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RetroArch est un émulateur multi plates formes utilisant la libRetro, et permettant ainsi d'avoir le même code pour les versions Wii, Xbox, pc etc, et la libRetro s'occupe de tout ce qui est spécifique à la plate forme.


Version 1.7.4
– ANDROID: Add sustained performance mode, can be turned on/off in Power Management settings menu.
– ANDROID: Powerstate/battery level support.
– CHEEVOS: Fix crash when scrolling Achievement List while Unofficial Achievements enabled (#6732).
– CHEEVOS: Added hitcounts support for PauseIf/ResetIf (#6817).
– COMMON: Automatically hide “Configuration Override options” in Quick Menu.
– COMMON: Small Bugfix to not trigger savestate code when pressing Reset.
– COMMON: Added libsixel video driver.
– EMSCRIPTEN: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– HID/OSX: Fix to set hid device registration deterministic (#6497), to address issue #6640 re-adding dynamic device registration.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese / Brazilian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation.
– MIDI: Add MIDI support to the libretro API. Dosbox is the first proof of concept core implementing libretro MIDI.
– MIDI: Add a Windows driver for MIDI, based on winmm.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Qt QSlider styling for Dark Theme.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Remove button ghostly inside highlighting.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Initial grid view.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Drag&drop to add new playlist items, add option to add/edit/delete playlists.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to update RetroArch (Windows only for now).
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to manage shaders.
– MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to manage core options.
– MENU/XMB: Add new icons for the settings
– MENU/XMB: Add an option to show the desktop ui
– METAL: Initial work-in-progress video driver for Metal. macOS-only right now, and currently requires macOS 10.13.
– METAL: Supports XMB/MaterialUI, has a menu display driver. Has a font rendering driver.
– METAL/SLANG: Slang shaders should be compatible with Metal video driver.
– NETWORK: Enable SSL/TLS support by default for desktop platforms.
– QNX: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– PS3: Add audio mixer support for FLAC and MP3.
– PSP: Use proper button labels, fix inverted R-Stick Y axis.
– REMAPS: Fix the way offsets are calculated for keyboard remapping.
– RUNAHEAD: Fix full-screen mode change breaking Secondary Core’s environment variables.
– RUNAHEAD: Deterministic input for RunAhead, guaranteed to match the last polled.
– VITA: Use proper button labels, fix inverted R-Stick Y axis.
– VITA: Add imc0: mount.
– VITA: Use sceCtrlIsMultiControllerSupported to detect.
– VULKAN: Fix two validation errors.
– VULKAN: Try to avoid creating swapchains redundantly. Should fix black screen and having to alt tab out of window again to get display working on Nvidia GPUs (Windows).
– VULKAN/OSX: Initial MoltenVK support. Not enabled yet, several MoltenVK bugs should be fixed first before we can have it fully working.
– WINDOWS/DINPUT: Add rumble support.
– WINDOWS/DINPUT: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– WINDOWS/RAWINPUT: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– X11: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
– WII: Change deflicker setting to work in 480p or higher, and always enables vfilter so that the user can easily change brightness.
– WIIU: Fix out-of-bounds rendering bug
– WIIU: Implement UDP broadcast network logging on Wii U.
– WIIU: Audio should no longer clip.

Version 1.7.3
AUDIO: Audio mixer supports FLAC/MP3 file types now!
COMMON: Fixed bug ‘crashing in cores that don’t range check retro_set_controller_type’. Some people were having crashes when device is set to RETRO_DEVICE_NONE and the cores don’t check the number of ports, in VBAM’s case it was overflowing and crashing. QuickNES was crashing too.
COMMON: Fixed buffer overflow in url encoding (affecting MSVC2010/2013).
COMMON: (QuickMenu) Added Configuration Override submenu.
HID: Merge new HID subsystem.
HID: Fix WaveBird support for the Wii U GCA.
HID/OSX: Fix regression with IODHIDManager – gamepads which are connected later would not be autoconfigured.
LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese translation.
MENU: Audio mixer now works in the menu without any cores loaded. You have to enable the setting ‘Enable menu audio’ for this to work.
REMAPPING/OVERLAYS: Fix regression – overlays could no longer be remapped.
SCANNER: Add Wii Backup File WBFS support.
X11: CRT SwitchRes support for X11/Linux.

