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Voici Dolphin, l'émulateur pour pc de GameCube et Wii le plus avancé.
Il lance les jeux et les homebrews.

Note: La version fournie est la version Windows 64bits. Si vous voulez la version Linux, Mac OS X ou Windows 32bits, allez voir sur le site officiel.

Pour consulter les changements, rendez vous à cette adresse :

Version 5.0
Les changements sont énormes, je vous invite à regarder la liste ici.

Version 4.0.2
One month after the 4.0.1 release we're releasing the maintenance release 4.0.2. It turned out that some critical regressions had slipped into the 4.0 release due to the major changes linked to the wii-network branch and the global user directory changes.

In particular, one of the fixed issues was related to incorrect usage of wxWidgets and caused various problems with general Dolphin usage on Windows systems with Unicode characters in their user name (e.g. "François" or "あいうえお").

Some rather technical issues caused multiple games to stop booting or to freeze randomly. We've had multiple issue reports on this bug, so it's great to see that we were able to fix this properly.

Version 4.0.1
Fixed single core mode crashes in 64 bit Windows builds
Fixed missing music in Super Monkey Ball 2
Added missing DirectX runtime installer files
Fixed some graphics issues for Metroid: Other M, Skies of Arcadia and Call of Duty: Black Ops
Fixed various other minor issues

Version 4.0
Très grosse mise à jour !
With about 2500 changes since Dolphin 3.5, Dolphin 4.0 is a big release with the addition of several new major features:

Beta support for the Wii official online multiplayer (Documentation)
This is a feature that has been coming for a long time. More than two years ago, Matthew Parlane and Shawn Hoffman started working on emulating the Wii Wi-Fi networking API in order to run Wii online multiplayer games inside Dolphin. While it was not an easy change in itself, it also required a lot of modifications to core components of the emulator to be implemented properly (for example asynchronous IPC HLE) and a lot of debugging. It is now working well enough that we are releasing it to the public as a beta: don't expect everything to work, but popular games like Mario Kart Wii or Super Smash Bros Brawl can be played online right now.
Alpha support for ARM/Android
About two years ago, Ryan Houdek began the implementation of an ARM port of Dolphin, designed to run on powerful mobile phones and other ARM devices in the future. After a long time spent making Dolphin work well on both ARM and x86, Dolphin can now emulate GameCube and Wii games on recent Android phones. This support is still in early alpha stages: crashes happen, it's slow on Qualcomm hardware because of graphics drivers issues, and it is still missing a ton of features. Nowadays, Dolphin on Android is a two man project: Mathew Maidment is helping Ryan with the UI and making the Android version actually usable.
Global User directory on Windows (Documentation)
This is not exactly a major feature, but it is a big change in how Dolphin works on Windows, and requires user interaction to move from the old configuration system to the new one. Before 4.0, Dolphin configuration was stored next to Dolphin.exe, often causing issues when upgrading to a new version of Dolphin. New versions of Dolphin use a centralized location to store the configuration for all builds, usually My Documents\Dolphin Emulator. The documentation article linked above explains the details of this move, as well as what you need to do to migrate your old configuration to the new system (if you were using Dolphin before).
New AX DSP HLE emulation code
DSP HLE is the main audio emulation technique used in Dolphin. Before 4.0, it was extremely inaccurate and full of bugs, mostly due to how it was implemented. Dolphin 4.0 introduces a full rewrite of the audio emulation used in 99% of games, fixing hundreds of audio related bugs in Dolphin. On the flip side, it is now required to run a game at full speed to get full speed audio out of it, which is a direct consequence of fixing these bugs.

A lot of more minor changes were also integrated in that new Dolphin release:

New look
A new look has been designed by MaJoR for Dolphin (new icon, new icon theme) and implemented on a new version of the Dolphin website by Pierre Bourdon.
Wii Balance Board and GC Steering Wheel support
Support for these two devices was added respectively by Matthew Parlane and skidau. The Wii Balance Board is not emulated and requires the real device to be used.
Wii Remote support improvements
Wii Remote background scanning was implemented to more closely match how a real Wii detects remotes, and support for -TR (Wii Motion Plus Inside) remotes was implemented for Mac OS X. A new documentation guide about Wii Remotes on Dolphin was also written by MaJoR to help Windows users with Wiimote issues.
Fastmem support for Linux and OS X
Fastmem is an optimization for Dolphin's CPU emulation, which was previously only implemented on Windows. Adding Fastmem support on Linux and OS X boosted the performance by 15 to 20% on these platforms.
New OpenAL audio backend
This audio backend, written by skidau, supports three important features that are not implemented in other backends yet: configurable audio latency, surround sound using the information contained in the Dolby Pro Logic II encoding used by most GameCube and Wii games, and support for sound stretching to make audio slow down when a game does not run at full speed.
OpenGL video backend rewrite
The Dolphin OpenGL video backend was rewritten by Markus Wick in order to use newer features of OpenGL and be GLES3 compatible. As a result, the OpenGL backend is now the fastest Dolphin video backend on NVIDIA cards.
NetPlay stability and usability improvements
Before Dolphin 4.0, GameCube NetPlay was at best a curiosity. 4.0 added a lot of NetPlay related changes which makes it actually usable for most games, but sometimes with performance issues. Super Smash Bros Melee players are now using Dolphin for regular online NetPlay tournaments, and it just works. Read the official NetPlay guide for more information.
Mac OS X support enhancements
This release also adds a few small OS X improvements: the Dolphin DMG bundles are now signed by a valid developer ID and do not require you to disable Gatekeeper to be used. The emulator is also Retina Display aware and handles the logical scaling better on these screens.
Icon themes support
In addition to shipping with a new default icon theme, Dolphin now allows you to make your own themes and share them with other people.

Version 3.5-1491
[Android] Fix ant build?

Version 3.5-1490
[Android] Remove SimonVT menudrawer library. Move to Google's support library for their navigation drawer support. Overall cleanup.

Version 3.5-1489
Revert "Added optimizations to ClassifyFloat/Double functions in Mathutil.cpp and to PPCCache.cpp"

This reverts commit 7aae9ccbc0494cd468a37413d7199061bd1981d2.

- no test results have been provided to prove the usefulness of the patch
- broken coding style
- the author hasn't replied to any criticism

Version 3.5-1488
When loading a save state in read only that mismatches the current movie, load the input prior to the save state from the save state's movie, instead of using the current movie's input up to that point.

This prevents desyncing before the save state.

Version 3.5-1487
Save sync gpu setting to dtm header.

Version 3.5-1486
fix gcc warning, probably also the logic

comparing two char pointers doesn't compare the strings

Version 3.5-1485
Revert "Create our OGL context on the same thread in the OpenGL backend. Same issue with Qualcomm not working with threading correctly."

This reverts commit 2697b8c04f9e7c8d0a40bd42db95b4a534947c43.

The context creation may be moved to Video_Prepare, but the window creation isn't allowed to.
Eg we set the window title or read the mouse position, both need the window.
Also the readback of the window size didn't worked any more.

Version 3.5-1484
[Android] When running OpenGL ES 3 backend, we've got to switch the screen coordinates or bad things happen. Adds a Driver bug that causes swap every single flush. Hard requirement currently to see /anything/ on screen.

Version 3.5-1483
Remove saturate function define in GLSL since we use clamp everywhere instead. Change the function defines over to just regular defines since Qualcomm can't handle function defines at all it seems.

Version 3.5-1482
BPMemory: Assign a more descriptive name to a field in the genmode register.

Version 3.5-1481
[Android] Qualcomm glGetShaderInfoLog returns a max of 1024 bytes(tested) for the log, and glGetShaderiv with GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH /always/ returns 0 on compile failure.

Version 3.5-1480
Whoops, look like the previous commit was also the case with VideoDX9

Version 3.5-1479
Fix a char buffer destination size in Render.cpp for VideoDX11.

Version 3.5-1478
Fix a free that should have been a delete.

Version 3.5-1477
Partial revert of 0247b2a97a1d. I'll add a work around for Qualcomm in a bit. Qualcomm shader compiler failing was only due to floating suffixes not whole function defines. Qualcomm video driver devs seem to have a good response time when it comes to OpenGL ES 3 issues.

Version 3.5-1476
[Android] Gamepad input. Refactor JNI native functions to all pull from a single class instead of everywhere willy-nilly

Version 3.5-1475
buffer fixes found via cppcheck/tetsuo--

Version 3.5-1474
don't define clipPos twice

fix issue 6378

Version 3.5-1473
Merge branch 'shader-uids-awesome'.

Replaces the old, hardcoded shader ID generator with a semi-automatic mechanism that generates IDs from hints in the code generator.

Also introduces a flexible framework to do all kinds of funky stuff with the shader code generation logic. As an example, a uniform usage profile generation class is added (unused for now, though).

Functionality can still be tested by setting the EnableShaderDebugging field in the gfx config to True. Any two shaders which are identified with the same ID will be written to a file and an error message will be written to the Dolphin log.

Version 3.5-1415
Fixes Issue 6353 Remove extract apploader/dol from top level

Version 3.5-1414
Handle 1 partition only, fixes Issue #6353

Version 3.5-1413
Revert "Adding Travis CI script"

This reverts commit 37630211361ce8ea2b1d0534d2bfa0dd10567d0a.

Reason: No.

Version 3.5-1412
Adding Travis CI script

because a build test is useful

Version 3.5-1411
Build fix: Android NDK doesn't support any locale switching.

Also, Mac OS X doesn't support DX9.

Version 3.5-1410
Set the locale per-thread instead of globally when generating shaders. Add cross-compatible versions of newlocale, uselocale and freelocale.

This commit fixes a rare race condition when generating shaders because setlocale is global.

Version 3.5-1409
Equalising the 32 and 64 bit state compression

because that allow loading both

Version 3.5-1408
Build fix

Version 3.5-1407
Clarifying the OpenAL loop

because it isn't as clear as it can be

Version 3.5-1406
Merge branch 'GLES3'


Version 3.5-1401
[Android] 0.5 Release.

Version 3.5-1400
[Android] Back to enforcing ICS or above limitation. Tired of this nonsense.

Version 3.5-1399
[Android] Remove artificial limitation to not leave the sdcard directory in the folder browser as well.

Version 3.5-1398
[Android] Remove artificial limitation to not leave the sdcard directory. Keep screen on while running.

Version 3.5-1397
[Android] Fix drawn buttons causing rendering issues.

Version 3.5-1396
Gameini database update. Fixes issues 6354,6355,6356. Update NFS Most Wanted.

Version 3.5-1395
Get video backend name via g_video_backend->GetName() instead of sconfig for movies, since that can be wrong.

Also, I still can't code. Or even notice when something obviously doesn't work.

Version 3.5-1394
Added FIFO reset bypass patch for the PAL version of Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo.

Fixes issue 6357.

Version 3.5-1393
Implemented field order detection for PAL games. Fixes the shaking of the screen when XFB is enabled with a PAL game.

Fixes =http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/issues/detail?id=6316&can=1issue 6316.

Version 3.5-1392
Invalidate the texture cache using the GPU thread when the CPU thread makes a request.

Fixes issue 6350.

Version 3.5-1391
Fix the GameCube mic dialog header's invalid include guard.

Fixes issue 6349.

Version 3.5-1390
Adding stick radius setting

because that makes it easier to adjust it

Adding visual aid for the hardware range because that makes it easier to adjust the radius relative to it

Version 3.5-1389
Added optimizations to ClassifyFloat/Double functions in Mathutil.cpp and to PPCCache.cpp

Version 3.5-1388
Changing the Gecko code comparison from metadata to data comparison

because different data sometimes have the same metadata

Version 3.5-1387
Reading shake force from calibration rather than a constant

because that allow maximum force regardless of calibration

Version 3.5-1386
Adding condition to CoreTiming state function

because ev->type might be undefined in MODE_READ

Version 3.5-1385
Create our OGL context on the same thread in the OpenGL backend. Same issue with Qualcomm not working with threading correctly.

Version 3.5-1384
[Android] Properly open the navigation drawer when pressing menu or back in the game list.

Version 3.5-1383
[Android] 0.3 Release

Version 3.5-1382
[Android] Drop minimum Android version support to 2.3 since there is a /bunch/ of people asking for it.

Version 3.5-1381
[Android] Disable OpenGL in the settings menu since it doesn't work yet. Change some theme settings so the back button shows up on screen where needed.

Version 3.5-1380
[Android] Qualcomm drivers require that the EGL context is created on the same thread that the OpenGL commands are run on. Crappy driver limitation since eglMakeCurrent should work to let it be on a different thread.

Version 3.5-1379
Make auto fullscreen resolution the default.

Version 3.5-1378
fix auto fullscreen resolution on linux

Version 3.5-1377
Add auto fullscreen resolution option. Not tested on Linux, let me know if it doesn't work (it probably does).

Fixes issue 6082.

Version 3.5-1376
Save settings to file when booting a game.

Fixes issue 6310.

Version 3.5-1375
add new statistics for gpu buffer streaming

Version 3.5-1374
also hide hacked buffer option on d3d

Version 3.5-1373
disable hacked buffer option for d3d

Version 3.5-1372
Adding MMU state values to state

because that allow the MMU state to be loaded

Version 3.5-1371
Use working directory for executions. Fixes issue 6318

Version 3.5-1370
Edge case where balance board returns corrupt extension type...

Version 3.5-1369
[Android] Make it less stupid to add a folder to the search list. Now just hit the menu button and select 'Add current folder'

Version 3.5-1368
Adding unit test project to VS solution

because that inform about compile errors because of changes in function identity

DSP unit test build fix

Version 3.5-1367
Buildfix for dsptool.

Version 3.5-1366
Merge remote-tracking branch 'john-peterson/state4'

Version 3.5-1364
Set graphics settings while playing a movie in UpdateActiveConfig(), so settings can't be changed for a frame.

Version 3.5-1363
Merge branch 'wii_bb' Adds Balance Board support.

Version 3.5-1351
[Android] Redo the Settings menu, Can now change the CPU Core, dual core setting, and video backend in the settings"

Version 3.5-1350
Removing ISO ini presence requirement for reading movie settings

because it's not necessary for running a movie

Version 3.5-1349
[Android] Beginning of setting menu, doesn't do anything yet.

Version 3.5-1348
[Android] Add in the Android Studio project files so one can use Android Studio instead of ADT.

Version 3.5-1347
[Android] Copy over the Dolphin shared library to the Android APK build directory so it doesn't need to be manually copied each time.

Version 3.5-1346
[Android] Qualcomm driver has a bug where it returns an invalid length for GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH with glGetShaderiv. Qualcomm drivers seem to max out at ~512bytes returned from glGetShaderInfoLog so this is a reasonable max.

Version 3.5-1345
[Android] Support DFF files in the interface.

Version 3.5-1344
Merge branch 'ppd' - per pixel depth

use always ppd is a huge gpu performance drop: 20%-50%
and always disable it cause some rendering issues
so there is an option again
But this time it's called "Fast Depth Calculation"

Version 3.5-1341
Gameini database update. Fixes issue 6258, Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey missing ingame pointer, and Battleship font. Various small changes.

