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Wiiflow est un USB/SD Loader pour lire les backups de jeux Wii sur disque dur USB, clé USB ou carte SD ainsi que le formatage WBFS/NTFS/FAT32. L'interface est basé sur un "coverflow" affichant les pochettes des jeux.

Wiiflow et Open Wiiflow étant abandonnés, voici une nouvelle version par Fledge68.


- Support des backups Wii sur USB ou SD/SDHC formaté en WBFS/NTFS/FAT32.
- Support des backups GameCube si vous avez DML.
- Compatibilité quasiment à 100% avec les cIOS d2x, même ceux appelés "IOS Reload".
- Mise en cache complète de la liste des jeux, pour permettre une très large liste de de plusieurs milliers de jeux en 2 ou 3 secondes.
- Support de thèmes étendu.
- Possibilité de jouer le format THP des animations d'intro de chaque jeu.
- Traduit complètement dans plus de 22 langues.
- Possibilité de définir une image personnalisée pour chaque jeu.
- Possibilité de jouer plusieurs fichiers audio incluant le mp3, wad, bns, mod, s3m et ogg.
- Support complet de l'émulation de NAND pour les chaines, WiiWare et VC.
- Possibilité de rediriger les sauvegardes de jeux Wii vers l'USB à partir des révisions 416.

Version 5.4.8
removed - now when you have only the front cover image wiiflow will use that platform's custom blank cover image for the spine and back of the cover. committed in 5.4.7 it caused a second of black screen when selecting a source or tier.
fixed a crash in 5.4.7 when linking a source button to plugins.

Version 5.4.7

fixed using plugin dol path via the apps folder that was broken in last release.

fixed displaying music titles when you only have one music file in wiiflow music folder.

fixed saving and loading enabled plugins upon exit and startup. This stops the "no plugins selected" message upon returning to wiiflow when you previously used the Select Plugin Menu.

fixed custom backgrounds when using the Select Plugin Menu.

fixed devolution for usb only users.

fixed plugin system to handle more than 128 plugins. upped to 255 plugins.

fixed to apply game settings when autoboot a non plugin game.

fixed wii game booting on vwii (an issue started in 5.4.0 release). could also help with normal wii.

added source menu setup via controller Home button while viewing source menu. Setup includes hide buttons, link buttons to plugins, and set roms path of plugins.

added wiiflow/covers/homebrew_small folder so when using homebrew smallbox mode you can use your own custom covers instead of the apps icon.png
added option to upsample/resample music audio to 48khz. code taken from wiixplorer thanks to dimok.
added 'Always show main icons' option page 14 of main settings. this prevents the main screen icons from hiding.
added proxy support for downloading with the option to use wii's config or settings via wiiflow_lite.ini.(blackb0x)
fixed download timeouts & updated wolfSSL.(blackb0x)
organized main settings pg 10 thru 14 better.
now when you have only the front cover image wiiflow will use that platform's custom blank cover image for the spine and back of the cover.
use RiiConnect24 geckocodes archive since geckocodes.org was shutdown.
language updates and general code cleanup

Version 5.2.0
fixed downloading flat front covers. saved in proper folder now. no longer stretched to cover entire box.
fixed game/banner sound sometimes memory leak.
fixed custom missing covers, broken in last release.
fixed theme config saving via '1' button on home menu. broken in last release.
fixed magic #'s for short covers. broken in last release.
fixed source menu button autoboot for realnand and emunand sources.
fixed wfl_as_wiiflow to use correct stub.bin to return to wiiflow after a plugin game.
fixed Select Plugin menu when using nand and emunand plugins.
fixed classic controller left stick by removing old wiiuse libs from portlibs and use newer libs in libogc. also adjusted lstick and rstick values in btnmap.h
replaced 'init network' with 'mount SD only' on startup settings menu.
added reboot when 'SD only' is changed.
changed and added a few gecko prints.
added GC banner sound options by einsteinx2 to page 11 of main settings menu.
now using font.ttf in imgs folder as default font. it looks better.
added plugins 'game info' menu with snapshots and cart/disk pics. big thanks to wiimpathy for all the database xml's and gathering all the pics and writing the code.
added custom coverflow background via source menu button. add 'background=img_name.png or .jpg to any source menu button. put the background images in wiiflow/backgrounds.
added option to use theme subfolders for the backgrounds and source tier backgrounds. put a folder named the theme in the backgrounds folders and put your images in it. these backgrounds will only load if using that theme.
added option to use multiple homebrew plugins each with it's own romdir=. first six characters of magic# must be 484252. the last two can be random.
restored homebrew to use coverflow with favorites, categories, and adult only.
added fix to make sure -0.00 shows as 0.00 for values on adjust coverflow menu.
on adjust coverflow menu, moved parameter selection from middle top to next line on left to keep from mixing with coverflow title.
now when changing coverflow layout with '1' and '2' the current cover stays as the current cover.
added 'Lock coverflow layouts' option to page 12 of main settings. if set to yes this will disable the 1 and 2 buttons to keep users from switching flow layouts.
moved source menu settings to page 12 of main settings. no more pressing 'home' while viewing the source menu/flow.
moved homebrew settings to page 12 of main settings. no more pressing 'home' while viewing homebrew flow.
replaced homebrew button on main screen with categories button. new images thanks to Hakaisha. no more 'B' on favorites star.
replaced adult only button on game selected screen with categories button. no more 'B' on favorites star.
homebrew button is now restored as one of the quick launch buttons or accessible via source menu or plugin select menu
adult only option now replaces the categories option of the game settings menu page 1 line 1.
locking wiiflow no longer blocks homebrew access. you must use the adult only option for each homebrew app to block kids from accessing it.
adjusted the position of main buttons on main screen and moved the song title to very top of screen.
many language updates thanks to DDinghoya (korean), Brawl345 (German), and CrewMDK (spanish, english).

Version 4.2.1
-Sourceflow, now you can view all sources in a coverflow too
-Completely reworked default theme by mamule, thanks to him alot for all the
-added experimental autoboot function for source menu buttons, just add
"autoboot=ID" for channel, wii and gc game buttons or "autoboot=TITLE" for
plugin and homebrew buttons. Replace ID/TITLE with the game ID/Title you want to
boot when clicking on the button of course.
-added "allow_b_on_questionmark" to the wiiflow.ini so you can disable the
random game bootup when pressing b on the question mark icon
-added new source menu config menu access it via startup settings menu
-wiiflow will now slightly fadeout to black after one minute of no activity
-added Nintendont GC Loader support
-added custom titles support for plugin roms
-added 4 nand presets to the nand setting page 2
-added the vwii widescreen fix by tueidj
-added quite alot of new options to wiiflow to set various things
-fixed ALOT of bugs which prevented games from booting, letting wiiflow crash

Wiiflow 4.2
Serveur FTP & explorateur de fichiers accessibles depuis le menu d'accueil.
Outil de téléchargement de langues, accessible dans les paramètres généraux.
Sélectionneur d'emplacements pour celui de WiiFlow et de la mémoire NAND émulée, accessible dans les paramètres généraux.
Outil de téléchargement de bannières personnalisées, situé dans les paramètres des jeux (principalement pour les jeux GameCube)
Installateur de fichiers WAD pour les chaînes sur mémoire NAND émulée, utilisable via l'explorateur de fichier et permettant également de désinstaller des chaînes comme pour tout autre jeux.
Installeur automatique de MIOS pour différents jeux GameCube (utiliser le nouveau dossier "mios" dans le dossier de WiiFlow, copier dm.wad pour DIOS MIOS, dml.wad pour DIOS MIOS Lite, gfusb.wad pour QuadForce USB, gfsd.wad pour QuadForce SD et mios.wad pour tous les fichiers MIOS standard, les fichiers WAD que vous avez besoin de copier dépendent de votre usage personnel).
Nouvelle fonctionnalité "Source Menu" permettant de choisir plusieurs coverflows à afficher simultanément (dans les paramètres de démarrage, activer Multisource, utiliser ensuite utiliser le bouton + pour choisir plusieurs sources).
WiiFlow est désormais totalement compatible avec UStealth, un outil permettant d'éviter que la Wii U pose la question du formatage du disque dur (cf. http://gbatemp.net/threads/352786 pour davantage de détails).

Wiiflow 4.1.3
hey guys, time to update to 4.1.3!
not much changed this time but you know stability updates are important, thats the log:
-added my ntsc-j patch for gc games, meaning you should be able to play japanese gc games on non-japanese properly now
-updated the wii game video patching, now if you set video patching to normal or higher, it will also apply the sneek video patch, this will give you a much higher compatility in patching video modes
-added fwrite patch, just set debugger to OSReport
-fixed up some neek rev checks
-replaced the "Disabled" hooktype by "AUTO", meaning it will automatically set the hooktype VBI for you if you want to use cheats but forgot to select a hooktype
-added debugger pause back, it will be automatically enabled if you just use debugger but no cheats
-added full plugin dol path support, meaning if you use for example
dolFile=usb1:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol as dol file path,
wiiflow will also load it from there, if you just specify for example
dolFile=snes9xgx.dol, wiiflow will add the plugin path to it to build like
usb1:/wiiflow/plugins/snes9xgx.dol for loading
-added plugin dol path auto partition searching, meaning if you do
dolFile=apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, wiiflow will check through
sd:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, then usb1:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, etc.
-updated wiiflows libraries, this should give more stability especially for cover loading
-added quadforce 4+ support
-added a new plugin argument, {name_no_ext}, it will get replaced by the filename, just without its extension
-now required and selected categories are cleared whenever you change source(s)

Wiiflow 4.1.2 (r438)
hey guys, FIX94 here, felt like releasing 4.1.2 today, theres not much changed but still they are bugs in 4.1.1 we should fix fast ;)
-fixed a fatal bug that you cant see your wii games on first boot
-fixed plugin music doesnt work if you dont have background music normally
-fixed custom missing covers doesnt work properly
-rewrote parts of the alphabetic sort system, now the plugins in the plugin menu are also sorted
-added support for korean wii games (use it with neek or a korean wii)
-removed the press b on channel icon to switch to emu nand and back, this is now done on the fly by just selecting NAND as partition, of course this function is still completely disabled for neek users ;)
-removed the ios and force cios load options from the ini so they are only settable in the wiiflow startup menu from now on, that should stop wiiflow with mixing up ini and nand save options
-added a ini option to disable the source menu, use_source (enabled by default)
-finally added a "Back" button to the startup menu
-added plugin subfolder cache file creation to prevent overwriting on same filenames based on the coverFolder option in plugin inis, "subfolder_cache" in "EMULATOR" domain, enabled by default (thx matt0620 for base patches)

Wiiflow 4.1.1 (r437)
Hey guys, Joyeuses Paques !
Finalement, après 4 mois, je pense qu'il est temps que diffuser la 4.1.1. En regardant le svn du programme, nous avons fait des changement sur 143 fichiers, donc je ne suis pas sûr que tous les changements seront listés dans ce petit changelog. Actuellement, je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps en raison d'une vie personnelle bien remplie, donc je ne peut pas me souvenir de tout ce qui a été fait ces 4 derniers mois. Laissez moi simplement vous donner les changements important pour vous :
- Retour arrière sur la taille de lancement des homebrew, qui doit corriger le lancement d'homebrew sur les disques dur de 3tb+.
- Énorme accélération pour le lancement des chaînes en utilisant le vrai dol au lieu de lancer l'apploader. Ajout d'une option graphique pour chaque jeu pour revenir au lancement par le apploader, si cela est nécessaire pour des raisons de compatibilité, car avec le vrai dol, nous pouvons également faire un patching, donc vous pouvez forcer le mode vidéo, la lange, etc. avec vos wiiware et virtualconsole.
- L'option du wii disc light est également compatible avec les jeux wii et les chaînes. Si vous activez cette option, la lumière du disque wii sera toujours allumée lorsque vous jouez au jeu.
- Correction du contrôle de Wiimote, qui devrait maintenant mieux fonctionner avec les extensions comme le nunchuk et le classic controller. Les désagréments, comme le coverflow qui disparait lors de l'appui sur c du nunchuk, sont donc corrigés.
- Changement de notre propre système de patch, ce qui veut dire que les gens avec des problèmes d'affichage des textes dans wiiflow devraient tout voir correctement à nouveau.
- FINALEMENT, ajout d'une option pour utiliser le port usb 1, vérifiez simplement l'option de démarrage dans les propriétés générales. Dès que vous avez sélectionnez le port, et que vous retournez en arrière, wiiflow appliquera le changement à la volée. Cette option fonctionne également par wii, en utilisant le fichier sauvegardé pour votre wiiflow, donc si vous utilisez wiiflow sur une autre wii, wiiflow utilisera les options définies pour cette wii et non pour la votre.
- Mise à jour du support pour les jeux GC avec 2 disques, vous pouvez maintenant gérer les disques séparément. Par exemple, si vous masquez le disque 2, le disque 1 ne sera pas masqué aussi. Amélioration également du support de devolution, plus de noms de fichier sont vérifiés (gam1, gam2 et disc2 comparé au gam1 seulement).
- Ajout d'une option de lancement de jeu aléatoire. Appuyez simplement sur b sur l'icône de point d'interrogation pour lancer aléatoirement un jeu depuis votre coverflow courant.
- Ajout d'un moyen de combiner des coverflows multiple. Fonctionne uniquement si vous utilisez le "wiiflow packs" pour le menu source. Ensuite, appuyez simplement sur b sur l'image dans le coverflows que vous voulez combiner, revenez en arrière et le tout va être mixé.
- Correction de la gestion du fichier de configuration de wiiflow lorsqu'il est sur une partition NTFS.
- Ajout d'une option de screenshot pour dios-mios, vous pouvez la définir pour chaque jeu.
- Lorsque vous retournez dans wiiflow depuis un jeu etc. vous revenez maintenant dans le coverflow où vous étiez avant, vous ne retournez plus simplement dans le coverflow initial des jeux wii.
- Si seulement un fichier de musique existe, et est jouée, alors wiiflow n'affichera pas ces informations dans le coin haut de l'écran.
- Et enfin, dernière chose, mais pas la moindre, wiiflow est un peu plus rapide, proper et plus compatible, un certain nombre d'éléments éyant encore été nettoyé.

