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Topic: wbfs_file 1.7 + cfg usbloader v48

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wbfs_file 1.7 + cfg usbloader v48

Bonjour, Je n'ai pas vu de news à ce sujet donc je post ici pour ceux que ce interesserait.

wbfs file 1.7

* Changed extract_file filename to be non-case-sensitive and take an optional output file parameter: <drive or file> extract_file <GAMEID> <file> [<DST:file>]
* exit code from the program should now properly indicate an error
* Changed default split size from 2gb-512b to 4gb-32kb
* New option: -2 : use split size 2gb-32kb
* New option: -4 : use split size 4gb-32kb (default)
* Issue a warning if specified -s split size is not 32kb aligned.
* Using option -f now allows to force wbfs extraction if the source wbfs is corrupted or has missing data - warning is printed and the block will be filled with 0.

CFG USB Loader v48 :

cfg v48 (release)
* External ehcmodule improvements (by WiiZ)
* Fixed titles.txt with custom game ids (proper ID6 lookup)
cfg v48b2 (beta2)
* FAT loading speed optimisations
* Support for 4gb .wbfs files on FAT - fixed the 2gb limit
* Changed the default split size when installing to 4gb-32kb
* Option: fat_split_size = [4], 2
* Benchmark mode with debug = 8 and start or install a game
* Allow space in profile name, so the names must be separated by a comma (,)
* Raised max favorites to 100 * Removed obsolete cover sites: gateflorida.com, awiibit.com
* Cleanups
cfg v48b (beta)
* NSMB NTSC patch
* Make updating meta.xml optional by pressing button 1 in the online update screen to skip it.
* Specifying titles url allows the use of {CC} tag for the country code. changed default: titles_url = http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt?LANG={CC} * Presing button A on global options screen works too (same as right)cfg v48a (alpha)
* Profiles - aka multiple favorite groups option: profile_names = [default], name2, name3,... (max profiles:10, max profile name length: 16) Profiles can be added, removed and reordered with this option. But if you want to rename it, you will need to change the profile name also in settings.cfg otherwise it will be considered as a new name and the old one will be forgotten next time you save settings. Profiles can be switched in the global options screen. Changing a game favorite setting is done as usual in the game options screen. option: profile = name will specify the default profile to use saving global settings will also save which profile is used
* Minor fix to favorites switching in console mode
* Update /apps/.../meta.xml when downloading an update. So that the correct version is visible in HBC
* Added 'Update titles.txt' to global options screen. option: titles_url = [http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt] Can be changed to a localized version like this: titles_url = http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt?LANG=FR

pour ceux qui auraient deja converti iso -> wbfs avec des splits de 2 Go : voici un script (par l'auteur de wbfs_file)
:: placer wbfs_file.exe dans le meme repertoire que ce .bat
:: editer les 2 variables ci-dessous: WBFS_DIR and TEMP_DIR
:: and executer le bat
set WBFS_DIR=I:\wbfs
set TEMP_DIR=D:\temp

source : gbatemp

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