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GCMM (GameCube/Wii Memory Manager) par suloku permet de gérer vos sauvegarde GameCube.


- Sauvegarde et restaure les sauvegardes au format GCI
- Supprime les sauvegardes du slot mémoire B
- Support de la Wiimote et controlleur GameCube
- Support du bouton power
- Support du port sd de façade et du SDGecko (gc)
- Jolie interface
- Open source

Version 1.4f
dragonbane0 made a mod of version 1.4c with folder selection and alphabetical sorting. Zephiles pointed this out and the changes have been merged with some little extra tweaks. Thanks you both!

télécharger Télécharger gcmm (memory card manager) 1.4f
PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
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Périphériques :
Wiimote Wii Classic Controller Charge les fichiers du SLOT SD en façade Charge les fichiers du SLOT SD en façade, SDHC supporté USB mass storage device

EasyRPG Player, par Ghabry, est une implémentation open source du moteur RPG Maker 2000/2003.

Version 0.5.1
Encore plein de changements, a lire ici


télécharger Télécharger EasyRPG Player 0.5.1 : Emulateur RPG Maker 2000/2003

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RetroArch est un émulateur multi plates formes utilisant la libRetro, et permettant ainsi d'avoir le même code pour les versions Wii, Xbox, pc etc, et la libRetro s'occupe de tout ce qui est spécifique à la plate forme.


Version 1.5.0

MOBILE: Single-tap for menu entry selection
MOBILE: Long-tap a setting to reset to default
ANDROID: Autoconf fallback
ANDROID: Mouse support / Emulated mouse support
AUTOCONF: Fix partial matches for pad name
CHEEVOS: Fix crashes in the cheevos description menu
CHEEVOS: WIP leaderboards support
COMMON: Threading fixes
COMMON: 9-slice texture drawing support
CORETEXT/APPLE: Ability to load menu display font drivers and loading of custom font.
DOS: Add keyboard driver
DOS: Improve color accuracy and scaling
GUI: Various settings are now only visible when advanced settings is enabled
GUI: Allow changing icon theme on the fly
GUI: Add a symbol page in the OSK (Onscreen Keyboard)
GUI: Better dialogs for XMB
LOCALIZATION: Add/update Korean translation
LOCALIZATION: Rewrite German translation
LOCALIZATION: Update several English sublabels
LOCALIZATION: Update several Japanese labels
NET: Allow manual netplay content loading
NET: Announcing network games to the public lobby is optional now
NET: Bake in miniupnpc
NET: Fix netplay join for contentless cores
NET: LAN games show next to lobbies with (LAN) and connect via the private IP address
NET: Use new lobby system with MITM (Man In The Middle) support
NET: Fix netplay rooms being pushed on the wrong tab
NUKLEAR: Update to current version
SCANNER: Always add 7z & zip to supported extensions
VULKAN: Find supported composite alpha in swapchain
VULKAN: Add snow/bokeh shader pipeline effects – at parity with GL now
WIIU: Keyboard support
WINDOWS: Logging to file no longer spawns an empty window
WINDOWS: Fix loading of core/content via file menu

télécharger Télécharger RetroArch v1.5.0 : Emulateur Multi Plates formes

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RetroArch est un émulateur multi plates formes utilisant la libRetro, et permettant ainsi d'avoir le même code pour les versions Wii, Xbox, pc etc, et la libRetro s'occupe de tout ce qui est spécifique à la plate forme.


Version 1.4.1
- Beaucoup de changements, je vous invite à tous les lire ici, mais on peut noter que pour Wii ça ajoute le support USB, corrige des problèmes de savestate.

télécharger Télécharger RetroArch v1.4.1 : Emulateur Multi Plates formes

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WoxelCraft est un petit jeu de Voxels 3D, un peu comme Minecraft.

Version 0.0.3
Texturing per block face
Debug log rework
Less memory usage for chunk display list
Movement speed independent from fps
Various bugfixes

image image

télécharger Télécharger WoxelCraft 0.0.3

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mGBA est un émulateur Game Boy Advance (GBA), fonctionnant sur de multiples plate formes, dont la Wii.

