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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.14a rev4274

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Wiimms, auteur des outils de manipulation de fichier image de jeu WIT/WWT, propose maintenant un utilitaire de traitement les fichiers SZS.

szs v1.14a r4274 - 2013-03-14
- wkmpt CHECK (and all commands calling this function internally):
4 new tests for sections CKPH, ENPH and ITPH:
- The section must not be empty (WARNING).
- Only ITPH: The first 'next' link must be valid (WARNING).
- Each group must have at least one valid 'next' link (WARNING).
- Each group must have at least one valid 'prev' link (HINT).
See http://szs.wiimm.de/cmd/wkmpt/check#testlist for all tests.
- Option --kcl-script can now be used multiple times to execute multiple
kcl script in the entered order.
- Two new parser functions to identify the source within a script: isKCL()
and isKMP(). Both functions return 0 for false, 1 for true or 2 for true,
if the source is named 'course.*' (main KCL/KMP file).

http://wiki.tockdom.de/index.php?title=Wiimms_SZS_Tools Site officiel : http://wiki.tockdom.de/index.php?title=Wiimms_SZS_Tools
http://szs.wiimm.de Site officiel : http://szs.wiimm.de
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