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Settings Editor GUI 1.8

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Voici un outil made by JoostinOnline et stfour. Settings Editor permet de modifier divers options du système de la console.


Permet de modifier:
- la résolution de l'écran
- l'aspect ratio
- la position de la sensor bar
- le mode sonore
- la vibration de la wiimote
- le mode d'arrêt
- la sensibilité de la wiimote
- le Wii connect 24
- les paramètres d'internet (pour ainsi booter dessus)
Note: Vous ne pourrez pas changer ces paramètres si vous ne les avez pas changés au moins une fois dans les Options Wii


Version 1.8
- Added more USB Gecko output code and fixed grlib output not being shown.
- A fair amount of code cleanup (it's still messy though, lol) and a couple of safety checks (thanks megazig).
- Decreased size by about 19%.
- Missing options are no longer hidden. Instead, clicking on them gives the option to load the Wii Settings to set them for the first time.
- Menus are now fixed width so changing a setting won't resize it.
- "Loading Wii Settings" and "Returning to System Menu" won't both be displayed if Priiloader is set to autoboot/return to something beside the System Menu.
- "Loading Wii Settings" comes after the save prompt.
- Improved exit process.
- Improved neek detection so it will still be detected if crediar changes the Sneek directory (thanks tueidj).
- Changed the selection color (themeless) from gray to red.
- When loading the Wii Settings, you will only be prompted to save if you have made a change to your settings.
- Compatible-ish with Dolphin (requires recompile with "#define DOLPHIN" uncommented). You still can't load Wii Settings, but there is nothing I can do about that.
- Now the theme is loaded before the background fades in, so it will fade in any custom background your theme uses. Site officiel :
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