Je pense que c'est tout, si vous trouvez plus de choses, considérez les comme des easter egg :P

Wiiflow 4.1 (r436)
This time you dont just get bugfixes, also some cool new features and modifcations are there :)
At first, you have a new menu in the global settings, page 2, now you can set the cIOS load management directly in wiiflow, so if wiiflow runs better in a cIOS, just enable force cIOS load, or if you want the default cIOS 250 instead of 249, just set the force cIOS rev to 250 etc.
Wiiflow will now also auto create a savegame on your wii, and yes, a normal savegame which you can see in the system menu, there we save our new cIOS stuff from now on, and in the future we will for sure move more into that since the NAND loading time is much shorter!
Also, the credits button in the main coverflow is replaced by the help button (makes much more sense), and the help button in the home menu is replaced by a install game button.
To the game installation, finally you can directly select the partition from now on where you want to install the game, no need to go into global settings anymore and set the partition there to something else :)
Also we now have full vWii compatility, the forwarder is updated, using my new nand loader, and d2x works again, using my new installer and davebaols updated cIOS sources.
The stupid shutdown bug should be fixed now lol, as well as all NAND emulation bugs from SD card. Most network init bugs should be fixed now too, if you still have some play around with the "async_network" option in your wiiflow.ini a bit, for some people its better with and for some better without.
If you dont want to use the sd card to make debug logs may use the wifi gecko option, its much better and more detailed now in the debug output, even more than the sd card log! You can use the wifi gecko reader as always, see the readme in it.
The categories menu is now also affected by parental lock, so nothing bad can happen there anymore. Also if you select a partition for a plugin, it will be saved specifically for that plugin, that means easier plugin partition management. Last may important point is wiiflow now can load homebrew dols and elfs up to 32mb, old limit was 16mb.
I wont mention all the other cleanups, bugfixes and whatever done in this rev, but all that stuff should be reason enough to call it 4.1, have fun with this rev guys :)

Wiiflow 4.0.5 (r435)
Here is 4.0.5, and again it focuses on bugfixing, the bugs introduced with 4.0.3 are just too critical and still not fully fixed, I hope this time we have found the most annoying ones :)
In short that revision fixes more memory leaks, hopefully fixes all the device mounting issues your guys had, also plugins should display correctly now, not with the half of it missing, booting gamecube games in neek hopefully works now, wiiflow should basically run in wiiu wii mode (you cannot boot wii or gamecube games yet, channels homebrew and plugins work), added support for the new homebrew channel 1.1.1 and newer, wiiflow will automatically reload the cache if a new version is found from now on to prevent bugs or missing games, the general boot method changed from everything wiiflow can boot, that is a bit cleaner, you shouldn't notice any noticable difference though, its more in the code, also
I've added a battery bar so you can actually see the power level of your wiimotes, you can find it in the home menu, the debug messages should be cleaner and more detailed now, also the wifi gecko is improved, it should be at least as good as the sd gecko now, still it cannot print as much as the usb gecko.
Yea, that should be everything important for now, we will see us with the next release again, wiiflow is not dead just because of the wiiu, its wii mode can play wiiflow perfectly fine so I wont forget working on it if anybody thought that :P

Wiiflow 4.0.4 (r434)
Hello again guys, here is 4.0.4 for you!
This revision can be seen as stability update, we did not add alot this time because we are more focused on fixing bugs currently, hopefully this revision fixes most of the bugs you guys have with 4.0.3, I wont list all bugfixes because that would take a few days :P
If you get problems with this revision, then just stay with 4.0.3, because this rev is as said mainly fixing, and maybe new bugs came into that rev because of all changes we did, you know as it always happens if you fix something a new bug will appear.
However, they are a few new things which should be written down:
-added new option "dml_activity_led" (enabled by default), this controls the Drive LED when DIOS-MIOS (Lite) is busy
-added new option "force_cios_rev" (0 by default), if you set it to a IOS number like "222" then wiiflow will use IOS222 as AUTO setting and will reload to IOS222 if you enable the "force_cios_load" option as well
-added transparency handling for homebrew view icon.png pics
-increased max source menu buttons to 72
-added detection for newer devolution revisions
It can be that very soon another new rev will come up, depending on when we begin adding features again to the stable revs here.

Wiiflow 4.0.3 (r433)
So here is 4.0.3 for you guys, alot of changes were made again, wiiflow is faster, safer, more stable, etc.
I'll just copy-paste a few changes now in here:
-recompiled mload modules for hermes cIOS
-added sdhc module for hermes cIOS
-fixed booting wii games from sd card
-improved wii game support via sd card, now you can use hermes, wanin and d2x (not d2x only anymore)
-moved some more stuff to boot wii games into the external booter
-added gecko debug prints to external booter
-automatically disabling savegame emulator if you want to boot a wii game via hermes or waninkoko cIOS
-added new option to wiiflow.ini [GENERAL] section, "display_music_info" (enabled by default), if you disable it the information on top of the screen if music got changed will be hidden
-fixed fanart usage
-fixed not working force FAT (should fix dolphin-emu sd card)
-changed plugin INI system, check out the plugin pack v6
-FINALLY rewrote the game list creator code, the new one is faster and smaller, I cant promise its bugfree though :P
-fixed wiiflow autoboot feature (for programs like crap)
-made gprintf, fmt and sfmt a bit more safe
-fixed some important stuff in wiiflow itself, less corruption of the dol and more static stuff to get it back to stability
-fixed creation of the playlog
-fixed and changed the way Wiiflow checks for neek2o (uneek2o r92 beta 12+ req)
-fixed IOS reloading for Wii games in neek2o mode
-fixed Devolution support of memcard.bin's less than 16MB (Thanks Tueidj)
-fixed using .wip codes in wii games
-added support for wiiflow internal boot method in neek2o, so you can use cheats, debugger etc if you boot channels in neek2o (doesnt work if you are in real nand and just select boot neek)
-fixed using usb gecko debugger without cheats enabled
-fixed rebooting wiiflow with holding down b and pressing home twice
-some general cleanup and bugfixing stuff

Wiiflow 4.0.2 (r432)
Here is 4.0.2 for you guys, lemme give the whole long changelog:
-corrected a bug that the usb hdd does not get hooked up properly after IOS reload
-increased usable memory of wiiflow
-made channel launching alot of more safe, problems with it should be gone
-fixed cheats in wiiware/virtual console
-if wii gets turned off do a full shutdown and ignore standby
-added thread for IOS58 mode which reads a random sector from the usb hdd every second if the hdd is more than 20 seconds idle to keep it alive
-fixed game boots if you just press a and the pointer is off screen
-fixed problems with controlling menu via dpad
-fixed wii game installer
-added music resume after ios reload/enabling nand emulator
-draw button text the same way as labels to fix problems with displaying things like _ or '
-added message about current song playing on song start/change, it will fly in for 3 seconds and then fly out again
-fixed possible crashes with "force_cios_load" option
-added simple check if we are in dolphin-emu mode, no need to define something or recompile wiiflow (thanks skidau)
-general code cleanup, speedup
Because I'm too lazy atm to properly check all changes I'll just copy paste in the changes from the other devs :P
Changes from OverjoY:
-Fixed Nand Emulation from SD-card
-Fixed "CheckSave" functions
-Fixed feature to flash a save file from emulated NAND back to real NAND
-Some minor code cleanups and bug fixes Because support for Wiiflow is currently only available in uneek2o and uneek2o is only able to use emulated nand dumps from the first partition on the USB- device the neek2o options are disabled now if a nand dump from another partition or SD-card is used neek2o: (neek2o r93+ only)
-Fixed return to channel function for titles on emulated NAND
-Added an option in wiiflow.ini: launchwiiflow in "NEEK2O" domain If this option is set to "no" the "exit to" option in home menu will launch neek2o SM instead of the "DWFA" channel
-If the return to channel option is set neek2o will return to that specific title if that title exists on the emulated nand, even if the title was launched
from real NAND
Changes from fledge68:
-Fixed homebrew mode saving current item
-Fixed favorites_on_startup, renamed it save_favorites_mode, defaults to off set to yes and wiiflow will remember if favorites was on or off for each view/mode, Still can be set on page 4 of config menu
-Fixed favorites and parental lock for plugins, Parental lock might come in handy for movies
-And restored save for categories_v4.ini on exit of wiiflow
-changed categories_v4.ini one last time. Sorry but this should speed up wiiflow when you use categories
-replacing strings of 0's and 1's with ASCII characters 33 on up, So if you have a game in category 1 and you have 20 categories, instead of a long number all you will see is ! which is way shorter and will take wiiflow much less time to read, Also if a game isn't in any category there will be nothing after the =
-added categories for individual plugins, Wiiflow checks to see if only one plugin is selected and if so then uses the categories for that one plugin, So for example you can have categories for your movies when you only use the mplayerce plugin

Wiiflow 4.0.1 (r431)
Here is 4.0.1, its like a bugfix update, so lets list the fixes:
-fixed return to wiiflow in ios reloading wii games
-added support for 3 more 2 disc gamecube games for installing (thanks etheboss)
-improved wav banner sound loop support
-auto reload to cIOS on disc game boot for backup disc support
-fixed possible bug on usb remount if IOS got changed
-proper shutdown of devices on wiiflow end (boot game, exit to, etc)
-fixed fatal bug in usb mounting (broken timeout for slow hdds)
-fixed devolution usage with slow hdds
Also some more things changed:
-dont display the base in about in IOS58 mode (because IOS58 base IOS58 is kinda stupid to display :P)
-now you can have as many categories as you want.
-copied the idea of selected, hidden, and required categories from USB Loader GX. Thanks Cyan. Checkmark = selected, X = Hidden, and + = Required.
-redid categories.ini layout and renamed it categories_v4.ini so you can copy and paste settings from the old one to the new one. Each view (USB,DML,EMU,NAND,HOMEBREW) has it's own numcategories, category names, and category settings. All games are now seperated based on the view. Don't forget to add 1 to numcategories for the show All mode.
-Replaced All checkbox with CLEAR button which clears all checkboxes so no category is selected and all games will be shown.
-Added features to the Game Selected Categories Menu. Now the title is the title of the current game. You can now press plus(+) and minus(-) on wiimote to go to the next or previous games without going back to previous screen making it easier to setup categories for your games.
note: all changes will not be saved in categories_v4.ini unless you exit wiiflow or launch a game.
-language and help files updated (thanks to all translators)
-temporary disabled internal wiiflow update feature
That may be not much, but I'm sure it'll increase stability and usability for you guys.

Wiiflow 4.0 (r430)
So yea hello everyone, you see that right, here is some update for you, and this
time its really badass :D
Because they are too many changes from the previous revision I will list the
features you now have in 4.0, thats the easiest thing:
-Booting Wii games from SD, USB, as partition you can use FAT32, NTFS, EXT2 and
-Use Savegame Emulation for Wii games, that means no need to use real NAND for
most wii games to save on
-Boot GameCube games, with the help of DIOS-MIOS Lite, DIOS-MIOS or Devolution,
for DIOS-MIOS (Lite) just install its wad, for Devolution just put the
loader.bin from the source package into your device:/wiiflow folder and set your
games to boot via Devolution :)
-Boot Wii Channels, you can boot them via either your real NAND or emulated
NAND, currently the emulated NAND only works from USB, the SD support is broken
for some reason, you can boot them via wiiflows internal loader or neek2o
-Boot Homebrew, no matter which Homebrew Application you boot, wiiflow supports
them all ;)
-A Plugin System, that means you can play NES, SNES etc directly from wiiflow
using these plugins (see the downloads section for the most up-to-date package)
-A really cool design thing, Banner support! WiiFlow will automatically load and
cache them, you also can create custom banners, see the new wiiflow folder
structure, the names are self explaining, both ID6 and ID3 is supported ;)
-FINALLY, background music works for everyone and is as stable as it was never
before, both mp3 and ogg works, and it goes through subfolders to find it
-A new boot animation, it looks pretty awesome and you guys will hopefully like
To all the minor things:
-You can use ocarina cheats in both Wii and GameCube games
-You can return to wiiflow with installing the forwarder channel and set return
to WiiFlow in global settings
-You can download covers for Wii games, Gamecube games and for some emulator
-You can still use themes of course, also switching themes works fine from now
-You dont need to use d2x only anymore, you can boot wii games via d2x,
waninkoko and hermes cIOS just fine
-You pretty much dont need a cIOS at all if you want to play Gamecube, Homebrew
or Plugin games, wiiflow runs via IOS58 and AHBPROT as well, only Wii games and
NAND emulation need one
-You can run WiiFlow from real NAND, neek2o and Dolphin-Emulator (if you compile
it for Dolphin)
-You can play and install both Wii and GameCube games directly from disc
-You have a home menu where you can reload cache, read wiiflows help, exit
wiiflow, see the about screen, enter the settings,...
I think these are the MAIN features which are important to mention, they are
alot of more, find out for yourself whats all inside :)
Thanks a bunch to the whole team, that release is by FIX94, OverjoY, Fledge68,
Yardape8000, entropy, xFede, Drexyl, and of course thanks to everyone who
contributed something, I would like to mention all but that list would get too
long :P

Wiiflow 3.1 mod r663
-using wait animation of spayrosam now (happy everyone?)

