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Neo Tanks par ThatOtherPerson est le portage du jeu éponyme réalisé par l'auteur sur PS3. Pour la version Wii, il s'agit uniquement d'une "démo technique" puisque vous ne pouvez pas jouer... Vous pouvez simplement déplacer la caméra.

Quote :
Here is a quick Wii port of Neo Tanks. Its a nice little animated graphical demo showing two armies of 3D tanks fighting each other. You can move the camera a bit with the directional pad but its otherwise completely non interactive. Its effectively just a screen saver.

I haven’t really decided what if anything I’m going to do with this. I might update it at some point but I’m not sure if I’ll actually be making a game out of it or not. It will probably just remain a demo.

Sorry for the lack of screenshot but I haven’t yet looked into how to go about recording the rendered screen on Wii to output as a file (the way I was doing it before was dependent on SDL). And without lowering the number of tanks to something pointless it just crashes for me in Dolphin (which is what I used to get the screenshot for the first build of the Wii port of The Untitled Project). But if you’re wondering it looks pretty much exactly the same as it does on PS3 just at a lower resolution.


Vesion 0.2
- Portage direct de la version 0.2 sorite sur PS3 Qui apporte une amélioration graphique.

http://thatotherdev.com/category/my-games/neo-tanks/ Site officiel : http://thatotherdev.com/category/my-games/neo-tanks/

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