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Emulateur GameCube / Wii : Dolphin v3.0.776

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Voici Dolphin, l'émulateur pour pc de GameCube et Wii le plus avancé.
Chose étonnante, il fait mieux tourner les jeux officiels que les Homebrew, même si certains marchent aussi dessus.

Note: La version fournie est la version Windows 32bits. Si vous voulez la version Linux, Mac OS X ou Windows 64bits, allez voir sur le site officiel.

Pour consulter les changements, rendez vous à cette adresse :

Version 3.0-776
Optimize JitCache::InvalidateICache by maintaining a "valid blocks" bitset

Most of the InvalidateICache calls are for a 32 bytes block: this is the number of bytes invalidated by PowerPC dcb*/icb* instructions. Profiling shows that a lot of CPU time is spent checking if there are any JIT blocks covered by these 32 bytes (using std::map::lower_bound).

This patch adds a bitset containing the state of every 32 bytes block in RAM (JIT cached/not JIT cached). Using that, a 32 bytes InvalidateICache can check in the bitset if any JIT block might be invalidated. A bitset check is a lot faster than an std::map::lower_bound operation, improving performance of JitCache::InvalidateICache by more than 100%.

Some practical numbers:

* Xenoblade Chronicles (PAL)
56.04FPS -> 59.28FPS (+5.78%)
* The Last Story (PAL)
30.9FPS -> 32.83FPS (+6.25%)
* Super Mario Galaxy (PAL)
59.76FPS -> 62.46FPS (+4.52%)

This function still takes more time than it should - more optimization in this area might be possible (specializing for 32 bytes blocks to avoid useless memcpy, for example).

Version 3.0-775
Implement a simple benchmarking mode which logs FPS to a file

Very useful to compare performance between two builds, check the impact of
a configuration option, etc. FPS log is stored in User/Logs/fps.txt and is
reset each time you launch a game. Only enabled if you check the "Log FPS
to file" option in your graphics settings.

Could be improved a bit: currently logs only every 1s (so you can't really see small variations), maybe output more infos to the fps.txt like average/stddev (but Excel/Libreoffice/Google Docs can compute that easily too).

Version 3.0-774
Video_DX11: Remove some redundant code.

Voici une petite vidéo :

http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/
http://www.dolphin-emulator.com/ Site officiel : http://www.dolphin-emulator.com/
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