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Engine 02 est un moteur de jeu multiplateformes 2D dirigé par des scripts codé par Stealth pour DOS, Windows, Linux, Intel/PPC MacOS, PSP et Wii.

La documentation est disponible pour créer les jeux sur PC et MAC.

Actuellement les jeux disponibles sont Sonic project METTRIX et Megaman Triple Thread

Version 11.08.11
- Liste de changements trop grande, donc consultez directement la page officielle.

Version 11.01.02
- Added "Repository" support. Special files placed in the "repo" folder allow E02 to connect to other download resources. This makes possible the creation of public and private listings for third-party games, and private listings for local transfers between platforms (when already running an http server). This feature is not displayed when only the default repository file is found

- When a script line was followed by whitespace (space or tab), the whitespace would not be removed from the end of the loaded string. This would cause problems especially with filenames that were followed by comments, as the filename used would contain the space/tab characters and fail to load on some platforms. Trailing whitespace on strings is now ignored, eliminating this problem (comments can be used after strings, and the strings themselves will be terminated after the last non-whitespace character)
- Mode 5 for the Set_PaletteAlpha_Range Script Command attempted to set the global palette rather than the target palette, and when intentionally setting the Global Palette, the alpha was not properly applied. This Command should now function properly for mode 5, and for applying an alpha to the Global Palette colors
- The Dim_Palette_Range Script Command did not test for component value overflow when "Dimming" up, which caused them to "wrap around" and become the wrong colors. Using this Command to brighten the palette (a "Percentage" value greater than 128) should now work properly
- The "Installed Games" section of the menu would crash when no games were installed due to a test on an array entry for an array whose length matched the number of games (in this case, 0). The "Installed Games" menu will now display correctly under this condition, reporting no installed games and displaying only the option to return to the Main Menu

Version 09/12/2010
First of all, I apologize if anything turns out to be wrong with this update. I've been feeling very sick for the last couple of days, but I've wanted these things done for some time now, so I've done my best to prevent it from causing any more delay than necessary

This update begins with the new E02 version 10.12.09, which, in conjunction with a few bugfixes and a "Scanlines" render mode for Windows/Linux/Mac, features a new "Utilities" menu that is accessible from the main menu in builds that support editing. Accessible from this menu are interfaces for functionality that was previously only available by the command-line, including the "Level Ripper". The links provided in the previous sentence will explain usage for each of the utilities. Also, view the full "What's New" here

A brief look at the "Level Editor" and "Level Ripper" interfaces is available here:

This update also brings about the release of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" Game Template I had been promising. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of work involved in cleaning up and documenting my older scripts to the point that I had envisioned would have put any release off for far too long, so, I have decided to scale it back so that everyone isn't kept waiting. However, it is entirely sufficient to begin creating a "Sonic the Hedgehog" game, or to use in understanding how E02 can be used to create complex games. For more details on what exactly is in this template, you can view the ReadMe online. The template itself can be downloaded from E02's in-program downloads interface, under the section "Fangame Templates"

This video provides a glance at the Template in action, but there is more functionality to be found by playing around with it yourself, and viewing and modifying some of the Scripts:

Your patience with this issue is very much appreciated. Because this template is very much usable in its current state, it won't be seeing an update for quite some time due to the amount of remaining work, and because it does a fair job of exhibiting E02's features, I have decided to put off any "Megaman" template for a while, as it also requires a large amount of cleanup, and would also require significant additions so as to "fill it in" without using too much content from Triple Threat. This is because there are some other Organized Chaos projects that are in need of attention, including a new E02 project to be revealed at a later date. This certainly does not mean that I will be leaving E02 to collect dust, though. I will still be providing support, correcting bugs as necessary, and expanding functionality as inspiration strikes. There should also be some more basic examples of individual fields of E02 functionality cropping up eventually, so, keep a lookout for that

Finally, so far, I have received one donation, which was toward the purchase of a GP2X Wiz for E02 development. As I've stated, this money is reserved specifically for the fund it is donated to, so, please don't let this man's money rot away :P

As always- Enjoy!

