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Description :


Oibaf nous propose le portage du dernier volet de la quadrilogie SQRZX qui sont des jeux multi plates-formes.

Quote :
After Sqrxz saving Yve in “Sqrxz 3 – Adventure for Love” it was truly a happy moment. Being still heavily in love they decided that the time for a tiny wedding ceremony has come. The celebration party was marvellous and still people talk about this heart breaking moment. Couple of months later both were sure that the time for an own small family has come. Although those are happy news Sqrxz is consequently short of money and a growing family requires a solid financial base. Picking up a newspaper and reading the job offers, a single add caught Sqrxz’s attention. An expedition in search of ice marbles needs a brave explorer. After all, he has gone trough a deep jungle to rescue Yve and made it back. This sounds like a job for Sqrxz! After meeting Dr. Branxz, who looked a bit creepy and shady, the deal has been set up and Sqrxz is brought to a mysterious island… full of shiny ice marbles. “Not a single one should be left there”, Dr. Branxz said, that just one missing marble will result in a pay refusal and not taking Sqrxz home. If you think Dr. Branxz didn’t do his homework, he very well did: His spy satellites spotted exactly 354 marbles. Challenging, isn’t it?

Features :
Authentic Retro graphics - Pixels forever!
10 die hard levels!
11 great tunes!
Top 10 highscore!
Unlimited continues!
Hidden passages!
Cheat codes! (if you can find them)

Spoiler : Contrôles :

Version 1.01
improved file system (old .zda files in /data can be deleted!)
minor fixes in level 8 & 9. all fruits can be collected now

Version 1.0
- Initial release
- Shown at "6. Retro-Börse in Wien"


http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Sqrxz3 Site officiel : http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Sqrxz3
http://www.sqrxz.de/ Site officiel : http://www.sqrxz.de/

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