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Storlek nous présente son homebrew.
Non, ce n'est pas un nouvel outil permettant la mesure des tremblement de terre, mais un lecteur musical multi-format.
Attention, l'auteur est conscient que certain bugs sont présent et s'efforce de les corriger.

Version 20110101
- Happy New Year! This is mostly for Windows users, as there was a huge file-corruption problem which I hadn't noticed, plus a couple other small changes. Aside from that, nothing major since last month.

- Fixed a MASSIVE problem with file saving code that destroyed any files it wrote! (because of the stupid distinction between binary and text files, argh!!)
- Fixed another tangentially related bug which stuffed increasing numbers of newlines in the config file when saving. As a side effect the config file will appear trashed in Notepad; just use something more competent (such as Wordpad) and it'll be fine.
- Default directory if you haven't saved your config is now "My Documents" rather than "Application Data". The config file / fonts / etc. are still in the same place.
- Packages are now bundled with a different sdl.dll, which should fix some strange bugs, such as producing "ding" noises when alt-keys are pressed

- The --diskwrite flag wasn't mentioned anywhere in the manpage. Now it is!
- Fixed "stacking up" on Ctrl-F2 dialog with multiple keypresses

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