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WiiXplorer de Dimok, est un explorateur de fichier similaire à celui de Windows.

Révision 245
- real fix for update function

Révision 244
- fixed problem with some devices and mounting USB on startup (big thanks to nibb for doing all the tests)
- use same keyboard code for text editor and other on screen keyboard usages
- fixed update procedure
- added auto scroll to text position if the text pointer is expected to be "under" on screen keyboard
- fixed pointer display in none text editor on screen keyboards
- language files are now merged with current revision

Révision 243
- fix crash when changing on screen keyboard language and the number of keys is different
- added new update functionality
- added asynchronous application and language functionality
- better text offset calculation (text editor pointer position)

Révision 242
- complete rework of text editor; on screen keyboard appears for editing when pressing plus button (issue 235) -> TODO: add usb keyboard support
- homebrew load now displays progressbar again instead of screen freeze (if load is longer than 500ms)
- add setting to disable NAND (ISFS) mount even if its only read only for now (issue 538)
- allow big allocations on mem1 again before going to mem2
- add disk interface into a file for simulation of a virtual device with partitions (used only for debugging)
- changed thread priority system a bit

Révision 241
fixed nand file reading (wonder why nobody noticed that its broken since 2-3 revs)

Révision 240
-add check for a device in the usb port to avoid unnecessary wait for mount timeout (requires AHBPROT otherwise it still waits for timeout)
-reduce wait time for USB drive to 10 secs

Révision 239
fix crash with gamecube controller going into menus

Révision 238
-add wait for HDD spinup (should fix problems with HDD under IOS58)
-add classic controller/gc pad control for wiimote pointer
-add support for returning to new HBC (LULZ)
-add setting for wiimote pointer speed on control from classic/nunchuck/gc pad
-add ISFS (NAND) delete/rename/write functions but NAND is still mounted as READ ONLY

Révision 237
- added threaded download task
- added threaded remount of single devices

Révision 236
- added compatibility to launch dollz compressed applications
- fix channel launching
- fix linux build

Révision 235
Forwarder V12:
- support for drives with sector size > 512 bytes
- fixed bug with endless wait for USB initialization -> now 10 secs
- fixed compile with devkitPPC r26 and portlibs
- compiled with new libogc for better USB compatibility and new filesystem libs

Révision 234
work in progress:
*fix move files
*change config search method
*browse for path (settings) done
*removed some unneeded headers

Révision 233
work in progress:
*changed video mode setup
*crash fix on start menu + B button
*fix copy/move folders
*fix partition formatter

Révision 232
work in progress:
- better complete progress bar handle
- better unrar progress handle
- fix issue in copy/move to a path

Révision 231
- better way of handling progress and cancel without changing the lib much

Révision 230
work in progress:
- DI module for IOS202
- archives extract handle rework (still to fix: progress window)
- throbber window
- own image load thread for image viewer
- image converter
- dvd mounting fix

Révision 229
*adaption to new progress window

Révision 228
work in progress:
- FTP server
- thread handling
- separate file load thread for image/pdf viewer
- folder creation fix

Révision 227
work in progress:
- home menu in any place
- music player
- single file copy fix
- no IOS selection limitation

Révision 226
more work in progress:
- image viewer
- pdf viewer
- image convert gui
- wii movies

Révision 225
*add sources for WifiGeckoReader

Révision 224
Added libnfs

Révision 223
*update libpng to 1.5.9
*update libjpeg to 8.0d
*update libgd to SVN and make it use interlace on libpng
*removed libfreetype2
*reworked makefile on most libs

Révision 222
and more wip again

Révision 221
more work in progress

Révision 220
*more work in progress
*lots of internal gui control work
*added isfs (nand) filesystem (read only)
*compile fix for devkitPPC r24

Révision 219
WIP commit

Révision 218
*Correct error handler file

Révision 217
Change libunrar:
*Removed WiiXplorer custom source from the lib (error handler), handling it now in WiiXplorer source code as it is meant to be done.

Révision 216
Work in progress commit:
Reworking WiiXplorer GUI Core (most of the parts of libwiigui are removed/recoded).
Making application more object oriented with signals/slots like most frameworks do. GUI/Application is now on the same thread, the main thread. Orienting the GUI framework to be more like most frameworks (e.g. Qt).

Don't bother compiling this revision because most of the things are not working yet!

Révision 215
Forwarder and WiiXplorer:
*Properly sync video after flush to avoid green flash
*Moved argument command line also to mem2 to avoid overwrite of it

Révision 214
*Added correct app_booter.bin now (was a wrong one in last revision) (app_booter needs devkitPPC r17 to compile)
*Fix a crash on icon browser
*Updated USB2 code for Hermes cIOS
*Updated to newest ehcmodule by rodries (thx!)
*Added necessary source code to support both USB ports at once and copying files
from one to another (WORKS ONLY WITH IOS202/222/223). It is disabled right now because of weird crash caused by the ehcimodule when copying from one usb port to another which can corrupt partitions. Will be enabled when the issue is resolved. Right now only usb port 0 is active.

Révision 213
*Navigation/Controls update/additions (Scrollbar/ButtonScroll/...)
*Font issue fixes
*Fix crash on TextEditor scrolling
*Fix use of mem2 area
*Automatic filelist.h generation
*Using new app_booter (see below)
*many small changes
*Several fixes and library updates (libogc/libfat/libntfs/libext2fs)
*removed libntfs from branches (can be found on a SVN repository)

app_booter changes:
*reduced size of app_booter from 100KB to 1KB by striping libogc and using parts
of savezelda code by TT (thx!)
*improved performance with the change above
*added argument passing for elf files as well
*clear bss located in mem1 when launching dols (thx oggzee)

Forwarder changes:
*using new app_booter method
*added support for ext2/3/4 partitions



http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/ Site Officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/
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