Version 3.5-1340
Fix the integer compare in our GLSL fmod function

Version 3.5-1339
DSPJIT: the shift value must still be loaded into the correct register

Fixes issue 6295

Version 3.5-1338
BPMemory: Fix a small documentation mistake from revision 9365187f8942.

Version 3.5-1337
Forced an external exception check on DI interrupts. Fixes Summoner: A Goddess Reborn.

Fixes issue 6301.

Version 3.5-1336
fix underflow in IndexGenerator::AddFan

fix issue 6282

The Last Story seems to render a fan with two vertices. It is non-sense as it
shouldn't do anything, but the code underflows at (u32)numVerts-3

Version 3.5-1335
Use SOUNDTOUCH_INTEGER_SAMPLES only on Android build. Some audio backends (i.e. OpenAL) only support floating-point samples.

Version 3.5-1334
BPMemory: Add register documentation for texture source adress and EFB configuration.

Version 3.5-1333
FifoPlayerDlg: Improve navigating through search results.

Version 3.5-1332
[Android] More GLES3 things. Disable Framedumping and MSAA rendering. Remove the HLSL->GLSL shader defines since Qualcomm doesn't support this in their shader compiler. Now they get chosen in our shader generator instead.

Version 3.5-1331
[Android] Beginning of GLES3 support.

Version 3.5-1330
[Android] Add GLSLES3 to the GLSL version enums. Add in the version and precision qualifier to the shader header.

Version 3.5-1329
GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT can't have type of GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE with glTexImage2D. Qualcomm drivers get hit with this but all else don't care.

Version 3.5-1328
[Android] Use vsnprintf for the log messages.

Version 3.5-1327
[Android] Add in a compiling option for GLES3

Version 3.5-1326
[Android] Allow the user to select multiple browse paths.

Version 3.5-1325
Fix some of the compiler warnings that have appeared recently.

Version 3.5-1324
Build fix

Version 3.5-1323
Merge remote-tracking branch 'john-peterson/cheat2'

Version 3.5-1321
ogl: report shader compilation issues in the same way as other backends

Version 3.5-1320
Forced an exception check on short ARAM DMA transfers.

Version 3.5-1319
Immediately process ARAM DMA transfers if they are 1 block in length. Fixes the teleportation in Beyond Good and Evil.

Fixes issue 6289.

Version 3.5-1318
GCMemcard: Initialize the current/previous DIR BAT pointers when creating a new memory card fixes issue 6288

Version 3.5-1317
Clear the texture cache when a new dol is loaded via ES_LAUNCH. Fixes the black screen in The House of the Dead 2. Abbreviated some of the information in the window titlebar.

Version 3.5-1316
Dammit Ctrl-Z. Restore a wxSpinCtrl parameter that accidentally got removed in the last commit.

Version 3.5-1315
Display the initial number of frames that are to be recorded in the Fifo Player.

Before this commit, nothing would would be displayed in the "Frames to Record" text control.

This fixes that by setting it to what m_FramesToRecord is initially set to, which is 1 (at the time of this commit).

Version 3.5-1314
Fix a bug where FIFO recording could not work.

Example (in step by step explanation):

1. Run Dolphin.

2. Go to Tools -> Fifo Player

3. Go to the Record tab and hit record and then stop without a game loaded.

The button is now disabled and will not become active again for the whole time that Dolphin is running. Dolphin must be closed and then re-opened in order to use it again. This fixes that.

I've tested it with multiple conditions to make sure this doesn't beef anything else related to the Fifo Player.


- Record then Stop without a game loaded (multiple times)
- Record then Stop with a game loaded (multiple times, as well as testing playback. All of which work fine).

Version 3.5-1313
Apply color mask when alpha test parameters change. Required to make the changes in revision be706a397720 work properly.

Fixes issue 6080.

Version 3.5-1311
Merge remote-tracking branch 'John-Peterson/state'

Version 3.5-1309
Don't exit when bluetooth support is not available on Windows.

Fixes running Dolphin in Wine and on regular Windows setups where bthprops.cpl is not available.

Fixes issue 6283.

Version 3.5-1307
Merge branch 'fix-linux-win-resize'

Version 3.5-1303
Apparently we can't trust m_strVideoBackend on osx.

Version 3.5-1302
Show video backend and audio engine in title bar.

Fixes issue 6276.

Version 3.5-1301
Back to broken ES_launch but 4 wiimotes working.

Version 3.5-1300
Update before enqueue.

Version 3.5-1299
request_queue may not have anything in it on return from ExecuteCommand i.e. when calling ES_Launch and everything is reset.

Don't call Update after queuing a request.

Version 3.5-1298
Removed the old Accurate VBeam emulation setting from the game ini's.

Version 3.5-1297
glew1.8 debug build fix

Version 3.5-1296
Change Android project name to dolphin emulator

Version 3.5-1295
Remove something that slipped through the last commit.

Don't even know why that was there.

Version 3.5-1294
[Android] WINDOW_SERVICE should be accessed statically.

(it's a static final variable in the Context class, so... yeah).

Version 3.5-1293
Probably breaks a "fixed" issue..

Version 3.5-1292
Formatting cleanup for VideoCommon.

Block braces on new lines.

Also killed off trailing whitespace and dangling elses.

Spaced some things out to make them more readable (only in places where it looked like a bit of a clusterfuck).

Version 3.5-1291
ES needs to handle it's own reply. pDevice was being used after free otherwise.

Version 3.5-1290
Revert "Revert "Fix performance issues on certain legacy graphics hardware that isn't capable of copying an integer.""

This reverts commit 8b7141d3de3f4791b118a2f63b76b56da40e812d.

GLSL120 can't handle integer attributes :-(

Version 3.5-1289
Missed a few asset copies

Version 3.5-1288
Generally make the Android UI better.

Version 3.5-1287
Add SimonVT's android-menudrawer. This will be used in the menu interface for Dolphin Android.

Version 3.5-1286
Have our EGL interface use our logging functions.

Version 3.5-1285
Add Swedish to Windows build system.

Version 3.5-1284
Add Swedish translations.

Version 3.5-1283
Fix parameter naming in DSPEmulator.h. Should be "HLE" in CreateDSPEmulator's prototype, not "LLE".

Version 3.5-1282
Merge branch 'dspjit'


Version 3.5-1270
Allow runtime setting of fastmem in ARM and disable since it seems to be causing issues again. Cortex-A9 only?

Version 3.5-1269
Fix a build issue with options -DUSE_EGL=True -DUSE_GLES=True

Version 3.5-1268
Fix making the config directory so copying over assets won't fail.

Version 3.5-1267
Enforce landscape view since rotations cause huge issues atm.

Version 3.5-1266
Fix a bunch of random typos in comments and logging.

Also update the comment headers for two functions in GCMemcard.cpp.

Version 3.5-1265
Add a fastmem option for enabling and disabling fastmem at runtime.

Version 3.5-1264
Update the ant files to build the APK from terminal

Version 3.5-1263
Update translation files from Transifex, and update the pot file from the source code again.

Version 3.5-1262
Update AndroidManifest to v0.2

Version 3.5-1261
Android Clang doesn't support TLS, so do the same thing as OSX.

Version 3.5-1260
Fix clang building the std headers.

Version 3.5-1259
Clang uses __clear_cache instead of __builtin___clear_cache like GCC

Version 3.5-1258
Adjust some files being built or not to fix clang on Android.

Version 3.5-1257
Update libpng to 1.2.50 so it can be built with Clang 3.2

Version 3.5-1256
Tweaked the aram dma exception timing to fix the hang that occurred in Viewtiful Joe.

Version 3.5-1255
Lastly - new license header introduced to main Dolphin project. All done now.

Version 3.5-1254
New license header introduced to all Video based projects.

Version 3.5-1253
New license header introduced for DiscIO, AudioCommon, InputCommon, VideoCommon, and Common projects.

Version 3.5-1252
New license header introduced to the Core project.

Also, remove DolLoader.h, it doesn't have any use. Boot_DOL.cpp/.h supercedes it.

Version 3.5-1251
Make dolphin aware of disc revision numbers. Display them under game properties and use them in netplay. Patch by johnwchadwick. Fixed issue 6243.

Version 3.5-1250
Remove all tab/space mismatches from the Core project. For anyone working on a branch that heavily involves the core, I am so sorry.

- Also killed off some trailing spaces/tabs.

- Updated the license header to be consistent with the rest of the project (All projects are now done moving over to this)

- Also, killed some dangling else's (where appropriate)

Now all the tab fixing is done. No more of this crap should be needed to be pushed. Rejoice!

Version 3.5-1249
Merge branch 'VBeam-fix'

* VBeam-fix:
Renamed the VBeam variable for clarity.
Fixed VBeam emulation in interlaced mode, removing the hacks in the audio timing. Fixed VBeam emulation in progressive scan mode. Retained the old VBeam speed hack. This option has now been switched so that the accurate behaviour is on by default and the speed hack (inaccurate behaviour) is enabled when the option is checked.

Version 3.5-1246
Buildfix for the last commit.

Version 3.5-1245
Update the license file text (change SVN to Git) in all projects except Core since I was told a merge was happening soon. So for the sake of the merge going smoothly, I'll fix that when I remove the tab/space mismatches from the Core project.

Also, some tab/space mismatches removed from VideoOGL, and some places I missed in VideoDX[number] projects.

Now, the Core is literally the only project with tab/space mismatches (on a large scale).

Version 3.5-1244
Android Related - A tiny simplification/readability change for NativeListView.

In this case, contains functions pretty much the same way, just more readable.

Version 3.5-1243
Merge branch 'Android-trash' since it is no longer quite so trashy.

Version 3.5-1234
Kill off dangling else's in the InputCommon project.

Some indentations were also too far for some things. Fixed this.

Also update the license header to show Git instead of SVN.

Got rid of some trailing spaces/tabs too.

Version 3.5-1233
Really minor LogInfo consistency fix in ActionReplay.cpp.

All the other [bit size] Write LogInfo calls had a hyphen in the text.

Version 3.5-1232
Clean up most (99.99%) of the tab/space mismatches in the VideoSoftware project.

Got rid of trailing spaces that were unnecessary too.

Also update the license header for this project. We don't use SVN anymore.

Version 3.5-1231
Good job Windows. Stop choosing the same names as I do.

Version 3.5-1230
Extend our OSD class to support callbacks on init, onframe, and shutdown.

Version 3.5-1229
Implement a few more store instructions on ARM

Version 3.5-1228
Fix fastmem on ARM

Version 3.5-1227
Merge in latest changes to ArmEmitter from the PPSSPP crew. Should fix the dumb random crashes I had from IOS icache clearing not initializing a value.

Version 3.5-1226

Version 3.5-1225
Make debug builds use unicode, not multibyte.

Version 3.5-1224
Refactored the SystemTimers to allow for per-UCode timing. Fixes issue 6237.

Version 3.5-1223
ogl: remove GL_TRIANGLE_FAN on utils rendering

wtf have I done? fans aren't supported well on hardware

Version 3.5-1222
Merge branch 'primitive_restart'

Version 3.5-1211
ogl: fix single core crash

osx is missing, sorry but I'm too stupid for objective-c

Version 3.5-1210
DolphinWX: Fail less at explaining what framelimit is doing.

Version 3.5-1209
VertexShaderGen: Fix a small GLSL regression in emboss mapping.

Version 3.5-1208
NetPlay: Updated the "Alert" text. Removed the "?" button as it was useless. Sorted the game lists. Made wider the player list.

Version 3.5-1206
Update iso file cache version.

Version 3.5-1205
Fixed split WBFS file size display. (probably) Fixed issue 6222.

Version 3.5-1204
Track the real wiimote rumble state to drop outgoing rumble reports with no effect. This eliminates constant streams of reports in various games that constantly send audio reports. (Just Dance 2, DKCR, etc.) (Speaker data reports are converted to rumble reports when speaker data is disabled.)

Version 3.5-1203
ogl: support glsl120

Version 3.5-1202
ogl: one framebuffer per efb2tex texture

suggestion from nvidia/valve. let's see if it helps

Version 3.5-1201
Seriously, someone kill me.

Version 3.5-1200
Kill me now.

Fixes issue 6227.

Version 3.5-1199
Remove an extraneous comment indicator from DebuggerPanel.cpp in DolphinWX.

Was asked to remove it, so... yeah.

Version 3.5-1198
Remove all tab/space mismatches from the DolphinWX project (at least 99%. I promise!)

Also fix up the dangling else's. Shit just looks incredibly ugly in terms of actual structure in the code.

I took the liberty of adding comments in FifoPlayerDlg.cpp, LogConfigWindow.cpp, LogWindow.cpp, and FrameAui.cpp to better explain some things.

If any comments are wrong, don't hesitate to complain.

Version 3.5-1197
Rename the "Disable Dest. Alpha Pass" option to "Disable Destination Alpha" (GUI-only).

Version 3.5-1196
Fix a few typos in the comments/logging in VideoDX9, VideoCommon, and VideoSoftware projects.

See Render.cpp, PixelShaderGen.cpp, and PixelShaderManager.cpp for most of the changes.

See VertexShaderManager.cpp for a logging typo fix.

See SWRenderer.cpp for a small typo fix for a message that gets swprintf'd in DrawDebugText.

See SWVertexLoader.cpp for a typo fix of an assert message.

Should slightly improve the readability of some of those files.

Version 3.5-1195
Look for wiimotes when "Continuous Scanning" is enabled even if a device using the MS stack is not found. Fixed issue 6215.

Version 3.5-1194
D3D11: Fix glitched polygon edges when MSAA is enabled (this time without breaking OpenGL)

Version 3.5-1193
Allow enabling memory card writes for netplay clients, instead of just the server.

Version 3.5-1192
Allow disabling memory card writes in netplay.

Fixes issue 6217.

Version 3.5-1191
Apply re07a91930df0 to the software renderer.

Version 3.5-1190
Bumped up the LLE period to 12600 as it seemed to be a bit more stable.

Version 3.5-1189
Forced an exception check after an interrupt is generated by the DSP. Changed the timing back to 3ms/5ms periods, fixing the slowdown and garbled AX audio. Fixed Accurate VBeam emulation when DSP HLE audio is being used.

Version 3.5-1188
Merge branch 'real-wiimote-minor-fixes'

Version 3.5-1181
Quick fix to get Zelda: Wind Waker booting again.

Version 3.5-1180
Made the timing consistent between DSP HLE and DSP LLE. Fixes Lost Kingdoms II in DSP HLE mode.

Version 3.5-1179
Use an enum for efb scale values.

Version 3.5-1178
Adjusted the ARAM DMA transfer size again. Fixes the audio in the Sonic Mega Collection games.

Version 3.5-1177
Someone take my commit rights away.

Version 3.5-1176
Hastily committing untested code without making sure i didn't miss anything first? I would never!

Version 3.5-1175
Round IR scale down to whole number if using 1.5x/2.5x IR, if game ini specifies -1 for EFBScale.

Fixes issue 6210.

