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OpenTyrianWii 1.1.3

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OpenTyrianWii est une adaptation par Nuvalo du jeu Tyrian édité par Eclipse et publié par Epic MegaGames.
Tyrian est un jeu de tir de type arcade en scrolling vertical.

Version 1.1.3
* All scalers are now set to center vertical output on a 4:3 display (at 320x240 [none] or 640x480 [2x, scale2x]). Widescreen is untested, but is still expected to stretch and have a substantial black bar at the bottom. Good thing is that it's no longer clipped at the top.
* Fullscreen scaling has been abandoned, as the most optimized version of the interpolater (that I could optimize it to) takes too much processor time to complete, and is extremely slow on the Wii. Therefore None, 2x and scale2x are now all open again.
* Keyboard functionality has been restored to the save game and high scores naming windows. Keyboard input from all alphanumeric characters, plus some symbols, is now supported.
* As an interim solution for non-keyboard save/score naming, save and high score name input is enabled for all joysticks and DPads now, as well. Use up/down to change the character, right to advance a space, and left to delete. Unfortunately, high score input is untested, but soon will be, and any bugs will be fixed in the next version.
* Finally, did some cleanup in the OpenTyrian menu. Removed Fullscreen option (it froze the game when activated) and removed 3x, scale3x, and 4x from the scaler options (since SDL can't support that size anyway).

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