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Powder v112-1

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insin nous présente Powder, un portage du jeu vidéo "Rogue" dans lequel le principe est que le joueur joue le rôle d’un aventurier typique des jeux de rôle « médiévaux-fantastiques » tels que Donjons et Dragons.

Rogue est un jeu vidéo datant de 1980 dans lequel le joueur explore un vaste ensemble de souterrains. Il est l’inspirateur d’un grand nombre de clones et dérivés, collectivement nommés « rogue-likes », les plus connus étant Hack, Nethack, Larn, Moria, ADOM et Angband.

-Your tame creatures now have a heart badge beside them to identify them as such.
-Switching to a different tile res will no longer cause a crash. (Inu)
-Building the tile choice list now comes from the internal allbitmaps.h rather than being hardcoded, so Ibson the Grey's tiles will show up as expected. (Inu)
-Entering a level with active lava/water from a level which has no active lava/water, when the new level is already created and previously visited this game, will no longer stop the updating of said lava and water. (Nathan Bogue)
-Hopefully backspace will work on OSX. (Nathan Bogue)
-Jumping in space prohibited if you lack spacewalk. (Nathan Bogue)
-Jumping when buried prohibited. (Nathan Bogue)
-Kobold thieves are pluralized properly. (Nathan Bogue)
-Living frosts are now bloodless. (Nathan Bogue)
-Digging upwards on special levels has more sensible results. (Nathan Bogue)
-Remove the console window on Windows.
-Shattered trees will drop their occupants. (Nathan Bogue)
-Items that fall down holes will no longer be mapped. (patch by Richard Quirk)
-PSP Makefile should be happier with newer devkits. (patch by Joe Buck)
-Left and Right on menus will scroll fast, just like L and R do, but this also applies to the command menu where L and R are the quick bind keys. (patch by Joe Buck)
-[SDL] Shift-arrow will swap with a critter, Alt-arrow will jump. (patch by Andreas Bohm)
-ctype.h is included in map2c.cpp now. (Ben Hjelt)
-New tileset from Chris Lomaka.
-One new room.
-Load game shows up first in the menu if it is available to make it harder to accidentally choose new game. (Enrique Garcia Cota)

http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Powder Site officiel : http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Powder
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