Version 3.5-1174
fix msaa detection

Version 3.5-1173
ogl: remove "Missing Extension" from osd

I think it was the best place, but I can't see "this issue is because of ..." any more

Version 3.5-1172
Fix for the hang after close caused by my previews perf queries commit. Sorry for that. fix issue 6205

Version 3.5-1171
OGL: use GLEW_ARB_debug_output in debug builds

should also be used in normal build, but as our ubo "workaround" throws too much errors, it's disabled atm

Version 3.5-1170
Remove an unused variable in VideoConfig.cpp and SWVideoConfig.cpp

Version 3.5-1169
Forced the exception check when the ARAM DMA transfer is between 32 and 320 blocks in size. Fixes Lost Kingdoms II.

Version 3.5-1168
Add native fullscreen support for OS X.

Version 3.5-1167
Revert "D3D11: Fix glitched polygon edges when MSAA is enabled."

This reverts commit 61c327ba8b2e09e67acbcd7d1c807910fc0c1a68.

Version 3.51166
ups missing file for my last commit sorry

Version 3.5-1165
Adds support for PE performance metrics in the D3D9 backend

Version 3.5-1164
Fix 32bit Linux. GCC's lrotl/lrotr instrinsic functions are 32bit when building for 32bit, we require 64bit at all times, so keep using our own instead.

Version 3.5-1163
D3D11: Fix glitched polygon edges when MSAA is enabled.

Version 3.5-1161
Fix GCC 4.8 compiling. GCC 4.8 now defines _rotl/_rotr/_lrotl/_lrotr.

Version 3.5-1160
Make the GUI show a translated "No audio output" sound backend string.

Version 3.5-1159
Fix ARM building.

Version 3.5-1158
Pull updated translations from Transifex.

Version 3.5-1157
Fix some more strings for translation, and update the catalog.

Version 3.5-1156
Suppress warnings.

Version 3.5-1155
Fix build on OS X

Version 3.5-1154
Merge branch 'new-ax-hle'

GC and Wii games using the AX UCode should now work almost perfectly with DSP
HLE. If you get any issue, make sure the "DSP on dedicated thread" option is
disabled, and try setting framelimit to "Audio".

As a side effect, DSP HLE should not desync anymore (making it usable in
netplay and TAS) with AX games.


Version 3.5-1124
real buildfix

Version 3.5-1123
Probably a sloppy buildfix.

Version 3.5-1122
Fix loading of "themes" with non-ascii character names. Fixed issue 6189. Why did GetUserPath return a non-const ref to string..?

Version 3.5-1121
We can use unordered_map without pain now!

Version 3.5-1120
More log elaborating. Final time I'm doing this.

Logs should actually be somewhat understandable to some people outside of programming and stuff (in a way). It's certainly better than being bombarded by abbreviations when errors/general logging occur, at least.

Version 3.5-1119
Update function descriptions in GCPad.cpp and Wiimote.cpp

Add inputs. Those that still need a description are tagged with [Description Needed]

Version 3.5-1118
Fix CMake warning.

Version 3.5-1117
As requested apply the same changes made by rev 6958822f1957 to the D3D9 backend. handle v-sync changed while the emulation is running. thanks to neobrain for pointing the missing functionality.

Version 3.5-1116
Merge branch 'osx-libcxx'

Version 3.5-1108
Some more logging typos and clarifications. Missed these in my last commit.

This commit mainly elaborates on some messages a little more. Also fixes some typos that slipped through the last commit.

A large change in text can be seen in EXI_DeviceMemoryCard.cpp. I added more info as to why a write to a memory card may fail. (This actually was a reason I was unable to write to a memcard recently).

Elaborations can be seen in WGL.cpp

I did change some comments in some files that I was correcting logging messages in, however this is only if I spot a typo or if an abbreviation is lower-cased. Even in that case, the amount of changes done to comments is very minimal.

Version 3.5-1107
Disable dual source blend until a valid support test is found

Version 3.5-1106
Fix some typos and correct some capitalizations in the log messages.

Makes the logging look more orderly and less spammy when spitting out things.

Version 3.5-1105
Use a brute force approach to test for Dual source blend support. Sorry for a direct commit to the main branch but i need fast feedback, and i don't want to leave problematic code in the main branch for a long time. if this approach does not work for the drivers with problems will transform dual source blend to an option in the D3D9 backend. I appreciate the help of the people that tested my last commit and thanks to neobrain for pointing this solution.

Version 3.5-1104
Add retina display support for Mac.

Version 3.5-1103
Fix Intel Ironlake since it doesn't support version 120 of GLSL. I don't have Ironlake so it is hard to test. Dropping the shaders to version 120 worked here for me, ATI may be giving me some slack though.

Version 3.5-1102
only apply vsync on changes

nvidia over bumblebee slows down on changes

Version 3.5-1101
Fix some strings for translation and update the pot file to include those strings once again.

Version 3.5-1100
fixes for my last commit

Version 3.5-1099
Implement dual source blending to avoid unneeded alpha pass. this implementation does not work in windows xp (sorry no support for dual source blending there). this should improve speed on older hardware or in newer hardware using super sampling. disable partial fix for 4x supersampling as I'm interested in knowing the original issue with the implementation to fix it correctly. remove the deprecation label from the plugin while I'm working on it.

Version 3.5-1098
VideoSoftware: Fail less at clamping.

Version 3.5-1097
Recommend Direct3D 11 or OpenGL instead of Direct3D 9.

Version 3.5-1096
Clean up blending code a bit.

Version 3.5-1095
buildfix for my last commit on Mac OSX

Version 3.5-1094
Small Blending logic fix for opengl backend

Version 3.5-1093
Removed some redundant code introduced in the last commit.

Version 3.5-1092
Rounded the loop addresses to the nearest 16bit value in the loop comparison.

Fixes issue 6160.

Version 3.5-1091
OGL: enable buffersubdata in detection

Version 3.5-1090
Readded the tracking of the FIFO Writes.

Fixes issue 6165.

Version 3.5-1089
Fix a slight leak in LogManager.

m_debuggerLog wasn't ever deleted in the destructor.

Version 3.5-1088
Fixed issue 6119.

Version 3.5-1087
[DolphinWX] Remove a duplicate conditional in Frame.cpp

Version 3.5-1086
Revert "Don't open/close file for every file operation." as it was crashing PokePark in Windows builds.

This reverts commit efcb2abe9bf60978d2e5e776268179671bfef87a.

Fixes issue 6098.

Version 3.5-1085
Array overrun fixed in VertexShaderCache for the DX11 plugin.

vs_constant_offset_table only has a size of 239. It was originally iterating up to element 241.

Version 3.5-1084
Fixed DSPTool build.

Version 3.5-1083
Windows build fix

Version 3.5-1082
Go back to assuming every HID device is a wiimote on Windows. Fixed issue 6117. Unfixed issue 6031.

Version 3.5-1081
VideoSoftware: Improve fog range adjustment by using less magic and more comments.

Version 3.5-1080
revert RasterFont for VideoSoftware

Backends shouldn't depend on each other. Here RasterFont depends on ProgramShaderCache, which itself depends on global config again ...

Version 3.5-1079
ogl: fix virtual xfb

Version 3.5-1078
Windows build fix from web interface...

Version 3.5-1077
Adjusted the audio loop criteria, using >= on the Wii and == on GC. This fixes the audio static that occurred in Wii games after hours of play.

Fixes issue 5938.
Fixes issue 6067.

Version 3.5-1076
Merge branch 'Fast-EE'

* Fast-EE:
Forced the exception check only for ARAM DMA transfers. Removed the Eternal Darkness boot hack and replaced it with an exception check.
Reverted rd76ca5783743 as it was made obsolete by r1d550f4496e4.
Removed the tracking of the FIFO Writes as it was made obsolete by r1d550f4496e4.
Forced the external exception check to occur sooner by changing the downcount.

Version 3.5-1071
VideoSoftware: Implement fog range adjustment, fixing issue 6147.

Version 3.5-1070
implement 4xSSAA for OGL

I don't think it's needed, but its requested often

Version 3.5-1069
move ogl-only settings into backend

Version 3.5-1068
Fix description of disable fog, and move it to enhancements tab.

Version 3.5-1067
Mark the Direct3D9 backend deprecated.

Version 3.5-1066
Prefer D3D11 and OpenGL over D3D9 by default.

Version 3.5-1065
Switch to using bitfields in the streambuffer class so we can exclude buggy streambuffer types. This disables pinned memory on ATI for GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER because it seems to be buggy. This fixes ATI for me.

Version 3.5-1064
Had this sitting around for a while to fix nogui.

Version 3.5-1063
check for overflow vertex indices, fixes issue 6135

thx @ JMC47 for identifying the reversion, creating a useful bug report with fifo log :-)

Version 3.5-1062
Gameini database update for Madagascar, Gladius, Mario Kart: Double Dash (intro video now plays), Fire Emblem (Wii), Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, King Kong.

Version 3.5-1061
more restrict disable of pinned memory, disable ubo for intel/mesa-9.1.1

Version 3.5-1060
Clean up more space/tab mismatches in AudioCommon, Common, and VideoCommon.

Not planning to touch Core since it's the most actively changed part of the project.

Version 3.5-1059
Clean up some space/tab mismatches in DiscIO and InputCommon.

Keeps the files consistent.

Version 3.5-1058
Missed a few clang compiler flags.

Version 3.5-1057
Disabled OSX x86 build since we require 10.7 minimum. This takes support back to late 2006 models. Also, Missed CG framework addition.

Version 3.5-1056
GLSL: fix msaa egdes

MSAA is a optimiztion to execute the fragment shader just once per pixel instead per sample.
It sounds great, but has a big issue: At edges where the center isn't in the polygon, the
fragment would still be executed, but still with the center of the pixel as position.
So if some calculations aren't allowed outside the polygon, the result would be invalid.

But the nice one: we can give a hint to each input to be choosen from a valid pixel,
so now every pixel will be calculated with valid source.

Version 3.5-1055
Properly set the DMAState flag while ARAM DMA transfers are underway.

Fixes issue 6118.

Version 3.5-1054
Short,sweet and fixes issue 5725

Version 3.5-1053
Disable Vsync while holding tab to disable the frame limit, and allow toggling vsync while emulation is running in OGL.

D3D9 still doesn't support changing vsync while emulation is running.

Fixes issue 6111.

Version 3.5-1052
Hide cursor in fullscreen mode on OSX fixes issue 3956

Version 3.5-1051
Clean up CInterfaceAGL, make sure the screen gets cleared on stop, and remove the FPS update that messes up GUI builds since GUIless doesn't build anyways.

Version 3.5-1050
Fix a typo in ArmEmitter noticed by LionCash.

Version 3.5-1049
Set GLES Tex2D function to texture2D, texture is only available in GLES3. Fix some tabs in the config file.

Version 3.5-1048
Reenable mulli and negx, seems to work fine.

Version 3.5-1047
Git pull

Version 3.5-1046
Fix full screen on OSX, well as fixed as its ever been. Apperently in render to main it always shown the FPS on the bottom in full screen.

Version 3.5-1045
Finish up VFP cleanup. A few more instructions are left for VFP, and a bunch of NEON ones if it will ever be used.

Version 3.5-1044
GLSL: also define pinned_memory in renderer.cpp

Version 3.5-1043
Remove an obsolete documentation file

Version 3.5-1042
Revert "Disable Vsync while holding tab to disable the frame limit."

This reverts commit 341eb878064537893140a9dd29aa83c4cd477808.

I'll do it right later.

Version 3.5-1041
Disable Vsync while holding tab to disable the frame limit.

Fixes issue 6111.

Version 3.5-1040
GLSL: store and use exact ubo sizes

Version 3.5-1039
Fix converting the charset of an empty string. Thanks to MrData on the forums for reporting this issue.

Version 3.5-1038
remove some ogl error

but it doesn't resolve any issue

Version 3.5-1037
fix software backend

ogl rasterfont sets vao and vbo, but both aren't used on software backend

Version 3.5-1036
GLSL: don't apply unsupported msaa settings

Version 3.5-1035
disable pinned memory for fglrx

Version 3.5-1034
Windows - Don't disconnect real wiimotes on Dolphin close. (back to the old behavior) Fixed issue 6103.

Version 3.5-1033
Fix some warnings.

Version 3.5-1032
GLSL: fix transparency issues on dual source blend. fix issue 6104

Version 3.5-1031
Ship by default a free DSP ROM that can handle most games with LLE

At the end of July 2011, LM published a free DSP ROM that works with games
using the Zelda UCode. His ROM only has the code to handle UCode loading and a
few utility functions, the rest is missing. This includes the four large sound
mixing functions used by the AX UCode and the DROM containing coefficients used
for polyphase resampling in AX.

This is an improved, updated version of this ROM, which changes the following:

- We now have a free DROM that works for polyphase resampling by "emulating"
linear interpolation. The coefficients contained in the DROM are normally a
list of { c1, c2, c3, c4 } which are used to interpolate a sample value from
four previous samples:
out_sample = prev1 * c1 + prev2 * c2 + prev3 * c3 + prev4 * c4

The coefficients are chosen depending on the fractional part of the current
position (basically, our position between the previous and the next sample).
We can use this fact to generate (c1, c2, c3, c4) for each possible
fractional part so that:
out_sample = prev3 * curr_pos + prev4 * (1 - curr_pos)

Which is the formula for linear interpolation between prev3 and prev4. Linear
interpolation is not as good as polyphase resampling but it still works very
well and I couldn't really hear any difference between the two. If someone
wants to generate real polyphase filter coefficients, they are welcome to
submit a patch.

- The IROM now contains the 4 mixing functions used by the AX UCode: mix_add,
mix_add_two, mix_add_ramp, mix_add_ramp_two. They are large, inlined
functions (probably for performance reasons) in the official DSP IROM, our
version prefers to use a loop. This *should* be more performant with our DSP
JIT implementation, but I did not benchmark that.

Because the new DSP ROM is working just as well as the official ROM in 95% of
cases, it is now shipped by default with Dolphin and will be used with DSPLLE
if you don't have an official DSP ROM in User/GC. It will still display a panic
alert at every boot to notice you that you are using a non official DSP ROM
made by us, which is not perfect.

Games using the CARD, IPL or GBA UCodes are still broken. I don't know what
games this actually impacts, but this is a very small proportion compared to
what works.

Version 3.5-1030
GLSL: explicitly check for gl errors for pinned memory

Version 3.5-1029
Check for HID wiimote name on Windows instead of assuming everything is a wiimote.

Fixed issue 6031.

Version 3.5-1026
GLSL: fix nfs-hp2

Version 3.5-1025
Merge branch 'GLSL-master'

Merge an endless story. The branch name is a lie, it was started as glsl, but now it is a complete reworked opengl3 backend.

It just began with simple changes which aren't supported on osx.
They either support ogl2 OR ogl3 core, but mixing isn't allowed.
As the branch name says, the vicious circle starts with GLSL, but just implementing one wasn't possible either:
- OSX supports only GLSL100 which doesn't support our shaders.
- Vertex Array Objects are needed for ogl3, but not supported on ogl2
- immediate mode isn't supported any more, so we must implement vertex buffers
- uniform buffers are recommended as else we would need tons glUniform
- postprocessing shaders have to be converted to glsl
- lots of smaller outdated issues and bug fixes :-)

Thanks at all for testing and at Sonic for converting all of our shaders to glsl130

And sorry for all upcoming bugs...

Version 3.5-663
My OCD will not stand for this.

Version 3.5-662
So much more readable now!