Version 1.7.1
– 3DS: Now correctly reports amount of CPU cores.
– 3DS: Frontend rating is now correctly implemented for both New 3DS/2DS and Old 3DS/2DS.
– 3DS: Initial networking support, HTTP requests won’t work yet.
– 3DS: Now reports memory and battery state.
– AUDIO: Added ‘Audio Resampler Quality’ setting to Audio Settings. Setting this higher will increase sound quality at the expense of sound latency and/or performance. Setting this value lower will improve sound latency/performance at the expense of sound quality. Only has an effect if the Sinc resampler is used, and you have to restart the game for changes to take effect.
– CHEEVOS: Fix unofficial achievements not being loaded.
– CHEEVOS: Show savestate menu entries when no achievements are found even if hardcore mode is enabled.
– CHEEVOS: Support Neo Geo Pocket.
– COMMON: Bugfix for issue related to ‘Windows mouse pointer visible when running MESS or MAME cores’.
– COMMON: Fix bug ‘Last item in a Playlist is ignored’.
– COMMON: New LED API. Driver implemented for Raspberry Pi, proof of concept implemented for core MAME 2003.
– COMMON: Add quick menu option to watch shader files for changes and recompile them automatically (Linux only for now).
– D3D8: Direct3D 8 can now work on systems that have Direct3D 8 installed.
– D3D9: Add menu support for MaterialUI/XMB.
– D3D10: Initial video driver implementation.
– D3D11: Initial video driver implementation.
– D3D11: SPIRV-Cross/slang shader support for D3D11.
– D3D12: Initial video driver implementation.
– DINPUT: don’t reinitialize input driver on network events / media insertion / network drive connection
– INPUT: show friendly names when available under input binds and system information
– INPUT: show the config name when available under system information
– GUI: Allow changing menu font color.
– GUI: Menu visibility options for RGUI and MaterialUI.
– GUI/MaterialUI: Works now with D3D8, D3D9 Cg, D3D11 and D3D12 drivers.
– GUI/XMB: Add Monochrome Inverted icon theme.
– GUI/XMB: Allow changing menu scale to 200%.
– GUI/XMB: Works now with D3D8, D3D9 Cg, D3D11 and D3D12 drivers. Menu shader effects currently don’t work on D3D8/D3D9 Cg.
– HAIKU: Restored port.
– KEYMAPPER: prevent a condition that caused input_menu_toggle to stop working when a RETRO_DEVICE_KEYBOARD type device is enabled
– GL: ignore hard gpu sync when fast-forwarding
– IOS10/11: Handle hardware keyboards and iCade controllers
– LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation.
– NETPLAY: Add menu option to select different MITM (relay) server locations.
– OSX: Modify HID buttons detection algorithm.
– QB: Added –datarootdir.
– QB: Added –bindir and –mandir and deprecated –with-bin_dir and –with-man_dir.
– QB: Added –docdir.
– SHADERS: Allow saving of shader presets based on the parent directory (Saving one for */foo/bar/mario.sfc* would result in *shaders/presets/corename/bar.ext*). We decided it’s safer to still isolate the presets to a single core because different cores may treat video output differently.
– SHADERS: Don’t save the path to the current preset to the main config. This was causing weird behavior, instead it will try to load *currentconfig.ext* and it will save a preset with that name when select *apply shader preset*. The resulting shader will restore properly after restarting and even after core/parent/game specific presets are loaded
– SOLARIS: Initial port.
– SWITCH: Initial Nintendo Switch port, based on libtransistor SDK.
– PS3: Enable Cheevos.
– PSP: Enable threading support through pthreads.
– SHADERS: SPIRV-Cross/slang shader support for D3D11.
– SHIELD ATV: Allow the remote / gamepad takeover hack to work with the 2017 gamepad
– SUBSYSTEM: Subsystem saves now respect the save directory
– SUBSYSTEM: You can now load subsystem games from the menu (see https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/pull/6282 for caveats)
– VULKAN: Fix swapchain recreation bug on Nvidia GPUs with Windows 10 (resolved in Windows Nvidia driver version 390.77).
– WINDOWS: Improved Unicode support (for cores/directory creation and 7zip archives).
– WINDOWS: Show progress meter on taskbar for downloads (Windows 7 and up).
– WINDOWS: WS_EX_LAYERED drastically decreases performance, so only set it when needed (transparency in windowed mode).
– WIIU: Overlay support.
– WIIU: Transparency support in menu + overlays.
– WIIU: Increased stability during core switching.
– WIIU: Shader support.
– WIIU: Menu shader effects added (shaders).
– WIIU: Add missing time/clock support. (also fixes RTC [Real Time Clock] in Gambatte)
– XBOX OG: Restored port.

Version 1.7.0
– CHEEVOS: Add badges for achievements, shows thumbnail images of achievements.
– CHEEVOS: Leaderboard support.
– CHEEVOS: Only disable savestates on hardcore mode if achievements are not available.
– COMMANDLINE: Fix fullscreen toggle switch.
– COMMON: Add ‘Automatically Load Content To Playlist’ feature, enabled by default.
– COMMON: Fix slowmotion ratio always being reset back to 1.
– COMMON: Optimized NBIO implementations now for Apple, Windows, and Linux. Uses mmap for Linux/Windows/BSD if/when available. File I/O should now be much faster for loading images inside the menu.
– COMMON: Native Blissbox support now for latest firmware as of writing (2.0). Implementation through libusb and/or native Windows HID.
– COMMON: New lightgun API.
– COMMON: New VFS (Virtual File System) API.
– COMMON: Fixed some playlist bugs.
– COMMON: New snow shader.
– COMMON: Fix Quick Menu title, no longer shows ‘Select File’.
– COMMON: Fix loading cores that require no content one after another.
– COMMON: Map Delete key to Y button for non-unified menu keyboard controls.
– COMMON: Fix for relative paths being normalised and generating a duplicate history entry.
– EMSCRIPTEN: Fix references to browserfs.
– FREEBSD: Support libusb HID input driver.
– HAIKU: Buildfix.
– INPUT: Map clear button to DEL key.
– LINUX/X11: Add RetroArch logo to window title bar.
– LINUX/X11: Input driver now supports new lightgun code.
– LINUX/X11: Support window transparency (requires a compositing window manager).
– LOBBIES: Fix for crash on join netplay rooms via touch / glui.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation.
– MENU: Snowflake menu shader effect.
– OSX/PPC: Fix the GL2 renderchain, had to use EXT versions of framebuffer/renderbuffer functions.
– PS3: HTTP requests / downloads should now work.
– PS3: Core Updater now works.
– PS3: Improved font rendering, enable STB Unicode font renderer.
– PSP: Make it work with Vita’s Adrenaline.
– PSP: Fix audio sync.
– PSP: Fix content loading, port should be functional again.
– PSP: Use 64MB when available.
– SCANNER: Fix crash from Windows-incompatible format string.
– VITA: Improve packaging, installation times.
– WIIU: Disabled the controller patcher for now since it was the source of many stability issues.
– VULKAN: Various stability fixes for WSI.
– WINDOWS: Add MSVC 2017 solution.
– WINDOWS: Get rid of the empty console window in MSVC 2010 builds.
– WINDOWS: Raw input driver now supports new lightgun code.
– WINDOWS: Use configured OSD/text message color on GDI driver.
– WINDOWS/XINPUT: Populate XInput VID/PID from DInput so autoconfig doesn’t rely solely on joypad names
– WINDOWS/XINPUT: Fix crash that occurs in some situations with Steam running and a Steam Controller plugged in.
– WINDOWS: Improve version reporting under System Information.
– WINDOWS: Support window transparency.
– WINDOWS: Correct usage of GetWindowPlacement per MS docs, fixes game window position on Win95/98.
– WINDOWS: Added Visual Studio 2017 support.

