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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.24a r4703

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Wiimms, auteur des outils de manipulation de fichier image de jeu WIT/WWT, propose une nouvelle mise à jour de cet outil.

szs v1.24a r4703 - 2013-10-14

- Bug fix for wctct: Winning + losing ceremony after GP enabled.

- wctct: More possible names for music and property ids.
See http://szs.wiimm.de/doc/slot-id for details.

- Transforming complete tracks: VRCORN will now patched by default, if not
excluded by option --patch-file=list.

- Linux 'make': LIBPNG will be linked as static library, if available.

szs v1.23a r4682 - 2013-10-05

- Exported BMG text files will now show all characters of the Unicode Basic
Multilingual Plane (BMP; codes <=0xfffd) without escape sequences. New is,
that surrogates and private ranges are always printed as escape sequences.

- New options for BMG text output: --color and --no-color: If enabled, colors
are printed as new escape sequence "\c{color}". 'color' is eihter a known
color name or a hex number with 4 digits. At the moment, --no-color is
the default to avoid problems with old versions and other externl tools.
In 2014 --color shall become the default. However, the BMG text scanner
accepts the new escape sequence from now and independent of these options.

- New modes for option --patch-bmg: 'ID', 'ID-ALL', 'CT-COPY' and 'CT-FILL'.
See http://szs.wiimm.de/opt/patch-bmg for details.

- New command: wstrt DUMP: Dump the data structure of DOL files as text.

- wstrt ANALYSE: Analyse DOL files and compare them section by section with
the orginal main.dol file of MKWii.

- New command: wstrt EXTRACT: Extract the sections of a DOL file into a
directory. StaticR.rel files are ignored.

- New global option: --ctcode: Enable the CT-CODE modus of the tools.
See http://szs.wiimm.de/doc/ctcode for details and about CT-CODE.

- wstrt PATCH --add-ctcode: Add CT-CODE to original main.dol files.

- New tool: wctct: Manage CT-CODE. See http://szs.wiimm.de/wctct and
http://szs.wiimm.de/doc/ctcode for details.

http://wiki.tockdom.de/index.php?title=Wiimms_SZS_Tools Site officiel : http://wiki.tockdom.de/index.php?title=Wiimms_SZS_Tools
http://szs.wiimm.de Site officiel : http://szs.wiimm.de
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