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Maze Generator v1.1

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Cet homebrew de ThatOtherPerson est, comme son nom l'indique, un générateur de labyrinthe. Utilisez la croix directionnelle de votre wiimote pour diriger le bloc bleu dans le labyrinthe créé aléatoirement, et essayez de trouver votre chemin pour rejoindre l'autre bloc bleu.

Version 1.1
I completely rewrote everything and made some improvements. You can now select from three sizes of mazes to generate and navigate. The way collisions are handled with the maze walls is significantly different and as a result its easier to go around corners. I added background music (Lose It by Southbound Cinema). Support for both nunchuck and classic controllers has been added but you can of course still play with just a wiimotes directional pad if you want to.

I had also started working in enemies for you to avoid which would bounce around the screen (passing through the maze walls) but in the end I decided against it and cut them out… If you want to play that kind of game there is always Avoidance.

Contrôles :
Pavé directionnel de la Wiimote : Se déplacer
Bouton A Wiimote : Commencer le jeu
Bouton 1 Wiimote : Regarder le labyrinthe de faire, puis commencer le jeu
Bouton 2 Wiimote : Regarder le labyrinthe de faire, puis commencer le jeu Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger Maze Generator v1.1

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