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Description :


Oibaf nous propose le portage du premier volet de la quadrilogie SQRZX qui sont des jeux multi plates-formes.

Quote :
While Sqrxz wandered around on a sunny day, he was unaware that he had lost all his items while enjoying the scenery. It was already dark until he recognized the loss. There was no possibilty, but to go back where he started the trip and save his things. If the loss was not already enough, strange creatures appeared. Will they be helpful?

Features :
Hardly any game will annoy you more! Frustration deluxe ahead!
Amiga'ish feeling!
16 levels including a "beginners" level
18 chiptunes
Classic AND new graphic mode
Top 10 highscore
Endless continue mode
Hidden easter egg

Spoiler : Contrôles :

Version 1.0b
- Initial release


http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Sqrxz Site officiel : http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Sqrxz
http://www.sqrxz.de/ Site officiel : http://www.sqrxz.de/

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