Version 1.6.9
– Audio: Fix the Audio DSP picker
– CHEEVOS: Add support for Atari Lynx cheevos.
– CHEEVOS: Add support for RetroAchievements Leaderboards.
– GUI: (MaterialUI) Fix crash that happened on context reset with Vulkan.
– GUI: (MaterialUI) Skip querying and drawing items that are not visible; Cache content height and bbox calculation.
– GUI: (MaterialUI) Fix entry box highlight calculation.
– GUI: (XMB) Skip drawing the fading list when it is already transparent. Optimization.
– GUI: (XMB) Comment out visible item calculation in xmb_draw_items().
– GUI: (RGUI) Prevent crashes when using a non-English language reliant on UTF8.
– GUI: Add menu option for OSD background color.
– GUI: Add menu option for OSD text color.
– GUI: Add menu option to remove frame count from OSD.
– GUI: Allow wraparound of int/float settings when pressing the left key
– INPUT/LIBRETRO: Add support for more mouse buttons (buttons 4/5)
– INPUT/LIBRETRO: Add support for analog buttons
– INPUT: Always show the controls menu even if descriptors are not set
– INPUT: Fix input descriptors not being set on cores that don’t implement the controllers interface
– INPUT: Apply descriptors only for the amount of cores the core supports
– INPUT: Implement keyboard to gamepad input remapping (limited to one gamepad device for now)
– INPUT: Fix absolute mouse move handling on the winraw driver
– INPUT: Ignore keyboard input if window is not active on udev driver
– INPUT: Sanitize the filenames of autoconfig profiles before saving
– LOBBIES: Fix crash on navigating left / right from the lobby menu
– LOCALIZATION: Update Dutch translation
– LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
– LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation.
– LINUX/ARMHF: Set buildbot updater URL to armhf location instead of blank string
– LINUX/PI: Broadcom VC4: Add Videocore config option
– LINUX/UDEV: Fix – RetroArch reads keyboard input when not focused with the udev input driver.
– NETPLAY: Fix disconnection not fully deinitializing Netplay.
– NETPLAY: Fix lan rooms when there is more than one room
– NETPLAY: Fix lan rooms on systems where all addresses are treated as IPv6
– COMMON: Fix clear/free loop conditionals in playlists.
– WINDOWS/GDI: Fix flickering of text.
– WINDOWS/GDI: Fix graphics corruption on Windows 98
– WINDOWS/GDI: Allow compiling without DirectInput8 for NT support
– WINDOWS/WGL: Try to use wglSwapLayerBuffers instead of SwapBuffers if possible (for more optimal performance).
– WINDOWS: Fix menubar text corruption on Japanese locale systems
– WINDOWS: Support Unicode file I/O (can now display CJK characters in file browser for example).
– WINDOWS: Support Windows 95, NT3.51, NT4
– WINDOWS: add Makefile.griffin targets for msvc6,2003,2005,2010,2012,2013
– WII: Use custom, embedded libogc SDK.
– WIIU: Initial touchscreen support for WiiU gamepad.
– WIIU: Add Cheevos support.
– SCANNER: Fix archive scanning.
– SCANNER: Support CHD files.
– SCANNER: Support Gamecube ISO scanning.
– SCANNER: Use primary data track of disc images for CRC lookups rather than cue files. This is slower but finds matches more reliably, and is necessary for CHD files to work at all. Update your databases!
– SCANNER: Fall back on looking inside archives when matching MAME/FBA content (most recent cores only). If you had difficulty with content being detected before, you may have better luck now. Update your databases and core info!

Version 1.6.0
– AUTOSAVE/SRAM – Fix bug #3829 / #4820 (https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/3829)
– ENDIANNESS: Fixed database scanning. Should fix scanning on PS3/WiiU/Wii, etc.
– NET: Fix bug #4703 (https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/4703)
– ANDROID: Runtime permission checking
– ANDROID: Improve autoconf fallback
– ANDROID: Improve shield portable/gamepad device grouping workaround
– ANDROID: Allow remotes to retain OK/Cancel position when menu_swap_ok_cancel is enabled
– LOCALIZATION: Update/finish French translation
– LOCALIZATION: Update German translation
– LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation
– LOCALIZATION/GUI: Korean font should display properly now with XMB/MaterialUI’s default font
– MENU: Improved rendering for XMB ribbon; using additive blending (Vulkan/GL)
– OSX/MACOS: Fixes serious memory leak
– WINDOWS: Added WASAPI audio driver for low-latency audio. Both shared and exclusive mode.
– WINDOWS: Added RawInput input driver for low-latency, low-level input.
– WINDOWS: Core mouse input should be relative again in cores
– MISC: Various frontend optimizations.
– VIDEO: Fix threaded video regression; tickering of menu entries would no longer work.
– WII: Fix crashing issues which could occur with the dummy core
– WIIU: HID Controller support
– WIIU: XMB/MaterialUI menu driver support
– WIIU: Initial network/netplay support
– LOBBIES: Fallback to filename based matching if no CRC matches are found (for people making playlists by hand)
– LOBBIES: GUI refinement, show stop hosting when a host has been started, show disconnect when playing as client
– LOBBIES: if the game is already loaded it will try to connect directly instead of re-loading content (non-fullpath cores only)
– LOBBIES: unify both netplay menus
– THUMBNAILS: Thumbnails show up now in Load Content -> Collection, Information -> Database
– VITA: Fix slow I/O
– VITA: Fix 30fps menu (poke into input now instead of reading the entire input buffer which apparently is slow)
– VITA: Fix frame throttle
– VULKAN: Unicode font rendering support. Should fix bad character encoding for French characters, etc.
– VULKAN: Fix some crashes on loading some thumbnails
– AUDIO: Audio mixer support. Mix up to 8 streams with the game’s audio.

