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Postloader 4.4.8 : Lanceur d'homebrews

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postLoader, par stfour, est un utilitaire vous permettant de lancer des homebrews ou des forwarders, en autoboot ou manuellement, directement après le priiloader. Vous pouvez l'installer en autorun après le priilader en utilisant l'option "Load/Install File" de ce dernier.

postLoader 4.4.8
* gameBrowser: Automatic DM(L)/QuadForce wad installation (please, read notes carefully !!!). Thx to waninkoko WadManager 1.7 source codes.
* gameBrowser: Fixed a bug on reading/writing configuration information
* Increased mp3 buffer size (less disc i/o)
* little fixes

DM(L),QUADFORCE automatic mode:

When this option is enabled (press [home] while in gamecube mode, then " "GameCube mode = DM Auto""), postLoader will choose and install the correct wad file to execute the selected gc/qf game.
To use this feature, you must create a wads folder in your <dev>/ploader folder, for example usb://ploader/wads if your postloader data folder is in the usb device.
Then rename the dm(l)/qadforce wads as follow

DIOSMIOS_2.10.wad -> dm.wad
DIOSMIOSLite_2.10.wad -> dml.wad
quadforce_4.1.wad -> qfusb.wad
quadforce_4.0.wad -> qfsd.wad

so you will end with the following files


Use only tested wads, from well known source. Installing these wads should be a safe operation, anyway it is a your choice. No warranty provided, no responsibility on me if you brick anything!

postLoader 4.4.6
* emuBrowser: added an option in plugin.conf to enable recursive search of roms in a folder
* emuBrowser: plugin .dol is checked before searching roms
* minor fixes

postLoader 4.4.5 (only as update)
* emuBrowser: Fixed loading of AbdallahTerro plugins.conf
* emuBrowser: Plugins are searched only one time. Filters are now applyed instantly
* emuBrowser: up to 36 plugins can be displayed in filters (tested). Anyway note that no more than 32 different plugins can be used (this limit require some work to be bypassed, as filters are in a 32bit var)
* emuBrowser: added current selected plugin(s) and rom count information
* minor fixes

postLoader 4.4.4
* added a flag in plugins.conf to enable/disable plugins. Check the file!
* added mutex for almost any file i/o. Seems that postLoader no more hang occasionally
* added "Return to real WII" in exit menu when working in neek2o
* the folder for covers can now be changed. Check "ploader/paths.conf.sample" and rename it to "paths.conf". Postloader uses sd:// and usb://, usb2://, usb3://, usb4:// for additional partitions)
* minor fixes

postLoader 4.4.3
* removed some debug messages
* minor fixes

postLoader 4.4.2
* fixed buffer allocation error in mem2 that was causing a dsi
* covercache now uses a single large buffer in mem2 for covers
* added mutex in mp3 player to control multithreaded file io
* minor fixes (also a typo in plugins.conf)..

postLoader 4.4.1
* added new tag to plugin.conf to specify alternate dol search path (more info in the the file)
* removed option menu
* when a an icon is clicked, a full res cover is displayed.
* postloader binary configuration file is no more resetted if size changes
* emuBrowser: fixed filters issue if plugins.conf file is modified
* changed, again, sigh :( semaphores in covercache, hoping that this will stop occasionally hangs
* various fixs...

postLoader 4.4.0
* covers are scaled down to save memory
* added "Enable TEX cache" in "config->advanced option". If enabled a folder /ploader/tex will be created, and a rgb raw texture will be saved.
This give a great boost on cover update speed but require up to 144Kb per covers on the device. Note that disabling it will remove all cached textures.
* covers lookup for emus is much faster

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