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WiiColEm 0.2

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WiiColEm par Raz0red est un émulateur ColecoVision.
Plus exactement, c'est un portage de Colem version 2.5.2 par Marat Fayzullin.

Version 0.2
- Cartridge-specific overlays
- Default keypad (controller) image for cartridges without specific overlays
o Ability to set the default keypad (controller) size
- Ability to specify whether to use cartridge-specific overlays (global and per-cartridge).
- GX based scaler
o Ability to adjust screen size to any size/dimensions via the "Screen Size" option under "Display". If this is entered after loading a cartridge, the last frame will be displayed to assist in sizing.
- USB support
- SDHC support
- Classic Controller Pro support
- Support for ColecoVision MegaCart(R)
- Fixed Lord of the Dungeon save/load state issues
- Fixed Opcode memory expansion save/load state issues
- Fixed save/load state bug causing the palette to not be restored correctly (Aquattack, War Room)
- Ability to set Wiimote orientation (sideways/upright) for navigating menus
- Firing in Aquattack is now supported via the right analog stick (GameCube, Classic/Pro controllers).
- Fixed bugs caused by pressing multiple keypad buttons simultaneously

http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiColEm Source : http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiColEm
http://www.twitchasylum.com/ Site officiel : http://www.twitchasylum.com/
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