Version 1.5.0

MOBILE: Single-tap for menu entry selection
MOBILE: Long-tap a setting to reset to default
ANDROID: Autoconf fallback
ANDROID: Mouse support / Emulated mouse support
AUTOCONF: Fix partial matches for pad name
CHEEVOS: Fix crashes in the cheevos description menu
CHEEVOS: WIP leaderboards support
COMMON: Threading fixes
COMMON: 9-slice texture drawing support
CORETEXT/APPLE: Ability to load menu display font drivers and loading of custom font.
DOS: Add keyboard driver
DOS: Improve color accuracy and scaling
GUI: Various settings are now only visible when advanced settings is enabled
GUI: Allow changing icon theme on the fly
GUI: Add a symbol page in the OSK (Onscreen Keyboard)
GUI: Better dialogs for XMB
LOCALIZATION: Add/update Korean translation
LOCALIZATION: Rewrite German translation
LOCALIZATION: Update several English sublabels
LOCALIZATION: Update several Japanese labels
NET: Allow manual netplay content loading
NET: Announcing network games to the public lobby is optional now
NET: Bake in miniupnpc
NET: Fix netplay join for contentless cores
NET: LAN games show next to lobbies with (LAN) and connect via the private IP address
NET: Use new lobby system with MITM (Man In The Middle) support
NET: Fix netplay rooms being pushed on the wrong tab
NUKLEAR: Update to current version
SCANNER: Always add 7z & zip to supported extensions
VULKAN: Find supported composite alpha in swapchain
VULKAN: Add snow/bokeh shader pipeline effects – at parity with GL now
WIIU: Keyboard support
WINDOWS: Logging to file no longer spawns an empty window
WINDOWS: Fix loading of core/content via file menu

Version 1.4.1
- Beaucoup de changements, je vous invite à tous les lire ici, mais on peut noter que pour Wii ça ajoute le support USB, corrige des problèmes de savestate.

Version 1.2.2
There were some problems with the last release. FBA CPS1 was missing and FBA CPS2 was not working. Both are rectified now and included again.
– (Wii) Fix FBA CPS1/CPS2 cores.

Mupen64 – W coordinate for vertices now properly set according to per-game depth bias. Should fix most of the texture wobbling issues in games.
Mupen64 – Fixed ‘No Controller connected’ issue in Banjo-Tooie.
Mupen64 – Uses refactored audio RSP plugin, includes numerous fixes such as improved MusyX support, etc.
Mupen64 – Glide64 refactoring - Optimized dither noise code – is now done on the GPU entirely.
Mupen64 – Glide64 refactoring – codebase has been cleaned up significantly, code duplication cut down on.
Mupen64 – (Non-mobile versions) – Three-point filtering option instead of just bilinear filtering. The N64 used an inferior form of bilinear filtering called 3-sample (or 3-point) filtering. Textures were made with this in mind so many look a lot better with point filtering vs. bilinear.
Screenshot comparison here: http://imgur.com/a/M9nRP
Genesis Plus GX – Aspect ratio changes are now applied correctly.
Genesis Plus GX – Other changes.
Mednafen VB – Added Core Options for Virtual Boy – Anaglyph/Palette.
Mednafen (All) – Should correctly save SRAM to save directory now.
SNES9x – Memory leak fixes and some other improvements.
Nestopia – Core updates.
3DEngine – New core. A combination of all other 3D tech demos so far along with advanced libretro features like camera support, GPS/location services, etc. Can also be used to display still pictures (JPEG/PNG). JPEG support is buggy right now.
VBA-M – Adds Code Breaker/Game Shark support (by using cheat files).
FBA core – No more hardcoded 1024×1024 frame buffer – is now set dynamically. Should in most cases free up around 3MB of system RAM.

RetroArch GX – Gamecube/Wii
- More screen resolutions.
- Overlay support.
- Faster blitting – inlined lots of GX functions.

