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Unofficial Wii64 save file converter

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Molokai vient de mettre en ligne un convertisseur de sauvegarde N64 pour que celles-ci puissent être lut via Wii64.
Quote :
OK, so while I was trying to test a certain bug for the EmulateMii team, I needed a completed save file. However, I didn't want to go through the trouble of manually endian swapping the whole 97KB completed save file (for Majora's Mask), so I wrote my own save converter. After extensive debugging, it should work with any 32-bit windows installation now (64-bit is as yet untested). I don't have it set up for either linux or Mac (and mac isn't likely, since I can't test it, and some of the commands I use are platform specific), but if anyone wants to convert the code for themselves, by all means, I'll upload the source for you (it's really not all that fancy, so I don't really care).

Just to let you guys know, as far as I know, only .fla and .sra files need to be converted (.eep might need some garbage data at the end, but I haven't tested that yet. If it does, I'll add that into my converter and make another release. .eep's do not need to be endian swapped, however). And this only takes those files, as well as certain file sizes.

This converter is strictly drag and drop, but it can take a dropped file from anywhere to convert it, and preserves the original save while saving the converted one in the Wii64 Saves subfolder.

Also, if your converted save doesn't work, make sure it's got a (U)/(E), etc, on the end of it (or, to make it easy, look at what Wii64 makes as the save file name and copy that).

Let me know what you guys think (and team EmulateMii, I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by releasing this).

And I'm sure, once EmulateMii release the beta 2 with their converter, mine will become obsolete... But since we don't know when that will happen, until then, enjoy mine! Site officiel :
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