Version 3.5-661
PixelShaderManager: Reload fog range adjustment shader constants upon viewport change.

Fixes issue 5618.

Version 3.5-660
Fix checks for preventing the main and render windows from spawning off screen.

Version 3.5-659
Corrected a typo.

Version 3.5-658
PixelShaderGen: Force depth textures to be emulated when the result is needed for fog calculation.

Version 3.5-657
VideoSoftware: Do not clear the depth buffer on EFB copy clears when depth writing is disabled.

Version 3.5-656
Beginning of VFP cleanup. Will finish when I have the hardware in front of me.

Version 3.5-655
Actually set the bIDIVa value in the ARM CPUDetect.

Version 3.5-654
Fixed the Windows 32bit debug build.

Version 3.5-653
Prevent the render window from spawning off screen.

Fixes issue 6063.

Version 3.5-652
Really clean up all the emitter loadstores on ARM. If a ARM device supports VFPv4, then it supports IDIVA, so handle that in CPUDetect.

Version 3.5-651
Add a new WriteNewStoreOp emitter function for beginning of rewrite of the Arm Emitter LoadStores. Will finish when I have the hardware in front of me to test on.

Version 3.5-650
Fix dup Option and move one to the top where it belongs in the CMake file.

Version 3.5-649
Used the scheduler to generate the interrupt for IPC. Fixes the ES_LAUNCH games.

Version 3.5-648
All the cool kids hard code string lengths.

Fixes issue 6090.

Version 3.5-647
Allow playing movies from command line. Also remove some unneeded code.

Version 3.5-646
Update gameini database according to changes after the FIFO - BP Merge. Remove Fastdiskspeed from various games that no longer need it. Enable dual core and gpu thread synch option for F-Zero GX and Rayman Raving Rabbids. They are both a bit faster now compared to single core (about 20%) and without stability issues when dual core was enabled.

Version 3.5-645
decrease d3d vertex buffer size

Version 3.5-644
Merge branch 'FIFO-BP'

# By skidau (30) and Pierre Bourdon (1)
* FIFO-BP: (31 commits)
Set g_bSignalTokenInterrupt on the main thread. Fixes the random hang in Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban.
Used a scheduled event to generate the ARAM DMA interrupt if the DMA is greater than a certain size. Fixes NFS:HP2 GC.
Bumped up the disc transfer speed enough to prevent audio stuttering in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.
Enabled Synchronise GPU on "SPEED CHALLENGE - Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision". Required to go in-game.
Added direct GameCube controller commands to the Serial Interface emulation. Fixes the controls in MaxPlay Classic Games Volume 1 and the Action Replay disc.
Increased the FIFO buffer size to 2MB from 1MB. Fixes Killer 7's Angel boss.
Used an immediate GenerateDSPInterrupt when transferring data from ARAM to MRAM and a scheduled DSP interrupt when transferring data from MRAM to ARAM.
Fixes the audio cutting in and out in the Resident Evil GC games using DSP HLE. Triggered the ARAM interrupt by the scheduler instead of directly in function.
Implemented proper timing for the sample counter in the AudioInterface, removing the previous hack. Cleaned up some of the audio streaming code.
Skipped the EE check if there is a CP interrupt pending.
Disabled "Speed up disc transfer" from the ZTP GC game ini.
Removed the disc seek times for GC games and removed the disc speed option on Wii games. Checked for external exceptions only in mtmsr.
Delayed the interrupts in the EXI Channel.
Merge aram-dma-fixes (r76a13604ef49b522281af75675f044d59a74e871)
Added a patch that bypasses the FIFO reset code in Wallace and Gromit: Project Zoo, allowing it to go in-game.
Made vertex loading take constant time.
Increased the cycle time of the vertex command. Fixes "Speed Challenge: Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision".
Moved the setting of the Finish interrupt signal back to the main thread as it was causing Wii games like Resident Evil 4 (Wii) to hang.
Profile stores, fp stores and ps stores only to the fifo write addresses list. This should make the JIT a little faster as it will not be checking for external exceptions unnecessarily.


Version 3.5-608
Fix JIT from rebasing on PPSSPP ArmEmitter.

Version 3.5-607
Rebase ArmEmitter on PPSSPP's base. The loadstores are making my heart cry at this point.

Version 3.5-606
Update pot file for recent string changes in the code.

Version 3.5-605
Update translations from transifex. Also add the transifix client configuration directory to gitignore.

Version 3.5-604
Dolphin needs to be restarted before playing back a wiimote movie, so let's suggest that instead of giving an unhelpful error message.

Version 3.5-603
Fix a typo.

Version 3.5-602
Wow, I'm dumb. Fix mismatched set/get.

Version 3.5-601
Fix a potential issue when someone has a CPU core that isn't available on that host set in the INI file, it would just fail out. Now it defaults to interpreter.

Version 3.5-600
Add a comment about Qualcomm in load stores.

Version 3.5-599
Fix a potential memory leak in function DecompressBlobToFile in CompressedBlob.cpp

Version 3.5-598
Make sure to mask out the FPU rounding mode correctly. Good spot from LionCash.

Version 3.5-597
fix debug build

Version 3.5-596

Version 3.5-595
fix vertexloader without jit

Version 3.5-594
Merge branch 'vertex-loader-cleanup'

Version 3.5-564
Add ARM Jit to GUI when built on ARM

Version 3.5-562
OK, seriously, buildfix. I shouldn't even have commit access!

Version 3.5-561
Buildfix for real.

Version 3.5-560

Version 3.5-559
Use standard binary multiple unit symbols for game size display. Use integer math for the calculation as we cannot rely on floats for something as important as game size display!

Version 3.5-558
Disable SSE2 check in the GUI when building ARM.

Version 3.5-557
Fixed issue 5270. Don't ask me how, I just clean up code and then it works! I think it was int overflow.

Version 3.5-556
Fix compiling Dolphin on devices that provide crazy GLES drivers

Version 3.5-555
Merge branch 'hle-fs-cleanup'

Version 3.5-548
Don't null-terminate some random std::string.

Version 3.5-547
Merge branch 'windows-unicode'

Fixed unicode filename handling on Windows.
Made all significant projects build with "Unicode" option on Windows.
Fixed unicode string handling in GUI code on all OSes.

From now on: std::string == UTF-8.

Fixed issue 4111.
Fixed issue 5178.
Fixed issue 5980.

Version 3.5-518
Windows: Open wiimotes with the FILE_SHARE_WRITE flag like before.

This should fix issues introduced by real-wiimote-scanning.

Version 3.5-517
Fix accidental change from libpulse-simple to libpulse

Version 3.5-516
Fix ARM build.

Version 3.5-515
Kill warning.

Version 3.5-514
Eliminate some baseless restrictions in PointerWrap, mainly vector<string> not working.

Version 3.5-513
Merge branch 'perfqueries'.

Adds support for PE performance metrics.
Used in Super Mario Sunshine's "Scrubbing Sirena Beach" level to determine when enough goop has been cleaned up to finish the level.
Also used in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect to determine the appearance of flares around light sources (e.g. sun).

OpenGL and D3D11 only. D3D9 support unlikely to be added unless anyone bothers to do the work.
Initial work and D3D11 support by me. Kudos go to Billiard for adding the OpenGL support and reviving development of this branch that way :D

Slightly (~7%) decreases performance when performance metrics are used (and only then).

Fixes issue 1498.
Fixes issue 5368.

Version 3.5-491
also don't cleanup efb copys on efb2ram

these may be upscaled and this high res textures would be lost

Version 3.5-490
Fix Dolphin starting only once then crashing at startup

Version 3.5-489
Fixes two memory leaks, one is pretty bad for OSX. Yell at pauldachz if this doesn't work. Or... say thanks.

Version 3.5-488
Added a BluetoothEnumerateInstalledServices call so that the wiimote remembers the pairing.

Version 3.5-487
Make ARMJit core default CPU core on ARM architecture

Version 3.5-486
Merge branch 'VideoSoftware-savestates'

Version 3.5-481
Fix a StringUtil regression from the arm-noglsl merge

Fixes issue 6048. Thanks to Starscream for locating the regression.

Version 3.5-480
Small improvement to cmpli/cmpi in ARMJit.

Version 3.5-479
Merge latest ArmEmitter changes from ppsspp while we're at it.

Version 3.5-478
Ah. I blame vim on this typo entirely.

Version 3.5-477
Add disabled code for authenticating wiimotes on Windows.

Version 3.5-476
Merge branch 'arm-noglsl'

Version 3.5-473

Version 3.5-472
Yell at the user if they change window size while dumping frames, and some other avi dumping stuff.

Version 3.5-471
Merge branch 'real-wiimote-scanning'

Version 3.5-432
Make error message for loading save state with wrong dsp engine shorter.

Version 3.5-431
Abort load state if it uses a different dsp engine, instead of crashing.

Version 3.5-430
Update the gameini of F-zero. Efb to Ram is no longer the default choice.

Version 3.5-429
fix last commit by neobrain

Version 3.5-428
Build fixing.

Version 3.5-426
Merge branch 'CLGL-Interop'

Version 3.5-424
Added the addeo instruction to the JIT tables. Fixes Inkub (WiiWare).

Version 3.5-423
Eliminate artifacts in nobanner.png.

Version 3.5-422
Makes the "No banner" banner image theme-able. Current "sexy X" banner included as part of "Boomy" theme.

Fixes issue 6023.

Version 3.5-421
Fixed a JIT timing bug that prevented Eternal Darkness from booting in Single Core mode.

Version 3.5-420
Gameini database update. Update/additions of Fifa Street and Open Season (fixes issue 5438). Cleanup of DisableWiimoteSpeaker = 1 (aka Alternate wiimote timing) from the database since it is no longer used. Edit the tales of symphonia projection hack.

Version 3.5-419
Fix OSX!

Version 3.5-418
Hopefully kill a stupid warning on Windows.

Version 3.5-417
Fix my DX11 texture-related failure.. Fixes issue 6026. (probably)

Version 3.5-416
Revert "Don't load level 0 twice for 1-level textures in DX11." and fix it properly. All backend TextureCaches now load level 0 in CreateTexture.

This reverts commit 294cb165ba3449cc4fd96eabb5272e2984a58eb8.

Version 3.5-415
Don't load level 0 twice for 1-level textures in DX11.

Version 3.5-414
Fixed a buffer overflow in the OpenAL buffer.

Version 3.5-413
TextureCache: Fix D3D backends crashing when a game uses multiple 1x1-sized LODs.

Version 3.5-412
WII_IPC_HLE_Device_FileIO: don't rebuild the filename on every operation.

Version 3.5-411
Some cleanup of CWII_IPC_HLE_Device_FileIO: The real file was never kept open for longer than a single operation so there was no point in dealing with it in DoState. Saving the real path in the savestate was also probably a bad idea. Savestates should be a bit more portable now.

Version 3.5-410
Removing destination on rename when source isn't present doesn't make sense. IOCTL_RENAME_FILE still might not be totally correct.

Fixes issue 5440.

Version 3.5-409
Change some CNANDContentLoader logic to what was probably intended. Kills some warn logs when opening Dolphin.

Version 3.5-408
Let's not CreateDir an empty string every time CreateFullPath is used, logging an error every time.

Version 3.5-407
Fix a memleak. Probably/maybe improve USBGecko performance.

Version 3.5-406
Remove the core count from the cpu info OSD message. It was often wrong and not rather important.

Version 3.5-405
Use omp_get_num_procs to set the number of OpenMP threads rather than our core count detection.

Version 3.5-404
Bulk send TCP data to the client with the emulated USB Gecko.

Fixes issue 6006.

Version 3.5-403
Added the ability to reverse the direction of the force feedback by allowing negative range values.

Fixes issue 5981.

Version 3.5-402
Changes/cleanup to TextureCache::Load and other mipmap related code. The significant change is what is now line 520 of TextureCacheBase.cpp: ((std::max(mipWidth, bsw) * std::max(mipHeight, bsh) * bsdepth) >> 1) to TexDecoder_GetTextureSizeInBytes(expanded_mip_width, expanded_mip_height, texformat);

Fixes issue 5328.
Fixes issue 5461.

Version 3.5-401
Reduce some DI command delays. Fix DKCR hanging with DSP HLE. My other games continue to work.

Version 3.5-400
Video_Software: Fix ZComploc option breaking stuff.

Version 3.5-399
Video_Software: Fix the ZFreeze option doing nothing.

Version 3.5-398
Video_Software: Toggable zfreeze and early_z support for testing.

Version 3.5-397
Fix header guard and definitions not being set to 1

Version 3.5-396
Add the option to turn on only the EGL interface to use desktop OpenGL with it.

Version 3.5-395
Change the ugly "no banner" banner to the sexy "X" from the website.

Version 3.5-394
Fix a crash in the FifoPlayer dialog.

Version 3.5-393
Use different reply delays for various DI commands. Fixes issue 5983.

Version 3.5-392
Revert "[bugfix] DX9::TextureCache: Use max_lod instead of min_lod where necessary."

This reverts commit 6c8a22de24e1e374c4357ca653ac584c8a6adfac.

Version 3.5-391
Merge branch 'mipmap_fixes'.

Version 3.5-383
Fix some potential issues when blending on EFB formats without alpha. Clean up state transition tables.

Version 3.5-382
Disable play and record buttons if an iso was selected, but is later deselected.

Version 3.5-381
Disable start/play recording buttons when no iso is selected.

Version 3.5-380
Only delay DI and fs IPC replies. Fixes issue 5982.

Version 3.5-379
Fix compilation with SDL2. (based on a patch from matthewharveys) Fixes issue 5971.

Version 3.5-378
"Fix" using SDL from externals.

Version 3.5-377
Clean up SDL includes a bit. Maybe fix an SDL2 problem.

Version 3.5-376
Number "unknown" axes in OSX rather than call them all "unk".

Version 3.5-375
Revert "Only delay DI command replies." Fix "Wii Party" again.

This reverts commit fb5b5e8b63cb3484753c75d3e44205b0b8f33a00.

Version 3.5-374
Hopefully make wiimote speaker less crappy.

Version 3.5-373
Fixed issue 5973. (probably)

Version 3.5-372
Merge branch 'more-ipc-hle-hacks'

Fixes issue 5972.

Version 3.5-369
Make real wiimote speaker not cause massive input delays. Fixes issue 5966.

Version 3.5-368
Added a script to copy the OpenAL dll's to the main Dolphin folder on new builds.

Version 3.5-367
Merge branch 'ipc-hle-hacks' Thanks skid_au for testing and helping think of the solution!

Fixes Issue 4608.
Fixes Issue 5050.
Fixes Issue 5103.

Version 3.5-358
Merge branch 'compiler-warnings' This shouldn't break anything so I will go ahead and merge it. Disc scrubbing is tested and works. There is a minor change to how the data is read by using the File::IOFile::ReadBytes method instead of directly using fread, but the data read is the same.

Version 3.5-356
Modify the gettextize script to add the header and dolphin license to the dolphin-emu.pot file. Also update the pot file once more.