Fix audio float overflow bugs – fixes Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer, Tsumi to Batsu/Sin and Punishment (on PC)
(iOS) Added hack to assem_arm.c’s “verify_dirty” return function to make GoldenEye work
Alternate controls work differently now – you start with Original controls – press ‘Select’ to toggle ‘Alternate Controls’
(Core) Added MusyX ucode for RSP HLE – fixes sound in these games – affects games like Hydro Thunder, Gauntlet Legends, Biohazard 2/Resident Evil 2, etc. Graphics in Resident Evil 2 still messed up though with RSP HLE – change to CXD4 RSP for now to render the graphics accurately.
(Core) Other incidental changes.
(Core) Some preliminary work on getting graphics to show up in Conker’s Bad Fur Day for glN64

Memory leaks and other bugfixes courtesy of Alcaro

Input changes courtesy of Jacobeian – MIGHT finally fix long-standing input bugs
FBA Full should work again
New Input Settings option – Analog to D-pad mapping

Version 1.0.0
VBA Next performance improvements - all games should now play at fullspeed more or less (even games like Final Fantasy 5/6)
Revised menu - should now have the same functionality as all other RetroArch versions
New 'Detect Core' function - you no longer have to switch a core and then select a ROM - with this mode you can select a ROM and RetroArch will look at the file extension and start the core associated to it. If there are multiple cores that support this file extension, then it will give you a list of supported cores and you can select which one you want to use.
Much improved OpenGL driver - the PS3 version of RetroArch should now have the
lowest input/video latency out of all RetroArch versions (with the exception of maybe KMS/libdrm on Linux).
Comes with MAME 2003 now. Mortal Kombat 1/2/3/Ultimate should all play at fullspeed with the DCS Hack enabled.
Many more changes...

Version 0.9.9
* (iOS) Initial release of RetroArch iOS.
* (Blackberry) Initial release of RetroArch Blackberry (for BB10/Playbook).
* [SNES9x Next] No longer disable high resolution for SA-1 games for Xbox 1 /
Wii / Gamecube
* [SNES9x Next] Seiken Densetsu 3/Romancing Saga 3 no longer downsample to
low-resolution for high-resolution modes on Xbox 1/Gamecube/Wii
* [SNES9x Next] Add Core Option - 'SuperFX Overclock'.
* [SNES9x Next] [Gamecube/Wii] Use sthbrx/stwbrx for READ_WORD/WRITE_WORD macros - speedup.
* [Gambatte] Fixed serious input reporting bug on libretro side that could
drastically slow down gameplay speed - found an edge case in a Japanese
Pokemon Blue version that triggered this.
* [Gambatte] Make colorization optional and not enforced through use of a
Core Option.
* [FCEUmm] Should load UNIF ROM format now.
* [NEStopia] Fixes Famicom Disk System support.
* [NEStopia] L/R now inserts coins on Vs. System games
* [NEStopia] Add Core Option 'Sprite Limit'.
* [Mednafen] Add several Core Options for Mednafen PSX, Mednafen PCE Fast,
Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket Color, etc.
* [Mednafen PSX] Add disk swap mechanisms - exposed through RGUI
* [PCSX ReARMed] Latest update to r19 fromnotaz (main author)
* [PCSX ReARMed] Totally rewritten ARM code by notaz in order to support outdated version of Apple's GAS (for iOS support)
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add disk swap mechanisms - exposed through RGUI
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add m3u Mednafen-style cuesheet support
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add core option 'Frameskip' - users with bad performance on Android should try out if setting this higher than 0 fixes their problems.
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add core options 'NEON enhanced resolution' and 'NEON enhanced resolution speedhack' - this is for systems with ARM NEON CPUs. Note that this will easily triple or even quadruple CPU requirements. If you have an underpowered CPU, you might want to try this out in combination with the 'Frameskip' option (setting it higher than 0) to make things somewhat playable.
* [Genesis Plus GX] Latest compatibility updates from ekeeke (main author)
* [Genesis Plus GX] Add Core Options for blargg NTSC, Overscan and Game Gear Extend Screen
* [Final Burn Alpha] Add several Core Options for going tO Service Mode, Resetting game, etc.
* (LIBRETRO) Added Tyrquake
* (LIBRETRO) Added ModelViewer and SceneWalker (for platforms which support
libretro GL).
* (LIBRETRO) NXEngine / Cave Story is now completely playable on consoles
(Wii/PlayStation3/Xbox 1/Xbox 360) thanks to many code alterations. Performance
is also much improved on the platforms which could already play them, such as
Android and PC.
* (Shaders) New shaders- mdapt, new xBR versions, new Harlequin Gameboy/LCD shaders, etc.
* Threaded video option. Mainly for Android users but works for OpenGL driver in general.
* (Android) Add iControlPad support.
* (Android) Add the following gamepads / etc to autodetection list:
- Tommo NeoGeoX Arcade Stick
- Xperia Play (fixes ANR issues after 30 seconds)
- TTT THT pad
- JXD S7300B
- Sega Virtua Stick
- Ouya pad (untested)
- Gamestop Wireless
- Tomee NES USB
- Thrustmaster T Mini Wireless
* (Android) Add back key behavior - can either 'toggle' RGUI' on/off or exit the app.
* (RGUI) RGUI now works on PC, Android, iOS and Blackberry - and is no longer Wii-exclusive.
* (RGUI) RGUI is an ingame menu that can be toggled from within the game. It looks and functions a bit like MAME's OSD system. It is possible now to configure most of RetroArch's settings from this builtin menu instead of having to exit the game and go to an 'external' settings menu.
* (RGUI) Added a 'Game History' list.
* (RGUI) Added sophisticated shader stacking - for Cg shaders.
* (RGUI/Libretro) Add disk image swapping - supported by Mednafen PSX and PCSX ReARMed.
* (Libretro) Add libretro GL capability to libretro API. Supported currently by PC, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Raspberry Pi, and Pandora. Targets either GL 2.0 or GL ES 2.0. Targeting GL ES 2.0 is encouraged for maximum portability to mobile platforms.
* (Libretro/RGUI) Add Core Options. This makes it possible to 'expose' options for a libretro core to the frontend.
* (Libretro) Add SET_SUPPORT_NO_GAME to API.
* (RGUI) Change menu layout options.
* (PS3) Optimize PS3 video driver extensively - should result in a big latency reduction.
* (PS3) Totally remove the 'old' fixed 2-pass shader system and replace it with a new, forward-compatible with PC 8-pass shader stacking system. RGUI/RMenu makes CGP files dynamically as you set new shader stacks.
* (Wii) Optimize Wii video driver by using inlined macros for certain fixed-function state code.
* (360/Xbox 1) Optimize 360/Xbox 1 video drivers by using inlined command buffer macros
* (360) Removed shader system for this release - will be re-added in a future 0.9.9 point release. The main problem is that on Xbox 360, all our render targets need to fit inside 10MB of EDRAM - which is just pathetic if you want to have any FBO scaling options similar to what can be done on PS3. I'll be looking at either tiled rendering or just implementing the same 'hack' I did before (where I forcibly set the maximum source framebuffer resolution at 512x512 for two-pass shaders and hoped nobody would notice so I could stay within the confines of the 10MB of EDRAM for render targets). For now, the PS3 port is way superior than the 360 port in the graphics stakes due to this 10MB EDRAM limitation for render targets.
* (Menus) Standardize RGUI, RMenu and RMenu XUI to look and work the same.
* (Overlays/RGUI) Overlays can now be scaled and their opacity changed from RGUI).
* (RMenu/RGUI) Add text scrolling when a text string is too large to fit onscreen.
* (RMenu XUI) Have all menu screens now use the same basic XUI template. Cuts down on a lot of code maintenance at the expense of language customization by end-users. A solution will be looked at later.
* (Xbox 1) Slim down on menu texture - leaves us with more free RAM to play with - only tested on 480p - somebody with 720p/1080i resolution support should contact me - even though I'm afraid making the menu texture any bigger is going to be a waste of RAM anyways. Upsides of this are obvious - far faster switching between menu and game and consumes way less RAM which means games like Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Vampire Savior now fit into RAM without pesky and slow file I/O-based VM.
* (Wii) Add additional VI resolutions.
* (ZIP support) Switch from builtin zlib to miniz - less codebloat.

