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WiiXplorer r256 : mise à jour de l'explorateur de fichiers

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WiiXplorer de Dimok, est un explorateur de fichier similaire à celui de Windows.

Révision 256
- fix crash when starting a movie with WiiMC (it is still not supported on WiiMC
side though. Only MPlayerCE fully works.)
- fix of possible memory leak on new homebrew launch procedure
- fix garbled path configuration. the user input is taken as is now for every
path. ( issue 527 )
- display bug fix when sliding out music player with opened play list
- update progress total value on calculating the transfer/delete size so that
the user doesn't get the feeling it freezes on large directories

Révision 255
- added external keyboard numpad support to OnScreenKeyboard (e.g. rename) as
- change of homebrew boot process, now always boots from main thread (fixes
crash at reboot on WiiXplorer update)
- reworked controls (button) configuration menu, instead of going through all
buttons, the wanted buttons can just be pressed. combination of buttons also
- added progress window for file extract on WiiXplorer update
- moved clock mode and language settings to general settings menu
- some source clean ups


http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/ Site Officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/
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