Version 3.5-355
Merge branch 'translations-update'

Version 3.5-351
Gameini database update/additions of Sega Soccer Slam, Tomb Raider Underworld, Zapper, SAMURAI WARRIORS KATANA and Tales of Symphonia projection hack. For Tales of Symphonia the preset projection hack values eliminate double image on characters and unlike the previous ones they don't cause any issues and they work with all graphic backends (the main menu text was missing previously and it didn't work with d3d11). It is not enabled by default though, you will have to manually select it like before.

Version 3.5-350
Revert "Toggle full screen when double clicking the render window."

This reverts commit de27f0bea9ff541fddfea8a875b15372d6420f8d.

Version 3.5-349
Toggle full screen when double clicking the render window.

Version 3.5-348
Fix the majority of the compiler warnings unearthed by the addition of the new warning flags.

Version 3.5-347
Re-enable a few more warnings.

Version 3.5-346
For each of the recently added warning flags check to see if the compiler supports the flag before adding it.

Version 3.5-345
Fix some shadowing warnings.

Version 3.5-344
Remove this double flush in the idleskipping code.

Version 3.5-343
hah, woops.

Version 3.5-342
Hey Parlane. Fixed it.

Version 3.5-341
I blame Billiard.

Version 3.5-340
Fix for the fix that didn't fix.

Version 3.5-339
4000 warnings about not supporting a warning...

Version 3.5-338
Preset HBeamPos to -1. Fixes NTSC-U N64 VC games.

Fixes issue 5950.

Version 3.5-337
Enabled more warnings. Get to work!

Version 3.5-336
Gameini database update. Fixes issue 5135.

Version 3.5-335
Duplicate condition fix.

Thanks j4ck.fr0st

Version 3.5-334
Better implementation of revision 2cc1a97a66c2. Works with .gcz files now.

Version 3.5-333
Remove deprecated method for accessing a gtk widgets window. Fix a debug build compiler warning.

Version 3.5-332
Move the cmake option lines to the top of the Cmake file for easy viewing in vim.

Version 3.5-331
Do not automatically refresh the game list for games that have "Emulation issues" written in their gameini after we open/close the iso properties.

Fixes issue 5932.

Version 3.5-330
Properly sort multi-disc games by title.

Version 3.5-329
Removed the need for this temporary variable.

Version 3.5-328
Cleans up EGL. Removes printf output with INFO_LOG and ERROR_LOG

Version 3.5-327
Move swap control to the host specific GLInterface files.

Version 3.5-326
Fix a potential memory leak on non-windows systems.

Also added a FIXME to BPStructs.cpp and BPMemLoader.cpp

Version 3.5-325
change projection_type to u32

Fix issue 5740

thx @ erwan_taf for debuging all the week

Version 3.5-324
Revert "mem_fun -> mem_fn."

This reverts commit b7d32b0a3d810736b2e1151d6d8b9da85ebfbcf3.

OSX C++ std library in charge of holding back progress (as usual).

Version 3.5-323
mem_fun -> mem_fn.

mem_fun is deprecated in C++11. Also it does everything mem_fun can do, but more conveniently.

Version 3.5-322
Revert the fix for the random static audio that would sometimes occur in DSP HLE and DSP LLE. The fix caused the music in Fast - Racing League to play random sounds.

This reverts commit r7bf72a6c8476798ecbb9cdb13ec3a8f0b9858da6.

Fixes issue 5910.

Version 3.5-321
Fix AGL.cpp

Version 3.5-320
Revert "Ctrl+A support in the action replay code editing menu."

Guess it wasnt much of a solution as I'd hoped. (considering it seems to work on linux without this).

This reverts commit 0c1ea605d5008fabc8b23feeeac9708fef18fadf.

Version 3.5-319
Ctrl+A support in the action replay code editing menu.

Makes adding/editing codes less of a pain in the ass. You don't need to manually highlight everything anymore.

Version 3.5-318
Set the default memory card path as relative too.

Version 3.5-317
Save memory card paths relative to exe directory.

Version 3.5-316
Preset the HBeam and VBeam to 0 on boot. Fixes Densha de Go Shinkansen EX.

Fixes issue 4882.

Version 3.5-315
Added a game property to disable the clearing of the data cache. This is needed by one known game, "Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush".

Fixes Violin Paradise.

Version 3.5-314
Allow emulated wiimote to be tilted 180 degrees in each direction. (was 90) Fixes issue 3492.

Version 3.5-313
Remove lttc for lle on thread too.

Version 3.5-312
Fix a dumb regression from revision 4925a28f94d8.

Version 3.5-311
Revert my dual-core fix for FifoPlayer. Apparently it breaks more than it fixes.

This reverts commit bab9b5d3ce14c5b9cb55bd34da4851672e287467.

Version 3.5-310
Actually remove lttc.

Version 3.5-309
Typo fix.

Version 3.5-308
Misc movie fixes.

Fix setting memory cards on playback.

Fix saving revision to header.

Herpa derp lets open a file while it's still open in another function, and not even check if it fails to load.

Fix an assumption that wii games are using a wiimote.

Version 3.5-307
Implement 8 bit loads backpatching

Version 3.5-306
Implement backpatch support for 16 bit loads

Version 3.5-305
Fix switching from the different rasterizers

Version 3.5-304
Remove the dependency on rectangle textures in the software rasterizer. Also make it the be used by default in the software renderer like it was before.

Version 3.5-303
Fully fix that clear bug in aldlist.cpp. Seems I missed part. Corrected it.

Version 3.5-302
Fix emulated turntable crossfade slider. (DJ Hero controller) Fixes issue 4504.

Version 3.5-301
Add support for the mouse cursor and mouse clicking events on OS X.

Version 3.5-300
Fix emulated wiimote shaking in Wario Land: Shake It, and probably others. Fixes issue 5295. (probably issue 5017 and issue 5578 too)

Version 3.5-299
Improve "Enable Hotkeys" description. Fixes issue 4607.

Version 3.5-298
Fix typo.

Version 3.5-297
Mention middle mouse button in "Free Look" description. Fixes issue 5581.

Version 3.5-296
Merge branch 'full-analog-surface' Fixes issue 5010.

Version 3.5-293
Merge branch 'gameinistuff'

Version 3.5-291
Copypaste fail.

Version 3.5-290
Fix initial theme selection.

Version 3.5-289
Actually use the screenshot icon.

Version 3.5-288
Update title/status bar when pausing emulation.

Version 3.5-287
Fix translations for the recent spelling error correction. Also update the pot file while we are at it.

Version 3.5-286
Change GetCmdForHotkey to use a switch. Cuts down on if-statement spam.

Also fixed a typo in ConfigMain.

Version 3.5-285
Fix theme loading on non-Windows.

Version 3.5-284
Move DSP settings to dolphin.ini

Version 3.5-283
Merge branch 'external-theme'

Version 3.5-270
Revert "Made several variables/parameters unsigned in the DX9, DX11 and OGL plugins. They make more sense like this (given their names)."

Turns out I was wrong in my previous commit. My bad.

This reverts commit 87431666639c7036ea0f5b0d499df639cefb3d51.

Version 3.5-269
Made several variables/parameters unsigned in the DX9, DX11 and OGL plugins. They make more sense like this (given their names).

This also gets rid of some more typecasts in some cases.

Version 3.5-268
Merge branch 'ES_LAUNCH'

Games that are now playable:

Back to the Future: The Game
CSI - Hard Evidence
CSI - Deadly Intent
CSI - Fatal Conspiracy
Red Steel
Metroid Prime: Trilogy
Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort pack
Sam & Max: Season One
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space
Kirby's Dream Collection: Classic Collection
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings: Fate of Atlantis

Fixed SSBB from starting at the mini-games screen.
Build fix
Corrected a state bug where newly loaded dols did not have their patches applied.
Changed the HLE system to allow it to hook the beginning, the end or replace the entire function without changing the GC memory. Fixes Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Added a way to categorise the type of HLE function. Currently, there are debug, floating point, memory and generic functions. Added a HLE function for OSGetResetCode (Warm reset). Fixes the CSI games. Added a switch to disable all of the HLE functions if the idle skipping option is disabled.
Added some IOS version checks and code to clear memory before loading the dol.
Added support for Reset (from menu). Fixes Sam & Max.
Added an IOS check as games which use IOS older than IOS30 do not need to be HLE'd. Added some stubs for Reset to Menu and SSBB's load from disc partition. Fixed loading Fate of Atlantis from the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings game.
Added argument detection and passing to the loaded dol. This fixes the Wii Sports+Wii Sports Resort bundle pack.
Added preliminary support for ES_LAUNCH (Wii Multi-boot games) by using HLE to hijack the OSBootDol function.


Version 3.5-258
Merge branch 'unix-fastmem'

Version 3.5-256
Fix two unsigned/signed mismatch warnings.

Version 3.5-255
Change audio latency setting to a wxSpinCtrl, fixes layout problem on linux.

Version 3.5-254
- Made GenRandomCode's 'size' parameter unsigned. Doesn't make sense to have the capability of being able to be negative.

- Made CodesToHeader's 'numCodes' unsigned for the same reason.

- Removed some type-casts from other functions.

Version 3.5-253
Real fix for Linux Wiimote disconnect hanging. Fixes issue 5903.

Version 3.5-252
Fix a clear bug in aldlist.cpp.

Properly clears itself now.

Version 3.5-251
Get rid of unused iterators in JitCache.

Version 3.5-250
OSX build fix

Version 3.5-249
Added backwards compatibility with old OpenAL drivers.

Version 3.5-248
Fix a gcc initialization order warning.

Version 3.5-247
Readd the OpenAL option.

The OpenAL backend requires OpenAL Soft to be installed: http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal.html

You may need to rename soft_oal.dll to OpenAL32.dll in the Dolphin folder.

Windows users may also need to update their OpenAL drivers by downloading them from


Version 3.5-246
Merge branch 'OpenAL'

* OpenAL:
Changed SoundTouch to use float samples, allowing SSE to be used. Made the DPL2 decoder disabled by default. Re-added the audio hack used by the Accurate VBeam emulation option.
Added a latency setting to the audio settings. Removed the Sample Rate setting. It is now hardcoded to 48000hz (accurate audio timing).
Skipped timestretching if the emulator is running below 10% speed to prevent buffer overflows.
Removed the synchronisation between the CPU thread and the audio thread. Added code to detect and resume from buffer underruns. Disabled the ability to change the DPL2 option after the game has started. Fixed a memory leak that occurred in the DPL2 decoder. Fixed the OSX build.
Build fix
Added a Dolby Pro Logic II (DPL2) decoder in the OpenAL backend. DPL2 audio is decoded to 5.1. Code adapted from ffdshow. Added an option in the DSP settings to disable the DPL2 decoder in case Dolphin incorrectly detects a 5.1 audio system. Updated the OpenAL files to OpenAL Soft 1.15.1 in the Windows build.
Removed the system timing hack which was activated when the Accurate VBeam option was enabled.
Fixed the include directories in Audio Common for the Windows 32bit build.
Fixed the include directories in Audio Common for the Windows build.
Messed up the static include line
Fix include paths and compiling in Linux. Externals soundtouch is 1.7.1, while Ubuntu 12.10 is 1.6.x. Externals soundtouch is compiled with integer samples, while ubuntu is compiled with float samples. Float samples is probably the more common route. If you're going to use soundtouch, you should probably use SAMPLETYPE instead of explicitly choosing short. This probably breaks the windows build since its includes aren't setup.
OSX: typedef signed char BOOL
OSX build fix
Build fix
Added audio time stretching by using the SoundTouch library.
Implemented correct audio timing.
OpenAL for Windows initial commit

Version 3.5-228
Fix bug: reuse after free. static should not have been used here.

Version 3.5-227
Improve an error message.

Version 3.5-226
Fix hang on Linux Dolphin close when wiimotes are connected.

Version 3.5-225
Make IsValidBluetoothName just check for "Nintendo RVL-" rather than having a bunch of hardcoded names.

Version 3.5-224
GetTextureBGRA()'s 'width' and 'height' parameters should be unsigned.

Version 3.5-223
This changes Linux to control Wiimotes on the interrupt channel. Which in turn allows -TR wiimotes to work in Linux.

Version 3.5-222
This removes the Lock Thread to Core option. Please file your complaints appropriately.

Version 3.5-221
'width' and 'height' parameters of wxBitmapFromMemoryRGBA should be unsigned.

Not a big deal, but it's good to do it for the sake of maintaining practicalities.

Version 3.5-220
re-enable PulseAudio backend

Version 3.5-219
Merge branch 'pulseaudio-simple'

Version 3.5-215
Fix a small text overlapping issue in the MemcardManager.

Version 3.5-214
Gameini database update.

Version 3.5-213
Enhance an error message. Fix issue 5893.

Version 3.5-212
Fix two warnings.

Version 3.5-211
Merge branch 'wxw-bind'

Version 3.5-205
Real fix for memcard manager.

Version 3.5-204
Set focus on memcard manager after losing it.

Version 3.5-203
BPMemory: Expose more register descriptions for FifoPlayer

Version 3.5-202
Fix the signed/unsigned comparison warnings created by a recent commit.

Version 3.5-201
'count' parameter for AddStereoSamples and AddStereoSamplesBE in WaveFile should be unsigned. Doesn't make sense to have them signed.

Version 3.5-200
Fix two signed/unsigned mismatch warnings.

Also tidied up SDCardUtil - made the variables make more sense (typewise)

Version 3.5-199
Set focus on game list after stopping emulation.

Version 3.5-198
Merge branch 'flat-flags' Fixes issue 5837.

Version 3.5-188
Gave the "platform" icons a complete white background rather than a slightly-uglier white box. (apparently XPM only supports a 1-bit alpha channel) Centered the icons a bit better too.

Version 3.5-187
Convert relative paths to absolute when opening containing folder of an iso.

Fixes issue 5879.

Version 3.5-186
PixelShaderGen: Change error strings to be unique so that we can identify unexpected behavior more easily.

Version 3.5-185
Redundant line of code in VertexShaderManager::Dirty()

Also cleaned it up.

Version 3.5-184
Revert "Very tiny cleanup of ChunkFile.h." int/size_t change without updating the rev# caused crash on Dolphin start

This reverts commit cf942450e0aec50ce815e086a9dc277b59b18bae.

Version 3.5-183
Merge branch 'linux-wiimote-crash-fix'

Version 3.5-178
Very tiny cleanup of ChunkFile.h.

Also changed the size parameter from DoVoid to size_t. As far as I know, that should never be negative.

Also changed the the count parameter of DoArray to size_t, this also should never be negative.

Got rid of some typecasts.

Version 3.5-177
Automatically set focus on game list window.

Fixes issue 5880.

Version 3.5-176
Game ini updates for de Blob.

Version 3.5-175
Retain scroll position after refreshing game list.

Fixes issue 5878.

Version 3.5-174
Disable the OpenAL and Pulseaudio audio backends

They are currently broken and cause sound issues which are not present in other

* OpenAL plays music 2x too fast in Zelda UCode games with HLE
* Pulse backend uses a lot of CPU power and slows down emulation significantly

Both backends are currently being re-implemented in separate branches of
Dolphin, so this should be a temporary removal.

Version 3.5-173
FifoPlayer: Support recording texture preloads

Version 3.5-172
VideoCommon: Implement proper RGBA8 texture loading from tmem.