-fixed installing gamecube games with a disc two
-fixed booting wii games in neek mode (thanks skidau for finding the problem)

-oops fail
-set wiiflow optimize level to -O3 (4mb dol who cares :P)

-fixed bug wiiflow retries to install a gamecube game which is already installed without possibility to stop it
-disable full screen banner in plugin and homebrew coverflow ( issue 110 )

-fixed wiiflow crash on installing gamecube games with ":" in name ( issue 98 )

-reloading IOS to IOS58 before booting homebrew/devolution
-added AHBPROT patch before reloading to IOS58 (thanks postloader)

-improved homebrew boot compatility

-fixed wii game installer

- Now we can hold 'b' for source menu even if wiimote gestures is enabled. Which means we should be able to remove 'b' on home button and 'b' on mode button.

- fixed holding 'b' for source menu. Now if you hold 'b' and press the d-pad, plus, or minus buttons the source menu won't show up until you release the 'b' button and hold it again with out pressing any other wiimote buttons.

- Fix for music only playing one song and stopping.

-corrected two wrong numbers in sound buffer and video message thread stack

-removed a few unneeded lines of code

-smalled down the search for music files alot (dol = 5kb smaller)

-fixed the background music issue FINALLY the correct way, found the core of the problem :D
-made background music code easier and smaller, cleaned it up

-set the wait message priority to the highest, that should remove the problem of the lagging wait message (since the wait message doesnt take much wii power wiiflows speed should be the same)
-set down wait message stack and also removed the reallocation of the stack again and again on every display of it
-added security check that the wait message thread is finished before removing the thread (should prevent freezes)
-removed a few more unneeded lines of code

- separated help text from about text and added a 'help' button to the home menu. updated english text.

-fixed wiiflow reboot crashes after new theme selection
-may fixed some boot problems of games, channels, homebrew, etc

-added support for banners without existing sound

-fixed banners random crashes and codedumps
-WIP commit for wii game/channel booting, now uses a internal extra dol file to boot wii games and channels, that should be a better way to fix game and channel booting

-added looping of banner wav sound files (its not 100% exact as you will hear but better than no looping at all)

-added banner sound support for avatar and maybe more games

-fixed neek2o mode (oops)

-removed alot of unneeded cIOS checks, saving the info about our currently loaded cIOS instead
-fixed bug of missing remount if no games are found with enabled NAND emulation which made wiiflow hang
-added information for neek2o
-removed ios reload on boot when wiiflow is in neek2o mode
-made NAND file extraction MEM2 only
-fixed two not free'd memory allocations which could fill the memory with unused stuff

-fixed banner keeps playing on delete game ( issue 117 )
-small changes on wii game booting

-fixed short displayed greenscreen on wiiflow boot

-added some trick to get all wii games to work without booting problems or blackscreens (test it please)
-changed play button in full screen banner back to the right side (jiiwah, why you changed that? It's right in the system menu)

-cleaned up startup code for main menu.
-fixed spelling mistakes in menu_cftheme.

-now source menu only uses 12 buttons instead of 36. Just changes textures when changing pages. The source_menu.ini will still have up to 36 buttons.
-now source menu looks for images in current theme folder first, then source_menu folder. All images must be named the same as what's in the
source_menu.ini. If not found in either folder uses wiiflow's favorite star image.
-removed source menu exit button.

-send usb gecko data via safe method, to prevent missing prints as it sometimes happend before

-fixed booting wii games from disc
-moved a few debug prints, also added disc id check for wii games playing from a wbfs partition (before it just checked on fat32, ntfs and ext2 if the readed in disc is correctly opened from cIOS)
-made ogg lib using MEM2 only (as we did in the previous update with the sound buffers)

-improved jpg support, now the cover width and height dont need to be divisible with 4 anymore, you can use what you want
-moved sound buffers back in mem2, idk but for wiiflow it gives a better result
-added mem2 memalign placeholder for new memory manager (after a week still everything but finished)
-updated other small things, cleaned up source structure a bit

- Change of effects and dimensions for some labels and buttons to match better with default theme
- Change DEFAULT to default in menu.cpp
- Updated french.ini

-source for updated stub (thanks megazig)

-update wiiflow stub (thanks alot to megazig for it!)
-devolution will now return to wiiflow using the hidden channel
-added megazig to thanks list
-allocating memory for devolution instead of using a fixed position (seems to work just fine now)

* Updated spanish.ini (thanks Difk)
* Added spanish help file (thanks Difk)

* Updated chinese_s.ini (thanks kavid)
* Added a missing line in italian.ini

-cover cache fine tuning :P

-set down cover display limit from over 800 (wtf) to 160

-fixed DIOS-MIOS and iso usage


-changed the memory management yet again, now just use the mem which has enough space left instead of fixed memory in most parts
-fixed alot of things about banner playing, now shouldnt randomly codedump anymore or things like this, also some banner sounds which did not play before should work fine now
-removed unused code and added better debug prints
-using some fixed voice for game banner and not always a new one per banner
-fixed DIOS-MIOS cheats for sure now :P
-fixed possible memory allocation bug in wbfs alloc (thanks to cfg-loader)
-removed MEM2_memalign since it did not work correctly
-fixed a few wrong memset sizes

-stupid svn missed a file :P

-fixed cheats usage for DIOS-MIOS
-added more checks to prevent codedumps on gc banner creation

Language files updated for r611+ :
- danish.ini (thx nibb)
- dutch.ini (thx Etheboss)
- english.ini
- french.ini
- italian.ini (thx xFede)

-removed unneeded device mounting on wii and channel booting (should fix games like black ops)
-fixed booting wii games from sd card

Making things ready for official wiiflow svn ;)
-made wait animation faster
-removed a few unneeded lines in the wait message code
-fixed booting wii games from disc
-fixed possible bug in wii game launching in general
-gecko output again on wii game booting
-converted alot of spaces to tabs, fitting the general wiiflow coding style
-general cleaning up things

-writing priiloader magic word into new memory region as well now for priiloader 0.8 beta 4

-updated library sources

-updated freetype configuration, now the fonts should look like with the old versions again
-made a few default theme pics to jpg, you wont even notice a difference, just in size :P

-added jpg file support for game covers and themes, if no .png is found, it will just replace the filename extension with .jpg and try it again, the jpg file width and height need to be divisable with 4, otherwise wiiflow will just ignore the cover

-removed a few unneeded emu nand lines
-added option to enable overwrite miis and system config on emu nand with the ones from real nand (disabled by default)

-added new DIOS-MIOS widescreen patch
-updated english.ini
-updated german.ini

- ISO's for GC games that come with 2 disc are now dumped in 1 folder
- If a 2 disc GC game is launched with Devolution, tell Devolution the location of the 2nd disc*

* Use Wiiflow's game installer to backup your GC game

- Made check for Devolution more safe
- Added some neek2o magic (neek2o r90+ required*):
* Added an exit option to neek2o
* Added an option in gameconfig menu to launch vc/ww titles from wiiflow nand emulation in neek2o instead of cIOS

-new wait message (thanks jj-kwik for the awesome base)
-added BASIC jpg support (currently only for internal theme files and only with the power of 4 dimension images)
-using dvdskin files in jpg format (you wont notice the diff)
-created new folder in resources for the original theme pngs (@devs: if you update pictures and use jpg, place the original png inside that folder that we have the original one just in case)

-dont use frag list on wbfs partitions, they are not needed
-fixed booting games from wbfs via waninkoko cIOS r17 or older
-fixed partition handle wbfs detection

-added back debug HDD size/sector info (more fancy this time :P)
-added debug SD information if found or not and if in __io_wiisd
mode (for dolphin-emu, neek, hermes ios)
-added automatically test if __io_wiisd mode works (no need to
overwrite things anymore to test that)
-added more intelligent IOS check (stub check, version check)
-removed unneeded cIOS information in neek mode

-using force cIOS detection again, should fix problems with some
fucked up cIOS maps
-changed the AUTO IOS selection again, if the game doesnt need
IOS57 it will just use the currently loaded cIOS instead of a
IOS56 based one

-fixed some usb hdd problems for people with 3tb+ devices
introduced with r598

-lalala (fixed homebrew dol loading)

-added new option in DML section in wiiflow.ini, dm_r2.1+,
enabled by default, with the option enabled it will use cfg version
2 for dm 2.1 or higher, if disabled it uses cfg version 1. It will
be ignored if dml_r52+ is set to no since that uses the old boot.bin
method then

-fixed bug in setting video mode

-fixed bug in homebrew/plugin booting (plugins most
likely blackscreen in older revs)
-moved devolution loader (should fix ingame graphical errors)

-temporary disable gecko output before booting a wii game
(hopefully fixes random blackscreens)

-changed a few things about isfs and usb, also removed
the disable mem2 wrap

-lets use the old gui_sound.cpp, because we shouldnt force set
the memory we use for them, not that we get problems
-added debug prints about how much mem left before and after
-updated devicehandler, partition handler and usb code to the
latest usb loader gx one, should give more compatility and
port 1 support (not enabled yet)

Fixed formatting on wiki page Themes through web user interface.

Edited wiki page Themes through web user interface.

-added proper texture, font and sound cleanup (should fix most
game booting problems when using a theme)

-shutdown IOS subsystems as we do in wii games and channels also
-fixed stupid bug which may made a problem with devolution
-dont init mload on waninkokos cIOS which is older than r18

-added back basic hermes and wanin cIOS support, you can now load
wii games with them again and you also should be able to boot
wiiflow using another ios than d2x

- chinese_s.ini for r585+ (thx kavid)
- danish.ini for r585+ (thx nibb)
- dutch.ini for r585+ (thx Etheboss)
- french.ini for r585+

-Created wiki page through web user interface.

-forgot to set channel partition to NAND in global config
when in neek mode

-switched to more compatible neek check
-lets disable nand emu if we exit wiiflow
-also disable nand emu if nand emu is disabled (d'oh!)
-removed unneeded debug prints in neek mode

-fixed gamecube video mode "game"

-fixed some kinda stupid neek bug
-if NTSC-J gamecube game is detected, use another memory card
file for devolution memory card emulator

-if in neek mode dont use nand emulator at all and also dont
shutdown devices on game boot

-added per game option to choose if you want to boot a gamecube
game via DIOS-MIOS or Devolution, if you set it to Default it
will boot ISOs via Devolution and FST extracted via DIOS-MIOS
-updated english.ini
-updated german.ini

-fixed sd card usage in neek mode

-fixed bug about booting gamecube discs

-added simple dolphin-emu compatility, simply comment in the
#define DOLPHIN in the defines.h and compile

-added devolution memory card emulator as game option (disabled
by default)

-WIP commit: Added support for neek2o (rev 88 and up)

-cant think today zzz...

-we should read in the loader.bin before closing the devices :P

-if devolution bin is found and diosmios is not installed
display gamecube coverflow button still
-added possibility to set diosmios video patching way,
video_setting in wiiflow.ini [DML] section, if set to 0
it will disable all video settings of diosmios, if set to 1
it will use the auto setting (default) and if set to 2 it
will force the video mode

-added devolution support, simply grab the devolution source
and place the loader.bin into your wiiflow data folder, wiiflow
will automatically find the binary and use devolution to boot
the gamecube game (only works with iso files, games extracted
with gcreex doesnt work)

-only enable gc streaming if we actually boot a disc
-moved ios reload block call directly behind return to channel call

-set back entry point to 0x80A00000 because of our bigger
dol file

-updated freetype from 2.3.7 to 2.4.10
-updated zlib from 1.2.5 to 1.2.7
-updated jpeglib from 8b to 8d
-fixed possible wiiflow exit bug

-disabled force video mode in dios mios (lite) for now, added
bool to set it back if wanted

-using O2 instead of O3 (everything makes problems in wiiflow
doesnt it?)
-made the same changes for return to in wii games

-fixed return to wiiflow on emu nand games

- danish.ini (thx nibb)
- dutch.ini & dutch.txt (thx Etheboss)
- french.ini

-switched back and play button in fullscreen banner
and set both a bit down
-changed a few little things about freetypegx unload
-since I dont care about size anymore the libs are now
in its original size again, makes wiiflow bigger but better
to handle

-set optimize level of wiiflow from min size to max speed,
sure the dol is bigger but therefore wiiflow is more stable
-fixed exit to doesnt work with parental lock enabled

-removed a few unneeded calculations from the banner animation

-added option to disable banner in game settings,
banner_in_settings in wiiflow.ini

-fixed wii game just froze on reloading ios
-fixed emu nand codedump on ios reload as well

-updated fceugx, snes9xgx and vbagx to mod11, updated to latest
svn that they dont annoy people with new updates available message

-changed homebrew loading yet again, not as safe as previous
way but maybe working better for bigger homebrew

-changed a few things about booting homebrew, hopefully it boots
everything correctly again now

-dont deinit isfs for homebrew programs which are for some reason
unable to init it again :P

-if in game settings, dont display game banner with the full
brightness, otherwise its not easy to read the settings for some

-fix to make the banner re-open when coming back from game categories (b on

-added SL2J01 to black cover list (thanks lustar)
-fixed a bug on exit wiiflow which made it freezing

-fixed booting emu nand games

-fixed retail and backup wii disc reading and playing

-fixed possible bug in memory allocation (thanks megazig for
hints how to debug better)
-made the global cleanup less unstable
-fixed IOS Reload on game loading codedump
-fixed bug in network init

-set entry point back to 0x80B00000 (overjoy, why you changed that?)
-changed some small things about the menu class opening
-forgot to deinit ISFS on sys exit, may it created some problems
-closing wiimote inputs before reloading IOS

-lets hope thats the f*cking last time I fixed that bg music

- OK Jiiwah, now your theme btns for cat and plugin menu's should appear below
the text. Tested it myself. Works for me.

