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Bolt Thrower v0.36

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Titmouse est en train de développer un Shoot them up spatial : Bolt Thrower. Pour le moment, il s'agit d'une démo. Il n'y a donc pas d'objectif précis ou de mission.

L'auteur indique qu'il est en recherche d'un ou des graphiste(s) pour l'aider à améliorer ce jeu. Avis aux amateurs :;)::.

Version 0.36
Added Radar - showing enemies, mines, missiles & satellites
Added Menu, Intro & Credits screen
Intro screen logo made from mines (scanned from tinylogo.tga), these mines start of slow then spurt off after the crafts.
Added Music - 'Space Debris' Amiga tracker module, plays while in the menu screens
Add Trails to enemy crafts
Changed trails for missiles and mines
Changed to way collisions work - ship to ship collisions now destroy enemy crafts
Change the way the 'you are dead' screen looks
Added 'bye' screen
Fixed zero bugs "which was nice" - I've noticed the looped engine sound plays on into the menus if you died with thrust burning, I'll fix that on next release, at the moment its a feature ;)
Added Hardware Drawlist for 3D objects - so pre-build objects can be spat out without the need of the main CPU
Increased the resolution of Wiimote to help pointer travel off screen and still be active around the edges
Changed the look of some resource graphics - mainly explosions which also double up as stars and exhaust trails
Optimised the mines - I was creating and displaying a new mine trail every frame, requiring about 60 objects plus all the overheads that go with it.
Optimised the dispay code for most objects.
Added a lower detail moon with some rocks spinnig in orbit
Improved the lighting on 3D objects
Added ingame backdrop far into the Z plane so it scrolls slowly, reduced from 1024 width at the last minute to 800 pixels so it fits the 2MB upload limmit - I'm just far to lazy to look for somewhere else to upload, plus its a challenge making a game fit into 2MB ;)

(Vidéo par nintendomax) Site officiel :
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