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postLoader, par stfour, est un utilitaire vous permettant de lancer des homebrews ou des forwarders, en autoboot ou manuellement, directement après le priiloader. Vous pouvez l'installer en autorun après le priilader en utilisant l'option "Load/Install File" de ce dernier.

Version 3.71.3
- fixed execution of some homebrews that requires almost one arg.

Version 3.71.2
- fixed some bugs in wiiload over usb gecko

Version 3.71.0
- Added experimental wiiload over usb gecko
- now you can go from first to last page or vice versa in all modes
- removed pause before starting wiiload

Version 3.70.1
- Corrected Advanced options menu

Version 3.70.0
- mp3 player: added shuffle function
- mp3 player: using again MP3Player_PlayFile (no more limits on mp3 lenght,
previous it was 4MB)
- added stub for returning to postloader channel when executing homebrews.
Postloader channel v5 must be installed. A full stub will be installed in
memory, so it is ready to use in neek (take from priiloader). This mode must be
selected in advanced option, and may fail with some apps (they will return to
hbc). Priiloader method is still the suggested one
- now dols are checked for _arg signature. If not found no arguments structure
is passed to it. This leads to dollz to run now without problems (thx tueidj for
the hint). Note that wiiflow can't be used to execute games (but wiiflow-mod
- corrected a bug on creating default configuration on sd even if you
shutdown/reset/return to menu when configuration menu' is showed.
- postLoader was trying to patch ios 58 more than one time when browsing real
nand, failing after the first.

Version 3.69.7
- new wbfs scan function: wbfs file are no more opened and header readed, just
name of file/dir is used.
- case sensitivity on ntfs is now used

Version 3.69.6
- changed a bit network init code
- added more debug output for wbfscanner (reached the limit :P)
- wbfscanner, increased buffers for pathnames

Version 3.69.5
- added a timeout on covercache_stop
- added more debug output for wbfscanner

Version 3.69.4
- codes are working again
- changed a bit emunand channels configuration menu
- corrected a bug when reading sectors on 4K devices
- priibooter_gui 2.4: should now support disk with 4K secotors

Version 3.69.3
- Now postloader keep different configuration files for channels for neek,
realnand and emunands
- Default channel mode for neek and real nand is now "compatible mode"
(WII_LaunchTitle will be used)
- neekbooter 1.3: neek2o mode for emunand now use WII_LaunchTitle. Should be no
real difference from previus version, just smaller executable.

Version 3.69.2
- Better wbfs scan function
- Removed uid.sys scan and dump to gecko (neek2o)

Version 3.69.1
- More debug output informations

Version 3.69.0
- Added a lot of debug output informations
- dml: changed game configuration structure to keep full path of the .iso
- dml: now search both /ngc and /games folder for gc games
- Changed cache file names (now wbfs.dat and dml.dat... this will require a
cache rebuild)
- Changed some initialization code
- Wiiload thread will now wait 5 seconds before start
- Updated some function names
- Corrected a possible bug on covercache thread stop shared variables.
- Some code clean
- Recompiled with devkitPPC R25-1 and libogc 1.8.10. Network is working

Version 3.68.5
- Recompiled with R24
- Changed network init... (unnecessary as shuld be a bug in devkit R25)

Version 3.68.3
- Corrected a possible bug on free space calc. on devices
- Added double buffered threaded file copy. (see note)
- recompiled with latest devkit/ntfs portlib.
- code clean

NOTE: (dml copy to SD samsung class 10):

IOS58: single thread: ~2088 Kb/sec
IOS58: multiple thread: ~2687 Kb/sec

CIOSX: single thread: ~2224 Kb/sec
CIOSX: multiple thread: ~2495 Kb/sec

Version 3.68.2
- little adjustments to dol/elf boot code
- dml: updated gc sram video modes configuration (thx FIX94)
- dml: usb ngc folder can be on any of the four fat32/ntfs (primary) partition
supported by postloader
- dml: last browser page where not saved when launching game
- initial code for uid.sys managment under neek2o

Version 3.68.1
- fixed xml version number (thx XFlak)
- fixed hb execution via postloader channel (untested)

Version 3.68.0
- Corrected build number in historii.txt

Version 3.67.5
- Corrected internal build number
- DML: Video mode selection is back again, with more per-game options
(Game/Wii/Force NTSC/Force PAL) and an option to change default setting for all
- DI: Added debug output (to gecko and sd:/ploader.log)
- DI: Mooved entrypoint
- Added "the little ghost" icon to hidden channels/games when "show hidden
items" is selected
- Finally cover cache thread should be correctly terminated

Version 3.67.4
- Fixed channels name for neek2o
- Maybe loaders execution is now fixed. This bug may be present for any hb
launched and seems connected to cover cache thread

Version 3.67.3
- Corrected parameters for loaders (bug introduced in 3.67.2)

Version 3.67.2
- Changed the way game loader are called.
- priibooter_gui (2.3): faster callback call...

