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josebita présente un homebrew original : BennuGD Wii. Cet utilitaire vous permet de compiler et de lancer des jeux codés en bennuGD, provenant de n'importe quelle plateforme, sur Wii.
Il y a donc 2 utilitaires distincts :
- bgdc.elf : homebrew qui permet de compiler un jeu pour la Wii.
- bgdi.elf : homebrew qui permet de lancer le jeu compilé sur la Wii.

Consultez le tutoriel d'utilisation pour plus d'information (en anglais). Vous pouvez également aller voir le tutoriel réalisé par beredezebe, en français, en suivant ce lien.

RC1 Refresh 1
- Intégration des librairies physiques Chipmunk.

- The code is now much easir to mantain thanks to a slightly redesigned design (more on this to come) and is fully up to date with the upstream sources and overall, the port should feel much more stable.
- Finally found the reason to why some FNT files weren't loading: seems like there's a bug in zlib for Wii that prevents it from working as documented (try to open file as gzipped, if that fails, try to open it as a raw data file). Somewhy it ends up reading from the file in incorrect places. To avoid that, always make sure your FNT files are gzipped. You can know that they're gzipped if you open them with your favourite uncompressor and they open correctly.
- Small bugs fixed here and there.

Beta 3
- Proper support for the Wii Balance Board (see here for a usage example). Thanks to the guys from devkitpro for fixing this in the latest libogc 1.8.6
- Default sound frequency has been changed from 32KHz to 48KHz. Had to do it because newer versions of VLC refused to resample the audio to 32KHz. Also many popular audio programs seem to handle 48KHz sound much better than 32KHz ones. Please note that as OGG Vorbis sound playback was failing, you are now encouraged to use MP3 and module music formats instead.
- Updates from upstream Bennu. I've re-sync'ed many things from upstream BennuGD. Please note that this build corresponds to revision 146 from SVN, and not the current one (190). The changes between this versions derive from the SDL 1.3 support I added to trunk to gain iOS compatibility and I most probably broke something so latest code is not working as expected. I'll fix this soon.
- Bennu can now open websites if the user has installed the (free) Internet channel.
- Some other misc bugfixing.

http://code.google.com/p/bennugd-monolithic/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/bennugd-monolithic/
http://www.bennugd.org/ Site officiel : http://www.bennugd.org/

Télécharger Télécharger BennuGD Wii RC1 Refresh 1
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