-fixed codedump on wiiflow exit for some people

* Made menu errors translatable (thanks Overjoy)
* Now if you click B on ExitTo menu it will go back to Home menu and not coverflow
* If parental lock is on, ExitTo will just exit and not show ExitTo menu anymore
* Now with home in ExitTo you can exit too
* Added/Deleted some sentences
* Updated english and italian translation

-added some last exit possibility if wiiflow doesnt find one or fails to use existing ones (may fixes some codedumps)

-fixed codedumps and wrong cached banners if games are switched too fast, that may slow downs game switching but makes it way more secure

-fixed banner display problems for some problematic banners when anti aliasing is enabled

-increased mem2 usage by 1mb (thats still safe)

[No log message]

* Added ExitTo menu, to open it just click on Exit To in Home menu
* Added giantpune and Wii Banner Player Project to credits
* Updated italian, german and spanish translations

-added proper banner caching using the wiiflow/cache folder, that means we can properly see if cached or custom banner is loaded -corrected bug which didnt copy back the banner md5 before writing banner cache, means all cached banners dont have the security check anymore

-hopefully fixed bg music the last time

-replaced all button types from u32 to u16 (takes half the space), we dont need so much space since we dont even have so much buttons

- now turning off banner when going to game info and cat screens

- changed the cat menu and plugin menu to display checkboxes first then text. Here you go Jiiwah, try this it should help your theme problem.

-when entering per game settings and banner is playing, it zooms in the banner automatically

-added back banner security checks for regular game banners, only cached/custom banners wont be checked

-replaced clicking on back with clicking on the banner directly to toogle size

-added banner caching (always enabled like cover cache)

-removed one unneeded function and replaced it by a existing one

-added custom banner support, to use just place *.bnr files which either got the ID3 or the ID6 as name into wiiflow/banners -removed security check for banners since some custom banners are poorly made and not 100% valid -on game switching just display blackscreen instead of the old banner in the time of switching

-removed a few things from banner code which we dont use -added setting to wiiflow.ini to toogle banner view per coverflow view -moved icons down a bit in game view

-added new buttons for fullscreen banner view, also if in fullscreen banner view the background screen is black now

-lets cut off the not used banner things

-moved banner correctly into top right corner -dont display game name if banner is displayed

-fixed fucked up buttons with some banners.

-fixed codedump on game boot/exit if no banner was playing before

-got rid of the new compile warnings

-internal wii game and channel banner playback

-fixed herpderp bug of wiiflow not going back to the game
which last was selected in plugins coverflow (d'oh!)

-updated all emulator plugins, fixed a bug which made usb not
working (thanks stfour for the tip), also updated the emulator
libs and updated everything to the latest svn rev

-added stfour and postloader to thanks list (sorry for forgetting
to add you before)

*Fixed a few typos in italian help file and translation

-added new pal video mode to patch for pal2ntsc patch which
hopefully makes it working better

-if AUTO is selected for IOS selection, it either uses IOS56 or
IOS57 as base, because the other d2x cIOS bases got problems
to work properly with wiiflow

* U* Updated Italian translation
* Added Italian help file

-updated chinese_t.ini (thanks nobody_tw)

- updated french.ini for r512 & http://code.google.com/p/open-wiiflow-
- updated danish.ini & danish.txt for r512 (thanks nibb)

-fixed bug which broke cover loading in plugin coverflow
for plugins where coverFolder is not set in the ini

-set down mem2 which wiiflow can use, that should make it
more stable, and I havent seen somebody filling filling it
completely anyways :P

-updated english.txt
-updated german.ini
-added german.txt help file

-changed video mode options, now should be more clear
what they do ;)
-fixed bug of game crashing when selecting progressive
as video mode ( issue 94 )
-updated german.ini
-updated english.ini
-updated theme default.ini
note: if you have the problem of overlapping options, then
its most likely a outdated default.ini, try updating to this
one and see if the problem is fixed

- minor change to french.ini
- updated danish.ini for r507+ (thanks nibb)

- minor cosmetic changes.
added Miigotu's game info synopsis and about fix.
added Miigotu's multichoice buttons fix - now button font size can be different
than label font size.
changed game info genre to display the whole genre.
changed theme choice button to not display in uppercase.


-updated english.ini and french.ini with missing strings (cfgne30 & cfgne31)
-updated french.txt
-updated dutch.ini and added dutch.txt (thx Etheboss)

Sorry nibb ,I've missed you on irc for the new strings

-sync with dios-mios booter, now forcing video mode for gc games
as well to may fix problems
Spoiler : :

-added DIOS-MIOS support (untested)

-updated danish translation (thanks nibb)

-fixed issue 88 . main menu icons now appear whenever source_menu.ini is not

-using dml video auto config now as well for gamecube game video,
may fixes greenscreens for some people

-fixed wiimote_gestures

-I forgot, background music is fragile, fixed yet again
-ZOMG 500 revs already :D

-added home menu, it will open if you press the home button/icon,
currently you can access the settings from it, see the about screen,
update wiiflow, reload cache and exit wiiflow (to exit wiiflow you
can also just press home/start button again in this menu)
-removed reload cache with b button on settings icon
-removed update button from about menu
-updated english help file and english.ini
-updated german.ini

-added b_on_mode_to_source option to wiiflow.ini. If set to yes pressing 'b' on
mode/view icon will take you to the source menu.

-fixed emu nand was not enabled in all cases now, also removed
unneeded debug messages and only enable/disable emu if needed

-fixed displaying help files with themes
-help file size can now be as long as you want to, it will be
allocated dynamically now
-only create folders if they doesnt exist, otherwise it spams
our debug messages :P
-updated danish.ini and added danish help file (thanks nibb)

-if wiimote_gestures is enabled in wiiflow.ini, then the source
menu is opened with pressing b on home icon again
-updated english help file as well for it

-updated english help file that source menu now opens with
holding B button
-included english.txt in wiiflow now, it will be displayed by
default if no other help file is found

-if you hold the b button for 3 seconds, it will now open up
the source menu
-removed pressing b button on home icon to open source menu

-updated wii64 to mod5, moved ios reload to a better place
and added small sleep after wpad init to fix broken
classic controller detection on bootup

-give JoostinOnline the feeling of being some good coder AKA
make him stop complaining about some uneeded changes :P

-moved sounds to mem1 (overjoy, play around with them in mem2 and
you'll notice why I moved them to mem1 now)

-changed a few things in mem2 memory management again (hopefully
it doesnt break everything :P)

-fixed usb to sd copier (damn stupid issue, I hate those small things)

-fixed REALLY stupid bug which didnt create the wiiflow folder
structure, it just never created the initial main folder d'oh!


- Added news translatable strings for source menu:
-- stup1=Select Source
-- stup2=Exit

- Updated english.ini
- Updated french.ini

-added correct crc32 generation of 7z files

-added a few missing +1 in name generation, may produced some "//"
in generated plugin cover paths

-fixed possible codedump in cover downloader
-added debug prints to see if crc32 is correctly cached

-added plugin crc32 caching, a file called "plugin_crc32.ini"
will be created in your wiiflow/settings folder, as soon as the
crc32 is generated it will be saved in this file and simply
used the next time you download a cover. You also could generate
the checksums on pc and then add it to this file, that may be faster
than letting wiiflow generate it

-more powerful detection if gamecube game is installed on
sd card by reading the sd card directory (bit slower though)
-made list cache a bit smaller again by using more general
settings, dont forget to reload list cache

-fixed bug that emu nand channels didnt work properly after
going through all coverflow views

-horribly cleaned up and simplified the whole game list loading
code and process, should be faster now, also the list cache should
take less space now
-using "types" instead of magic word now for internal detection,
faster and easier to handle
-prepared wiiflows code for custom coverflow which can have all
types together (nothing added yet)

-setting the O in Okami to a regular one ( issue 77 )

-lets use the video patching of r239 again, hopefully it works
yet again

-fixed codedump if no separator in string found

-homebrew coverflow view now uses folder names instead of
small and uppercase IDs for cover name and cache ( issue 72 )

-lets use libogc svn r4902 again, sure the new libogc got some
nice additions but its just too unstable for wiiflow

- Fixed a little effect bug for ZHCN and AU flags
- Updated french.ini
- Added french.txt

-corrected pal50 video mode too small

-fixed exit wiiflow freeze

-should have fixed all video problems now, using custom video
files based on libogc svn r4902 instead of the current libogc
ones, using the best of both :P

-some people reported problems with sound buffers in mem1, since
the mem1 code is changed it looks like it doesnt work well anymore,
so back in mem2 with it

-fixed wrong percentage displayed when copying gamecube games
from usb to sd which are in fst format
-fixed a possible bug in deleting folders and files

- Launch Source menu by pressing 'B' on home/exit icon.
'A' on home/exit icon restored to exit wiiflow
updated help file to show changes
changed Source menu button images size to 120 x 90. no need to redo current
images they look fine stretched a little.

-hopefully fixed video problems correctly now

-updated fceugx, snes9xgx, vbagx again (still calling it mod9,
last time I promise :P), genplusgx, scummvm, wii64 to mod4 and
wiimednafen to mod2, all now ping the usb hdd every 30 seconds
to keep it alive, also all now are postloader4 compatible

-hopefully fixed strange white lines in picture

-moved some things because of possible graphical problems

-plugin games now also can stay zipped for cover downloading,
crc will be read from the zip header, still 7z needs to be

-forgot to click on save, well shit happens :P

-added download of plugin covers via gametdb, currently only
works with extracted nintendo games (collection is very small
but will grow) as soon as more covers come you can also download
covers for other systems, also added a new option to plugin inis
for this day already, "consoleCoverID"
-updated english help file (thanks seam for info)

-sound buffer can stay in mem1

-fixed missing background music yet again

-updated fceugx, snes9xgx, vbagx to mod9 (I know that I already
updated fceugx and snes9xgx but since I never released them into
a pack I'll just call it mod9 again :P), changes are that it keeps
the usb hdd alive and also fixed a bug that the settings were not
saved on return to wiiflow

-code cleanup, removed six (!) unneeded source files
-added in the framebuffer cleanup again, why it was taken out

Overjoy, you are right, but that shouldn't happen, it also
worked before, strange, OH yeah and
-fixed two possible bugs

-updated snes9xgx to mod9, same changes as fceugx, vbagx and the
other emus will follow soon with the same update

* I know we talked about MEM1, but I changed my mind :P

(And you would have changed your mind to if you tested your dol)

-removed two redundant methods
-wbfs stuff is mem1 overjoy as we said :P

* DUH!

* Removed limitations for MEM1 usage
* Moved lots of stuff from MEM1 to MEM2
* Made it possible to select partition for nand emulation (first time config)
* On clean install it will find valid emu nands if they are present in the
default folder
* Fixed GameTDB for nand emulation
* Broke background music
* Probably even more

-updated fceugx to mod9, now it is usable for other loaders
as well because arguments now can also be which channel to
return to and loader name, the usb hdd will now get a ping
every 30 seconds, otherwise it may happens that it shuts down

-disabled extended list check by default and also if
it is enabled it will only be used for wii games since it
can break other coverflow views from working


-display source menu instead of exit wiiflow when pressing
on home icon (untested)

-forgot one char at the end, that may fixes plugin magic
words in wiiflow.ini too short

-set down cover loader priority
-small code cleanup, removed unneeded things

-fixed cache reloading of emu nand didnt work anymore

-fixed problem of not reloading covers, only after moving
it around a bit ( issue 51 )
-removed some completely useless call of stop cover loader
-added proper debug prints to see when cover loader is changed

-added some missing free line, may fixes some problems

-fixed pointers displayed of players who are not connected
to wiiflow ( issue 69 )

-compressed a few images

-added missing fromUTF8 in help file reading, fixes display
problems in languages like french

-re-added video setup after configure

- fixed source menu page button

-fixed missing background music (damn wiiflow is so fragile)

-fixed scummvm games not showing anymore

-fixed scummvm covers (untested)

-we should only display gametdb information if we are not in emulator and not in homebrew coverflow (issue 52)
-set all wii magic numbers to our global variable

-added check for homebrew if the wiiflow loader channel is installed, if not just return to system menu
-removed return_to_wiiflow from wiiflow.ini, not needed anymore

- added third page to source menu and changed emuflow selecting. now just add emuflow=# to each button that is a plugin

-moved portlibs sources to branches

-removed portlibs sources from trunk

-recompiled all portlibs of wiiflow, optimized all of them for smallest size (we're back on 3mb yay)
-included sources of freetype and libpng (I just dont wanna loose them yet again so why not :P)

-updated danish.ini (thanks nibb)
-updated chinese_t.ini (thanks nobody_tw)

-updated stub.bin sources from r424

-made our homebrew stub even smaller and now its also possible to edit the title id to exit to directly without recompiling the whole stub but only wiiflow ;)

-updated button mapping and names for wiiflow input
-moved classic controller ZL and ZR to regular L and R, also removed the double control with Plus/Minus on classic controller
-only clearing the region needed for the homebrew stub now before booting homebrew, no need for more cleaning up

-removed ignore case in ntfs lib to show things properly, dont forget to reload cache if you use ntfs ;)
-fixed playback of movies on ntfs (thanks Extrems)

- source menu folder and files added to wii/wiiflow

-we should hide the button still if we have games displayed :P

-fixed bin and iso files not displayed in emulator coverflow
-removed hide settings button if no game found to reload cache


-changed wiiflows input, now doesnt reset cursor position if you click on some button, also if the cursor gets hidden the position doesnt reset anymore if you move it again, you can now use ZL and ZR on classic controller to fast scroll through covers and switch between menu pages
-updated spanish.ini (thanks galen)

-changed small gui message
-updated french.ini (thanks Jiiwah)
-updated english.ini
-updated german.ini

- changed source select menu to use images for buttons.
download this rar http://www.mediafire.com/?2y3cwxakb92napo and put the folder inside in your wiiflow folder. It contains a text file with setup instructions.