Version 3.67.1
- dml game scanner is working again
- priibooter_gui (2.2): background fade-in during hdd initialization was missing

Version 3.67.0
- dml: fixed the bug that could prevent displaying of games on more than one
disc (from usb only)..
- when changing sort mode, cover cache where not updated
- cover cache is now using mutex for thread locking
- now when emunand is changed, cover cache is correctly updated
- postloader forwarder channel updated to v4.
- postloader can now fully work under ciosx. This give some beneficts, like
better hdd compatibility and highter transfer speed (+200Kb/sec on dml game
transfer). If you choose to use ios249 and you want to keep ahbprot for spawned
homebrews, postloader channels V4 is required to be on system (both real and
neek). ([home]->system options->Advanced options)
- added support for ntfs (but actually on first partition is used for
homebrew/dml, also remember that emunand, neek and a lot of hb doesn't works
with ntfs)
- postloader is now able to save some setting (like ios/onlyusb/etc...) directly
in the boot.dol
- file is no more used. The flag for USB Init (yes/no) is now
embedded in boot.dol ([home]->system options->Advanced options)
- added experimental gestures (enable in [home]->system options->Advanced
- embed some configuration params (ios, sd only mode, hb execution mode...) on
the executable
- priibooter_gui: can now boot neek2o without any SD inside (thank you obcd)
- priibooter_gui: support hdd with first ntfs partion
- priibooter_gui: nouw can store it's configuration file on usb device (before
only on sd)
- neek2o: now is forced ios56
- updated libwiiuse library to support latest wiimotes
- a lot of code clean and various little fixes
- postloader forwarder channel is now in the distribution

Version 3.66.1
(wrong internal version)

Version 3.66.1
- Fixed a bug introduced in 3.66.0 that make covers do not updated correctly in
game mode if page != 0
- Lowered to 32Kb and aligned to 32 bit the copy buffer for files. Gained some
Kb/sec during game copy.

Version 3.66.0
- Reintroduced online update. Now updates are in zipped format and can contain
all files that need to be updated. Press [home]->check online for updates
- dml: sd->usb crosscheck allows 2Kb of difference to let gct codes to be stored
only on sd.
- dml: multiple disc is now supported. The only folder name scheme supported is
the one from discex
- code clean and refinement

Version 3.65.0
- dml: added cache... no more wait time. Cache, as usual, must be rebuilt
manually (or automatically when install a game from usb to sd or remove a game)
- dml: added an option to remove a game from sd (press on the game)
- dml: some little optimization on ui when searching for games
- priibooterGUI 1.0b: added different way to call HBC

Version 3.64.0
- wbfs scanner: again more checking
- neekbooter 1.2: there is an error on neekbooter 1.1. I forgot to delete
'nandpath.bin' on return to menu'.

Version 3.63.4
- wbfs scanner: incremented buffer size.
- dml: crosscheck is done only one time per session.

Version 3.63.3
- dml: mp3 music is stopped before starting copy a game from usb to sd
- dml: cross checking between sd and usb games fixed.
- wbfs scanner: added some more checking
- wbfs scanner: should be able to keep debug on sd on

postLoader 3.63.2
- Again it seems that mp3 playback can hang postloader in some situations. Added
a semaphore for cover cache thread.

Version 3.63.1
- neekbooter 1.1: when channel from real nand is executed via neek2o, on "return
to menu", /sneek folder return to it's original state and wii rebooted
- added a new download site for covers

Version 3.63.0
- Much better page transition
- Play count should be recorderd now also for dml
- Go To Page works again
- fixed: If your last page is completely full, there will be an empty one
created too.
- Much more reliable cover cache system
- Now pl uses nandpath.bin instead of recreate a nandcfg.bin that causes
"confusion" to neek2o. Also make backup and restore nandcfg.bin
- Added a confirmation before executing any items
- Corrected an huge memory leak introduced with version 3.61.2 in homebrew mode

Version 3.62.0
- xml and version updated

Version 3.61.2
- Cover textures moved to mem2
- Implemented a threaded cache system for covers. Now there aren't more pauses
on page changes.
- misschan.txt, missgame.txt are now created on root of sd (if present) (now is

Version 3.61.1
- fixed channel to neek2o execution bug. Thank to AbdallahTerro to help me to
track it down.

