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SaveGame Manager GX rev53

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dj_skual vient de mettre en ligne un gestionnaire de sauvegarde basé sur le savegame manager 1.5 de Waninkoko, le loader GX et le Wiixplorer.

Révision 53
* changed gui_savebrowser to display save banner instead of title
* main menu now display the 2 browsers (switch by press B or Switch button)
* some navigation fix

Révision 52
* added classes and functions needed to generate and display TPLs from save
banners (thx pune)
* added a typedef NAVINFO to store info about navigation between devices and
* many change in browse way, now the last browsed path still in memory and when
you back from anywhere, you get your browser where you leave it

Révision 51
* added NandBlockSize() fonction to get the blocksize of save in the wii nand
* added blocksize to savegame struct & devicebrowserinfo for later use (for now,
if the save is not installed on the nand, the returned blocksize is 0)

Révision 50
Updated to DevkitPro R21

Révision 49
* added getNandName() fonction to get the real wii utf-16 encoding (will see
later for utf-16 fix)
* added subname to savegame struct for later use
* added getTitleSubName() fonction to get subname for save on device
* added subname to browserdevice struct for later use
* The device browser display now only directories and saves (other files are not
* the language files are now downloaded on google instead of my server

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