-added possibility to delete files in emulator coverflow
-using global variables for magic words now

-fixed ios reloading games

-removed ios reload block disable (useless)
-removed mem cleanup for now
-fixed ocarina codes

*Fixed launching channels on emulated nand
*Nand emulation will also work if emulated nand is on the same partition as the wiiflow executable

-added source and binary for wii-mednafen mod1
-added source for wiiflow homebrew channel stub alternative

-created my own homebrew channel stub alternative, now homebrew
returns to wiiflow using the wiiflow loader channel if enabled,
added option to disable this too, return_to_wiiflow in HOMEBREW
section in wiiflow.ini
-added possibility to start movies via MplayerCE, use this ini:

- the source select menu buttons should no longer be hard coded for those that
are wanting to edit themes

-return to system menu should be a bit more safe now :P

-fixed double gamecube games created

- added precautions to hopefully keep weird characters and names out of
categories.ini when using plugins/emuflow

oops forgot to remove commented lines

adjusted d-pad mode - now if you select the view you're already on it will show
homebrew view

Deleted wiki page WiiFlowThemesDownload through web user interface.

-fixed reading scummvm games from sd card

-added scummvm mod3, now exits to wiiflow
-WOOOOOOO r400 already :D

-updated scummvm to mod2, now reloads to IOS58 to get proper
USB HDD compatility

- fix for emuflow now it should show up right and be able to adjust it

Edited wiki page WiiFlowThemesDownload through web user interface.

-now also reading all subdirectories for emulator coverflow
-corrected small debug print mistake
-set down mem1 usage a little bit
-enabled randomize_music by default

-added subdirectory reading for music files, means you now
finally can have your albums in the music folder organized ;)

-moved screen clearing to a safer place, should have tested it
harder before commiting :P

-added display clearing before showing wait message

-fixed BASIC(!) channel launching, currently only booting
channels from real nand works here, also return to wiiflow
seems to be broken, but its a start

-fixed missing background music yet again
@all other devs:
Next time you add a new thing to menu.hpp see if it breaks
background music first, thanks :P

-included plugin binaries

-added sources for scummvm mod1

-added new hidden wiiflow loader channel wad, more compatible
than loading the wiiflow loader dol directly
-updated fceugx, snes9xgx and vbagx to mod8, wii64 to mod3 and
genplusgx to mod3, fixed vbagx now, doesn't codedump anymore,
the emulators now will boot the new channel to return to wiiflow
if the channel is installed
-added libraries for emulators which are needed for compile
-added wiiflow loader sources for v2

-made homebrew booting more safe, shouldnt blackscreen
or codedump anymore

-little modification on video cleanup (we dont need to wait
for vsync if we set black anyways :P)
-added WII_Initialize(); before sys_exit and dml boot,
without we may get a blackscreen

-forgot to clear gecko sd file buffer on exit, could make problems
-moved this stupid now hide wait message debug print to less annoying
-wiiflow wants the dsp shutdown back, so I'll leave it in
-we shouldnt try to alloc mem1 after running apploader, just some
good advice before booting a game, should prevent codedumps
-sd file buffer can be mem1 too, we have enough left
-set mem2 usage to 49mb, thats everything we get anyways
-banner sounds should load faster now, also banner sound
in emulator coverflow when switching game should work again
-forcing check wait thread now on boot, not that the thread
is still working without noticing ;)

-fixed greenscreen, moved mem2 init back (no idea what the problem
there was)
-fixed random game flickering on return to wiiflow, doesnt work
for everyone still ;)
-removed dsp deinit, dont see a reason for that anymore

-moved mem2 init to the beginning of wiiflow booting
-allocating dml config in mem1 since we write it to mem1 anyways,
no need to unneeded move stuff from one mem to the other

-moved a few things to mem1, seems like we have enough space
left for that still ;)
-fixed that fatal memory bug, now memory usage looks correct :)


-cleaned up mem allocs a bit, also corrected wrong display of
usable size in mem1 region, also fixed a fatal bug in it,
some bug is still in it...

- added option to select preferred emuflow mode for plugins via source select
- added options to move and hide buttons on source select menu
- use the new startup_menu.ini found here
- more info will be on gbatemp

-limiting mem1 usage (we dont have that much in mem1 so 11mb
approx are enough) also readded memory cleanup before booting
a wii game to make sure games work
-added some small check to see if path is valid, sometimes
it codedumped on game path check

-added fceugx, snes9xgx and vbagx mod7, genplusgx mod2,
wii64 mod2 sources, to get a diff of what changed compared to
the original extract the svn_folder.7z which exist in all plugin

-added fceugx, snes9xgx and vbagx mod7, genplusgx mod2,
wii64 mod2 sources, to get a diff of what changed compared to
the original extract the svn_folder.7z which exist in all plugin

-added branch for plugin args mods

-fixed case-sensitive OS compiling errors (thanks david.racine.1)
-updated danish.ini (thanks nibb)
-updated dutch.ini (thanks Etheboss)
-updated french.ini (thanks Jiiwah)
-updated spanish.ini (thanks Galen)
-updated german.ini

-we may should set black before clearing the framebuffer, looks
ugly otherwise :P

-clearing framebuffer before displaying image, should prevent
from strange startups
-replaced a few not needed definitions in code

-moved down frag list to mem1 and also use mem1 memalign as it
is properly needed

-added new translatable string, dl25, for french
-updated english.ini

Update english.ini

Stop 0 size covers from being created

-proper cleanup of video now, no more greenscreens should come
on game booting
-moved partition read buffer on game boot to mem1, faster

-hopefully fixed a random codedump
-if emu save partition is set to -1, it will use sd card by default

-more memory clearing up, may fixed a bug in wait messages

-changed quite alot of things in apploader (thanks to GX again,
before the NSMBW and Prince of Persia patch did nothing at all)
-fixed typo in wip debug print (before it didnt work at all so
nobody noticed)

-normally svn selects all changed files automatically, oh well...

-right, I need to mark new files to commit, svn doesnt do that

-whoops removed some pretty important line :P
-using low mem setup of GX, because it got more expainations
what is what and works fine so why now ;)
-allocating memory to find partition dynamically now to prevent
the function from overwriting something maybe in wiiflow
-moved cheat file loading to mem2, because we cant just allocate
the memory *somewhere* as it was before
-categories should be found faster now (thanks yardape8000 for tip)
-we dont need to debug print if we set gecko debugging on or not :P

-cleaned up booter code

-fixed missing background music
-back to the entry point we had before
-set up cache to 32 again, seems to make wiiflow faster
-changed few things about memory management again
-made a few free safe again in code

- fix for categories crashing in emuflow

Update Spanish translation (Thanks Galen)

-ok I revert the thing about protection, we dont have proper mem1
things even anymore so its useless :P

-readded protection of mem region for apploader, should be more
safe now and prolly work even better, hopefully as good as with
the linker script :P
-readded dsp shudown, some games want to have it so the get it

-removed MEM2 cleanup, and set up MEM1 cleanup higher
-fixed a bug in IOS reload which might result in blackscreen

-using cfg-loader entry point now, its a bit lower ;)
-clearing screen properly now, no green screens or things like this
-added a few more low mem settings, fixed a missing flush in set
video mode (thanks dimok)
-partially clearing mem1 too now, using the code of cfg-loader for that
-using asm volatile instead of __asm__ to really call what we want
(thanks dimok for explaination)
-deiniting usb device properly
-shutting down system properly now on game boot, games should boot
more often now, its still not fully fixed

-fixed really cruel bug in memory clearing which cleared nothing
at all :P
-(hopefully) fixed game launching properly

-removed linker script yet again, hopefully properly this time :P
-modified the wii game launching to work without the linker script

Added an Age Lock to the parental control menu.

You can select an age from 2-19, where any game rated above is not displayed.
It uses the age from the region of the game. 19 is all games. 2 is basically
none, because the rating systems start at 3. This operates independently from
the current per game lock, so you can still use both. Meaning both conditions
have to allow the game, before it will display.

You can override the rating by creating an age_lock.ini file. Just add the id
under the domain heading and set it to an age. To set Call of Duty: Black Ops
to an age of 5 you would enter this:

There is also an age_lock_default in the wiiflow.ini file under [GENERAL]. This
will allow you to specify a default rating for games with no rating info.

- removed three redundant lines and added information that our
new wii light file is already modified

*ISFS_Initialize() should still be called after we reload to cIOS (2nd time fix)

- replaced wiilight by something better from libprojectM because
its open source and we can modify it as we want, that should fix
the problem that the wii light sometimes did not disable properly ;)

- all free should be safe now :P

- Added GRB ratings.

-big code cleanup, removed all those SAFE_ and SMART_
thingys and replaced it with their proper calls
-fixed some big memory bugs, downloading much covers shouldn't
be a problem anymore, also memory management should work better
-fixed typo in debug print on game boot, also changed some
things in apploader, making it ready to remove linker script
properly, still in but I hope not for long ;)
-modified wiiflow startup and init order a bit

*Removed a stupid piece of code

*Reverted something that was introduced in r341. Nand emulation should now work

-cleaned up code more, set clear priority to alloc in which
memory region

Fixed "Set USB failed: -6" dug.

Fixed bug where user selected IOS is never actually used, because the
configuration file was unloaded before it gets there.

Fixed NAND paths being created with double "/"s. No real effect because they
seem to be automatically reduced to a single "/"

Minor wifi-gecko changes to keep it alive close to the game launch.

-code cleanup and correction, should print more debug messages
than before if problems occur
-replaced most malloc by MEM2_alloc, as well as free and SAFE_FREE
replaced by MEM2_free

- added new options for plugin inis, "displayname", if you
set it in for example the fceugx.ini to "nes" it will display
"nes" instead of "fceugx" in plugins menu

- fixed coverflow being too slow in PAL50 video mode
-commented out a problematic line in code

- added optional startup select source menu. Just set startup_menu=yes under
[GENERAL] in wiiflow.ini. Access it at anytime by pressing '+' while pointing at
the view switch icon.

- compressed udraw.png and udrawR.png
-added Yardape8000 to the thanks list for adding cool things
to wiiflow :)

- Allow wifi-gecko to work close to game launch

*Saves flashed back to real NAND will now be unescaped the D2X cIOS way

NOTE: Wiiflow can not flash game saves back if illegal FAT characters are
escaped out in a different way D2X does. Game saves extracted with Wiiflow are
safe to flash back!

*Added feature to flash game saves on emu NAND back to real NAND
*Added button to extract save from NAND to game config menu
*Added button to flash save to NAND to game config menu
*Fixed some buttons in game config menu
*Cleaned some unused code
*Moved some code to better places

- Moved _initAsyncNetwork so it starts when the program starts. This way wifi-
gecko is connected earlier and you can see the initialization messages.

Moved the following settings to [DEBUG] section, so people know they have
nothing to do with normal wiiflow operation.

- Modified wifi_gecko to use UDP instead of TCP.
Added WifiGeckoReader to the tools directory. It is a windows program used to
read the gecko debug messages over a wifi connection.
Thanks r-win & Dimok

-re-added our good old linker script, for some reason some
games refuse to work without it, and since it doesnt really
make a size diff, we can leave wiiflow this special thing

-fixed changing themes for sure now

-corrected korean.ini encoding (thanks hypersg7 for new file again)

-changed small thing about video cleanup, may fixes codedump
on switching themes

-added korean.ini, thanks hypersg7, cant test ;)
-updated chinese_t.ini (thanks nobody_tw)

-writing DML options now safe into memory, no way that there
an error can occur anymore

- And the rest that should have been committed with r323 ;)

- Fixed NAND emulation stuff:

*Fixed NAND emulation itself
*Fixed creation of nandpath and title.tmd for some games
*Fixed extraction of game saves for some games
*Cleaned up some code for NAND emulation
*Cleaned up some more unused stuff


*Cleanup NAND emulation code much more
*Move the last used function in savefile.c to a better place
*Add extraction and flash options to game config menu

-finally removed this ugly __real_memalign from the video.cpp,
looks better now :P

-removed our linker script and changed a few things
about memory usage, please test if everything works fine,
if memory still allocates fine and if memory usage is the
same, if not we can revert it

-updated spanish (again) (thanks glitch)
-updated italian (thanks xfede)

-updated spanish.ini (thanks glitch)

-updated danish.ini (thanks nibb)
-updated dutch.ini (thanks etheboss)
-converted language files to UTF8 LF

-because some people started whining about the fact the last
change returns to health screen instead of system menu I changed
that now just for them

-fixed broken return to system menu (thanks libogc for such
a huge failcommand)

-fixed missing translatable words in menu_categories and
-fixed more spelling mistakes in menu_nandemu, menu_config
and menu_config_game
-updated english.ini
-updated german.ini

-set up limits of fmt to prevent some missing words
-corrected a few spelling mistakes in menu_nandemu
-removed unneeded std:: from menu and menu_game

-replaced all safe_vectors by regular vectors, there is no
need of it anymore, also removed miigotus wrapper

Created wiki page through web user interface.

