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Configurable USB Loader v70 mod r75

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oggzee nous présente son USB/SD loader basé sur celui de waninkoko mais ayant la particularité d'être entièrement configurable.

v70 mod r75
-Added missing NintendontConfig.h file it should compile now.

v70 mod r74
-Added Nintendont support

v70 mod r70
-Added a check so if someone is working on a translation and does an online
update it dosent overwrite their work in process
-Added FI.lang (Thanks MysTiCy)
-Updated ZH_CN.lang (Thanks Kavid) IT.lang (Thanks Cambo) ES.lang (Thanks
TyRaNtM) GR.lang (Thanks xxdimixx) DK.lang (Thanks Fox888) NL.lang (Thanks
-Fixed several more spots ware translation wasnt working

v70 mod r69
-Added additional controllers to filter by controller
-Added downloading language files when updating to a new version
-Fixed downloading covers for regions that are undefined in the gametdb data
base mostly used by customs
-Fixed gametdb lookups when an id6 has an id4 in the id that matched the first 4
-Updated FR.lang (Thanks JABE)
-Automatically load unifont if JA, KO and ZH language or db files are used
-Fixed several spots ware translation was not working
-Updated Search function (still a work in process)

v70 mod r68
-Added separate themes for each profile
-Added profile_start_favorites [0,1]... option to config.txt [0,1] repeats for
each profile
-Fixed memory leak when reloading game list (caused sort problem when unlocking
admin mode)
-Updated lang.pot , FR.lang (Thanks JABE), JA.lang (Thanks Trickart), ZH_CN.lang
(Thanks Kavid)
-Updated Search function (still a work in process)

v70 mod r67
-Updated Search function (still a work in process)
-Spead up filters, switching on favorites, hiding games
-Fixed WiFi Players not displaying when WiFi Players = 1
-Fixed Sort not working when selecting filter, then sort, then a different
-Increased the max synopsis length used
-Fixed sorting by install date for channels, gamecube if on fat,
-Fixed drive corruption when using Devolution with nmm and the isos on a
different drive than cfg
-Added Devolution LED control
-Fixed Devolution when isos are on sd:
-Added Devolution direct button mapping support

v70 mod r66
-Added Search function (still a work in process)
-Added display of DOIS MIOS version 2.10+ if installed
-Fixed launching neek2o plugin
-Fixed mighty plugin ocarina support

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