Version 3.5-171
Video_Software: Implement proper RGBA8 texture loading from tmem.

For RGBA8 textures, AR and GB tiles are stored in separate tmem banks. TextureDecoder did not support that previously.

Version 3.5-170
Fixed the random static audio that would sometimes occur in DSP HLE and DSP LLE.

Version 3.5-169
Change theme selection to wxChoice.

Version 3.5-168
Merge branch 'controller-profiles'

Version 3.5-163
Resize the KDE theme's "Open" icon from 24x24px to 22x22px to match the rest of the icons.

Version 3.5-162
Don't hardcode left-shift to disabe keyboard input on linux. Left-shift can be used for gamepad input now. Fixes issue 4968.

Version 3.5-161
Display error messages when failing to compress/decompress games. Fixes issue 4681.

Version 3.5-160
Actually export 0-sized files. Fixes issue 5177.

Version 3.5-159
Fix an issue where an iterator would become invalidated in TextureCache::ClearRenderTargets()

Version 3.5-158
Fix a currently unused unique_lock function. Thanks to Lioncash.

Version 3.5-157
Fix incorrect iterator usage in BreakPoints::Clear

Version 3.5-156
Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu

Version 3.5-155
Clean up FifoPlayerDlg::OnBeginSearch a bit

Version 3.5-154
Fix reference to deleted object bug. This should fix channels not loading from sysmenu anymore.

Version 3.5-153
Fix a potential memleak in FifoPlayerDlg

Version 3.5-152
Add some TODOs.

Version 3.5-151
Fix an assert that had been wrong for ages, apparently.

Version 3.5-150
PixelShaderGen: Shader uid maintenance

Version 3.5-149
Disable color writing when alpha test always fails.

Version 3.5-148
Move alpha pretest to BPMemory.h and rename a bunch of alpha testing related stuff

Version 3.5-147
Reword a comment about early_ztest a bit.

Version 3.5-145
PixelShaderGen: Don't disable depth texture emulation if z writing is disabled (this is what VideoSoftware is doing).

Version 3.5-144
DX11: Fix a small mistake.

Remove some incorrect and/or confusing comments.

Fixes issue 5251. Thanks to limburgerite :)

Version 3.5-143
X11: Disable OSD hotkeys when the corresponding option is disabled.

Version 3.5-142
Fix clearing of render targets. We were skipping every other one.

Version 3.5-141
Merge branch 'linux-desktop-file'

Version 3.5-138
Disable swapping cmp with instructions potentially raising interrupts

Workaround for issue 5864 disabling parts of an optimization in the JIT. This
is not the best solution to fix this issue, but at least it does not crash.

Version 3.5-137
Revert 30dd9c2 e9d00bf db5f4c8 and bff0fae

Version 3.5-136
Fixed the infinite rumble problem caused by r4d6056f14625.

Version 3.5-135
Fix some warnings. Changes suggested by nerzhultheking.

Version 3.5-134
Added GC Steering Wheel emulation.

To set it up, change the Port 1 controller to "Steering Wheel" under the GameCube tab. This will tell the game that you have a force feedback steering wheel connected.
In the Gamecube Pad Settings, change the Rumble Motor to "Constant".
Configure the controls:

Main Stick Left/Right = Steer Left/Right
Main Stick Up = Accelerate
Main Stick Down = Brake

Thanks to ulao for the device communications info.

Version 3.5-129
Make sure the null character is not included in the string.

Version 3.5-128
Fix the name and description truncation issue in a cleaner way.

Version 3.5-127
Remove unused progressive scan option from iso properties, and disable audio settings while a game is running.

Version 3.5-126
Fix truncated names and descriptions in the game list on linux.

Version 3.5-125
Move widescreen hack to enhancements tab.

Version 3.5-124
Save git hash to .dtm header.

Version 3.5-123
Last warning for me on Linux.

Version 3.5-122
Improve file search speeds by deleting an unused file.

Version 3.5-121
Optimized the Dolphin SEO process a bit

Version 3.5-120
Always count gc controller inputs.

Version 3.5-119
Fix 4 warnings on OSX

Version 3.5-118
Clear up some warnings that crop up from -Wextra

Version 3.5-117
Fix the last few warnings in Dolphin on my system.

Version 3.5-116
This line in SWRenderer has been wrong ever since the beginning.

Version 3.5-115
Disable the warning about va_list being mangled differently now.

Version 3.5-114
Missed a precision qualifier in a HWRasterizer shader.

Version 3.5-113
In memory of calc84.


Version 3.5-112
always calls glBindBuffer(0) after disabling vao

Version 3.5-111
Mismatched new/delete.

Version 3.5-110
Toggle wiimote status based on the actual status, instead of some dumb checkbox that is almost never even right.

The checkbox is still wrong when starting emulation, but it's now purely cosmetic.

Actually fixes issue 5594.

Version 3.5-109
revert RasterFont optimization

isn't needed and also not tested and buggy

Version 3.5-108
Fix (dis)connecting wiimotes via hotkey.

Fixes issue 5594.

Version 3.5-107
Clean up some messy code issues that have been annoying me.

Version 3.5-106
Don't show multiple exit confirmation dialogues.

Pause emulation while waiting for confirmation to exit.

Fixes issue 5822.

Version 3.5-105
Fix this annoying warning in ChunkFile.h

Version 3.5-104
Always use the right user dir on windows.

Version 3.5-103
fix byte order in osd rasterfont

Version 3.5-102
Merge Fail: Make sure we are using the interface file to get backbuffer dimensions. GL helper function was duplicated.

Version 3.5-80
When using the "Keep window on top option" make sure that the effect of that option ends when emulation ends when using render to main.

Version 3.5-79
Define NvOptimusEnablement to tell the Nvidia driver we need high performance

Version 3.0-78
Merge branch 'new-ax-hle'

Only AX GC is merged so far, the new Wii AX development will be done in a
separate branch when I'll start working on it.

There are still a few AX GC bugs remaining, but overall a lot less games have
sound issues than before.

Thanks to everyone who helped test the development builds of this branch and
reported results on the forum thread.


Version 3.5-33
Merge branch 'immediate-removal'


Version 3.5-3
Don't show compress iso option for wbfs and ciso files.

Fixes issue 5809.

Version 3.5-2
Truly unstable.

Version 3.5-1
... and back to unstable again

Version 3.5-0
Dolphin 3.5 release.

Version 3.0-936
Revert "VertexShaderGen: Fix a shader compilation error.". I'm an idiot :p

This reverts commit 4d868705fd312adda1649aebe65c6f82adb21c04.

Version 3.0-935
Revert "Uninitialized usage.. or so it thought."

This reverts commit 7839676c871415cba89de266b2db2879fb9233b1.

Parlane, I hate you.

Version 3.0-934
Merge branch 'translations-update'

Version 3.0-924
VertexShaderGen: Fix a shader compilation error.

Version 3.0-923
TextureCacheBase: Fix a potential bug when using custom textures.

Version 3.0-922
Change copyright year to 2013 in the about dialog.

Version 3.0-921
OGL: Make OSD messages fade out properly instead of having them disappear spontaneously.

Version 3.0-920
Should completely fix game list sorting.

Version 3.0-919
Fix another sorting bug.

Version 3.0-918
Fix sorting bug.

Version 3.0-917
Merge branch 'osx-savegame-fix'

Version 3.0-913
Revert "support retina display"

This reverts commit 3aa990161844.

Version 3.0-912
Fix some random warnings.

Version 3.0-911
Changed to non conflicting overload.

Version 3.0-910
Function definition was not updated.

Version 3.0-909
Uninitialized usage.. or so it thought.

Version 3.0-908
Unused variable.

Version 3.0-907
Someone changed this to a u32... it's definitely a s32 :)

Version 3.0-906
support retina display

Version 3.0-905
Fixes swprintf_s issues hopefully. Also fixed an include not using correct caps.

According to:

Version 3.0-904
Apply same force to float fix as has already been done for DX11.

Version 3.0-903
Fixed stupid bool to int conversion warnings.

Version 3.0-902
Warning free SOIL lib.

Version 3.0-901
Remove warning about ambigious if/else.

Version 3.0-900
Implement select audio backend CLI option.

Fixes issue 4920.

Version 3.0-899
Added Tools/buildbot-try.sh. See http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/wiki/BuildbotTry for documentation about that feature.

Version 3.0-898
Fix a memory leak based on Lioncash's patches.

Version 3.0-897
Add support for recording bongos.

Version 3.0-896
Merge branch 'rehash-msw-cursor-hide'

Version 3.0-887
Add a useful comment to DSP.cpp

Version 3.0-886
TextureCacheBase: Delete textures completely instead of just invalidating them in ClearRenderTargets. That's what would've been done in the next TCB::Load() call, anyway. Fixes issue 5742.

Additionally, change efb copies to specify 1 as the number of mipmaps because that makes more sense than anything else.

Version 3.0-885
Save secondary list sorting.

Allow sorting by platform ascending.

Fixes issue 5774.

Version 3.0-884
revert changes to banner background color

Version 3.0-883
Revert "Use the global ::wxSetCursor instead of the local one from our panel object. Should close 3956."

This reverts commit 884006e4c8f43e7f4e6e67912f19c622b090be98.

Version 3.0-882
Use the global ::wxSetCursor instead of the local one from our panel object. Should close 3956.

Version 3.0-881
(CoreAudio) Retain volume value until initialization. Makes volume slider work when game isn't running. Fixes issue 5383.

Version 3.0-880
If the HOME environment variable isn't set, fall back on to PWD. Closes 5584.

Version 3.0-879
Adds the Wii Korean settings file. It was handled in the wii-network branch in rev c42a6f156e2c. Master handles the settings files differently. Until wii-network merges in to master, this closes issue 5642.

Version 3.0-878
Fix OSX build once again. Apparently OSX needs to get with the times.

Version 3.0-877
PixelShaderGen: Drop some useless and potentially buggy code.

Thanks to glennrics for noticing.

Version 3.0-876
OSX build fix for the unordered_map/hash_map issue.

Version 3.0-875
Allow input displays to work without an active movie.

Version 3.0-874
Clean up gcc/g++ compiler warnings that have accumulated.

Version 3.0-873
Save game list sorting.

Fixes issue 5771.

Version 3.0-872
Fix OS X 10.6 compatibility.

Patch by mathieudel.

Version 3.0-871
Fix some warnings.

Version 3.0-870
Merge conflict. Fixes issue 5471.

Version 3.0-869
Fix a save state crash in some situation.

Version 3.0-868
Includes are case sensitive and Common is in the include directories so including the file this way was silly.

Version 3.0-867
Fixing wiimote savestate and recording.

Version 3.0-866
Making cheats manager resizeable, maximizable, hideable (parentless), higher by default.

Version 3.0-865
Fix error message about state undo backup always appearing when no movie is active.

Version 3.0-864
VertexShaderManager: Fix redundant shader constant updates.

Thanks to konpie for spotting this.

Might give a fairly perceivable speedup in the D3D11 backend.

Version 3.0-863
Compile fix for linux.

Version 3.0-862
Turns out you have to actually commit a change before merging if you want it to be included.

Version 3.0-846
Gameini database updates/additions for: TMNT3, Mystic Heroes, BEACH SPIKERS, Fantastic Four, King Arthur, I-Ninja, FFCC Echoes of Time, Just Dance, Disney Epic Mickey, Shark Tale, Pokemon Channel, Cars 2, Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2, THE LAST STORY.

Version 3.0-845
Added "EnableFPRF = True" to the Beach Spikers game ini. Fixes the flickering textures.

Thanks to hk.konpie for the tip.

Fixes issue 5730.

Version 3.0-844
Mapped the addco and subfco PowerPC instructions. Fixes Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition.

Version 3.0-843
Enable GFX debugger functionality in Release builds.

Version 3.0-842
Partially revert "Check if BP and XF changes actually change values before flushing". Dolphin code sucks too much to get optimizations.

This reverts commit 5a77cae2e3434fa5cbb3710f183328e36620fa5f.

Fixes issue 5459.
Fixes issue 5606.

Version 3.0-841
Fix indentation [ using the web editor D: ]

Version 3.0-840
Merge branch 'efb_scaling_fixes'.

Version 3.0-832
Dolphin was crashing after attempting to use a NULL on macosx. (turns out that passing NULL to string cmp funcs has "undefined behavior".)

Thanks to Grant Paul for this quickfix!

Version 3.0-831
Fixes pausing movies for some 30 fps games, in some situations.

Thanks abahbob for testing.

Version 3.0-830
Added option to toggle the display of On-Screen Display messages in the Interface tab.

Version 3.0-829
Build fix.

Version 3.0-828
Merge movie-fixes.

Version 3.0-815
Patch by mwessel that fixes real wiimotes on OSX 10.8

Version 3.0-814
Fixed last commit.

Version 3.0-813
Merge https://code.google.com/r/xtrafear-dolphin-emu

Version 3.0-811
Add config option for mac address. Fixes issue 5694.

Version 3.0-810
Gameini database update/additions for NBA LIVE 06, NBA LIVE 2005, NBA LIVE 2004, NBA Live 2003, Pokemon Colosseum, Dark Summit, 4x4 Evolution 2, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit 2, Mission: Impossible Operation Surma, TALES OF SYMPHONIA, CITY RACER, DISNEY'S TARZAN, Blowout, WAVE RACE / BLUE STORM, Pokepark Wii, ONEPIECE UNLIMITED ADVENTURE, ONEPIECE UNLIMITED CRUISE EPISODE 2, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Worms Battle Islands, Shrek 2, Summoner 2, Rubik's Puzzle World, Kirby's Dream Collection Special

Version 3.0-809
Bound the iteration on the PB list when processing updates.

Version 3.0-808
Revert "fix Snow Leopard compatibility"

Version 3.0-807
Fix missing notes in musics with DSPHLE.

Version 3.0-806
Fixes interpreter when not recording or playing back a movie.

Version 3.0-805
From now on, use http://dolphin-emu.org/ , http://forums.dolphin-emu.org/ and http://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/ to access our website.

Version 3.0-804
Retain dsp JIT setting when switching to HLE. Fixes issue 5691.

Version 3.0-802
Video_Software: Implement texture preloading

Version 3.0-799
- Added a new wilcard for importing savegames, which basically shows all saves (gci, gcs and sav). This is set as default (I really got frustrated of having to change the type every single time when making tests for GCMM, and I think it makes more sense at user level to just show all saves regardless the format)

- In icon retrieving I removed the "format check" as it shouldn't really matter to have mixed icon formats. Also removed the "Time splitters hack" as there's no reason for it since we are only checking the last 3 bits and I'm pretty sure having bits 1 and 2 set is the same as having them unset.
- Icon retrieving uses AnimSpeed as stop signal (every icon must have an speed set, the first speed that is 0 means there are no more icons)
- Also, in icon retrieving I added support for "blank frames"(Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin that I know of). With this the base for icon animation is complete.
- Fixed PSOIII savegame patch which was wrong before.

Signed-off-by: LPFaint99

Version 3.0-797
Test the audio loop with aligned addresses. Fixes the high pitched squeal in Muramasa.

