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dhewg a mis en ligne une nouvelle version de l'émulateur ScummVM pour Wii.

Version 1.3.0
New Games:
- Added support for Backyard Baseball.
- Added support for Backyard Baseball 2001.
- Added support for Urban Runner.
- Added support for Playtoons: Bambou le Sauveur de la Jungle.
- Added support for Toonstruck.
- Added support for Living Books v1 and v2 games.
- Added support for Hugo's House of Horrors, Hugo 2: Whodunit?
and Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom.
- Added support for Amiga SCI games (except Conquests of the Longbow).
- Added support for Macintosh SCI1 games.

New Ports:
- Added WebOS port.

- Added support for loadable modules on platforms without a dynamic
loader (GSoC Task).
- Added Danish translation.
- Added Norwegian Bokmaal translation.
- Added Norwegian Nynorsk translation.
- Added Swedish translation.
- Added Debug Console to Cine, Draci, Gob, MADE, Sword1, Touche and
Tucker Engines.
- Closed significant memory leaks. RTL should now be more usable.

- Closed memory leaks in Simon 2 and Feeble Files.

- Corrected memory leaks and invalid memory accesses.
Future Wars should be more stable.
- Made Operation Stealth completable, though significant graphical
glitches remain so not official supported.

- Added German and French subtitles in the Von Braun cutscene (#3069981:
no subtitles in scene with "von Braun").
- Improved French translation of the game.
- Added support for "Return To Launcher".

- Fixed "Goblin Stuck On Reload" bugs affecting Gobliiins.

- Closed memory leaks.

- Corrected issue which could cause crash at engine exit.
- Closed memory leaks in Nippon Safes Amiga.

- Added a CMS music driver for SCI1 - SCI1.1 games.
- Added an option to toggle undithering from the ScummVM GUI.
- Added several previously missing parts of the game state in saved games,
such as game played time, script created windows, the script string heap
and information related to the text parser in old EGA games.
- Added support for SCI1.1 magnifier cursors.
- Added support for the keypad +/- keys.
- Added support for the alternative General MIDI tracks in the Windows CD
versions of Eco Quest, Jones in the Fast Lane, King's Quest 5 and Space
Quest 4.
- Added support for the alternative Windows cursors in the Windows version
of King's Quest 6.
- Added support for simultaneous speech and subtitles in the CD versions of
Space Quest 4 and Freddy Pharkas.
- Corrected resource loading leaks.
- Corrected several problems and issues in the Skate-O-Rama rooms in Space
Quest 4.
- Corrected several issues in Hoyle Classic Card Games.
- Fixed several graphical glitches (like, for example, parts of the screen
that weren't erased correctly under some rare circumstances).
- Fixed several script bugs.
- Fixed several pathfinding related issues and lockups (like, for example,
a lockup in the shower scene of Laura bow 1 and pathfinding in some
screens during the chase sequence in Laura Bow 2).
- Fixed several music related glitches and possible lockups (like, for
example, a rare music lockup that occurred when loading a saved game
outside the palace in Quest for Glory 3).
- Fixed possible problems and lockups in the character import screens of
Quest for Glory 2 and 3.
- Fixed a bug that caused a lockup in the SCI1 CD version of Mixed Up Mother
Goose, after Tommy Tucker's song.
- Fixed a script bug in the CD version of King's Quest 5, which caused a
lockup under certain circumstances when going outside the witch's house
in the dark forest.
- Function keys now work correctly when the num lock key is on.
- Improved support for fanmade game scripts.
- Improved support for non-English versions of games.
- Made several enhancements and fixes related to MT-32 music (e.g. reverb).
- Music is no longer out of tune when loading saved games.

- Improved support for FM-TOWNS versions of games.

- Fixed crashes on sequences for several ports (Android, OpenGL, ...).

- Closed memory leaks.

- Closed memory leaks in Coroutines.
- Added enhanced music support for the German CD "Neon Edition" re-release
of Discworld 1.

- Corrected memory leaks and minor issues.

- Added workarounds for several issues present in the original game.

SDL ports:
- Closed memory leaks in Mouse Surfaces.

Android port:
- Switched to the official NDK toolchain for building.
- Fixed GFX output for various devices.
- Fixed various crashes.
- Switched to the native screen resolution to improve text readability.
- Added support for pause/resume.
- Added support for games using 16bit graphics.
- Increased the performance significantly.
- Added support for the "Fullscreen mode" option. Unchecking this keeps the
game's aspect ratio.
- Added a new graphics mode for linear filtering.
- Overhauled the input system (see README.Android).
- Added a MIDI driver based on SONiVOX's Embedded Audio Synthesis (EAS).

Nintendo DS port:
- Added support for loadable modules.

PSP port:
- Added support for loadable modules.
- Added image viewer.

PS2 port:
- Added support for loadable modules.

Wii/GameCube port:
- Added support for loadable modules.
- Fixed 16bit mouse cursors on HE games.

Nécessite :
- SD card
- Contrôleur gamecube ou Wiimote

Fonctionnalités (spécifiques au portage wii):
- Scaling hardware GX
- Utilisation du slot SD interne de la Wii

Installation :
- copier le dossier "scummvm" dans le dossier "apps" de votre carte SD
- copier les démos et/ou vos jeux sur la même SD Card
- version freeware:
- demos:

Contrôles à la Wiimote:
Code :
Nunchuk (Direction du Nunchuk): Déplacements de souris
Bouton A Wiimote: Clic gauche
Bouton B Wiimote: Clic droit
Bouton - Wiimote: Echap
Bouton + Wiimote: "." (saute la ligne actuelle)
Bouton 2 Wiimote: enter
Bouton Home Wiimote (home): GMM (F6)
Bouton haut Wiimote: Shift
Bouton bas Wiimote: Clavier virtuel
Bouton gauche Wiimote: PageDown / 3
Bouton droit Wiimote: PageUp / 9

image Source :
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