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ThatOtherPerson, oui encore lui, propose une troisième et nouvelle version de "Cubicle Shooter", FPS dans un environnement 3D entièrement destructible pour la Nintendo Wii.

Version 0.4
Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow you to jump before landing and made optimizations to world rendering that have improved the frame rate.

Thanks to the wonders of threading the program no longer locks up while saving or loading. So you can bring up the home menu and go read comments on user pages or something well it’s saving. I made some changes to saving and loading (old game saves aren’t compatible anymore) that should probably improve the speed of it but I didn’t time it so I can’t really confirm that. Loading is fine but saving the game still takes an absurdly long time.

Version 0.3
- Problème réglé en ce qui concerne le tir vers le haut et vers le bas, ou quand la visée n'est plus au centre de l'écran.

Version 0.2
-You can now shoot and hurt the people. They get pushed back when shot.
-When the people get too close to you they push you and hurt you.
-Both you and the other people hurt and bleed when the blood paints the ground and walls.
-Your health regenerate (up to one hundred) but if it ever drops to zero then the game will reset.
-There is a scoring system rewards you with 25 Which of points every time you shoot one of the additional 100 people and when you kill one of them (they die after four hits).
-You can now save the game and load a previously saved game. Saving and loading is extremely slow on Wii.
-There have been changes to the controls.
-There have been some bug fixes.


http://thatotherdev.com/category/my-games/cubicle-shooter/ Site officiel : http://thatotherdev.com/category/my-games/cubicle-shooter/

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