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Voici une amélioration de Sneek de Crediar, neek2o, par OverJoy et obcd. Celui-ci offre plusieurs fonctions supplémentaires par rapport à Sneek.

Qu'est ce que Sneek ?
Sneek est un homebrew qui permet à ceux qui ont installé Bootmii sur leur Wii de remplacer les fichiers Bootmii sur leur SD ce qui permet de créer une Wii virtuelle sur votre carte SD.
Vous pouvez ainsi mettre toutes vos chaines sur SD, prévenir tout brick sur la vraie console, et même avec le module DI de lire vos jeux sur disque dur USB à l'aide de la chaine disque.

Fonctionnalités (non présentes dans Sneek)
- Lancer des jeux en .wbfs depuis un périphérique en fat32.
- Utilise les NAND émulées présentes même dans les sous-dossiers (et pas uniquement à la racine de la carte).
- Possibilité de passer d'une NAND à une autre, à la volée. Ainsi, il est possible de jouer à un jeu NTSC sur une NAND NTSC par exemple, sans avoir besoin de réglages spéciaux.
- Supporte le Uneek_usb_fs. Les Homebrews sont donc supportés sur les supports USB.
- Peut coopérer avec Bootmii.
- Possibilité de l'installer via USB seulement, pas besoin de SD.
- Supporte DM/DML/Quadforce.
- Supporte les périphériques usb de 3To ou plus.

Pour l'installer sur votre console, il faut utiliser Modmii, de sorte à ce qu'il vous télécharge les fichiers nécessaires pour l'émulation de la NAND, puis installer la chaîne de neek2o sur votre console, et enfin la lancer.

- Correction du support disque

- Aucune donnée

- Added configuration stuff for logging and disc read errors
- Added support to play Wii games from disc (for backups a DVDR compatible DVD
drive is required oc)
- Added block cache for WBFS_Encrypted_Read()
- Added support for most disc partition types (update, game and channel
installer) for disc and wbfs mode
- Decreased decrypted block cache for disc and wbfs mode from 5 to 3 blocks
- Fixed custom title support
- Fixed crash of FS-USB module when exiting a game on disc
- Fixed booting Wii games for Wiiflow
- Added new overlay menu option: "Load disc"
- Added menu option: "Autocreate log for DIP module"
- Added menu option: "Autocreate log for ES module"
- Added menu option: "Error Skipping Game Play"
- Added menu option: "Retry On Read Error"
- Added menu option: "Reset Configuration"
- Added menu options to rebuild nand and channel cache (check left/right on
"Recreate Game Cache")
- Added "Skip Disc Update Check" menu patch
- Added menu option for "Skip Disc Update Check" menu patch
- Added an ioctl to identify neek2o for Wiiflow (and other hb)
- Changed boot2 version to 65535
- Changed the way menu patches are applied
- Changed navigation in overlay menu (See below)
- Changed configuration for external apps:
* Fix: When no Title ID is given in config neek will boot into SM
* Added config option for return to title feature (and made it really work in
beta 5/beta 6)
- Fixed 4.1u Move disc channel hack (issue 21)
- Dirty fix ES_TitleCreatePath() function (WAD manager issue)
- Fixed ES_DeleteTicket()
- It's now possible to change the forced video mode in fake region mode (issue
- Removed dvd cover image support for overlay menu
- Removed obsolete region option in Sneek setting menu
- Removed support to show covers in overlay menu
- When a title tries to load an IOS thats not available we'll fall back to IOS56
now instead of that stupid blinking tray light thingy
- Priiloader is ignored now when it's installed on emulated nand
- Renamed menu option: "Error Skipping" in "Error Skipping Dumper"
- Added hack to speed up loading of "Little King's Story"
- Moved USB related ioctlv's to USB_Ioctlv()

New Navigation:

Menu hidden:
- Wiimote "1" / GC Pad "Start" : Will bring up the game menu (Channel menu if
no DI module is found)
- Wiimote "2" / GC Pad "Z" : Will bring up configuration menu's

Game menu:
- Wiimote "1" / GC Pad "Start" : Close menu
- Wiimote "2" / GC Pad "Z" : Switch to channel menu
- Wiimote "A" / GC Pad "A" : Load selected game
- Wiimote "B" / GC Pad "B" : Close menu
- Wiimote "+" / GC Pad "X" : Navigate through games alphabettically forward
- Wiimote "-" / GC Pad "Y" : Navigate through games alphabettically back
- Left/Right/Up/Down : Navigate through games

Channel menu:
- Wiimote "1" / GC Pad "Start" : Close menu
- Wiimote "2" / GC Pad "Z" : Switch to game menu
- Wiimote "A" / GC Pad "A" : Launch selected channel
- Wiimote "B" / GC Pad "B" : Switch to game menu
- Left/Right/Up/Down : Navigate through channels

