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ModMii v4.7.3

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X-Flak nous présente son utilitaire plutôt simple d'utilisation et en mode console.
En effet, il suffit de répondre à des questions simples (en anglais ou en français), comme le firmware que vous voulez installer, il téléchargera automatiquement les fichiers nécessaires et les placera dans un dossier approprié que vous n'aurez plus qu'à copier sur votre carte SD. Ensuite, vous pourrez installer les fichiers grâce à I/S Wad ou encore Pimp My Wii.

Version 4.7.3
•Added a sysCheck Updater feature. You can supply ModMii with your unique
sysCheck.csv log and ModMii will analyze it then notify you which specific
softmods you're missing. It will download only the files required to update
your softmod as well as build a custom guide for you to follow.
•Replaced sysCheckGX on Download Page 2 with sysCheck v2.1.0 b13.
•Added dip patch the IOS60's patches. The patched IOS60 is now installed to
all system menu slots to protect against 003 bricks. As a result, the
ModMii Wizard no longer needs to ask if the Wii has been region changed.
•Removed Extra Brick Protection option. Instead extra brick protection is
now always installed. This includes installing a patched IOS60 to all
system menu IOS slots as well as installing a USB-Loader Forwarder Channel.
Also added an option to exclude the USB-Loader Forwarder Channel from the
ModMii Wizard.
•Added feature to install a secondary custom folder of wads when
building emulated NANDs.
•When building an emulated NAND ModMii no longer asks users to provide a
serial number; instead the default serial number is always used.
This change was implemented after discovering that using different
serial numbers has no impact on functionality.
•Fixed bug where the Photo Channel was not being fully installed to
emulated NANDs. Now the initial version of the Photo Channel as well
as v1.1 are installed to emulated NANDs. The initial version of the
Photo Channel was added to Download Page 1; however it shouldn't
be required for anything other than emulated NANDs.
•Stopped using IOSkpatch to patch emulated NANDs as it is no longer necessary.
•ModMii: now updated more frequently than your wife's wardrobe.
•Other minor changes.

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