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Wiiflow 3.0 Alpha (rev426/mod r485)

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Wiiflow est un USB/SD Loader pour lire les backups de jeux Wii sur disque dur USB, clé USB ou carte SD ainsi que le formatage WBFS/NTFS/FAT32. L'interface est basé sur un "coverflow" affichant les pochettes des jeux.

L'instigateur original du projet wiiflow, Hibernatus, souhaitant prendre du recul par rapport au projet, c'est donc r-win,Miigotu, Hulkhodn et OverjoY qui ont repris la direction du développement de cet USB Loader. Il continue ainsi, avec son équipe, a faire évoluer cet homebrew. Ce n'est donc pas un nouvel homebrew, mais la continuité de l'évolution de Wiiflow.


- Support des backups Wii sur USB ou SD/SDHC formaté en WBFS/NTFS/FAT32.
- Support des backups GameCube si vous avez DML.
- Compatibilité quasiment à 100% avec les cIOS d2x, même ceux appelés "IOS Reload".
- Mise en cache complète de la liste des jeux, pour permettre une très large liste de de plusieurs milliers de jeux en 2 ou 3 secondes.
- Support de thèmes étendu.
- Possibilité de jouer le format THP des animations d'intro de chaque jeu.
- Traduit complètement dans plus de 22 langues.
- Possibilité de définir une image personnalisée pour chaque jeu.
- Possibilité de jouer plusieurs fichiers audio incluant le mp3, wad, bns, mod, s3m et ogg.
- Support complet de l'émulation de NAND pour les chaines, WiiWare et VC.
- Possibilité de rediriger les sauvegardes de jeux Wii vers l'USB à partir des révisions 416.

Voir tous les changements ici.

-added correct crc32 generation of 7z files

-added a few missing +1 in name generation, may produced some "//"
in generated plugin cover paths

-fixed possible codedump in cover downloader
-added debug prints to see if crc32 is correctly cached

-added plugin crc32 caching, a file called "plugin_crc32.ini"
will be created in your wiiflow/settings folder, as soon as the
crc32 is generated it will be saved in this file and simply
used the next time you download a cover. You also could generate
the checksums on pc and then add it to this file, that may be faster
than letting wiiflow generate it

-more powerful detection if gamecube game is installed on
sd card by reading the sd card directory (bit slower though)
-made list cache a bit smaller again by using more general
settings, dont forget to reload list cache

-fixed bug that emu nand channels didnt work properly after
going through all coverflow views

-horribly cleaned up and simplified the whole game list loading
code and process, should be faster now, also the list cache should
take less space now
-using "types" instead of magic word now for internal detection,
faster and easier to handle
-prepared wiiflows code for custom coverflow which can have all
types together (nothing added yet)

-setting the O in Okami to a regular one ( issue 77 )

-lets use the video patching of r239 again, hopefully it works
yet again

-fixed codedump if no separator in string found

-homebrew coverflow view now uses folder names instead of
small and uppercase IDs for cover name and cache ( issue 72 )

-lets use libogc svn r4902 again, sure the new libogc got some
nice additions but its just too unstable for wiiflow

- Fixed a little effect bug for ZHCN and AU flags
- Updated french.ini
- Added french.txt

-corrected pal50 video mode too small

-fixed exit wiiflow freeze

-should have fixed all video problems now, using custom video
files based on libogc svn r4902 instead of the current libogc
ones, using the best of both :P

-some people reported problems with sound buffers in mem1, since
the mem1 code is changed it looks like it doesnt work well anymore,
so back in mem2 with it

-fixed wrong percentage displayed when copying gamecube games
from usb to sd which are in fst format
-fixed a possible bug in deleting folders and files

- Launch Source menu by pressing 'B' on home/exit icon.
'A' on home/exit icon restored to exit wiiflow
updated help file to show changes
changed Source menu button images size to 120 x 90. no need to redo current
images they look fine stretched a little.

-hopefully fixed video problems correctly now

-updated fceugx, snes9xgx, vbagx again (still calling it mod9,
last time I promise :P), genplusgx, scummvm, wii64 to mod4 and
wiimednafen to mod2, all now ping the usb hdd every 30 seconds
to keep it alive, also all now are postloader4 compatible

-hopefully fixed strange white lines in picture

-moved some things because of possible graphical problems

-plugin games now also can stay zipped for cover downloading,
crc will be read from the zip header, still 7z needs to be

-forgot to click on save, well shit happens :P

-added download of plugin covers via gametdb, currently only
works with extracted nintendo games (collection is very small
but will grow) as soon as more covers come you can also download
covers for other systems, also added a new option to plugin inis
for this day already, "consoleCoverID"
-updated english help file (thanks seam for info)

-sound buffer can stay in mem1

-fixed missing background music yet again

-updated fceugx, snes9xgx, vbagx to mod9 (I know that I already
updated fceugx and snes9xgx but since I never released them into
a pack I'll just call it mod9 again :P), changes are that it keeps
the usb hdd alive and also fixed a bug that the settings were not
saved on return to wiiflow

-code cleanup, removed six (!) unneeded source files
-added in the framebuffer cleanup again, why it was taken out

Overjoy, you are right, but that shouldn't happen, it also
worked before, strange, OH yeah and
-fixed two possible bugs

-updated snes9xgx to mod9, same changes as fceugx, vbagx and the
other emus will follow soon with the same update

* I know we talked about MEM1, but I changed my mind :P

(And you would have changed your mind to if you tested your dol)

-removed two redundant methods
-wbfs stuff is mem1 overjoy as we said :P

* DUH!

* Removed limitations for MEM1 usage
* Moved lots of stuff from MEM1 to MEM2
* Made it possible to select partition for nand emulation (first time config)
* On clean install it will find valid emu nands if they are present in the
default folder
* Fixed GameTDB for nand emulation
* Broke background music
* Probably even more

-updated fceugx to mod9, now it is usable for other loaders
as well because arguments now can also be which channel to
return to and loader name, the usb hdd will now get a ping
every 30 seconds, otherwise it may happens that it shuts down

-disabled extended list check by default and also if
it is enabled it will only be used for wii games since it
can break other coverflow views from working


-display source menu instead of exit wiiflow when pressing
on home icon (untested)

-forgot one char at the end, that may fixes plugin magic
words in wiiflow.ini too short

-set down cover loader priority
-small code cleanup, removed unneeded things

-fixed cache reloading of emu nand didnt work anymore

-fixed problem of not reloading covers, only after moving
it around a bit ( issue 51 )
-removed some completely useless call of stop cover loader
-added proper debug prints to see when cover loader is changed

-added some missing free line, may fixes some problems

-fixed pointers displayed of players who are not connected
to wiiflow ( issue 69 )

-compressed a few images

-added missing fromUTF8 in help file reading, fixes display
problems in languages like french

-re-added video setup after configure

- fixed source menu page button

-fixed missing background music (damn wiiflow is so fragile)

-fixed scummvm games not showing anymore

-fixed scummvm covers (untested)

-we should only display gametdb information if we are not in emulator and not in homebrew coverflow (issue 52)
-set all wii magic numbers to our global variable.

image image

http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/
http://www.wiiflowiki.com/ Wiki officiel : http://www.wiiflowiki.com/
http://gbatemp.net/topic/204106-wiiflow-an-open-source-gui-usb-loader/ Topic officiel US : http://gbatemp.net/topic/204106-wiiflow-an-open-source-gui-usb-loader/
http://code.google.com/p/open-wiiflow-mod/ Site du mod : http://code.google.com/p/open-wiiflow-mod/
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