Configuration menu:
- Wiimote "1" / GC Pad "Start" : Close menu
- Wiimote "2" / GC Pad "Z" : Close menu
- Wiimote "A" / GC Pad "A" : Action depends on selected menu item
- Wiimote "B" / GC Pad "B" : Close menu
- Wiimote "+" / GC Pad "X" : Navigate through menu pages up
- Wiimote "-" / GC Pad "Y" : Navigate through menu pages down
- Left/Right : Select options
- Up/Down : Navigate through menu

- Fix for ubisoft AP detection (tintin, driver SF and maybe more)

- Made a separate DI-module for USBneek2o
- Changed DM config version to v2
- IOSs < 28 are now redirected to IOS56
- FIX for loading speed PoP - Rival Swords
- FIX for remembering last used emulated nand if a external app uses an external
emulated nand with neek2o
- If an external app uses neek2o config to use an emulated nand outside the
/nands folder, neek2o config will store the path in its configuration
- WIP: Locking config files
- WIP: Fix for RB2

WIP commit
- Added configuration options for external apps
- Added configuration options for external apps
- Removed dipath and nandpath file support (external apps can send those paths through memory now)
- Code cleanups

- Added ioctl to identify neek2o for Wiiflow
- On request added ehci retry code. This should add compatibility for more hdd's
- On request added possibility to use usb port 1 (Port 0 should be unused)
- WIP commit for fix RB2

ES: Fixed a bug that made it impossible to load a title when using fake SM launch

- Added a missing IOS_Close
- Added cIOS fake ioctl's
- Fix to prevent crashes of the FS module when external apps read/write to much sectors at once

- Removed IOCTL call to extract opening.bnr
- Added IOCTL call for external hb that allows easy game loading
- Added some unfinished stuff for future plans
- HB apps that wanna reload to cIOS are now redirected to IOS 56
- Fixed 'not enough memory' in lots of cases (maybe not all)
- Added '/dev/usb2' trigger
- Added UMS ioctlv calls most hb should be able to mount usb now

- Fixed some more shopping channel errors

- Added multiple sector size support
- (Temp) removed obsolete DVDVerifyGames and DVDGetGameCount functions
- Minor code cleanup
- Added multiple sector size support

- Added code for DM/DML/Quadforce support
- Added script to automatically update the svn rev# in the overlay menu
- Added DM/DML/Quadforce menu (rev 81)
- Fixed Korean country code
- Changed default country code for PAL game region to 110 (UK)
- Changed Shopping Channel country/region patch:
- Set code to the country/region you life in
- A full list of codes can be found here:
- Region switch feature will now adapt country code from Shopping Channel patch
if the region of booted nand/game matches the region the code is within
- Added little easter egg
- Fixed Shopping Channel #204035 error
- Fixed Shopping Channel downloads ( issue 25 )
- Fixed issue 6 (Showing/deleting/moving saves)??? -> All is working correct for me
- Fixed issue 23 (Bejeweled 2)??? -> Game is working correct for me every boot

* Small fix for overlay menu (Freeze on hacks menu)

* Improved temp region patch (Fixes one region only games that don't work in other regions.. (The Amazing Race and Hollywood Squares on PAL hands for example))
* Added temp region patch for shop channel (found by JoostinOnline)
Note: The temp region only patch for the shop channel is untested, but I assume it works. Will test tomorrow and if needed change it.
Users have to provide a setting.txt file with a matching serial# of their own Wii. ModMii by XFlak is able to create an emu nand with a setting.txt file with a matching serial#. To enable the patch simply choose your own region in the overlay menu (Menu Hacks) were it says: "Patch Shop Channel For Region:" and neek will take care of the rest

Added the fix to sneek2o fs.c as well.

A small fix for the uneek_usb_fs functions that got broken in previous revision.

* Just an update of FS-SD with the changes of FS-USB made in r70 and r72

* Added a small hack that should fix save file problems for vc/ww games

* Cleaned up some code
* Uncommented some debug stuff
* Added fix for MW3 multiplayer

* Moved save file fix for MOM to FS
* Updated some files for eFIX
NOTE: eFIX is now needed to build the Module
* Added strcat function
* Added some stuff for future usage
* Fixed some compiler warnings
* Minor bug fixes
* Added a more solid fix for MOM
* Added fix for NMH2
* Added strstr function
* Fixed some save file issues for ww/vc games
* Minor bug fixes
And maybe some stuff I forgot I added/changed it

http://gbatemp.net/topic/313314-neek2o/ Site officiel : http://gbatemp.net/topic/313314-neek2o/
http://code.google.com/p/custom-di/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/custom-di/

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