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Description :

1 Wiimote Charge les fichiers du SLOT SD en façade


SpiderDave vient de mettre nouvelle version en ligne de son jeu de plateforme en 2D.

Version 2010 04 02
* Sound effects (hooray!)
* More backgrounds
* Rain effect
* New/tweaked areas, new enemies

Version 2010 03 24b
* Oops, I included the wrong binary. Updated to fix.

Version 2010 03 24
* Early sound support.
* Save points (removed lives system).
* Removed weapon shop (the weapons will return in some form later)
* New Enemies, new graphics
* Candles/enemies can drop more than a basic weapon energy item (though the levels haven't been greatly updated for this yet)
* Levels changed, redesigned
* Parallax scrolling background
* Breakable blocks
* Stairs - crude and lacking proper graphics, but a good start.

Version 20090225
-Various tweaks.
-Improved player collision with blocks.
-New Enemies:
*Turbo Zombies
-The skeleton's bones now bounce, and there are skeletons with different weapons.
-New Levels
-Added lives system. If you run out of lives, you'll continue at the start of the level.
-Item shop (WIP). For now, everything is free, and most are similar to each other.

-Backdash (press B)
-Increased the size of the player and some monsters (*1.25) This will allow more detail at some point.
-Fixed a block collision bug
-Weapon hits (a little) more precisely
-Fixed a bug preventing 'game over' when you die
-Greatly reduced HP
-Enemy: Leap Spiders
-Boss: The Tyrant
-Crouching attack
-Removed a bunch of redundant stuff; this version is smaller (oops)


http://spiderdave.wikidot.com/splattercastle Site officiel : http://spiderdave.wikidot.com/splattercastle

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