Version 3.0-796
Merge branch 'Capcom-Music-Loop'

* Capcom-Music-Loop:
Removed the fake DMA wait time as it is no longer needed after the aram-dma-fixes branch is merged. This fixes the Resident Evil 2/3 cutscene audio in DSP LLE mode. Fixes issue 2723.
Changed the loop end address detection to an exact match with the current address for ADPCM audio. Fixes the non-looping music in PN03.

Version 3.0-793
i'm still not using a branch to fix the name of a variable

Version 3.0-792
Readd memory card detection for movie code. I deleted this before, intending to move it elsewhere, but never did

Version 3.0-791
Fix Snow Leopard compatibility

Checking for clang in Xcode bundle seems pointless, command line tools should be installed.
Setting the path explicity to avoid fink/macports/homebrew prevents use of locally installed packages like clang and wxwidgets.
Realistically using opencl means the minimum OSX version targetable is 10.6.
Correct TARGET_SYSROOT check, add required -mmacosx-version-min to linker flags.
Also using wxwidgets gl component.

Version 3.0-790
Some code cleaning for my last commit.
The amount and size of the buffer is now changed to "new hardware" frienly values and will fall back to the right values if hardware does not support them.
My next commit will be to a branch, with my ogl work.

Version 3.0-789
FifoPlayer: Copy selected object commands to clipboard when pressing ctrl+c

Version 3.0-788
More movie cleanup. Removes the remaining globals that didn't need to be global, rearranges some code to make more sense, and removes some redundant code.

Version 3.0-787
Misc movie cleanup and fixes

Version 3.0-786
Keeping padding right is so hard

Version 3.0-785
Save disc changes to .dtm, and load the full movie header every time it's loaded.

Version 3.0-784
Hey, long time no commits :).
So to compensate lets bring back some speed to the emulation.
Change a little the way the vertex are send to the gpu,
This first implementation changes dx9 a lot and dx11 a little to increase the parallelism between the cpu and gpu.
Ogl: is my next step in ogl is a little more trickier so i have to take a little more time.
The original concept is Marcos idea, with my little touch to make it even more faster.
What to look for: SPEEEEEDDD :).
Please test it a lot and let me know if you see any problem.
In dx9 the code is prepared to fall back to the previous implementation if your card does not support the amount of buffers needed.
So if you did not experience any speed gains you know where is the problem :).
For the ones with more experience and compression of the code please test changing the amount and size of the buffers to tune this for your specific machine.
The current values are the sweet spot for my machine.
All must Thanks Marcos, I hate him for giving good ideas when I'm full of work.

Version 3.0-776
Optimize JitCache::InvalidateICache by maintaining a "valid blocks" bitset

Most of the InvalidateICache calls are for a 32 bytes block: this is the number of bytes invalidated by PowerPC dcb*/icb* instructions. Profiling shows that a lot of CPU time is spent checking if there are any JIT blocks covered by these 32 bytes (using std::map::lower_bound).

This patch adds a bitset containing the state of every 32 bytes block in RAM (JIT cached/not JIT cached). Using that, a 32 bytes InvalidateICache can check in the bitset if any JIT block might be invalidated. A bitset check is a lot faster than an std::map::lower_bound operation, improving performance of JitCache::InvalidateICache by more than 100%.

Some practical numbers:

* Xenoblade Chronicles (PAL)
56.04FPS -> 59.28FPS (+5.78%)
* The Last Story (PAL)
30.9FPS -> 32.83FPS (+6.25%)
* Super Mario Galaxy (PAL)
59.76FPS -> 62.46FPS (+4.52%)

This function still takes more time than it should - more optimization in this area might be possible (specializing for 32 bytes blocks to avoid useless memcpy, for example).

Version 3.0-775
Implement a simple benchmarking mode which logs FPS to a file

Very useful to compare performance between two builds, check the impact of a configuration option, etc. FPS log is stored in User/Logs/fps.txt and is reset each time you launch a game. Only enabled if you check the "Log FPS to file" option in your graphics settings.

Could be improved a bit: currently logs only every 1s (so you can't really see small variations), maybe output more infos to the fps.txt like average/stddev (but Excel/Libreoffice/Google Docs can compute that easily too).

Version 3.0-774
Video_DX11: Remove some redundant code.

Version 3.0-772
Pas de description

Version 3.0-771
Should fix issue 5630.

Version 3.0-770
Should actually load the backend when it changes via game INI

Version 3.0-769
Allow the user to set graphics backend from Game INI. Zero GUI option available for setting.

Version 3.0-768
This changes a mmap in MemArena so you don't need 786MB of memory free to actually allocate the 1GB memory space in Linux 32bit. I was also running in to this issue in my development. Kudos to plbl4ster to actually taking the time to research this. Closes issue 5625.

Version 3.0-767
F-Zero and Phantasy Star Online Memory Card Manager support. Thanks to Ralf from GS Central

Original information:

Signed-off-by: LPFaint99

Version 3.0-766
Revert merges of aram-dma-fixes and memcard-delay

These merges, while in theory improving emulation accuracy, cause issues in other parts of the emulator based on invalid assumptions. memcard-delay fixed some of these issues in the EXI memcard code, but several other problems still exist and I don't have the time to debug that right now.

Version 3.0-765
Fix broken build when using SDL from Externals.

The problem here was the logic that detects SDL in the main CMakeLists.txt is not the same as it is in DolphinWX/CmakeLists.txt to set libraries. When using SDL from Externals it failed at link time because -lSDL was never set. This fixes the problem by using the same condition logic to set the libs as used when detecting SDL in the first place.

Version 3.0-764
Gameconfig ini updates/additions: The Ant Bully, WWE Day of Reckoning 1 & 2, Dream Pinball 3d, Pokepark, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Spider-Man: SD, Another Code:R, Geist, The Incredibles 2, Skies of Arcadia Legends.

Version 3.0-763
Merge branch 'remove-libav-deprecation'

Version 3.0-760
Fix frame skipping on non-win32 systems missing libav Fixes issue 4097.

Version 3.0-759
Use correct linker flags for SDL.

Version 3.0-758
Partially revert be200074e9ed for OS X systems

/dev/shm is not a tmpfs mountpoint on that operating system. Use /tmp but keep
the unlinking to avoid useless disk IO.

Version 3.0-757
Merge branch 'memcard-delay'

Version 3.0-755
[Linux] Change from using /tmp to /dev/shm in MemArena so we don't cause any disk IO, also unlink file while it is open to allow multiple instances running. This was discussed months ago, but was never implemented for whatever reason.

Version 3.0-754
FifoPlayer: Fix fifo log playback in dual-core mode.

Version 3.0-753
Use do { ... } while (0) for the *_LOG macros

Without this patch, such code would not compile:

if (cond)
WARN_LOG(FOO, "msg");
WARN_LOG(FOO, "msg2");

Version 3.0-752
bugfix for memorycard manager. fixes exporting from page > 1 on slot b, thanks to suloku for reporting

Signed-off-by: LPFaint99

Version 3.0-751
Added a check for out of bounds memory accesses. Fixes Avatar: The Last Airbender (GC).

Version 3.0-750
Revert the recent zcomploc changes including the Graphic_Fixes merge.

- It's wrong, zcomploc can't be emulated perfectly in HW backends without severely impacting performance.
- It provides virtually no advantages over the previous hack while introducing lots of code.
- There is a better alternative: If people insist on having some sort of valid zcomploc emulation, I suggest rendering each primitive separately while using a _clean_ dual-pass approach to emulate zcomploc.

This reverts commit 0efd4e5c29766ba5f5d22204339637ade9ccec83.
This reverts commit b4ec836aca4392a86b864dc58b1030ca616fe0d5.
This reverts commit bb4c9e2205d4117f48fd4ca50774ee56c28c92e4.
This reverts commit 146b02615c07dd52dddaa18b7e23d09bc23b549e.

Version 3.0-745
Skipped the ZCompLoc pass if the result can be determined at compile time. Brings back the speed lost by r146b02615c07.

Version 3.0-739
Fix a typo in the indexed color vertex loader

Patch from konpie: http://forums.dolphin-emulator.com/showthread.php?tid=24658

Version 3.0-735
Fix accesses to the 16 lower pixels of the EFB with OpenGL

The GL EFB cache did not clamp correctly the coordinates when computing the rectangle it needed to cache, leading to negative values being used as indexes and often crashes.

Fixes issue 5510.

Version 3.0-734
Optimised the JitCache struct size from 88 bytes to 80 bytes. Thanks to Lioncash for the patch.

Version 3.0-733
Use the right modifier for hotkeys on Mac Fixes issue 5324.

Version 3.0-732
Merge branch 'bba' OS X support not impl

Version 3.0-721
Re-add hack to use SDL/SDL.h ifndef _WIN32.

The correct convention is to use #include SDL.h in all cases but we have to do this so Externals/SDL builds, which isn't in the best shape.

Version 3.0-720
Add periodic effects for haptic devices.

This adds support for drivers supporting sine, square and triangle periodic haptic effects. This allows rumble to work on devices/drivers supporting these effects, such as an xbox controller using the xpad driver under Linux.

Version 3.0-718
fixes issue 5507

Version 3.0-717
reset samples_avail when stopping gc mic sampling. fixes Mario Party 7

Version 3.0-716
Implemented proper timing in the "No audio output" back-end.

Version 3.0-715
Removed the offset if the ZCompLoc GREATER or LESS function is used. Fixes the invisible player in THPS3.

Version 3.0-714
Add a missing Invalidate() call in ~TextureCache(). Fixes a regression from 8bed27a3d1e3 causing textures to load improperly when a game is run two times in the same Dolphin instance

Version 3.0-713
Merge branch 'translation-updates'

Version 3.0-710
Merge branch 'awesome-texcache-cleanups-and-fixes'

Version 3.0-702
Only call CheckExceptions in dcbz in interpreter mode, use FL_ENDBLOCK for Jit64. Now RS3 demo disc does ingame with Jit and block_size = 1

Version 3.0-701
Check for DSI exceptions after a dcbz instruction. Fixes Rogue Squadron 3 in interpreter mode.

Version 3.0-700
Added a button to dump the FakeVMEM from the memory debugger if the game uses it

Version 3.0-692
Remove "Disable Textures".

Version 3.0-691
Remove "Disable Lighting".

Version 3.0-690
Removed the check for changed JIT blocks before invalidation. Fixes the slow speed in Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest.

Fixes issue 5454.

Version 3.0-689
Fast mipmaps deserves to die!!

Version 3.0-688
Remove some TODOs.

Version 3.0-687
OSX build fix for BPStructs. Thanks to pauldacheez for the fix.

Version 3.0-686
Fixed "Failed to compile pixel shader" error when Per-Pixel Lighting is enabled. Thanks to slmpika for the fix.

Version 3.0-685
Changed MOVDDUP to use MOVSD on non-SSE3 CPU's. Added DMA wait time under DSP HLE mode. Fixes Knockout Kings 2003.

Version 3.0-684
Checked if dcbst instructions are preceded by dcbt. If it is, the game is prefetching memory into the data cache, and not loading new code. In these cases, the JIT cache will no longer be flushed. Fixes the frequent "Clearing code cache" issue in games like "The Last Story".

Version 3.0-683
Fix changing internal resolution via hotkeys (settings above 1.5x weren't accessible anymore before).

Version 3.0-682
Update the viewport when the scissor offset is changed

Fixes a bug with Another Code: R that was noticed when gx-optimization was merged.

Version 3.0-681
Fix core dump on start up on linux. Thanks to degasus.

Version 3.0-680
Fix compilation errors with g++4.7

Version 3.0-679
Fixed the Cheat Search. Patch by nagosaki.

Version 3.0-678
Merge rodolfoosvaldobogado's zcomploc code (Graphic_Fixes branch)

Version 3.0-673
Actually fixes crashing on start up.

Version 3.0-655
Merge branch 'misc-speedups'

* misc-speedups:
fixed and reenabled and slightly optimized the JIT version of fcmpo/fcmpu.
slightly more precise speed percent display (this is really minor) a small thread synchronization speedup for dual core mode. it's most noticeable in games where the CPU is running behind compared to the GPU.


The Fifo.cpp changes from rdaefb3b550e2 was not merged as there was no performance benefit.

Version 3.0-651
Merge branch 'gx-optimization'

This branch reduces the number of useless state flushes in the video emulation layer by checking whether a BP/XF change will have an effect or not. Greatly reduces the number of GL calls per frame.

Thanks to degasus for his help!

Version 3.0-645
Merge branch 'hires-tex-improvements'

Version 3.0-638
Fixes issue 5428. Thanks delroth.

Version 3.0-637
Moved the _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 definition before the dependency checks. Fixes compilation on Linux x86.

Version 3.0-636
Changed a JMP that needed to be a far JMP in JITIL.

Version 3.0-635
Invalidated the JIT cache when the dcbst instruction is used.

Version 3.0-634
Changed the block linker to work on physical addresses. Checked whether the code has changed before invalidating it. Fixes the cut-scenes in Tales of Graces.

Fixes issue 2933.

Version 3.0-633
Implement a better heuristic to detect whether an ELF is for GC or Wii

Version 3.0-632
Fix DVD root path for Wii games. Now Wii games can be booted using extracted files instead of a disc image.

Version 3.0-631
Fixed texture encoding in DX11. Thanks to wordmanwords for the patch.

Version 3.0-630
Fixed texture encoding. Fixes the interaction with objects in Another Code R. Thanks to wordmanwords for the patch.

Fixes issue 5405.

Version 3.0-629
Add Wii DVD integrity checking to Dolphin

This allows users to easily check whether their Wii dump is corrupted or not
using the Dolphin properties window. Right click on a game, Properties,
Filesystem tab, then right click on the game partition and select "Check
partition integrity".

This may have some false negatives due to the unused clusters heuristic (see
the comment in VolumeWiiCrypted.cpp). False positives are unlikely.

Version 3.0-601
Corrected the file offset within the FST of virtual disks (used by the DVD Root path function).

Version 3.0-600
Merge branch 'AudioStreaming'

* AudioStreaming:
Reset the stream playing flag on init.
force VolumeDirectory to align files to 32KB (only streaming audio files really need to be aligned...)
Removed the DTK Music option. It is now always enabled.
Added the response for audio streaming disc offset requests. Generate an AI interrupt at the end of the audio streaming loop. Fixes Pac-man Fever and the background music in Eternal Darkness.
Fixed the erroneous looping in audio streaming games like Eternal Darkness and Zoids: Battle Legends. Thanks for the tip, tueidj.