-fixed background music (zomg the first menu which is not
defined in the menu.hpp itself)

-added plugin selection menu in global settings, if in
plugin coverflow it will replace the nand emu button,
in this memu you can select which plugin should be displayed,
it will work no matter which sort is set, you can select more
than one emulator at the time of course
-background music is missing

-set up cover size limit to 1090 pixel instead of 1024

- categories menu 'B' back button fix

-changed plugin code, also fixed a bug in it

-something went wrong with the hq cover thing, now its
tested and working :P

-fixed problem that covers were not loading properly with
only a few games in a coverflow view
-added new option to wiiflow.ini GENERAL section,
"cover_use_hq", if you set it to yes all your covers
will be displayed in HQ again, but will also slowdown
the loading and wiiflow in general

- re-enabled '1' and '2' buttons for emuflow and brewflow
- updated default.ini to include layouts for emuflow and brewflow

-updated chinese_s.ini (thanks kavid)

-removed alot of unneeded .c_str()
-replaced alot of sfmt with fmt
-replaced a few sprintf with snprintf

* Make remove Wii games safe again for ppl that don't have their games in
* Close disc after installing a game

-changed small thing about the help file reading
-WOW r300 already

-reverted overjoys change about gc audio streaming because
it broke it
I tested the place where it was well enough, I tried to move
it but you can't, you need to set it directly if you want or not,
install plain mios v10 and you'll see there is no other way

- Merged common menu code

- The main settings menu will now only update the coverflow if needed. This
means pages 3-6 will return instantly.

- fixed typo in NAND saves text (exCisting). You may have to delete or fix
"cfgne26" in your english language file to see the change.

* Fixed game installer for Wii games in issue: 48
* Fixed game installer for Wii games on partitions with sector size other than
* Fixed removing Wii games (issue: 41)
* Cleaned up some useless stuff

-replaced 3 snprintf in code with strncpy, saves a little
bit time maybe, main reason is that its a more proper way ;)

-updated chinese_t.ini (thanks nobody_tw)

Merged common game and channel IOS loading code.

Added Help file to the about info.
Max length is 4095
defaults to:

A basic help file is included. It does not contain all info yet.

- Add uDraw icons to game info screen
- Clear old game info so it does not show for games without any gameTDB info.
- Only allow Update to show if not in parental lock mode.

* Enabled nand extract features for full nand and game saves
* Made nand emulation kind of noob prove
* Wiiflow will search for a valid FAT32 partition if nand emu is enabled, but no
partition is selected
* Wiiflow will now offer to extract the nand if nand emu is enabled, and no nand
for nand emulation is available
* Wiiflow will now offer to extract a game save if nand emulation is enabled, a
save is found on real nand and no save is found on emu nand.cpp
* Illegal chars for FAT are now escaped the 'd2x' way in the nand file extractor


* Add nand extract functions to game config menu's
* Add feature to flash a save back to real nand

-100% better looking auto IOS selection code, also fixed
a small bug in it which might cause some error in wiiflow

-added force progressive patch to dml games, just set
the game to PAL480p/NTSC480p to enable it, only works
with dml v1.3 or newer.

-added possibility to select the cover folder in
emulator coverflow, for example in the fceugx.ini
set "coverFolder=fceugx", then wiiflow will look
into "wiiflow/boxcovers/fceugx" for covers instead
of "wiiflow/boxcovers", same goes for "wiiflow/covers"

-reverted changes of r282 again since categories working
now with emulator coverflow

- fixed categories for emu mode. backup categories.ini just in case.

- fixed categories page button
- changed d-pad left from homebrew to emu
- disabled categories for emu mode for now to keep categories.ini from getting
messed up

*Update libcustomntfs again to 2012.1.15 and fixed mtime bug

Wiiflow should now recoginize NTFS partitions on 3tb hdd's again

-updated sd card debug log writer, now should work fine
if wiiflow is on usb too

-added sort by plugin magic, just press b and plus to
change until you come to by plugin magic, then it should
be sorted by emulator if in emulator coverflow

-set back rumble to wiiflow.ini, just set the "rumble" option
to "no" in it for disable, "yes" to enable (enabled by default)

-added gecko output writing to sd card, enable "sd_write_log" in the wiiflow.ini or in the gecko.c, file will be called "wiiflow.log", you'll find it on sd card root

-fixed really stupid bug which didnt enabled nand emu if pressed b on the emulator overflow icon

-updated scummvm ini parser, more stable and doesn't codedump when returning to wiiflow anymore

-stupid svn didnt noticed old libntfs has less files

-back to a cache of 8, libntfs 2011.4.12 and the old ntfs mount settings (new libntfs makes problems)

-fixed 99,999% herpderp bug that wiiflow freeze when trying to enter emulator gameview
-set title length copy to 64 chars, not that we get a codedump

-updated scummvm ini parser, now shouldn't codedump anymore

-fixed problem that game titles were not displayed correctly if wiiflow was compiled with devkitppc r25 or newer

-small change of r271 failed, sorry about that

-changed small thing about wiiflow video

-changed some small thing to plugin loading again

-FINALLY added wii game launching support for 3TB HDDs

-re-added cover loading in game view
-increased priority of game banner sound thread to prevent crashing

-using miigotus new coverflow loader (thanks) its way faster than the current one
-set down cover buffer from 120 (thats insane and just fills up memory) down to 20, thats enough

-new wiiflow loading screen, preview: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25620767/WiiflowMod/f.gif
-removed unneeded for loop in video.cpp to save time rendering the wait message

-for emu covers still using extension, its more safe
-compiled libcustomext2fs, libcustomfat, libcustomntfs, libmodplay and libwiiuse with new devkitppc r26 (needs testing)

-displaying game name without extension in emulator coverflow now, covers now also dont need extension anymore

-made launching retail gamecube discs possible with next dml versions (thanks crediar)

-added full DML v1.2+ support, you can use all options like no disc patch and NMM again directly from wiiflow, also launching of new GCReEx format works fine

-added basic 3tb hdd support (thanks to gx)

-included new libs from r259 precompiled that you don't need to compile them manually

-updated libntfs-wii to version 2012.1.15
-updated libext2fs to e2fsprogs 1.42
-updated libfat to R4883
Thanks to USB Loader GX for the new libs


-fixed codedump on refreshing dml coverflow cache
-added detection of new GCReEx games on sd card

-updated wiiflow code for new libogc git
-added proper pal 480p patch in DML games, if you
want to use new DML v1.0, set your games to either PAL 480p
for PAL games or NTSC 480p for NTSC games, also in the
wiiflow.ini make sure you set dmlr52+ to no in wiiflow.ini

-added support for gc games extracted with crediars new
tool GCReEx for DML v1.0
-changed small thing about plugin loading in code

-fixed reading in scummvm game list for sure now,
shouldn't codedump anymore with too long game titles,
games from usb should also work fine now

-fixed problem that wiiflow didnt find scummvm
games which were on usb

- Added ability to modify emuflow and brewflow under 'Adjust Coverflow' using
Mugoto's code.
- Have disabled '1' & '2' mode switching while in emu mode and homebrew mode so
emuflow and brewflow have only one mode and coverflow has 15 still.
I'll leave it up to Fix94 how many modes he wants each view to have. Fix94 you
may want to tweak and fine tune this - it's just a temp solution for now.

-added new option for plugins, "ReturnLoader", if
enabled it will use the WiiFlowLoader.dol
in the plugins dir to return to wiiflow
(needed for some emus)

-fixed bug that emulators didnt return to wiiflow

-added scummvm ini parser, that means if scummvm plugin
detected, wiiflow will scan the scummvm.ini for games

-added possibility to use own banner sounds for plugins, the
names just need to be added to the ini, see for example here:

-added cache support for emulator coverflow,
should speed up loading a lot

-added dynamic emulator plugin support, wiiflow will now read the emulator
dol name, rom path and everything else needed from a ini in the wiiflow/plugins
folder, see http://www.mediafire.com/?kj6dalp2ly3y35j for the currently 4
emulator mod inis.

-added missing check boxes (hopefully)

-made return to wiiflow from emulator faster and safer, no more codedumps
should come anymore

-fixed small boot error for emulators

-forgot to upload the ogg files too, sorry :P

-added basic emulator support into a new coverflow view, "EMULATOR", you can
disable it via wiiflow.ini see
for the nes, snes and gb,gbc and gba emulator mod needed for it. The games are
read from the default
path of the emulators, that would be "fceugx/roms" for nes for example. To
display the games, place the
emulator dol from the link above into wiiflow/plugins.
-using miigotus way for homebrew and emulator coverflow now, thanks for that,
makes things shorter

- Categories Update. re-added numcategories so you can have less than 20
categories if you want. re-added categories per view (usb, dml,channels,
brew,etc..). added press 'B' on fav icon on game selected screen to go directly
to game categories just like pressing 'B' on fav icon on main menu. moved 'All'
button to lower left. replaced on and off buttons with check boxes - don't worry
I already compressed them and they only add 4k to WiiFlow. And a few other minor

-fixed booting big homebrew applications (32MB max, but
only tested with 7MB so not sure if so much still works)

Build for main svn r428

* Added nanddumper functions (Nand dumper not enabled yet)

* Added an extended check for new installed games which is enabled by default
Since the check takes some time you can bypass the check by setting:
'extended_list_check' in GENERAL section of wiiflow.ini to 'no'
Todo: Add an extended check for removed games

* Fixed a bug ISFS_Initialize() was called before reloading to cIOS

* Fixed long wait time when installing a Wii game @ 100%

-fixed cache not reloading after copying gamecube game
from usb to sd

-back to libpng 1.2.29 (pngu is written for this rev),
this fixed codedumps which randomly occured

-fixed wrong copy message displayed (wbfsop10)
-updated english.ini
-updated german.ini

-fixed bug which tried to launch a dml game from sd card
even if the copy process failed because of not enough space
on it (resulted in black screen then)

-added 3 missing \\n in debug prints (not interesting for
people who dont debug wiiflow :P)
-updated danish.ini (thanks nibb)
-updated french.ini (thanks Jiiwah)

-when in DML USB view, it will display if the game is already
on SD card by adding "(on SD)" behind the game title (you need
to reload cache for it to work) ( issue 22 )

-fixed wrong played default wiiflow sounds ( issue 23 )
also replaced all spaces by tabs in the gui_sound.cpp ;)
-made the default wave sounds smaller

-changed internal update changelog display, should be
scrollable now and fit the text completely

-set DML to not touch video mode again since its not needed
-only set progressive flag for DML if component cable found and
480p is enabled or if video mode set to force progressive

-fixed custom case color not working when set in
custom_titles.ini ( issue 26 )
-updated brazilian.ini (thanks Yuan)

-Categories Page update. Now you can have 20 categories and select to view more
than one category at a time. Plus if Wiiflow finds old 12 categories.ini it will
update it to 20 by appending eight 0's.

suite à la mise à jour interne de WiiFlow, la sauvegarde du fichier boot.dol sera supprimée car elle n'est plus nécessaire désormais
le lancement des DVD originaux de jeux GameCube devrait aussi fonctionner de nouveau
amélioration des performances
le démarrage de DML devrait également être légèrement plus rapide
correction du bug provoquant l'affichage de la mauvaise icône dans le mode chaîne lorsque WiiFlow était verrouillé
il est maintenant possible de choisir d'utiliser les boutons + pour changer de musiques ou /, via le paramètre b_lr_mode de la section [GENERAL] du fichier wiiflow.ini
le mode vidéo pour les disques GameCube sera désormais le même que celui défini dans la section globale DML dans wiiflow.ini,
le mode vidéo PAL60 est maintenant sélectionnable, avec DML r52+ il est aussi possible de régler les modes PAL 480p et NTSC 480p.

le "dumper" de jeux GameCube fonctionne à nouveau, désolé mais il était non fonctionnel depuis la r190
à nouveau quelques changements relatifs à l’émulation de mémoire NAND et du cIOS d2x v9

compatibilité complète avec DML r52+ : "dml_r52+' dans la section [DML]. Il est possible de la désactiver, lorsqu'elle est activée (c'est le cas par défaut), WiiFlow n'a plus besoin d'écrire un fichier boot.bin afin de lancer un jeu
possibilité de paramétrer NMM et le nouveau patch no disc directement dans WiiFlow (le patch no disc est activé par défaut et requiert DML r55+) tout comme les fonctionnalités de debug et de cheats. Les cheats sont aussi supportés dans les anciennes versions de DML
si les cheats sont sur le support USB, WiiFlow les copie automatiquement sur la carte SD. Sur les anciennes versions de DML, il les copiera toujours dans le dossier "games"
possibilité d'avoir les jeux GameCube et Wii sur le même coverflow (si les jeux GameCube sont dans le même dossier que les jeux Wii) et de les lancer à partir de là
correction de l'URL de cheat non affichée
correction du plantage lorsqu'un jeu avec un nom excédant 64 caractères est détecté
correction des noms de jeux erronés
pas de rechargement de l'IOS 58 lors de l'utilisation du lanceur de homebrew.
nouvel affichage des homebrews
ajout de la compatibilité avec le cIOS d2x v9, cela signifie qu'il est possible de modifier temporairement la région de la Wii avec l'émulateur de mémoire NAND, augmentant ainsi la vitesse du lanceur de jeu DML
le système de mise à jour interne de WiiFlow fonctionne de nouveau à partir de cette version

tout est un peu plus stable ; quelques cas de code dump, freeze et de temps de chargement ne s'arrêtant pas sont corrigés
paramétrage global de la langue et de la vidéo de DML
lors de l'installation d'un jeu GameCube en mode compressé (activé par défaut désormais) et lors de la copie d'un jeu depuis un support USB vers la carte SD, le pourcentage affiché est maintenant correct
possibilité d'installer des disques GameCube multi-jeux.
choix du dossier depuis lequel les jeux GameCube sur support USB seront lus ; après le premier démarrage de cette version, une nouvelle option sera créée dans le fichier wiiflow.ini, "dir_usb_games=games". Il est possible de modifier le nom du dossier et WiiFlow utilisera le nouveau dossier.
pour changer de musique, il faut désormais utiliser à nouveau les boutons / et pour parcourir les jeux, +.

