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799DML (Dios Mios Lite) r58 : SD Loader GameCube28/03/12 à 20:04:57Loader473548605
Fichier : DMLr58.zip
Taille : 0.653Mo 
Description :


Crediar, auteur de nombreux outils de la scène Wii, publie DML (Dios Mios Lite). DML est un SD loader GameCube, il permet donc de lire les backups de jeux GC sur carte SD.
Celui-ci fonctionne avec ou SANS Sneek.
Crediar est maintenant aidé par d'autres personnes pour l'améliorer.
Note, pour convertir vos sauvegardes gci vers le format nmm, utilisez ce logiciel

Pour info, voici les versions de DM/DML :
- Dios MIOS v2 : USB Loader.
- Dios MIOS (dépassé) : USB Loader (mais bugué).
- Dios MIOS Lite par Crediar.
- Dios MIOS Lite : SD Loader, moins bugué et différente de la version par Crediar (cette version).

DisEX est disponible ici.

Révision 58
-thanks for the donation request! The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker NMM fixed
-Console restart and power off button config changed

R + Z + B = power off (red button)

This only works on the first controller, and does not work with every game

Révision 57
-fixed a bug in the CARDOpen patch which should at least fix NMM for Zelda:WW
-removed sd card logging

Révision 56
-fixed a bug which caused errors when not using no-disc
-REALNAND is now enabled by default again
(it seems that people don't check global.h before compiling and then wonder why
stuff doesn't work)

Révision 55
-fixed a bug which broke no-disc

Révision 54
no-disc patching started, thanks for the donation requests!

-added no-disc patches
-added a new config value to control no-disc

Note: Not all games are working without a disc yet, see the compatibility list.
Note: if the loader supports it (SNEEK doesn't) those patches might even allow
no-drive as well

Révision 52
Thanks for your continuing support!

-added a fix for PokemonXD(USA) and Pokemon Colosseum(USA)
-fixed a bug which broke cheating
-fixed a bug which would require boot.bin to be present for a custom game path
to work

Révision 51
Updated games that break when using DiscEX -c and games that break due missing
MIOS patches.
Note: Kirby's Air Ride still breaks when using compression of any kind!

Révision 50
Again another donation another feature. Thanks for donating!

-DML now takes a config which is read from memory (0xC0001700) see config.h for
the structure.
The supplied config always overwrites ALL define settings done via global.h
-It is now possible to supply a custom game- and cheatfile path via the config
-There are three video mode configs:
*DML_AUTO: uses the default DML code to pick the best video mode for the game
*DML_NONE: keeps the current setting
*DML_FORCE: uses the video mode supplied via the config structure
-Fixed the dungeon map freeze for the USA version of Zelda:CE, thanks to
betakoopa for the fix
-NMM activity is no longer flashing the slot led when the define is disabled
-NMM is (silently) disabled if something is inserted in Slot A

Révision 49
-added another PADRead pattern (XG3-USA, ...)
-changed console shutdown code

Révision 48
As requested, console reset/power off via controller added. Thanks for the

L+Z+Digital-Down+A: power off
L+Z+Digital-Down+B: console reset

This only works on the first controller.

Révision 47
* Small fixes to the .elf loading code(crediar)
* Removed sd logging in the function IRQHandler, might be unstable

Révision 46
- change CheatCode.c to include two versions of the code-handler (default is for
cheat only, use a new define debugger in global.h to change it for debugger

Révision 45
* Changed the debug output to write as much as possible to the log file on sd
* Added some debug output when loading .elf files

Révision 44
-changed the __GXSetVAT patch to only patch Zelda:WW and Zelda:CE
This fixes all issues r43 had because of this patch.

This will be my last commit for the time being.

Révision 43
- patches the Windwaker Dungeon Map Freeze.

Révision 42 mod
- same as r42 just with a fix for Paper Mario RPG.

Révision 42
-added .gct cheat support, which is enabled by default and can be switched off
in global.h
-added a new define to let the debugger wait, debugger wait is off by default
-made the cbForStateBusy detection code more versatile
Note: The .gct file is to be placed at sd:/games/GZLE01/GZLE01.gct .
The .gct must not be large than 1840byte, otherwise it will not be used.