* [NEStopia] Famicom Disk System support. For Android users - put disksys.rom into the same folder as the FDS ROM you're trying to load. For everyone else - put disksys.rom into your system directory.
- Y Button will switch sides of a disk.
- If you get any problems of the sort DISK A / B ERR 07' - pressing Y button again or letting it run its course should do it.
- NOTE - Famicom Disk System loading is slow, so you might be tempted to fast forward through most of it. However, I'd advise caution when doing so and to savestate regularly in case 'fast forwarding' can negatively affect disk loading.
* [FBA core] Various changes/fixes
- Hook up Eco Fighters controls (Turn 1/Turn 2 bound to L and R buttons)
- Hook up Pnickie controls (Turn 1/Turn 2 bound to L and R buttons - press one of the buttons to progress beyond start screen)
- Hook up Continental Circus controls - Brake 2/Brake 3 (L1/L2 buttons) and Accelerate 2/Accelerate 3 (R1/R2 buttons)
- Hook up Gun Smoke controls - Start button (needed to progress beyond title screen)
- Hook up Mighty Pang controls (P1 Shot1/P1 Shot2/P2 Shot1/P2 Shot2)
- Fixed Varia Metal palette
- Fixed Fairyland Story palette
- Fixed Return of the Invaders palette
- Fixed Act-Fancer palette issue
- Endian fixes in the following games (PS3/360/Wii/Gamecube) -
- Surprise Attack
- Rollergames
- Ultra Man
- Oh My Gods
- Moonwalker (Sega System 18 bootleg) [magicseb]
- Hyper Pac
- Snow Bros 1
- Honey Dolls
- Fixes pitch issue in Gals Hustle (will possibly fix more games as well)
* [FBA core] [For Wii/Gamecube/Xbox 1 only] The main FBA version now has CPS1/CPS2/ Neogeo and Mega Drive/PC Engine drivers removed. To play CPS1, use FBA Cores CPS1. To play CPS2, use FBA Cores CPS2. To play NeoGeo, use FBA Cores Neo.
* [FBA core] Made FBA Cores CPS1 - use this to play CPS1 games (all CPS1 ROMs fit into memory on Gamecube).
* [Gamecube] Made RetroArch cores 'standalone' - ie. no core switching.
* [Unzipping [All consoles/Android]] Moved from rzlib to miniz/minizip -should increase compatibility with ZIP archives

* [FBA core] Various changes/fixes
- Hook up Armed Police Batrider controls
- Afterburner - make fire buttons work
- Hook up Bad Dudes controls
- Hook up Cyberbots controls
- Hook up 1942 controls
- Add missing Chase HQ controls
- Add missing WWF Wrestlefest controls
- EEPROM save should now work (tested with EEPROM-based system such as Capcom CPS2)
- Samples are now looked for - should be in 'samples' subdirectory
- Hiscore files should now be read from/written to.
* [SNES9x Next] Added big speed hack for Star Fox 1 - makes it fast enough for it to run at fullspeed on the Wii.
* [Genesis Plus GX] Set...