installation des jeux GameCube beaucoup plus rapide désormais et possible sur support USB (FAT32, NTFS et ext2/3/4)
nouvelle fonctionnalité de copie des jeux depuis le support USB vers la carte SD (sélectionner simplement le jeu sur le support USB, cliquer sur "play" et laisser le jeu se copier sur la carte SD tout en sachant que cela peut prendre du temps)
nouveauté dans le mode dpad, le rafraichissement ne se fait pas toujours désormais et les jaquettes ne bougent plus lors de l'appui sur le dpad tandis que le pointeur survole l'icône d'activation du coverflow

-Rename most references of "Wiiflow" to "Wiiflow Advanced", images to follow.
-Use gnu c++0x standard, and fix freetypeGX so it will compile without errors
with it
-Don't use AA for wait messages.
-Removed safe_vector.hpp
-detemplatize cache, cachedlist, and list classes, and simplify.
-Change gamelist from vector to deque
-Don't cache music list
-Remove empty ini domains
-Change all references to game id to use char * instead of u8 *, and remove all
-Fix game installer (thx Yardape8000)
-Limit coverbuffer to prevent old ini's from causing crashes that have
-Only keep necessary information in dir_discHdr
-Add a "new" hander
-Simplify and speed up the cover downloader.
-Use iterators wherever possible
-Prepare for better args support/faster loading, and more configurability.

--Fix games playing wrong banners sometimes, rewrote the handling entirely.
-Got rid of the coverflow lag switching games in selected view
-Rewrote coverloader (scrolling left and right wont show loading covers now
because it loads them faster.)
-Revert libpng, not sure if fixing the coverloader is actually what fixed my
corrupted covers or if it was this, so I'll just commit it how i have it.
-Got rid of preallocated thread stacks to simplify thread handling.
6:30 am, time for school....

-Clean up some code, move SFont into its own file and refine it a bit.
-Make a nicer genres in GameTDB
-Make fonts smaller in GameTDB page
-Fix 2 little things in the cache
-More advanced path detection, as well as an ini setting for the wiiflow data
folder to speed up loading. "dir_data"
-Fix a bug where wiiflow might not have found the correct partition
automatically on clean install.
-Make the coverflow editor work for homebrew view, and added two new ini
options: "smallbox" can be used in any view now, and each mode can have its own
seperate views, all editable by the coverflow editor. (this means 24 modes are
possible, 32 when i add DML)

-Fix banner sounds for most of the games that banners didnt work on (Thanks
Dimok again for your sound handler)
-Steal compressed images from mod
-Update the game info screen to show the rest of the controls (idea from mod)
-Add a way to write gecko log files to disk easily. define FILE_GECKO in gecko.h
to use it, and it will write all gecko output to your apps/wiiflow dir in
-Make homebrew use custom titles and colors.
-Trim all trailing whitespace in the source.
-Compressed dol even smaller xD.

-Fix a stupid endless while I added last commit on no sleep (r421 couldnt boot
-Fix about and synopsis 100%, can even be resized or moved by themes properly
-Fix a ,, typo in the defines.

-Resize fonts
-Fix up threading some more.
-Dont create video object until after IOS reload
-Make the temp game sound header volatile, and some other variables changed in
-Fix up the cover loader so it isnt constantly reloadong covers if coverflow
hasn't moved, among other things.
-Update icon.png and change tabs in meta.xml to spaces (hbc font shows boxes for

-Fix deleting games on fat/ntfs
-Fix font sizes and make multi-choice buttons use btnfont. Now when you change
a font size you wont get 2 diff font sizes on diff buttons.
-Fix mirror position on titles
-Widen titles so they dont get wrapped
-Move selected title left some and widen them for the same reason.
-Clean up more code in menu.cpp
-New translation: wbfsop11=Deleting game failed!
-Credit me if you use my changes ^^

-Clean up gui functions quite a bit
-Fix text wrapping
-Change Emu mode selection button to a multi choice button like mod, operates
different though. I did have some freezes switching back to NAND channels after
listing emu, idk if this is still an issue but it will get ironed out if needed.
-Speed and size ftw...

-Added a few images from wiiflow-mod, and actually use them here.
-Update freetype, libpng, and remove metaphrasis
-Fix flip sounds (The correct way!)
-Add ability to set the code dump reload timeout by ini, default was 5 seconds,
under [DEBUG], dsi_timeout, wifi gecko settings are also moved to the [DEBUG]
-Async network is automatically initialized once the menu is up now is wifi
gecko is enabled
-Remove default values from calls to CConfig
-Fix defines.h
-Refine fonts and sounds loading (There ARE changes in the theme.ini lines to be
-Fix game removal, the correct way.
-Add new homebrew view, in about 250 lines less code than the version fix94
committed at wiiflow-mod in an attempt to imitate my preview. It can be
disabled by ini but is now the default.
-Got some remnants of mod code in there still till i get it all weeded through
eventually... and add my own dml ofc.
-Left a few testicals laying in there for the high school script kiddies
-Clean up a shetload of code, ALOT still to go, and alot of changes to merge
from 1 dirty source to this now.

--Issues known to still exist: I get a freeze on the wait screen during mass
b+reload, a lag in coverflow when switching from game to game during banner
sound extraction, nand emu does not stat and read cache on first boot still,
still cant hit channel view with no sd/hdd inserted.

Wiiflow r417 mod r18
- Ajout du support de DML pour lire les backups gamecube sur SD, sans SD Gecko.

rev 417
*Compile portlibs with devkitPPC r24 and libogc 1.8.8
*Move the stack up 8 bytes and align 32 after bss also, so that .end is always
*Fix finding of the main application in channels, there is not need for a second
scan of the app files and checking for a wad header with memcmp if you get the
info from the TMD correctly. This eliminates the skip_bootcontent method and
all nand games boot the same way.
*Add a workaround for custom channels (forwarders) so that they use
WII_LaunchTitle instead of the custom appldr.
*Fix booting of injected vc.
*Align everything going through ioctls and ioctlv for nand emu, to improve cache
*Improve the nand emu mount/dismount and simplify it.
*Rename everything WiiTDB to GameTDB, and change to the new URL's. This
includes some fixes to the cover downloader and speeds it up ALOT. Instead of
12 url requests for each missing cover, now it will be 2-3 at most. There are
also no longer seperate url's for channels and games. Also renamed any wiitdb
references in languages and themes to the gametdb counterpart, using the same
case as it were before.
*Some cleanup of wbfs initialization, removing some unneeded or unused
parameters and variables.
*Added sdhc.h and sdhc.c from CFG
*Added support for playing games from SD with the same file system support as
*Added sorting by console type based on the id of the game. Use it by sorting
By Game ID and using b+up/down to cycle through the systems.
--Some new translations for this:
commodore=Commodore 64
snes=Super Nintendo
mastersystem=Sega Master System
genesis=Sega Genesis
wiichannels=Offical Wii Channels

*Lower mem2 priority size to send more shit to MEM2_alloc
*Raise mem1 upper limit for the apploader 8 bytes.
*Make cheat downloader work for WiiWare and VC
*Delete menu 7, forgot last commit
*Attempt at fixing case colors, still needs work, also titles may need some work
since they seem to not be read form xml or custom_titles.ini sometimes.
*Clarify the setting up of low memory in disc.c
*Remove the ios parameter from the apploader, Disc_BootPartition, and
*Make frag truly work for WBFS partitions.
*Clean up some includes throughout.
*Make all data pointers and parameters for channel launching use u8 * instead of
u32 * to get rid of mass casting in pointer math.
*A shitload more im sure, need to commit to sync to official SVN.

Rev 416
*Update language files and add documented ini files for most settings.
*Updated meta.xml with more controls
*Updated Some docs.
*Removed port selection from the makefile and buildtype.sh
*Fixed incorrect title ID for Pokemon Rumble in the channel launcher (thx xFede)
*Replaced old cios detection and hashing with a proper implementation. No more
brute forcing! Also now only d2x cios will be detected, and reliably. (Based on
code from GX by Dimok, thx)
*Added a parameter to Config:save to allow unloading of the ini on save. ie:
*Bump version string to 3.0 ALPHA (Big jump, but this deserves a major version
*Fix most font issues for themes.
*Added sorting by player count and wifi player count for games.
*Fixed positioning of the about screen and game synopsis (its ALMOST perfect
*Moved a vsync in the wait screen.
*Fix a crash when switching to channel/nand view before a cache was created.
*Made a solid attempt at fixing the green screen on ios reload (hope it works
for most of you)
*Fix dumps when booting a game DVD.
*Add creation of folders when using USB saves option.
*Partially fix USB Saves, always works when the game is played form DVD or wbfs,
mixed reports when from ntfs/fat32. (folder creation based on code from GX by
Dimok, thx)
*Fix all blanks in the menus and added some new options.
- Rumble is now handled by the setting you have in your wii settings (home
menu->controller options->rumble) and no longer is a setting in the ini.
- Box mode is now only an ini setting, everyone uses boxmode anyways.
*Now delete the playlog on wiiflow launch, playlog is always written on game
*Disable_Emu before exitting wiiflow.
*Themes changes:
-Changed thxfont to text_font in GENERAL
-Removed page 7 of the main menu
-Removed boxmode and rumble
-Moved partition selection to page 1 slot 3
-Added a button to toggle savegame emulation in page 1 slot 4
-Moved async network to page 3 slot 3
-Remove ios selection for games, ini only now, otherwise uses what the game
requests with auto_ios
-removed disabling of returnto in game settings, ini only. New d2x method isnt
detected. Replaced it with toggling save emu for that game.
-Only 3 pages in game settings.
-Too confusing to list what all buttons were moved, check default.init
*Removed title downloader coder, wiitdb is working pretty well and so is reading
titles form the game/channel itself.
*Fixed titles for nand and games.
*Made sorting ignore punctuation.
*Option for full emulation in nand and games, and under the id of the game in
gameconfig2.ini full_emulation=
*Add ability to use a separate folder for usb saves and nand emu. savepath= and
savepartition= under GAMES in wiiflow.ini (they default back to the settings for
NAND emu if not set)
**Im sure I forgot some things, but thx to all the testing and help with
documentation from all!**

Rev 415
*Fix typo in OverjoY's name in defines.h
*Add sorting based on player count and wifi players count, b+up/down switch to
the next/previous number of players in those modes.
*Fix titles for nand and channels, will always show the full title now without
funny characters.
*Titles work with or without wiitdb.xml, although headers/channels don't always
have a pretty title.
*Fix installing from DVD, booting from DVD still broken.
*Remove some members from CItem that already exist in dir_discHdr
*Add a wchar_t [64] to the dir_discHdr to hold the wchar titles.
*move mem2 m_endaddress back down to 0x93000000 and the disc pointer back to
there as well.
*Other shit I forget, too broke to think.

Rev 414
- Make sorting by Alpha ignore punctuation.
- Set ini lines for updating the cache, so when updating wiitdb and exitting
before going to the other views it will still force update the cache with the
new info.
- Fix an annoying bug where if you had a game on a partition and the rest of your
games on a later partition, the ini was overwritten with the first partition
with games. Also bypassed this section of code for channel view and fixed it
incase you loaded directly to homebrew view (a new passing argument coming soon
to set the view on boot)
- Close wiitdb after updating channel cache (oops)

Changelogs précédents: http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/source/list?num=25&start=388

- Nettoyage du code source
- Ajout du support des cIOS d2x
- Ajout du Block IOS Reload

Changements ultérieurs :
Consultez le site officiel.

Stupid typos screwing up my release zzzz.

- Language.ini et titles.ini sont à placer dans le même dossier que WiiFlow.
- WiiFlow va maintenant chercher le boot.dol dans le même répertoire que wiiflow.ini. Si il n'est pas trouvé, il sera créé.
- Autres changements.

ugh, error in release script, updated versions to reflect.

- WiiFlow redémarre désormais après une mise à jour
- Mise à jour des versions.txt
- Mise à jour du defautl.txt pour améliorer les performances.
- Divers autres changements.

- Possibilité de supprimer le "cheat.txt" en maintenant Bouton 1 Wiimote et Bouton 2 Wiimote dans le menu cheat.
- Ajout de la page 5 pour les paramètres de jeu.
- Divers changements mineurs.

