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ScummVM 0.13 rev35709

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dhewg a mis en ligne une nouvelle version de l'émulateur ScummVM pour Wii.

Revision 35709:
Quote :
* Compiled with devkitPPC r16 and its updated libogc and libfat, boosting the overall SD performance
* Renamed the Wii's internal sd slot device back to "fat:", so it loads properly with the homebrew channel (The initial change got introduced by the new libfat version)
* SDHC support (Wii internal SD only)
* Readded SD Gecko support for Wii
* USB mass storage support
* The root directory now yields a list of mounted devices, you can now use any combination of internal SD/SD gecko/USB at the same time
* Tweaked the video mode a little, hopefully this will eliminate the black borders
* Dropped MPEG2 video support, please use DXA instead (available on the download page)
* Proper Component/480p detection for Gamecube (contributed by Hkz)
* Fixed a libogc bug, Drascula and 7th Guest don't hang anymore
* Updated Tremor and FLAC, .ogg audio files should work fine now
* Enabled new game engines: Groovie and Tucker

Ps: n'oubliez pas de supprimer votre ancien fichier /apps/scummvm/scummvm.ini pour profiter des nouveautés Source :
télécharger Télécharger ScummVM rev35709

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