Version 16/11/2010
Automatic update checking may now be temporarily disabled by holding "Enter" (PC/Mac), "+" (Wiimote/Classic Controller), or "Start" (Gamecube Controller/PSP) while starting E02. This will reduce wait time when there is a slow connection, or no connection at all

When a new Level File is created (by using the "New" Menu Option in the Level Editor, attempting to load a nonexistent Level File, or using the Level Ripper to create a new Level File), the three default Planes now receive a default size (measured in Tiles) of 80x60 (except, of course, any one that is being generated from incoming Level Ripper data), rather than the original 500x250, 1200x320, and 1200x320 (which was a hangover from a very old version without plane resizing). Also, Plane 0 is now set as "Relative" and "Opaque" by default, rather than "VTil" (should have been "HTil", anyway) and non-Opaque (as the option first became available with release 8)

A new error message has been added to report when a Function Flow Control Script Command references a label that has not been defined for the Function

The KeyMap file format has been updated to include key and map naming for the interface, and to allow multiple key-/button-presses to flag the same map entry (which is especially useful for making Wiimote, Gamecube controller, and Classic Controller available to Wii users all at the same time). Any existing keymap files will need to be updated to conform to the new format (updated files for the existing downloadable games are now available when the game is re-downloaded)

The main interface has been revised with a new layout and new features

Implemented a better default 8x8 font

Implemented a key/controller config menu; select a game from the "Installed Games" list to configure

Implemented in-program game deletion; remove any game from the local listing and delete all of its data

Notifications for updates are now split across platforms rather than having all builds flagged for update after platform-specific fixes, enhancements, etc, and will appear on the main menu

Notification of update messages is now possible without also flagging a program update when not necessary, and a count of unchecked messages will appear on the main menu

E02 Documentation updates are now managed in-program and separately from program updates via the main menu (because Wii and PSP builds do not include editing features, they also do not include this feature)


Loading Object Layout Files that contain no placed Objects would cause the program to crash. These files may now be safely loaded

Font type 5 (Letters, numbers, symbols, caps/lower) loaded too few characters and would display improperly. Type 5 now loads the correct number of characters and displays as it should

Built-in and Scripted Drawing Functions were not being attempted when the Object's Type entry had its Out Of Range Event set to "1" (continue processing) and its position was outside of Activity Range. These Objects will now attempt to draw, and will now execute their Scripted Drawing Function

The documentation stated that the Func_DebugDraw Script Command would draw based on an "Object's" type and position, but in reality, this actually applied to the Player's position and Debug Object ID, and was for use only in Scripted Debug Draw Functions. This Command is now also usable in normal Scripted Object Draw Functions, and works as described in the documentation

NewLine is now interpreted as the line break indicator, rather than Carriage Return. This now actually allows Linux(/MacOSX)-format text files to be used for scripts in addition to DOS(/Windows)-format text files, as was intended. This has necessitated a small change in the pack format, meaning that any user-created games must be re-packed, and any downloadable games must be redownloaded

Error message reporting that label IDs have been skipped within a Script Function would not display when only one ID value had been skipped. This message is now displayed when appropriate

Scripted Object Draw Functions are no longer disallowed from manually updating the viewport position for any reason

Some errors in the implementation of Key Repeat States would cause crashes on script load. These errors have been corrected (This caused Project Mettrix's Rotating Bonus Stage to crash on startup on non-Windows platforms. This is now fixed)

An error in folder management code caused a glitch during Font File loading that would require all fonts loaded from the same Font Def to be present in the same folder as the first file loaded by that def. This has been corrected, and any Font File may now be loaded from any folder

Voici un exemple de jeu fait avec le moteur de jeu, des jeux basés sur Sonic et Megaman:
image image

http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Engine02 Source : http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Engine02
http://stealth.hapisan.com/E02/ Site officiel : http://stealth.hapisan.com/E02/

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moi sa plante quand je veut téléchargé un des 2 jeux ::wtf:: ( j'ai fini par éteindre après 10 min. d'attente ::siffle:: )

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