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WiiEngine 1.5

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Mise à jour de cet émulateur par Hermes de PC Engine pour la Wii.
Les roms peuvent être au format .pce .bz2 ou .zip.

Cliquez sur "Affichez la news pour voir la suite..." pour voir les nouveautés...

http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=9126 Source : http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=9126
télécharger Télécharger WiiEngine 1.5

Nouveautés de la version 1.5 :
Quote :
Program improvements:
- Support added to load/save program configuration.
- Support added for usb mass storage: You can use ROMS from USB and SD devices using the [SD] or [USB] entries to change the device.
- Improvements in LIBFAT. See: http://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_multi...ada-v2_1102626
- Audio mixer optimized to avoid the overload of the Sound Interrupt Vector.
- Support added for Gamecube Controller. To use in the menu:
- Digital pad and Analog Left: To move in the menu
- Button A: Button A in Wiimote
- Button B: Button B in Wiimote
- Button X: Button PLUS in Wiimote
- Button Y: Button MINUS in Wiimote
- Button START: Button HOME in Wiimote
- Improvements in auto-fire and the strategy to assign the pads. Corrected a bug in pad.c (libogc) that cause a problem with pads unpluggeds (see the source code in 'libogc' in the release)

Emulation improvements:
- Support added for Gamecube Controller. To use in the emulator:
- Digital pad and Analog Left: PAD of PCE
- Button A: Button I of PCE
- Button B: Button II of PCE
- Button X: Button I of PCE with Auto-fire
- Button Y: Button II of PCE with Auto-fire
- Button START: Button Run of PCE
- Button Z: Button Select of PCE

- L + R + START: Configuration Menu
- L + R + A: Screen Capture (to .BMP)
- L + R + Y: Decrease the Sound Volume
- L + R + X: Increase the Sound Volume

- Changes in the PAD priority allocation : From Intelligent mode, Gamecube Controllers number have the preference over Wiimote pad. From Direct mode you can use Wiimotes and Gamecubes controllers simultaneously when they have the same index number (for example, you can use Wiimote 1 and GC Controller 1 simultaneously for the player 1, but you can unplug the GC Controller and plug as Controlle 2 to use for the player 2 if you want). I hope you understand to me :$.

- Support added for .bin CD Datas: Now you can use .iso (2048 bytes/sector) or .bin (2352 bytes/sector)
- Support added for .hcd (bincuesplit have support to extract in this format)
- Optimized the CD audio player.
- Added one option to save the sound state with precision(no more tracks starting from the begining when you load the .sav from the news saves)
- Improvements to avoid the track repetition from the begining for one shot tracks.
- Corrected the LBA problem that cause the sound advanced in two seconds.

- Improvements in the track extraction method using two methods to compare the .CUE INDEX position datas with the real position of the .bin
- Added the possibility to extract the game datas to .bin (by default .iso)
- Added the possibility to create .hcd (by default .toc)
- Released the source code under GPL Version 2 License
- Uses:
bincuesplit file.cue |--> TOC format. Extract datas to .iso
bincuesplit file.cue bin |--> TOC format. Extract datas to .bin
bincuesplit file.cue hcd |--> HCD format. Extract datas to .iso
bincuesplit file.cue hcd bin |--> HCD format. Extract datas to .bin

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