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Tantric, avec l'aide de Emu_Kidid, a diffusé un nouveau portage de Visual Boy Advance, un émulateur GameBoy (simple, couleur, et GBA) pour la Nintendo Wii. Front SD, Wiimote, USB etc supportés.
Mettez vos roms dans SD:/vbagx/roms ou USB:/vbagx/roms.

Version 2.3.7
Allow loader to pass two arguments instead of three (libertyernie)
don't reset settings when going back to an older version
Fix a few potential crashes caused by the GUI
Other minor fixes/improvements
Compiled with latest libOGC/devkitPPC

Version 2.3.6
Restored Wiiflow mode plugin by fix94
Restored fix filebrowser window overlapping
Change all files End Of Line to windows mode
Remove update check for updates
Restore: don't reset settings when going back to an older version
Fixed mode to display more options to GB Hardware type


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RetroArch est un émulateur multi plates formes utilisant la libRetro, et permettant ainsi d'avoir le même code pour les versions Wii, Xbox, pc etc, et la libRetro s'occupe de tout ce qui est spécifique à la plate forme.


Version 1.7.4
– ANDROID: Add sustained performance mode, can be turned on/off in Power Management settings menu.
– ANDROID: Powerstate/battery level support.
– CHEEVOS: Fix crash when scrolling Achievement List while Unofficial Achievements enabled (#6732).
– CHEEVOS: Added hitcounts support for PauseIf/ResetIf (#6817).
– COMMON: Automatically hide “Configuration Override options” in Quick Menu.
– COMMON: Small Bugfix to not trigger savestate code when pressing Reset.
– COMMON: Added libsixel video driver.
– EMSCRIPTEN: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– HID/OSX: Fix to set hid device registration deterministic (#6497), to address issue #6640 re-adding dynamic device registration.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese / Brazilian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation.
– MIDI: Add MIDI support to the libretro API. Dosbox is the first proof of concept core implementing libretro MIDI.
– MIDI: Add a Windows driver for MIDI, based on winmm.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Qt QSlider styling for Dark Theme.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Remove button ghostly inside highlighting.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Initial grid view.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Drag&drop to add new playlist items, add option to add/edit/delete playlists.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to update RetroArch (Windows only for now).
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to manage shaders.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to manage core options.
– MENU/XMB: Add new icons for the settings
– MENU/XMB: Add an option to show the desktop ui
– METAL: Initial work-in-progress video driver for Metal. macOS-only right now, and currently requires macOS 10.13.
– METAL: Supports XMB/MaterialUI, has a menu display driver. Has a font rendering driver.
– METAL/SLANG: Slang shaders should be compatible with Metal video driver.
– NETWORK: Enable SSL/TLS support by default for desktop platforms.
– QNX: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– PS3: Add audio mixer support for FLAC and MP3.
– PSP: Use proper button labels, fix inverted R-Stick Y axis.
– REMAPS: Fix the way offsets are calculated for keyboard remapping.
– RUNAHEAD: Fix full-screen mode change breaking Secondary Core’s environment variables.
– RUNAHEAD: Deterministic input for RunAhead, guaranteed to match the last polled.
– VITA: Use proper button labels, fix inverted R-Stick Y axis.
– VITA: Add imc0: mount.
– VITA: Use sceCtrlIsMultiControllerSupported to detect.
– VULKAN: Fix two validation errors.
– VULKAN: Try to avoid creating swapchains redundantly. Should fix black screen and having to alt tab out of window again to get display working on Nvidia GPUs (Windows).
– VULKAN/OSX: Initial MoltenVK support. Not enabled yet, several MoltenVK bugs should be fixed first before we can have it fully working.
– WINDOWS/DINPUT: Add rumble support.
– WINDOWS/DINPUT: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– WINDOWS/RAWINPUT: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– X11: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– WII: Change deflicker setting to work in 480p or higher, and always enables vfilter so that the user can easily change brightness.
– WIIU: Fix out-of-bounds rendering bug
– WIIU: Implement UDP broadcast network logging on Wii U.
– WIIU: Audio should no longer clip.

Version 1.7.3
AUDIO: Audio mixer supports FLAC/MP3 file types now!
COMMON: Fixed bug ‘crashing in cores that don’t range check retro_set_controller_type’. Some people were having crashes when device is set to RETRO_DEVICE_NONE and the cores don’t check the number of ports, in VBAM’s case it was overflowing and crashing. QuickNES was crashing too.
COMMON: Fixed buffer overflow in url encoding (affecting MSVC2010/2013).
COMMON: (QuickMenu) Added Configuration Override submenu.
HID: Merge new HID subsystem.
HID: Fix WaveBird support for the Wii U GCA.
HID/OSX: Fix regression with IODHIDManager – gamepads which are connected later would not be autoconfigured.
LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese translation.
MENU: Audio mixer now works in the menu without any cores loaded. You have to enable the setting ‘Enable menu audio’ for this to work.
REMAPPING/OVERLAYS: Fix regression – overlays could no longer be remapped.
SCANNER: Add Wii Backup File WBFS support.
X11: CRT SwitchRes support for X11/Linux.

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Voici nintendont par crediar (et repris par d'autres personnes), un homebrew qui permet de lancer des backups de jeux gamecube depuis une carte SD ou clé USB.
Comme devolution, vous pourrez utiliser une manette GameCube, une Wiimote ou une autre manette USB (manette PS3) pour jouer.
Ca marche sur Wii et WiiU (mode Wii).