Version 3.0
Tons of bug fixes: This totally deserves to be a major point for this release. There's been roughly 2500 commits between 2.0 and this release, so there are REALLY too many changes to mention. All kinds of stuff from strange UI behavior, crashes, graphical glitches and other sorts of problems were fixed. For example, many games which didn't boot at all in Dolphin are working fine now.
Improvements to the user interface: The configuration dialogs were restructured in a more sensible manner to ease emulator usage for new users. The video config dialog received a complete overhaul and features a description panel for each option now.
Various feature additions: This release also features support for the Wiimote speaker, EFB format change emulation, a gfx debugger, audio dumping, and many other stuff
Low level DSP emulation: Thanks to numerous fixes to the LLE emulator engine, audio emulation in Dolphin is close to perfect now (provided that one has the necessary DSP dumps of course)
New API support: Added a D3D11 video backend and an XAudio2 audio backend
Removal of the plugin interface: The 2.0 release already had seen the introduction of plugin rewrites; the new plugins have been brought to feature parity and replaced them so well, that we decided to merge all plugins the Core. Further improvements are better suited as additions in the current infrastructure since this architecture allows for a much better integration with the other parts of Dolphin.
Translation support: Recently we introduced supporting for translating Dolphin into any language. However, due to a lack of well-done translations it was decided to only ship a set of eight translations (Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish) with Dolphin 3.0.
Performance/Accuracy: There have been some performance optimizations (especially in the texture decoder), but generally speaking performance decreased in favor of more accurate hardware emulation.
Building Dolphin: The Windows build uses MSVC 2010 now, Linux users should use the new CMake build system. OS X people still compile Dolphin via SCons.

Rev 4525
Lots of code cleanup and the like, as well as the highlights:

Dolphin GUI:
Fix issues with dialog windows accepting keyboard input.

Dolphin Core:
Fixed SPS in Soul Calibur 2 with JIT.
Fixed the good 'ol TLBHack, which might fool some games into running again.
Implement an opcode which makes it possible to get into the NES games in Animal Crossing - unplayable graphics though ;p
'Rewrite memory management, hopefully banishing "failed to map 1 gb contiguous memory" 32-bit Dolphin errors to history'
Fix Peek_Color bug that was only present in JIT x64 build.
Added Lua Interface for scripting actions within dolphin! (Currently loads and runs scripts from file)

Software Graphics plugin:
Added TEV stage output dumping.
Fixed Command Processor interrupt handling.

DirectX Graphics plugin:
Many accuraccy fixes and speedups, for specifics please see SVN commit logs.
Implemented more proper EFB behavior.
Fix crashes which could happen when resizing the render window.

OpenGL Graphics plugin:
Fixed depth of field effect in Wind Waker (use copy EFB to GL texture).

Version 4466
Dolphin GUI/Integrated Tools:
Memcard Manager: Fixed exporting gci files
Many fixes related to the GUI now supporting unicode
Move to wxAUI, which is wxw-speak for GUI with decently modern features Tongue
Gamelist has new, improved look and feel (you can jump to games alphabetically with you keyboard)
Added ability to dump full filesystems from GC and Wii discs. For GC discs, this includes the main apploader and dol

Dolphin Core:
Add "auto" mode to the frameskipper
_Massive_ stability fixes and bugfixes to JIT/JITIL
Implementation of Instruction Cache (interpreter only)
More accurate and complete FPU emulation (mostly visible in interpreter)
Added/Fixed Tool-Assisted-Speedrun features
Added the Triforce baseboard's SI and EXI devices (and JVS I/O), and media board behavior.

* Implementation is enough to get some games running, but requires more work for more games Smile

Many fixes to Netplay feature
Allow plugins to be specified from the command line
Fix some issues with loading WADs
Stabilization of savestates
Added "Reset" function - the equivalent of tapping the reset button

Audio (Common audio features):
Added ALSA backend

Video (Common video features):
Fix PeekARGB
Fix flickering in some games
Optimization of shader generation and handling
Generally better shader error handling
Add widescreen hack

Wiimote (actually fixed in internal IPC HLE):
Fix wiimote usage in homebrew

Enable editing of registers displayed in the register window
Add ability to flip between ASCII and floating point values in mem view

OpenGL plugin:
Remove unneeded projection hacks

DirectX plugin:
Fixed up and FAST! (literally too many fixes for me to list ;p )
Enable toggling of safe texture cache
Enable toggling of EFB reads from cpu

Software Graphics plugin (NEW!):
Totally new plugin, intended for debugging and very accurate emulation - SLOW, don't feel the need to tell the team to make it faster Smile

DSPLLE plugin:
More reversing done, more left to go Smile

DSPHLE plugin:
Fix various games booting where they would hang before
Reversing and implementation of many of the more intricate behaviors of ucodes, expect better sound in most games.

Improve SD interaction
Fix rom dumping

OSX build compiles and runs...(yes, even Snow Leopard)
OpenCL is being actively worked on to speed up texture conversion and other areas. Not enabled in normal builds yet.
Many, many tweaks here and there to increase speed, stability, and code cleanliness

Version 3972:
-Wii menu boots again!
-Change disk works again!
-Frameskipper!!!!!!! game are more playable if they were slow due to gpu.
-wiimote is working again.
-tons of sound fixes.
-more jit speed ups.
-DVD covers are reported like a real wii - MP3 now boots again.
-multi crashes fixed in games and gui.
-some memory leaks fixed.
-framelimiter working better.
-FPS display is tons better.
-lots of work on wii input for linux and macos builds.
-work on decompressing wii iso's
-Fix "Show EFB copy regions"
-TAS support added and working.
-FIFO bug fixes.
-GH3 Guitar support added to wiimote plugin tested and works fine.
-fixed most jittering issues with games. I still rarely see it in 1 game.
-Add Taiwan to the Country Codes 20:beta auto frameskipping limit (if framelimit & frameskipping is on, it wont skip more then needed or the maximum you set)

Version 3661:
- Good news, the Duel Core bug has been corrected. we can now enjoy ZWW and SMG in its full speed goodness! bins comming soon.
- This has to be one of the best releases we have done in a long time! With Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda Wind Waker both having functing sound. Also, Super Mario Galaxy having its Graphical issues fixed and is now completelly playable! Download and post some screen shots on the Super Mario Galaxy thread in the previous news post! Check the svn changes for more details on whats been changed/fixed in the source code.
- Mario Kart DD is fully working as well with sound.
- We are aware real wiimotes are not working currently and its being looked at now.

Version 3404:
Notable changes since the last bi-weekly build:

* Fixed idle skipping in the JITIL build.
* Fix handling of various pad modes Luigi's Mansion finally has correct triggers
* Some possibly major speed boosts to the JITIL build (try with ProfiledReJIT = True in [Core] section of Dolphin.ini)
* More intuitive scaling/resolution settings for the OpenGL plugin.
* Mad hax included to patch Wave Race: Blue Storm
* Improvements to Wii file handling: some VC games (Zelda: A Link to the Past!) can succeed where they didn't before.
Also fixed other things, probably too numerous to mention.
* OpenGL: fix leaking of fragment shaders
* Some improvements to the wii dvd device, can almost boot from wii menu

New features:
* File platform is shown in the gamelist, and it is a sortable category.
* WAD files can be shown in the gamelist
* Framelimiter added (from Iulius)
* Added ability to tack on custom shaders in the OpenGL plugin.

...And of course, a host of other bugfixes and smaller changes.

Voici une petite vidéo :

http://dolphin-emu.org Site officiel : http://dolphin-emu.org

Télécharger Télécharger Emulateur GameCube / Wii : Dolphin v5.0
Les fichiers avec l'extension 7z se décompressent avec winrar ou 7zip.

548 commentaires
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^ Déconnecté dino974
#1, posté le 31/03/09 à 15:40:53
430 messages
Gros parleur
assez compliqué au niveau de la configuration :/
Choisir un Film : La meilleure solution quand on ne sait pas quel film regarder
^ Déconnecté wiibenwii
#2, posté le 02/04/09 à 05:33:45
25 messages
En effet, quelqu'un à réussi à faire marcher ?
^ Déconnecté Attila
#3, posté le 02/04/09 à 09:03:56
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
il y a un soucis avec le plugin DSP je crois, il faut que vous téléchargiez sur le site officiel une ancienne version du prog et remplacez le plugin
^ Déconnecté abarial
#4, posté le 10/04/09 à 14:23:15
1 messages
Petit nouveau
probleme avec DSP,quelqu'un aurait-il la solution?:;)::
^ Déconnecté Attila
#5, posté le 14/04/09 à 16:49:15
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
j'ai mis une nouvelle version mais cette fois ci le plugin wiimote ne fonctionne pas xD...
téléchargez le plugin sur le site officiel (en fait téléchargez tout) et remplacez le dans cette version
^ Déconnecté dino974
#6, posté le 14/04/09 à 18:39:44
430 messages
Gros parleur
la reconnaissance de la wiimote est elle impérative ? par exemple un jeu come super smash bros brawl est jouable a la manette game cube ::wtf::
^ Déconnecté House64
#7, posté le 30/04/09 à 11:29:38
2784 messages
Dieu des dieux
Quelle est la différence entre la version normale et IL ?
^ Déconnecté Romaindf23
#8, posté le 30/04/09 à 12:45:57
2010 messages
Dieu des dieux
Moi j'ai un problème quand je lance un jeu il me dit impossible de lire les plugins pad GC et me dit de les configurer mais à chaque fois que je veux les configurés il me dit impossible de les lire et pouf ca me fait un truc avec rapport d'erreur et ca se ferme .
Quelqu'un a une solution?
^ Déconnecté TDX26
#9, posté le 30/04/09 à 15:16:41
3 messages
Petit nouveau
Trop cool merci de la bombe , je joue avec ssb manette 360 en 1920 sa défonce ^^"
^ Déconnecté Attila
#10, posté le 30/04/09 à 15:23:25
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
romaindf23, regarde dans les options pour la liste des plugins, il y a le plugin Wiimote qui n'est pas listé, il faut télécharger une version sur le site officiel, récupérer ce plugin et le remplacer dans la dernière version SVN
^ Déconnecté Romaindf23
#11, posté le 30/04/09 à 15:38:03
2010 messages
Dieu des dieux
Je n'ai pas télécharger ton dolphin J'ai était sur leur site en fait pour télécharger le dernier dolphin sortis "dolphin 3089"il faut quand meme que je rajoute les plugins wiimote,gamecube... alors qu'ils sont dedans (j'ai vérifier)?
^ Déconnecté Attila
#12, posté le 30/04/09 à 15:43:41
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
dans les options choisis les ^^
si t'a des problèmes, soit sur d'avoir le dernier directx
^ Déconnecté Romaindf23
#13, posté le 30/04/09 à 15:59:31
2010 messages
Dieu des dieux
Je pense que ca soit cela car en fait quand je fais configuration puis Plugins ya les ligne Pad et Wiimote blanche alors que pourtant les plugins sont bien dans le dossier Plugins c'est comme si ils n'étaient pas détectés alors qu'ils sont là.::'(:: c'est bizarrre quand meme.

J'ai meme tester sur un autre ordi ca me fait pareil "Error Loading Plugins/Plugin_PadSimple.dll" pour le Pad et la wiimote "Error Loading Plugins/Plugin_Wiimote.dll" pour la Wiimote.
^ Déconnecté Attila
#14, posté le 30/04/09 à 16:52:21
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
tu a le dernier directx ?
^ Déconnecté Romaindf23
#15, posté le 30/04/09 à 17:07:51
2010 messages
Dieu des dieux
Je crois pas je le télécharge ou?
^ Déconnecté Attila
#16, posté le 30/04/09 à 17:08:23
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
google télécharger directx ::)::
^ Déconnecté Romaindf23
#17, posté le 30/04/09 à 17:12:57
2010 messages
Dieu des dieux
Je l'ai fait mais ca va mettre du temps 100 MO lol.
Mais c'est quand meme bizarre mon problème non? comme si il ne détectait pas les plugins Wiimote et Pad alors qu'ils sont là pourtant.

EDIT:Non ca marche toujours pas pourtant j'ai installé directx (celui de mars 2009)donc je pense pas que ca vienne de là.Toi cà marche ou pas?Sinon tu me file le dossier déjà extrait et je teste.
^ Déconnecté Attila
#18, posté le 30/04/09 à 19:01:55
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
j'avais testé sur un pc pas mis à jour et ça fonctionnait pas non plus ::(::
si tu trouve la solution, tu pourra la partager (recherche sur le forum du site officiel)
^ Déconnecté Romaindf23
#19, posté le 30/04/09 à 19:12:26
2010 messages
Dieu des dieux
C'est bon j'ai réussi il faut installer le directx de mars 2009,en fait on extrait les fichiers directx grace à lui puis il faut les installer en cliquand sur le .EXE parmis les fichiers que cela a extrait ensuite cà marche nikel je vais tester un jeu là.
^ Déconnecté Snouki
#20, posté le 01/05/09 à 10:00:28
8875 messages
Dieu des dieux
Un petit lien vers directX ?
^ Déconnecté Attila
#21, posté le 01/05/09 à 12:17:46
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
^ Déconnecté House64
#22, posté le 01/05/09 à 16:08:33
2784 messages
Dieu des dieux
Moi je connais bien dolphin, je le télécharge depuis sa révision 1943 (je crois). Je ne le trouve pas spécialement compliqué à configurer. Si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas je suis là.
La configuration la plus recommandé au niveau des plugins et:
Video: Dolphin OPEN-GL (toutefois, certains jeux ont un meilleur rendu avec DirectX)
Son: Celui par défaut, je me souvient plus de son nom. (l'autre plante souvent)
Pad: Njoy 0.3 si vous avez un pad, sinon vous pouvez toujours utiliser l'autre.
Si il vous dit qu'il y a une erreur lorsque vous voulez changer la configuration, clic droit sur l'application, propriétés, et cochez "exécuter ce programme en tant qu'admistrateur (sous vista).
Pour le tester le meilleur jeu est "super smash bros melee". S'il marche relativement bien c'est bon.
^ Déconnecté Florimond
#23, posté le 07/05/09 à 10:09:33
2 messages
Petit nouveau
quelqu'un peut m'aider à configurer Dolphin car quand je lance une partie voici le message d'erreur qui apparait (les menus fonctionnent) :
Fifo_CPUWritePointer out of bounds : 13140ae0 (end = 04000000)
par avance merci::^^::::^^::
^ Déconnecté Attila
#24, posté le 07/05/09 à 14:03:37
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
tente de changer de plugin
^ Déconnecté Florimond
#25, posté le 07/05/09 à 15:24:39
2 messages
Petit nouveau
ou le trouver ?::^^::
^ Déconnecté Attila
#26, posté le 07/05/09 à 18:11:15
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
dans la liste des options
^ Déconnecté streelok
#27, posté le 08/05/09 à 21:39:39
1 messages
Petit nouveau
Bonjour a tous moi je veux savoir qu'elle est la bonne config materiel pour jouer corretement
^ Déconnecté House64
#28, posté le 26/05/09 à 17:57:02
2784 messages
Dieu des dieux
Il faut un ordi assez ressent, allez il te faut un windows XP ou vista avec de préférence au moins 2Go de ram, un bon prossesseur (pour savoir, testez la vitesse de démarrage, ou lorsque vous lançez plusieurs applications en même temps, plus sa ramme, moins votre prossesseur est puissant)et évidement, une bonne carte graphique (plus il fait tourner sans problème des jeux ressent, mieux c'est)
^ Déconnecté Madonna
#29, posté le 26/05/09 à 22:18:56
45 messages
moi j'ai un problème, Warning, failed to grab 1 GB of coniguous memory
do you have an antivirus or any other programs bla bla bla
je vais essayer de déactiver le plus de programme que possible. ::(::
iPhone info, tout le hack, jailbreak, désimlock iPhone iPad iPod
^ Déconnecté Attila
#30, posté le 26/05/09 à 22:41:03
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
tu a le dernier directx ?

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