Version 3.61.0
- added page change effect
- dml: added cross checking between sd and usb games. If the game size on sd is
different from the same game on usb, game on sd is removed
- changed the way usb device is keeped live.
- background music is now faded out when required.

Version 3.60.6 (untested on real wii)
- fixed a free that was referring to mem2 address. This could probabily lead to
a code dump when stopping music.

Version 3.60.5
- to play mp3, postloader do not use more MP3Player_PlayFile, as seems to hang
postloader when multiple disc access are performed (I think disk io ins't thread

Version 3.60.4
- updated same timings during file copy operations
- added callback support during http download

Version 3.60.3
- dml: full auto selection of video mode. Removed manual mode
- dml: Added video mode change if game is ntsc
- postLoader 3.60.2 had wrong internal version

Version 3.60.2
- screen saver will hang if covers are on usb
- misschan.txt, missgame.txt are now created on root of sd (if present)

Version 3.60.1
- dml: on game never configured postLoader will automatically choose the right
video moe (thx FIX94)
- channel browser: updated cover download.
- neek2o can be executed without sd in slot. Even if sd is inside, usb has
highter priority. /sneek/kernel.bin must be present on the device (THX obcd!!!!)
- postLoader can now moove its configuration data from sd to usb.
([home]->system option->Move postLoader cfg folder to USB)
- play count for dml should now work (thank joosting)
- readmii.txt updated to v.1.7
- various bugs fixed, and newer added :P

Version 3.60.0
- n2oswitch erased from project
- old neekbooter becomes forwarder base
- new neekbooter with n2oswitch functionality added, more channel launcher for
real nand
- on neek2o r75 (i don't know the revision where this heppened), the structure
of nandcfg.bin file was changed, corrupting postloader behaveur. Updated
- postLoader doesn't use WII_LaunchTitle to execute channels on real and neek2o.
CGT codes should works again in both enviroments.
- New channel launch method, you can choose between "Normal boot method", "Load
apploader", "neek2o". For neek2o, read VERY important notice in note

NOTE: How to setup a neek2o nand for real channel launch method
- Use modmii to create a fresh nand. Install only priiloader (required) and if
you wish postloader channel. Do not add anything more if you want a fast to boot
- name this nand pln2o and put in usb://Nand/pln2o
- Start that nand, configure it (also the network). Install the new neekbooter
(required) in priiloader and make priiloader autoboot it (you can use postloader
to do that [home]->System options->Install neekbooter.dol in priiloader, when
you running in neek2o/pln2o nand)
- postLoader will automatically copy (only one time) your vc/wiiware to pln2o
nand and execute it.
- This is a great workaround for WFC games and games that doens't work in d2x
- THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL, make a backup of your nands before try it.

Version 3.59.5
- Fixed a possibile miss/corruption of wiiload header. (thx JoostinOnline)
- Now music is stopped when partition are mounted during wbfs scan, otherwise a
code dump will occours...

NOTE: neek2o channel launching mode isn't yet operative...

Version 3.59.4
- If you are using wiimote and point outside the tv, the cursor will disappear
- Removed "default" from IOS selection in emunand channels property
- Missing from 3.59.3: AHBPROT is replaced by "+" symbol.

Version 3.59.3
- Now if the wiimote point outside the tv, the cursor will softly disappear. It
return visible when pointing again or using controller sticks. (thx
joostinonline for the idea)
- Changed sneek detection with joostinonline suggested one.
- Remove close button on channels properties
- If user pressed (B) in "Select NAND Source" to close the menu, the path to
nand become corrupted. Fixed
- If someone ( :p ) want postloader to stay always on 249, hexedit postloader
.dol file, search for USE_IOS_249=0 and replace with USE_IOS_249=1
- postLoader channel hidden also in realnand and neek.

Version 3.59.2
- nandbooter mooved again a little upper as apploader mode was broken
- nandemu scanner now skip hbc and postloader channel (POST)
- priibootergui is now in the apps folder with it's xml-<no_ios_reload/>. This
is need by priiloader > 0.8 to enable AHPBROT. Once installed it can be deleted
- <no_ios_reload/> added to postloader's xml
- some minor changes
- readmii.txt updated to v.1.6

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