Version 5.460
Major Changes

Skip USB drives that don't have a valid MBR or UStealth MBR signature. This usually happens on Wii U setups where the user has both a Wii U drive and a FAT32 drive for Wii and GameCube. This allows the user to keep both drives connected when running Nintendont.
Support for injected Wii VC on Wii U. This allows use of the Wii U GamePad as Player 1 in addition to storing GameCube disc images on Wii U storage.
New option to skip the GameCube IPL.
Support for Wii Remote rumble when using Classic Controller.
New "Game Info" screen that shows information about the selected disc image.

Other Changes

More patches for various games, including timing and video mode fixes.
Fix BMX XXX 480p mode, again. (Broken since v4.428, commit e6e1c6a)
Datel AGP fixes.
The Game List now shows the filename of the selected game. This is useful for distinguishing between e.g. different revisions of the same game.

télécharger Télécharger Nintendont sd/usb v5.485 : Backups GameCube sur SD/USB

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Snes9X GX est le meilleur émulateur Super NES du marché, par Tantric.

Version 4.3.9
Revert core completely back to Snes9x 1.52
Rewritten audio handling
Fix tinny audio issue when going from the game to the menu and back
Fixed random in-game crashes
Fixed sound issues from turbo mode

Version 4.3.8
Partially update core to 1.56 (with less accurate but faster Blargg audio core)
Improved audio synchronization with dynamic rate control - fixes audio crackles
Memory optimizations to free up more MEM1 for Snes9x
Disable multi pixel format support for a speed boost
Add MSU1 support (thanks qwertymodo!)
Add BPS soft-patching support (thanks qwertymodo!)
Allow loader to pass two arguments instead of three (libertyernie)
Backport some MSU1 fixes from snes9x
Fix a few potential crashes caused by the GUI
Compiled with latest libOGC/devkitPPC
Remove update check completely.
Compatibility fixes for newer devkitppc.
Compile fixes for Gamecube
Compile fixes for Linux

Version 4.3.7
Hide saving dialog that pops up briefly when returning from a game

Version 4.3.6
This is release for version 4.3.6, it gets a lot of Zopenko's features, other additions and fixes, we just pick them and join them.

- Basé sur Snes9x 1.51 (Meilleure compatibilité ROMS)
- Chargement/sauvegarde automatique des "freeze states" et SRAM
- Configuration des contrôleurs
- Support de la Wiimote, Nunchuk, contrôleurs Classic, et GameCube
- Détection automatique PAL/NTSC
- Support des rom zipées (en mode Inflate)
- Open source
- Noms de fichiers longs FAT32
- Charge les rom de la carte SD


télécharger Télécharger Emulateur Super Nes: Snes9xGx v4.3.9

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Voici un émulateur NES/Famicom par askot.altair, dsbomb, dborth et Tantric.

Version 3.4.0
Updated to the latest FCEUX core
Updated color palettes (thanks Tanooki16!)
Allow loader to pass two arguments instead of three (libertyernie)
Added PocketNES interoperability (load ROMs and read/write SRAM)
Fixed audio pop when returning to a game from the menu
Added option to not append " Auto" on saves
Added soft and sharp video filtering options
Removed update check completely
Compilation fixes for DevkitPPC


télécharger Télécharger Emulateur NES: FCE Ultra GX 3.4.0

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Owen nous livre Newo Asteroids, un jeu du style "Asteroids". Vous devez détruire des astéroides du système solaire pour ramener la paix dans la galaxie.


Version 2.98 - May 2018
Random colours by default
Fixed leaderboard
Added debug menu
Down sampled all the sound effects
graphics updates, bug fixes, stability

Version 2.97 - Nov 2015
bug fixes, stability

télécharger Télécharger Newo Asteroids v2.98: Shoot spatial
PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
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mGBA est un émulateur Game Boy Advance (GBA), fonctionnant sur de multiples plate formes, dont la Wii. Voici la dernière mise à jour en date.

Version 0.6.2

Core: Fix ROM patches not being unloaded when disabled (fixes
3DS: Fix opening files in directory names with trailing slashes
LR35902: Fix watchpoints not reporting new value
GB MBC: Fix MBC2 saves (fixes
GB Memory: HDMAs should not start when LCD is off (fixes
GB Memory: Fix OAM DMA blocking regions (fixes
GB Video: Only trigger STAT write IRQs when screen is on (fixes
GBA: Fix some GBA ROM misdetection (fixes
GBA: Fix SharkPort saves for EEPROM games
GBA Audio: Increase PSG volume (fixes
GBA BIOS: Fix incorrect exit condition in LZ77
GBA Cheats: Fix PARv3 slide codes (fixes
GBA Cheats: Fix slide codes not initializing properly
GBA DMA: ROM reads are forced to increment
GBA Hardware: RTC accuracy improvements
GBA I/O: Fix writing to DISPCNT CGB flag (fixes
GBA Memory: Fix copy-on-write memory leak
GBA Memory: Partially revert prefetch changes (fixes
GBA Savedata: Fix crash when resizing flash
GBA Video: Force align 256-color tiles
GBA Video: OBJWIN can change blend params after OBJ is drawn (fixes
PSP2: Fix issues causing poor audio
Python: Fix package directory
Qt: Fix locale being set to English on settings save (fixes
Qt: Fix opening in fullscreen (fixes
Wii: Fix screen tear when unpausing
Wii: Fix various setup and teardown drawing issues (fixes


3DS: Scale font based on glyph heights (fixes
GB MBC: Remove erroneous bank 0 wrapping
GBA: Improve multiboot image detection
PSP2: Use system enter key by default

télécharger Télécharger mGBA v0.6.2: Emulateur GBA

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