Révision 41
-added section about games that use audio streaming

Révision 40
-added wiki page about game issues.

Révision 39
-fixed a small bug that prevented to patch cbForStateBusy on games with .dols
or .elf files

Révision 38
-added basic(=not working) support for games with .elf files

Révision 37
-added a feature to test the speed of the SD card.
It is disabled by default and can be enabled via the SPEEDTEST define in global.h

Révision 36
-fixed random(!) disc read errors
-removed unused code
-fixed hook code
Note: This "only" fixed the random read errors, there might be games that get
read errors due other reasons, like Pokemon Colosseum which writes to the reserved area used by DML.
This concludes the deal from the video.

Révision 35
-fixed black screen issue

Révision 34
-fix for the error from r33

Révision 33
-writing the video mode changes to SRAM
-removed the remaining ehci code
-added the hack for Ikaruga's audio streaming, which is required with the current audio streaming handling

Révision 32
-restored loading retail GC discs with a sd card inserted

Révision 31
-restored retail disc support with no sd card inserted
-restored DVD-R access with gamecube homebrew
-minor code cleanup

Révision 30
-removed some old code
-updated video mode patch code

Révision 29
-video mode fixes for EUR

Révision 28
-removed cache system since new patch code is fast enough
-fixed video modes

Révision 27
-removed zelda-hack which "broke" saving
-added a define to switch between real nand and sneek nand build (real nand is default)
-added loading of DOLs and real disc support again
-changed video mode patching to always set PROG flags (doesn't affect people without PROG cables)

Révision 26
-replaced code with my version
This version is tested and working!

Révision 25
-fixed a bug which always turned off the wii after the first DVDRead

Révision 24
-removed old patch code

Révision 23
-added DVDInquiryAsync and DVDSeekAbsAsynPrio patches, which fixes fatal disc errors

Révision 22
-updated patch code
-improved SRAM patching for PAL60
-optimized main.dol/apploader detection code
It was a bit tricky to make the changes since my version is quite different, so
there could be some problems, which I will of course fix when they arise.

Révision 21
* Fixed some values about the used sram for the code, stack and heap(Crediar)
* Disablig the VIInit patch on PAL games if the SRAM is set to PAL, this should
this the black bar on PAL60

Révision 20
* Allow booting gamecube retail discs without sd card inserted
* Allow MIOS to patch games on retail discs like Wind Waker
* Added launching gamecube homebrew like cMIOS do, but DML is still NOT a cMIOS!
* Allowing gamecube homebrew to read DVD-Rs like cMIOS do
* Commented out some functions to save some memory

Révision 19

Révision 18
* Reverted some of the EXIControl and Shutdown changes. They were not safe in
these 3 functions.

Révision 17
* Added a new patch for DVDReadAbsAsyncPrioForBS(thanks to Crediar again). Now
multi .dol games should work.
* Deleting the boot.bin after reading. And if there's no boot.bin, DML boots the
inserted retail disc. This alows to boot retail GC discs from the disc channel
* Changed the handling of critical errors. The EXI control register is not
changed anymore and Shutdown() is always called on critical errors. Hopefully
one of both fixes the file table deleting problems.
* Changed some debug output.

Révision 16
* r15 and r16 are unstable, only use them at your on risk! They might erase your
FAT file table
* Added 2 more DVDReadAbsAsyncPrio patch options

Révision 15
* Using the games' dvd read patch for apploaders as well now. This at least
finds the dvd read function of the 2nd apploader on multi .dol games.

Révision 14
* Added LDVDReadAbsAsyncPrio for the DVDReadAbsAsyncPrio of apploaders, fixes
the multi .dol issue to 50%
* Fixed the bug introduced in r13

Révision 13
* Minor code cleanup for the fwrite patch

Révision 12
* DML is now meant to be installed as MIOS on real nand

Révision 11
* Fixed a typo that resulted in fwrite patches when they were disabled

Révision 10
* Switched to the audio streaming patches from Swiss
* Added a hack for Ikaruga's audio streaming
* Removed a hack for Eterna Darkness audio streaming
* Added a version system for the cache files, so the patterns can be updated
* Changed the .dol loading detection a little

