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USB Loader GX v3.0 rev 1244

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USB Loader GX est un homebrew qui permet de lancer des backups de jeux Wii stockés sur un disque dur USB ou une clé USB, via une interface agréable affichant les jaquettes de vos jeux. Avec cette nouvelle version, Cyan améliore le support de nintendon't par le loader.

* Fixed compilation warning (Thanks Greywolf)
* Added current version and revision number to boot screen
* Renamed "Gametdb Path" to "Titles Path" and set default path for title's files to /titles/ subfolder.
* Added a prompt to move existing files when editing Titles path. (Greywolf)
* Added an option to display Multi-disc prompt when launching gamecube games with DM/DML/Nintendont.
* Fixed exiting the credit page (press B to exit)
* Set Loader's IOS setting to 58 if only 58 is available.
* Removed unneeded IOS58 patches to libruntimeiospatch

* Added Nintendont 3.304+ new version detection.
* Removed warning if HID is enabled without controller.ini on r3.304+. HID setting still used to copy .ini if needed.
* Fixed Booting game from USB if not on the first partition.
* Fixed loading settings/cheats/controller.ini when booting from Disc.
* Added a missing warning message if kenobiwii.bin is not found but debug option is enabled on Wii consoles.

* Updated French language file

* Updated Libfat to 1.0.13
* Fixed compiling with DevkitPPC r27 (1 warning left)
* Added throw exception to some buffers
* Fixed DEVO config name

branches: Updating LibFAT to 1.0.13

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