- Wiiflow 2.1 release.
- Updater fully functional and has hosting.
- Fix reported bugs since 2.0.
- Ability to sort games by 4 different settings, Press B+Down
- Ability to switch partition by Pressing B+Up in main screen.
- More fixes and small additions.
- Release 2.1

- Clean up and fix returning to wii menu when priiloader is set to autoboot wiiflow and return to autoboot.
- Set Paths for updater to new server.
- Prepare for 2.1

- Possibly speed up cover loading: m_cf.start was called 2x Move setSorting in menu.cpp to sort before the findId so that last showed game works on boot/settings exit.

- Missed last change for versions.txt..stupid turtle!

- Finished updater
- Add Changelog info to updater, usage commented in versions.txt
- Add 1 lang string sys7 which is displayed in changelog section when installed version is selected.
- Add punctuation to some strings in menu_download.cpp

- Version selection working by extracting version numbers and number of versions from versions.txt
- Add example versions.txt to trunk

- Revert txt cheats code to fix the bug (sorry, but its been 12 days, the bugs you were trying to fix were fixed in the previous version, pls add xml to this version if you want), made so opts are removed from game's id section if no cheats are selected rather than toggle them.
- Enable left/right with repeat for switching pages in all menus, also in game select screen made repeat work. (may need disabled in that view if spamming banners causes issues)

- Better code for show_cover_after_animation

- Fix show_cover_after_animation...tested.

- Doh, i mustve been half asleep when i changed that in r67

- ifstream is a bad class to accidentally typo as ofstream when checking if boot.dol exists LOL

- Expand dol_backup from [26] to [33]

- Working ios selection to mod DL url
- Versions button ready to select versions

- Mod system menu for Jiiwah and Benjay.
- Fix crazy coding in system menu.
- Add blank versions.txt to trunk
- Changed txt url to point to the trunk/versions.txt

- Fixed bug with alpha blending in fanart
- Fixed sorting in coverflow
- Don't let wiiflow hang when a gecko is attached, but the PC is not reading the serial port.

- Missed hiding some buttons when switching to downloader for update.

- Added flip buttons to system menu (incomplete)
- Cleaned up menu.hpp
- Fixed some bugs i missed in menu_download
- Screamed at pc

- Change default build type to 249
- Make downloader back up boot.dol before writing a new one, and replace it if new file failed to write
- Delete versions.txt after system menu is closed.
- Fix "boot.dol not found at default path" error
- Hide Download bar and status on system menu after a few seconds to make room for update selection and information.

- Change to check apps/wiiflow before /apps
- Change fanart to use 3ltr id's also (r-win)
- Move APP_NAME to menu.hpp from menu_about.cpp
- Seperated versions.txt downloading from updated dol downloader and rewrote most of it.
- Auto DL txt on entering system menu.
- move update URL to menu_system so it can be modded by gui buttons later.
- remove m_systemLblIOSbase and combined it with m_systemLblIOS
- remove m_systemLblVersionRev and combined with m_systemLblVersion
- moved labels up in menu_system
- show download bar and status when DLing versions.txt, needs hidden by timer soon.

- Fanart can now draw before or behind the cover:
- Add show_on_top=yes to the [artwork] section
- Also, hiding the cover until the animation is done can be done by adding show_cover_after_animation=yes to the [general] section

- Ajout de la possiblité de mettre un nombre de catégories à afficher par "numcategories=" dans la section [ GENERAL] de wiiflow.ini
- Deplace le fanart sous la jaquette.

- Correction du tag "aphabetically" par "alphabetically"

- Added lastplayed to game launching (only was available for channels before)

WiiFlow 2.0 R46
- Nouveau nom : WiiFlow 2.0

- Réduction de la taille de la police d'écriture dans les crédits. (Miigotu)
- Retour a l'EHC Frag Module original pour fixer le chargement avec le cIOS en base 57. (r-win)
- Corrections de quelques animations bouttons et titres. (Miigotu)
- Ajout d'une liste de chaine du menu Wii (ne marche pas avec le cIOS base 57). (r-win)
- Ajout du lancement depuis partitions FAT32/NTFS. (r-win)
- Ajout d'un nouveau moteur Gecko. (r-win)
- Ajout de la possibilité d'afficher des FanArts. (r-win)
- Correction du chargement de jeux avec un autre IOS. (r-win)
- Mise à jour du fichier langage.ini.
- Mise à jour des thèmes.

- Fusion de la branche "fat_ntfs" avec "trunk"

- Correction du bug des Covers (enfin)!
- Ajout de fonctionnalités vidéo inutile (créées par Dimok, btw)
- Ajout d'un patch pour Prince Of Persia (vous devez quand même mettre les options disable_dvd_patch=yes et returnto=0 dans le fichier wiiflow.ini, sous la section [GAMEID])
- Correction des patches WIP (Dimok)
- Install installera maintenant toutes les partitions (comme cela était avant)
- Ajout du patch de Giantpune pour le retour à une chaine (ajout de returnto=<CHANID> dans wiiflow.ini sous [ GENERAL])
- Ajout du support initial de fanart (par Miigotu). Seules les images de fond sont supportées pour l'instant, mettez les dans votre dossier fanart/background. Wiiflow met /background après la variable dir_fanart dans wiiflow.ini. Ne mettez pas /background ici !)
- Ajout des id's de jeu à 4 caractères dans les URL's de téléchargement
- Désactivation de l'installation sur les lecteurs NTFS
- Correction de l'installation des jeux sur les lecteurs WBFS
- Changement des fichiers usbstorage et fs pour utiliser ceux du CFG Loader USB
- Correction d'erreurs mineures avec le rechargement de l'ios et les partitions NTFS/WBFS
- Activation de la sortie des info de débuggage du Cios 249 avec gecko
- Petit changement dans la langue Italienne

- Support du Nunchuk.
- Affichage de l'écran d'installation si un Disque est inséré.

- Pas de changelog.

- Quelques corrections et des vérifications supplémentaires pour le menu de triche.

- Correction d'un bug dans le menu Cheat
- Correction sur la possibilité de faire sortir certains DD de la veille
- Wiiflow cherchera les thèmes et autres dans drive:/wiiflow/ et drive:/apps/wiiflow.

- Ajout d'un menu Cheat (merci VIP)
- Changement de répertoire: tout va dans sd:/apps/wiiflow/

- Mise a jour des instructions de compilation sur la page googlecode

Révision 25
- Correction du bug "out of memory" lors du téléchargement des covers.
- Correction des covers corrompues (la libfat 1.0.6 inclue dans le devkitPro R19 est encore défectueuse!), supprimez le cache des covers si vous avez des jaquettes corrompues (/wiiflow/cache).
- Amélioration des performances du FAT.

Révision 23
- Correction du bug "out of memory" lors du téléchargement des covers.
- Correction pour la compatibilité avec le devkitPro R19.

Révision 22
- Ajout d'une boite spéciale pour un jeu particulier.

Révision 21
- Correction pour NSMB NTSC.
- Nouveau mode vidéo "Progressive" pour forcer et patcher en 480p.
- Nouveau mode vidéo "System" pour utiliser le mode vidéo du système sans forcage ni patchage.
- Possibilité de basculer les favoris en on/off et changer les thèmes si WiiFlow est dans le mode parental.

Révision 20
- Ajout d'un patch pour New Super Mario Bros (Merci à Wiipower) : patch du "main.dol" à la volée.

Révision 17
- Correction d'une erreur avec des thèmes perso dans une zone avec pages multiples (Thx Benjay).
- Changement dans le forçage et le patchage du mode vidéo pour une meilleur compatibilité. (A tester !)

Révision 16
- Correction de l'écran noir ou du blocage lors du lancement de certains jeux.

Révision 15
- Amélioration du support DSHC.
- Application du patch "No Disc in Drive" seulement pour l'ios249 < rev13 et l'IOS 222/223.

Révision 14
- Ajout d'un support "réel" des cartes SDHC, meilleure compatibilité pour différentes cartes SDHC.

Révision 13
- Correction bug du forçage/patchage du mode vidéo.
- Correction du code dump provoqué par l'utilisation de l'IOS 222/223.
- Correction de l'erreur WiFi 50330.

Révision 12
- Mise à jour du ehcmodule v4 (IOS222/223) provenant de la dernière version de l'uLoader 3.1.
- Affiche le Cios utilisé dans le menu "About".


https://github.com/Fledge68/WiiFlow_Lite Site officiel : https://github.com/Fledge68/WiiFlow_Lite

Télécharger Télécharger Wiiflow lite 5.4.8 : USB/SD Loader
Les fichiers avec l'extension 7z se décompressent avec winrar ou 7zip.

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#4, posté le 03/11/09 à 10:26:49
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Petit nouveau
bonjour...voila j ai un petit probleme je voudrais mettre les jacquettes mais a chaque fois que je met telechargement la console beug...
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#5, posté le 03/11/09 à 10:36:19
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Dieu des dieux
revient a la version 1.1
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#6, posté le 03/11/09 à 10:42:36
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Dieu des dieux
ou alors telecharge et installe les jaquettes sur ton PC::)::
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#7, posté le 03/11/09 à 11:06:05
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Apprenti parleur
pas mal merci!
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#8, posté le 03/11/09 à 11:58:05
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Dieu des dieux
^ Déconnecté carole20200
#9, posté le 03/11/09 à 14:37:32
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Petit nouveau
et comment j installe les jaquettes sur mon pc????::'(::
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#10, posté le 03/11/09 à 15:01:46
Membre helper/technicien
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Dieu des dieux
tu prend les jaquettes ici : http://www.wiiboxart.com/pal.php
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#11, posté le 10/11/09 à 22:36:57
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Petit parleur
salu j'ai deja neogamma je pe installer lui en complemen et garde 2chaine differente neogama et celle là ou pa?
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#12, posté le 10/11/09 à 22:41:29
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Dieu des dieux
oui, pas de problème ! :;)::
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#13, posté le 10/11/09 à 22:42:17
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Petit parleur
et je pe prendre ce lien la pour ^premiere installation aec la chaine
^ Déconnecté orwel
#14, posté le 10/11/09 à 22:46:11
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Dieu des dieux
oui, mais ce n'est pas un chaine mais un forwarder (c'est à dire que tu a une chaine sur le bureau, mais elle "pointe" vers les fichiers présents sur la SD). Donc il faut que tu ai les fichiers dans ta SD pour que la chaine fonctionne.
^ Déconnecté le-freemans
#15, posté le 11/11/09 à 19:28:44
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Petit nouveau
Bonsoir tous le monde, alors voila j'ai un ptit probléme. J'ai un disque dur avec 2 partitions, la premiére en Fat et la seconde en Wbfs. Lorsque je met les fichiers contenu dans l'archive sur la partition Fat et que je lance le Forwader "celui de l'archive installer préalablement avec Wadmanager" la console ne trouve pas le chemin du loader et se remet sur l'ecran menu de la console.


Est ce que la partiton Fat doit se trouver en seconde position?

Merci de votre aide.
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#16, posté le 11/11/09 à 19:29:40
Membre helper/technicien
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Dieu des dieux
WBFS en principal

et FAt 32 en secondaire
^ Déconnecté le-freemans
#17, posté le 11/11/09 à 19:36:47
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Petit nouveau
Ok merci, Y a t'il moyen de résoudre mon probléme sans perde mes backup?
^ Déconnecté crash251
#18, posté le 11/11/09 à 19:41:33
Membre helper/technicien
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Dieu des dieux
tu les remet sur ton disque dur de pc et apres tu les reinjecte c'est tout simple avec WBFS manager
^ Déconnecté le-freemans
#19, posté le 11/11/09 à 19:42:47
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Petit nouveau
Ok merci.
^ Déconnecté sofline
#20, posté le 12/11/09 à 15:35:08
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Petit nouveau

Ayant mise la version 1.1 en chaine, comment faire pour mettre cette chaîne à jour à la révision 1.1r20 ?

Je vous en remercie par avance.

^ Déconnecté Snouki
#21, posté le 12/11/09 à 15:37:22
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Dieu des dieux
passe par la HBC ou via un forwarder
^ Déconnecté sofline
#22, posté le 12/11/09 à 15:47:17
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Petit nouveau
Donc si je comprends bien ta réponse, il faut que je désinstalle la chaîne car elle ne peut pas être mise à jour.

Que je mette un forwadder en chaine car ce n'est qu'un raccourci ce qui me permettrait de remplacer juste le fichier .dol pour chaque mise à jour ?

J'espère que je suis compréhensible, j'ai moi même du mal et pourtant je ne suis pas blonde ::xD::
^ Déconnecté Snouki
#23, posté le 12/11/09 à 15:49:54
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Dieu des dieux
Oui tu as tout a fait compris ce qu'il fallait faire :;)::
^ Déconnecté sofline
#24, posté le 12/11/09 à 15:52:38
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Petit nouveau
Eh bien merci à toi Snouki.

Bisous à bientôt sur le forum.
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#25, posté le 12/11/09 à 15:56:05
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Dieu des dieux
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#26, posté le 14/11/09 à 09:05:09
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Ça dragouille sur le forum :D
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#27, posté le 14/11/09 à 09:08:25
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Dieu des dieux
Wii info commence à faire de l'ombre à Mytic.fr ?? ::p:: ---> ok ! je sors ... ::siffle::
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#28, posté le 14/11/09 à 09:41:11
2543 messages
Dieu des dieux
Sa va devenir Miitic.fr ::xD:: Sortons , sortons ...
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#29, posté le 14/11/09 à 23:47:26
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Petit nouveau
Ya t-il moyen d'avoir l'affichage du wii flow a la page de demarrage ou bien on est toujours oubliger de passer par la chaine homebrew pour executer par la carte sd.Merci
PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
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#30, posté le 15/11/09 à 10:02:54
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Dieu des dieux

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