- [Genesis Plus GX] Updated to latest SVN - Lunar: Eternal Blue (MCD, JP) works again
- [Gamecube] Initial release of RetroArch Gamecube.
- [Wii] Fixed serious blitting bug that affected certain PCE games - Dai Makai Mura, R-Type et al should display correctly now

- [FBA] Fixed serious bug that would cause a lot of games to get stuck in service mode or to display graphical corruption (CPS1).
- [NEStopia] Now outputs in mono sound mode.
- [FCEUmm] Uses RGB565 now - should no longer flicker on RMenu.
- [Mednafen PC Engine Fast] Fixed libretro issue where certain games had totally wrong pitch
- [Mednafen Wonderswan] Core fixed, works again.
- [Genesis Plus GX] Set audio samplerate at 48KHz (from 44KHz).
- [Wii] Fixes serious analog stick issues with CC Pro/CC.
- [Wii] Added additional resolutions - 304x224, 576x224, 608x224
- [Wii] More natural way to switch between cores

- [LIBRETRO] Added Mednafen NGP and Mednafen VB.
- [LIBRETRO] Added NEStopia Undead (1.44).
- [LIBRETRO] Updated Mednafen PCE Fast and Mednafen Wonderswan to 0.9.28.
- [LIBRETRO] Added PCSX ReARMed for RetroArch Android.
- [FBA] Updated Final Burn Alpha to
- [Gambatte] Updated Gambatte (now has built-in GBC BIOS color palettes).
- [SNES9x Next] Updated SNES9x Next (fixes numerous bugs).
- [FCEUmm] Updated FCEUmm to latest version.
- [Genesis Plus GX] Updated Genesis Plus GX to latest version.
- (RARCH_CONSOLE) Various stability fixes
- (RARCH_CONSOLE) More sane unzipping mode - will temporarily extract file to HDD and then instantly delete it when it's done with it (ie. when another ROM gets loaded or when RetroArch shuts down)
- (RARCH_CONSOLE) All console ports now use 59.94Hz for synchronization on the RetroArch side instead of 59.92Hz as before. All consoles use 59.94Hz so this agrees better with them.
- (WII) Made a custom wiiuse input driver and built it in. Slimmed down and should give better results. Also rejigged input in general.
- (WII) Added rewind option. NOTE: This feature is CPU intensive - a core might need to at least run at double realtime FPS in order for this option
to be useful.
- (WII) Button combos can now be done ingame. You can do rewinding, fast forwarding, selecting save state slots and 'save state load/save state save' all ingame without first going to the menu. For more information, read the README.txt for the Wii release.

v0.9.7.2 (SNES9X-NEXT seulement)
- Fixed Tales of Phantasia not running
- Fixed Robocop 3 not progressing past the title screen (backported echo buffer patch)
- Fixed broken color addition (odd non-transparent tile patches in Zelda 3 and others)
- Freed up some more RAM for Gamecube port
- Some miscellanous speed hacks added

- (FBAcores CPS1) Sound crackling/popping fixed
- (FBACores CPS2) Sound crackling/popping fixed
- (FBACores NeoGeo) Sound crackling/popping fixed
- (WII) Fixed left/right audio channels being in reverse issue
- (WII) Filebrowser now filters by core supported extensions
- (WII) Fixed filebrowser performance issues in v0.9.7

- (XBOX 1/Wii) Made an Xbox 1/Wii port.
- (LIBRETRO) Added Mednafen PCE FAST, and Mednafen Wonderswan cores
- (Genesis Plus GX) Updated to v1.7.0
- (ALL) Improved stability / error trapping
- (ALL) ZIP extract modes expanded - it can extract the contents of a ZIP file to the current directory, and/or extract to current dir and immediately load the first ROM/game file.
- Too many things to mention

Emulateurs/Jeux supportés

- Final Burn Alpha Cores (CPS1 - CPS2 - NeoGeo) [version] (**)
- FCEUmm (Nintendo Entertainment System) [recent SVN version]
- Gambatte (Game Boy | Super Game Boy | Game Boy Color) [version 0.5.0 WIP]
- Genesis Plus GX (Sega SG-1000 | Master System | Game Gear | Genesis/Mega Drive | Sega CD) [version 1.7.0]
- SNES9x Next (Super Nintendo/Super Famicom)
- VBA Next (Game Boy Advance) (*)
- Prboom (for playing Doom 1/Doom 2/Ultimate Doom/Final Doom)
- Mednafen PCE Fast (PC Engine/PC Engine CD/Turbografx 16)
- Mednafen Wonderswan (WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color/WonderSwan Crystal)

Lisez la doc pour plus de documentation.

http://www.libretro.com/ Site officiel : http://www.libretro.com/
http://gbatemp.net/topic/333126-retroarch-a-new-multi-system-emulator/ Site officiel : http://gbatemp.net/topic/333126-retroarch-a-new-multi-system-emulator/

Télécharger Télécharger RetroArch v1.7.4 : Emulateur Multi Plates formes
Les fichiers avec l'extension 7z se décompressent avec winrar ou 7zip.

33 commentaires
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^ Déconnecté stephbj
#1, posté le 31/08/12 à 12:21:43
20 messages
Petit nouveau
Enorme, voici une galerie de screenshot :

A noter également :
- la wii étant assez limitée en RAM, pour la CPS1 et CPS2, seuls les jeux d'environ 23 Mo (tout au plus) peuvent être chargés. KOF96, Fatal Fury 1 par exemple.
- les jeux SuperFX ne tournent pas à la vitesse originale. Une version optimisée du coeur sera développée plus tard
- certains jeux GBA ne tournent pas à la vitesse originale. Un coeur basé sur gpSP devrait être développée plus tard

Dernière édition le 31/08/12 à 12:55:58 par stephbj.
iPhone info, tout le hack, jailbreak, désimlock iPhone iPad iPod
^ Déconnecté djseb1
#2, posté le 01/09/12 à 15:29:38
25 messages
Merci, fonctionne parfaitement avec les roms des autres emulateur et j' ai essayer Final Burn Alpha Cores les jeux capcom vs marvel, street fighter aphas 2 et d'autres fonctionne parfaitement.::)::
J'ai ecrit trop vite j'arrive pas a faire fonctionner les jeux neo go même de petite taille kof 95, art of fighthing 1 ainsi que les jeux mega cd qui fonctionnent bien avec Genesis Plus GX 1.7 mais aucun passe avec RetroArch.::(::

