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WiiXplorer de Dimok, est un explorateur de fichier similaire à celui de Windows.

Révision 253
- fix several bugs in the OnScreenKeyboard
- fix external keyboard support in OnScreenKeyboard menus (renaming/...)
- added support for page up/down, home/end buttons
- fix appending of characters at the end in TextEditor
- pause music when remounting all devices

Révision 252
- fixed display bug in text editor when adding a line break on some cases
- adaption for updated 7zip library

Révision 251
- updated library source to v9.20

Révision 250
- added initial USB Keyboard support (delay between consecutive character adds
can be changed with existing setting for keyboard delete delay). You can use it
everywhere the OnScreenKeyboard can be used (Text Editor / renaming / ...).
- added an additional path change to "Path Settings Menu" for language path
- changed all default paths to /apps/WiiXplorer/ instead of /apps/WiiExplorer/
as it was used by homebrew browser
- fixed bug in thp player that crashed it. was added in last revision

Révision 249
- fix array bound overrun in thp player and performance improvements
- performance optimizations for audio buffer handling
- more thread safety for image loading
- added new language, asturian thanks to Llumex03


http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/ Site Officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/
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