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SaveGame Manager GX rev114

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dj_skual a publié SaveGame Manager GX, un gestionnaire de sauvegarde basé sur le Savegame Manager 1.5 de Waninkoko, le loader GX et le Wiixplorer.

Révision 114
* Changed illegal fat charaters fix and added a fonction to change old extracted filename while installing the save
* Added new illegal fat charaters fix to extract a data.bin to storage device fonction
* Fixed a problem who corrupt file datas while extracting a data.bin to a custom path
* Fixed freeze for Wii with no internet connection (thanks to
* Added ES AHBPROT patch to keep AHBPROT flag enabled while an IOS reload
* Changed everything from WiiTDB to GameTDB (using new host and name)
* Added quick switch between system font and old font (fixed memory leak in font change) (thx dimok)

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