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Freedom beta 0.3b

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Crédiar vient de mettre en ligne une première version Béta public de son fameux Sytème menu personnalisable, j'ai nommé Freedom.

Version 0.3b:
Quote :
-Fixed cover loading on disc change (or slot change for USBloader)
-Fixed random cover scaling
-Included a standalone version of Freedom which works best with preloader, since that
way you can select the IOS otherwise it will just reloaded the current one.
-Added more error output to the installer
-Added NAND space info to the settings menu (note:the Wii system reserves about 200MB)
-Added a config file to adjust all displayed items to allow more adjustable themes.
Check the supplied gfx.ini.
-Added code to detect disc eject/insert
-Channel loading is now done 'by hand' and not through IOS or via the NANDloader,
this will allow ocarina to work with all channels(as soon as I find the ocarina code)
(lz77 version 11 decompression code by TheLemonM )

Attention , pour retourner au menu systeme normale vous devez le reinstaller avec le SystemMenu-v***.wad

image Site officiel :
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