMON: Fix Quick Menu title, no longer shows ‘Select File’.
– COMMON: Fix loading cores that require no content one after another.
– COMMON: Map Delete key to Y button for non-unified menu keyboard controls.
– COMMON: Fix for relative paths being normalised and generating a duplicate history entry.
– EMSCRIPTEN: Fix references to browserfs.
– FREEBSD: Support libusb HID input driver.
– HAIKU: Buildfix.
– INPUT: Map clear button to DEL key.
– LINUX/X11: Add RetroArch logo to window title bar.
– LINUX/X11: Input driver now supports new lightgun code.
– LINUX/X11: Support window transparency (requires a compositing window manager).
– LOBBIES: Fix for crash on join netplay rooms via touch / glui.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation.
– MENU: Snowflake menu shader effect.
– OSX/PPC: Fix the GL2 renderchain, had to use EXT versions of framebuffer/renderbuffer functions.
– PS3: HTTP requests / downloads should now work.
– PS3: Core Updater now works.
– PS3: Improved font rendering, enable STB Unicode font renderer.
– PSP: Make it work with Vita’s Adrenaline.
– PSP: Fix audio sync.
– PSP: Fix content loading, port should be functional again.
– PSP: Use 64MB when available.
– SCANNER: Fix crash from Windows-incompatible format string.
– VITA: Improve packaging, installation times.
– WIIU: Disabled the controller patcher for now since it was the source of many stability issues.
– VULKAN: Various stability fixes for WSI.
– WINDOWS: Add MSVC 2017 solution.
– WINDOWS: Get rid of the empty console window in MSVC 2010 builds.
– WINDOWS: Raw input driver now supports new lightgun code.
– WINDOWS: Use configured OSD/text message color on GDI driver.
– WINDOWS/XINPUT: Populate XInput VID/PID from DInput so autoconfig doesn’t rely solely on joypad names
– WINDOWS/XINPUT: Fix crash that occurs in some situations with Steam running and a Steam Controller plugged in.
– WINDOWS: Improve version reporting under System Information.
– WINDOWS: Support window transparency.
– WINDOWS: Correct usage of GetWindowPlacement per MS docs, fixes game window position on Win95/98.
– WINDOWS: Added Visual Studio 2017 support.

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Joyeux Noel à tous les visiteurs et membres de Wii Info


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USB Loader GX est un homebrew qui permet de lancer des backups de jeux Wii stockés sur un disque dur USB ou une clé USB, via une interface agréable affichant les jaquettes de vos jeux.
Cet USB Loader est originalement basé sur l'USB Loader 1.1 par Waninkoko. Les backups sur carte SD ne sont pas supportés.


Tout sur Usb Loader GX - Partie 1/2
Tout sur Usb Loader GX - Partie 2/2
Utiliser le port 1 avec Uloader ou Usb Loader GX

* Removed LibWUPC now that Libogc supports WiiU Pro controller internally.

* Set Nintendont as default gamecube mode for new loader install.
Forgot the binary file for Libfat...
* Added 2 new Nintendont settings (CC Rumble and IPL choices). (Greywolf)
Libraries updates:
* Updated Libcustomfat to 1.1.1 + Ustealth. (Greywolf, Cyan)
Updated the project to compile with newer devkitpro versions.
The new packages will be available in the files repository.
* Updated devkitpro libraries to DevkitPPC r29-1, libogc 1.8.16
* Updated Libvorbis in devkitpro libogc. (Greywolf)
* Updated libfat in devkitpro libogc to 1.1.1 + Ustealth patch
* Updated tinyXML to tinyXML2 v4.0.1 (GreyWolf)

* Fixed compiling meta.cpp under linux/mac
* Removed Neek2o warning when using SD card on Wii.
* Added A button to exit credit page (self_slaughter)
* Updated to Config to v7 (self_slaughter)
* Added Triforce Arcade mode option (self_slaughter)
* Added compatibility for GPT and EBR partition type (v3.400+)
* Updated language files: French

* Fixed custom banner download issue introduced in r1259.
* Fixed spelling mistake in image download function.
* Reverted HTTP to non SSL revision (r1252).
* Removed Nintendont internal update feature (requires SSL).
* Added batch wad (un)install from a folder.
* Changed the wad install menu interface.
* Added an option to the wad class to display or hide errors on wad install.
* Fixed RemoveDirectory return value.
* Added game type and console name in exported game list. (requested)
* Updated French language

télécharger Télécharger USB Loader GX v3.0 rev 1268

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RetroArch est un émulateur multi plates formes utilisant la libRetro, et permettant ainsi d'avoir le même code pour les versions Wii, Xbox, pc etc, et la libRetro s'occupe de tout ce qui est spécifique à la plate forme.


