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Settings Editor GUI 1.1

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Voici un nouvel outil made by JoostinOnline et stfour. Settings Editor permet de modifier divers options du système de la console.

Version 1.1
- It displays properly in 576i
- You can now CHANGE to 576i
- You can turn WiiConnect24 on and off
- Booting into Internet Settings is an option
- Cut down loading speed by 50%
- Changes Saved message only lasts 1 second instead of 2
- Got rid of the text at the bottom since the title and credits are in the meta.xml file
- Compiled with libogc v1.8.6 (older) so the Internet Settings option would work.
- If you are using a wii remote only, the pointer is not displayed if you go outside the valid range (i.e. not pointing at the screen)

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