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SaveGame Manager GX rev110

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dj_skual a publié SaveGame Manager GX, un gestionnaire de sauvegarde basé sur le Savegame Manager 1.5 de Waninkoko, le loader GX et le Wiixplorer.

Révision 110
* Added ListMode to NandMiiBrowser and NandSaveBrowser
* Updated to newest ehcmodule by rodries (thx!)
* Added necessary source code to support both USB ports at once and copying
files from one to another (WORKS ONLY WITH HERMES). It is disabled right now
because of weird crash caused by the ehcimodule when copying from one usb port
to another which can corrupt partitions. Will be enabled when the issue is
resolved. Right now only usb port 0 is active. (From Wiixplorer)
* Added use of the internal Wii System Menu font (From UsbLoaderGX)
* Changed default Font Scale to 0.95 to fit with the new font. If you disabled
the system font, you should set scale factor to 1.000. (From UsbLoaderGX)
* Properly sync video after flush to avoid possible green flash (thx dimok)
* Using new app_booter (see below)
* Moved argument command line also to mem2 to avoid overwrite of it (thx dimok)
* Reload back to entry ios when starting homebrew instead of starting it in cIOS
(From UsbLoaderGX)
* Converted every 4 spaces to a tab to make the source consistent on those

AppBooter changes (From WiiXplorer):
* Reduced size of app_booter from 100KB to 1KB by striping libogc and using
parts of savezelda code by TT (thx!)
* Improved performance with the change above
* Added argument passing for elf files as well
* Clear bss located in mem1 when launching dols (thx oggzee)

Forwarder changes:
* Using new app_booter method (From UsbLoaderGX)
* Properly sync video after flush to avoid possible green flash (thx dimok)

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