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postLoader 2.0 beta 25

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postLoader, par stfour, est un utilitaire vous permettant de lancer des homebrews ou des forwarders, en autoboot ou manuellement, directement après le priiloader. Vous pouvez l'installer en autorun après le priilader en utilisant l'option "Load/Install File" de ce dernier.

postloader2 b25
* Adopted app_booter r214 from wiiXplorer (thank's dimok). postLoader size reduced by about 100Kb
* Adjusted code (hb and triiforce interface) to be compatible with app_booter
* Corrected arguments passing... now if no args are found, arg struct will not be created. This solve problems related to dollz that was solved with a not-so-skilled trick in b20.
* Elf args should be supported (untested)
* hb without meta.xml now are named as folder name (before thay was shown as <unknown>)
* Now classic controller can change page with +/- and shoulder buttons
* Corrected a bug on homebrew browser when hiding an application.
* update downloadable sources to b25

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