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Uloader v2.7

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Hermes met en ligne son loader de backup compatible cios202, il lit les backups DVD , usb et carte SD.

Version 2.7:
Quote :
- Support for SD and USB FAT/FAT32: Now you can use cheats codes and loads alternative .dol from the USB 2.0 device
(FAT partition is required)
- Added alternative dol loader (new method in 2.8!) for games as Red Steel and others (see readme.txt) , new error 002 patch and videomode autodetection patch (for PAL2NTSC, NTSC2PAL and NTSC2PAL60 (use F. PAL60 for this))
- You can load differents ehcmodule.elf from sd:/apps/uloader/
- Parental control added: by default the password is 00000 (the last 0 is the 'ENTER', so you can program as new password as XXXX0 ). You can change it from special menu pressing HOME. You can exits from the password box pressing B.
Parental control list the last 8 games launched with date/time, enables the password box and fix a new password. Now 00000 disables the Parental Control
- Support for covers (<200KB 160x224 or 160x225). You can download from internet or adquire covers from the current folder in the SD automatically
- Added one option to delete PNG icons/covers
- Some bugs fixed (bug with no modchip game instal, for examplel)
- Support for multiples WBFS partitions (max 4).
- Possiblity to use the alternative cIOS 223 (only to launch games)
- Added one option to rename games
- Added one option to record the cheats selected from txt files
- New usb code and more!

Inclus , l'installateur usb2 de Hermes

http://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_utilidad-uloader-v2-7-ocarina-y-forzado-de-video-idioma_1217626 Site officiel : http://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_utilidad-uloader-v2-7-ocarina-y-forzado-de-video-idioma_1217626
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