* Changed the patcher to cache the patches for all loaded .dol files, and also use the cache if the main.dol is reloaded
* Use the general .dol load detection code when loading the main.dol with the MIOS IPL
* Removed the hack to get Metroid Prime to work, it should not be required anymore

* Removed the ehci code to allow booting DML from real nand without usb device connected. This has issue #1 as well though

* Improved the patcher speed a bit

* Added the ability to turn off fwrite patching and dbgprintf

* Patching the MIOS IPL to not patch games, now they should at least boot
* Removed the hack to get Wind Waker to boot as it should not be required anymore
* Added a batch file to make compiling even easier on Windows machines

* Added some comments about the MIOS patcher
* Minor code cleanup

- Add debugger and cheat codes feature (requires kenobigc.bin in sd:\games folder; see global.h for turning-off or on this feature when compiling iosmodule.elf)

- Version initiale, développée par Crediar.

SNEEK+DI - Installation

1. Téléchargez MIOSv10 depuis NUS Downloader et décryptez le.
2. Utilisez FixELF pour créer un fichier MIOS patché:
FixELF 0000000c.app DML.elf 000000c.app
(Copiez le fichier 0000000c.app dans ce dossier, et lancez step2.bat pour la version normale ou step2debug.bat pour la version debug).
3. Assurez vous qu'un BC NON MODIFIE est installé sur votre NAND Virtuelle
(Si vous avez installé une version inférieure à la r12 sur votre NAND virtuelle, vous devrez réinstaller un BC non modifié).
4. Injectez ce nouveau fichier 0000000c.app dans un WAD d'un MIOS v10
5. Installez ce WAD sur votre Nand réelle (pas la virtuelle).
6. Choisissez votre jeu Gamecube depuis la liste dans le menu de SNEEK et lancez le via la chaîne disque

Note: Il est recommandé d'utiliser Bootmii en boot2 plutôt qu'en IOS car très peu de jeux fonctionnent avec Bootmii en IOS.

Référez vous au Readme.txt pour plus d'informations.

http://code.google.com/p/dios-mios-lite-source-project/ Code source : http://code.google.com/p/dios-mios-lite-source-project/

Télécharger Télécharger DML (Dios Mios Lite) r58 : SD Loader GameCube
Les fichiers avec l'extension 7z se décompressent avec winrar ou 7zip.

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il me semble que pour l'instant ce n'est pas au point
Choisir un Film : La meilleure solution quand on ne sait pas quel film regarder
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#32, posté le 02/06/12 à 14:20:25
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Petit nouveau
Il existe une nouvelle version du DML sur le site officiel http://gbatemp.net/topic/307341-dios-mios-lite/ ainsi que le site http://code.google.com/p/diosmioslite/ la version la plus récente est 1.4b
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Petit nouveau
jai un souci je narrrive pas a faire marcher mes backups gc sa me met "Fatal error apploader size is zero? quelq'un peu maider? j installer DMLr58[MIOS-v10].wad et DIOSMIOS_2.2_up3.wad et cfgloader v70 r36
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Petit nouveau
à Bigboss56890 :

j'avais le même problème, que j'ai réglé ensuite avec la mise à jour d'USB Loader GX en r1200. Il faut simplement que le programme soit à jour (que ce soit USB Loader, Wiiflow, Dios Mios Booter, ...).
^ Déconnecté bigboss56890
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Petit nouveau
jai mis a jour tous mes loaders et toujours pareil!!!::'(:: Quelqu'un d'autre a deja eu se souci?
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Dieu des dieux
il faut maj en version bêta, pas la version officielle
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Petit nouveau
jai deja mis la v70 r36 et sa marche pas sa me met "Fatal error apploader size is zero?
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essaye la version donneé par MaitreTsou
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Petit nouveau
coucou depuis que j'ai changé la version de diosmios je'arrive plus a lancé mes jeux GC lagé et depuis impossible a le relancer

Dernière édition le 27/05/15 à 00:52:12 par yann1706.
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Salut, tout d'abord, bienvenue sur wii-info.
Ce topic est vieux de 2012, cette version de dios-mios est obsolète.

Passe à dios-mios 2.11, ou mieux, passe à nintendont :;)::

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