Version 0.5.2
All: Fix fullscreen config option being ignored
ARM7: PSR mode bits should not get sign extended
GB: Fix audio not being deinitialized
GB: Fix crash when masking savedata
GB: Properly initialize sramRealVf variable
GB Audio: Fix serialization of channel 3 and NR52 properties
GB Audio: Reset envelope timer when reseting sound channel
GB MBC: Fix SRAM dangling pointer with RTC games
GB MBC: Fix initializing MBC when no ROM is loaded
GB Memory: Fix patching ROM bank 0
GB Memory: Fix starting HDMAs during mode 0
GB Memory: Fix HDMA5 value after DMA completes
GB Video: Initialize LCDC in renderer
GB Video: Hblank IRQs should mask LYC=LY IRQs
GBA: Fix IRQs firing after already being cleared
GBA: Only unhalt CPU if appropriate bit is set in IE
GBA: Add savegame override for Crash Bandicoot 2
GBA BIOS: Fix MidiKey2Freq BIOS reads
GBA BIOS: Fix invalid CpuSet not setting BIOS prefetch
GBA Cheats: Fix GameShark ROM patches
GBA I/O: Mask off WAITCNT bits that cannot be written
GBA Memory: Fix misaligned BIOS reads
GBA Memory: Fix VCOUNT being writable
GBA Video: Fix out of bounds sprite transforms
Libretro: Fix unterminated SET_INPUT_DESCRIPTORS
Libretro: Fix disabling BIOS
Libretro: Fix Game Boy savestates and audio
Qt: Fix changing resolution of software renderer
Qt: Fix setting overrides
Qt: Fix cut off tiles and alignment issues in tile viewer
Qt: Only reset window dimensions when first shown
Qt: Fix Qt Multimedia audio driver on big endian
Qt: Fix Apply button for key and controller configurations
VFS: Fix resizing memory chunks when not needed
Windows: Fix Unicode directory handling

GB, GBA: Prevent loading null ROMs
GB Audio: Initialize wave RAM to GBC values
GB Memory: Reset ROM bank when loading a ROM
PSP2: Improved controller rumble

télécharger Télécharger mGBA v0.5.2: Emulateur GBA
iPhone info, tout le hack, jailbreak, désimlock iPhone iPad iPod
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Tantric, avec l'aide de Emu_Kidid, a diffusé un nouveau portage de Visual Boy Advance, un émulateur GameBoy (simple, couleur, et GBA) pour la Nintendo Wii. Front SD, Wiimote, USB etc supportés.
Mettez vos roms dans SD:/vbagx/roms ou USB:/vbagx/roms.

Version 2.3.5
Hide saving dialog that pops up briefly when returning from a game

Version 2.3.4
Added the delete save file (SRAM / Snapshot) option
Changed the box colors for the SRAM and Snapshots files to match the color scheme of the emu GUI
Change the "Power off Wii" exit option to completely turn off the wii, ignoring the WC24 settings
Updated settings file name in order to have it's own settings file name
Added an option to switch between screenshots, covers, or artwork images,with their respective named folders at the device's root. You can set which one to show, by going to Settings > Menu > Preview Image. The .PNG image file needs to have the same name as the ROM (e.g.: Mother 3.png)
Removed sound from GUI (thanks to Askot)
Added option to switch between the Green or Monochrome GB color screen. You can set which one to show by going to Settings > Emulation > GB Screen Palette

Version 2.3.3
Fixed the GC pad Down input on the File browser window
Added Koston's green gb color screen
Added the Screenshot Button
Increased and Centered the Screenshot image and reduce game list width
Added a background for the preview image
Added the WiiuPro Controller icon on the controller settings
Fix DSI error / Bug from Emulator Main Menu


- Support de la Wiimote, du Nunchuk, contrôleur classique et contrôleur GameCube.
- Support de la SRAM et sauvegarde d'état.
- Support des patch IPS/UPS/PPF.
- Support des SD, USB, DVD, SMB, carte mémoire GC, zip et 7z.
- Compatibilité basée sur VBA-M r847.
- Stockage de la ROM sur MEM2 pour un accès rapide.
- Auto frame skip pour les jeux nécessitant un processeur rapide.
- Option de vitesse turbo, zoom vidéo, écran large et vidéo non filtrée.


télécharger Télécharger Emulateur GBA: Visual Boy Advance GX 2.3.5

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