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Configurateur pour configurable usb loader v51.7

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Dr. Clipper nous propose son utilitaire, permettant de configurer entièrement le fameux loader usb du même nom.

Déjà présent:
-Chargement et sauvegarde des options dans 2 fichiers texte (config.txt et theme.txt) et 1 fichier settings.cfg
-Rangement suivant vos favoris
-Toutes les options ont un descriptif info-bulles pour vous aider à comprendre ce qu'ils sont
-Rassemblement de tous les fichiers nécessaire sur la sd
-Possibilité de créer vos fond d'écran et la boite transparente
-Visualisation des couleurs de la console et possibilité de la changer
-Possibilité de changer la langue

Version 51.7 Addition of play_date into sort options to match 51(release)

Version 51.6 Another font change

Version 51.5
* Made sure I got the displayed version number right this time rolleyes.gif
* Changed font loading method

Version 51.4
* Subversion number (e.g., 51.4) will now appear in the title bar of the main form.
* Added *Count* column to favorite grid to show how many profiles a game exists in.
* Added Play count and Last time played columns to the options grid. playstats.txt is read and written at the same time as settings.cfg if playstats.txt is present in the same directory.
* Merged the buttons to add a named game and add an ID to the settings list into a single button.
* Added an extra button to add games to the settings list via folder (so just load your wbfs folder like with the covers).
* Added some extra translated fields for dialog box titles et al.
* Probably something else that I've forgotten

Version 51.3
* Converted "/" to "\" when auto-filling cover directories in the wizard (some drive mappings disliked them)
* Fixed reading of write_playstats option
* Fixed writing of fat_split_size option (it was using download_id_len's code)

Version 51.2
Fixed name of db_show_info (oops)

Version 51.1
* Added new 2 value for fat_install_dir to match 51b3.
* The directory where config.txt is loaded from or the executable's directory are looked at to see if they contain the correct directory structure for covers replacing sd:/, usb:/ or ntfs:/ with the root directory.
* The install wizard now has options to download titles.txt and You can change the default languages used to replace AUTO with the cdbs.
* The install wizard now lets you optionally choose whether to generate config.txt and theme.txt (it was mandatory previously).
* Font creation adds the Euro and Trademark symbols to the character map.
* Various bug fixes

Version 51
* Official addition of cover downloading
* If config.txt is in the executable's directory, you will be prompted to load it during startup (settings.cfg and theme.txt will also be found if present)
* Added buttons to download titles.txt and
* Added new options compatible with v51b (same as v51a with a few tweaks)
* Added titles.txt and to install wizard
* Accept new naming scheme for loading games folders to match upcoming v51b release
* Various bug-fixes and clean-ups

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