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Cubicle Shooter v0.1

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ThatOtherPerson, oui encore lui, propose une première version de "Cubicle Shooter", FPS dans un environnement 3D entièrement destructible pour la nintendo Wii.

Quote :
I had intended to get more done before posting it but I’ve been very lazy lately so anyways here is the first demo of Cubicle Shooter for Wii.

Cubicle Shooter is a first person shooter with a focus on highly destructible environments.

It is very incomplete and is really just a tech demo right now. My plans for it are essentially the same as what I was planning for the original PS3 version but it is more of a remake then a port. Everything is being completely re written. There is also now a PC version.

Use the nunchuck analog stick to move, the wiimote cursor to turn, the A button to jump and the B button to shoot.

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