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WIT: Wiimms ISO & WBFS Tools v2.29a r5186

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Wiimms ISO Tools et Wiimms WBFS Tool est un ensemble d'utilitaires réalisé par Wiimm. Ils vous permet de manipuler les Images ISO de jeu Wii et les containers WBFS. Les deux utilitaires principaux sont nommés wit (Wiimms ISO Tool) et wwt (Wiimms WBFS Tool, le WBFS manager). Il s'agit de la solution la plus complète à l'heure actuelle en terme de manipulation d'ISO. Tous les formats sont supporté (de fichier comme de format de partition), il est possible de faire des transferts par lot, de réparer des partitions ou des fichiers WBFS, etc, etc...

wit v2.29a r5186 - 2014-05-16

- New patching options to support the new custom server:
- Option --http: Replace 'https' request to 'http' in the files 'main.dol' and 'rel/StaticR.rel'.
- Option --domain=dom: Replace 'nintendowifi.net' by the new domain.
- Option --wiimmfi: Patch the images for the new custom server. It is a short cut for: --http --domain=wiimmfi.de

wit v2.28a r4980 - 2014-03-01

- Full WDF version 2 support:
- WDFv2 files are a little bit smaller and support alignment.
- Parts of the WDF library have been rewritten to support WDFv2 and alignment. A side effect is a more compact code and a better chunk management if modifiying WDF files.
- Option --wdf forces WDF output, the version is definied automatically.
- Option --wdf1 forces WDFv1 output.
- Option --wdf2 forces WDFv2 output.
- Option --align-wdf defines an alignment between 1 and 1GiB (power of 2) and optional the minimal hole size before creating a new chunk.
- 'wit EDIT' supports --wdf1 and --wdf2 to allow version conversions.
For technical details about WDF see: http://wit.wiimm.de/WDF

- Support of split files of CleanRip: If reading a plain ISO file named '*.part0', the other parts are detected as continuation files.

- Windows only: Cygwin update to v1.7.28 2014-02-09.

wit v2.27a r4908 - 2014-01-31

- Bug fix: If extracting a GameCube image, files larger than 4 MiB are damaged at beginning of this 4 MiB offset.

- New feature: If creating a GCZ image, a blockwise z-compression is tried. If the compressed data is larger than 98.5%, the uncompressed data is stored. New is, that encrypted blocks are stored directly as uncompressed data, because encrypted are very bad compression candidates and the 98.5% test fails all the time. This makes GCZ creation faster. The new option --gcz-zip disables this optimization for encrypted data.

- New option: --gcz-block=size: Define the block size for GCZ creation. The default size is 16K (also Dolphins default).

- Tool 'wdf' supports info dumps of GCZ files to verify the GCZ creation.

- New command for wit+wwt: FEATURES: Print a list of supported features. The output is machine readable. Scripts may use "wit features -qq" and check the exit status.

- Reading support for the comming WDF v2. Details: http://wit.wiimm.de/WDF
Writing support will follow, if EDIT is implemented too.

(Image de qtwitgui)

http://wit.wiimm.de/ Site officiel : http://wit.wiimm.de/
http://gbatemp.net/t182236-wwt-wit-wiimms-wbfs-iso-tools Site officiel : http://gbatemp.net/t182236-wwt-wit-wiimms-wbfs-iso-tools
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