Version 1.6.9
– Audio: Fix the Audio DSP picker
– CHEEVOS: Add support for Atari Lynx cheevos.
– CHEEVOS: Add support for RetroAchievements Leaderboards.
– GUI: (MaterialUI) Fix crash that happened on context reset with Vulkan.
– GUI: (MaterialUI) Skip querying and drawing items that are not visible; Cache content height and bbox calculation.
– GUI: (MaterialUI) Fix entry box highlight calculation.
– GUI: (XMB) Skip drawing the fading list when it is already transparent. Optimization.
– GUI: (XMB) Comment out visible item calculation in xmb_draw_items().
– GUI: (RGUI) Prevent crashes when using a non-English language reliant on UTF8.
– GUI: Add menu option for OSD background color.
– GUI: Add menu option for OSD text color.
– GUI: Add menu option to remove frame count from OSD.
– GUI: Allow wraparound of int/float settings when pressing the left key
– INPUT/LIBRETRO: Add support for more mouse buttons (buttons 4/5)
– INPUT/LIBRETRO: Add support for analog buttons
– INPUT: Always show the controls menu even if descriptors are not set
– INPUT: Fix input descriptors not being set on cores that don’t implement the controllers interface
– INPUT: Apply descriptors only for the amount of cores the core supports
– INPUT: Implement keyboard to gamepad input remapping (limited to one gamepad device for now)
– INPUT: Fix absolute mouse move handling on the winraw driver
– INPUT: Ignore keyboard input if window is not active on udev driver
– INPUT: Sanitize the filenames of autoconfig profiles before saving
– LOBBIES: Fix crash on navigating left / right from the lobby menu
– LOCALIZATION: Update Dutch translation
– LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation.
– LINUX/ARMHF: Set buildbot updater URL to armhf location instead of blank string
– LINUX/PI: Broadcom VC4: Add Videocore config option
– LINUX/UDEV: Fix – RetroArch reads keyboard input when not focused with the udev input driver.
– NETPLAY: Fix disconnection not fully deinitializing Netplay.
– NETPLAY: Fix lan rooms when there is more than one room
– NETPLAY: Fix lan rooms on systems where all addresses are treated as IPv6
– COMMON: Fix clear/free loop conditionals in playlists.
– WINDOWS/GDI: Fix flickering of text.
– WINDOWS/GDI: Fix graphics corruption on Windows 98
– WINDOWS/GDI: Allow compiling without DirectInput8 for NT support
– WINDOWS/WGL: Try to use wglSwapLayerBuffers instead of SwapBuffers if possible (for more optimal performance).
– WINDOWS: Fix menubar text corruption on Japanese locale systems
– WINDOWS: Support Unicode file I/O (can now display CJK characters in file browser for example).
– WINDOWS: Support Windows 95, NT3.51, NT4
– WINDOWS: add Makefile.griffin targets for msvc6,2003,2005,2010,2012,2013
– WII: Use custom, embedded libogc SDK.
– WIIU: Initial touchscreen support for WiiU gamepad.
– WIIU: Add Cheevos support.
– SCANNER: Fix archive scanning.
– SCANNER: Support CHD files.
– SCANNER: Support Gamecube ISO scanning.
– SCANNER: Use primary data track of disc images for CRC lookups rather than cue files. This is slower but finds matches more reliably, and is necessary for CHD files to work at all. Update your databases!
– SCANNER: Fall back on looking inside archives when matching MAME/FBA content (most recent cores only). If you had difficulty with content being detected before, you may have better luck now. Update your databases and core info!

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PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
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Whitehole v.1.0.1 par Mega-Mario et SunakazeKun est un éditeur de niveau compatible avec Super Mario Galaxy 1 et 2 !!

Vous aurez besoin de Java JRE7 pour que cette application fonctionne.
Whitehole est compatible Windows et Linux.
Normalement il fonctionne aussi sous OSX mais n'est et ne sera pas suivi (pas par l'auteur en tout cas).


Version 1.4.3
Added: Full support for paths and path points!
Added: Multi-renderer, which replaces the old Double and Triple renderers
Added: New object rendering (coins, black holes, ...)
Added: Gravity rendering
Added: Obj_arg descriptions are displayed to show more information about the current object
Added: Improved property field names
Added: Randomized path colors which replace the previous ones
Added: ShapeModelNo editing and rendering has been completely reworked and it doesn't crash the program anymore.
Fixed: Area rendering for SMG1 has been specified
Fixed: Wrap and filter modes for BMD and BTI renderers weren't properly configured
Fixed: Position, rotation and scale copying doesn't work
Fixed: Editing cutscenes freezes the program when saved
Fixed: Crash if a non-existing model file can't be loaded
Misc.: A lot of cleanup, although there's still a lot of shitty code...

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