Dernière édition le 02/09/12 à 16:22:03 par djseb1.
^ Déconnecté Pikamik
#3, posté le 19/12/12 à 11:56:10
25 messages
salut à tous! ::^^:: je tenais à signaler que final burn alpha est démentiel! ::d::
Mais bon venant-on au fait, j'ai une question délicate, peut-on associer un screenshot avec un jeu dans la sélection des jeux. je me posais la question et justement en regardant les screenshot de Stephbj on aurait pu le croire! quelqu'un pourrait avoir la solution svp? Merci :;)::
^ Déconnecté Attila
#4, posté le 20/12/12 à 10:25:24
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
t'as essayé de voir dans le readme s'il en parlait?
^ Déconnecté Pikamik
#5, posté le 24/12/12 à 13:16:37
25 messages
Oui mais il en parle pas. je crois plutot que c'est moi qui me suis fait un film! ::siffle::
^ Déconnecté xtopher
#6, posté le 09/03/13 à 09:50:42
267 messages
Apprenti parleur

Perso, je n'arrive pas à faire tourner les jeux CPS1 et CPS2 (zippés ou pas); et MAME. J'ai beau sélectionner le bon "core" avant, rien à faire j'ai le message "error occured during roms loading".
J'ai dézippé, rezippé, redémarré l'Arch, retéléchargé tout (à d'autres endroits), bref dans tout les sens, je ne vois pas du tout ce qui coince d'autant que les jeux font moins de 23mb.

Où est l'astuce ? Il faut installer les bios MAME, CP1, CP2 ? (j'ai cru lire que non mais ::huh:: )
Astuce: la rom Marvel vs Street Fighter (MAME) se lance avec le Core CP2 (cela vaut uniquement pour ce jeu ! Pour le reste rien ne va !!).


ps: Pour les jeux "genesis", "snes" (en sélectionant le bon core), ça marche... mais bon j'ai déjà d'autres émulateurs qui marchent très bien pour ces jeux-là.

pps: L'émulateur SDMAME voit bien les jeux mais ne peut les lire non plus (Retour au HBC).

Dernière édition le 09/03/13 à 15:45:04 par xtopher.
^ Déconnecté sorio
#7, posté le 09/03/13 à 16:56:58
1219 messages
quel set utilise tu ,il faut le set fba à mon avis comme sur android(sur ma tablette ça fonctionne)
^ Déconnecté xtopher
#8, posté le 10/03/13 à 11:54:45
267 messages
Apprenti parleur
Salut, j'ai finalement réussi à lancer correctement les trois jeux "Marvel". J'ai repompé les 3 roms MAME ailleurs. Puis, je les ai lancées en utilisant le CORE CPS2. Là, ça fonctionne correctement. Bizarre ! Bizarre !!!! D'autant, que cette methode ne fonctionne pas avec d'autres jeux. Problème de roms, de classement sur les sites... je n'en sais rien. Mais, mon gamin est content, ce qui l'intéressait c'était les jeux de combats avec Spiderman :)

ps: Oui c'est bien les cores FBA

Dernière édition le 10/03/13 à 11:56:03 par xtopher.
^ Déconnecté sorio
#9, posté le 10/03/13 à 12:17:10
1219 messages
tant mieux pour toi ,retroarch ne fonctionne pas avec les roms mame ou alors trés peu,il faut trouvé le rom set FBA qui est plus adapté au jeux cps et neogeo
^ Déconnecté xtopher
#10, posté le 14/03/13 à 15:52:32
267 messages
Apprenti parleur
Ainsi, les roms (MAME) de :
- Marvel Super Héro
- Marvel Super Héro vs. Street Fighter
- Marvel Super Héro vs. Capcom
- Street Fighter Alpha 3
- X Men vs. Street Fighter
fonctionnent correctement tels quels avec le core CPS2 de retroarch (sans ajout de bios externe). ::)::


Dernière édition le 14/03/13 à 15:53:28 par xtopher.
^ Déconnecté Pikamik
#11, posté le 29/03/13 à 14:08:34
25 messages
Bonjour, y-a-t-il à ce jour une chaine wad de cette version? j'en ai bien eu quelques une mais incompatible avec cette version ::(::
^ Déconnecté Attila
#12, posté le 03/04/13 à 15:10:31
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
tu peux faire ton propre wad si tu veux (voir les tutos du site)
^ Déconnecté zeb44
#13, posté le 16/05/13 à 12:12:39
108 messages
Apprenti parleur

Pour info, avec la, Outrun (le VRAI) tourne enfin à 100%, y compris dans le tableau "Gateway" (première à gauche).
Il n'y a plus qu'un léger ralentissement au départ, mais c'est négligeable.
Si des fans d'Outrun passent dans le coin...
^ Déconnecté mitcha334
#14, posté le 05/11/13 à 23:49:59
2 messages
Petit nouveau
eseque il y a un tuto pour retroarch wii svp ?
parceque je n'arrive pas a avoir final burn alpha gx, je n'ai que lemulateur super nes que vois quand je rentre dans le menu retroarch.
merci d'avance.
édit :
jai trouvé il falait appuyer sur le bouton (-) de la wiimote pour faire apparaitre le menu settings de retroarch et changer de CORE (d'emulateur) a partir de la.

Dernière édition le 06/11/13 à 19:30:09 par mitcha334.
^ Déconnecté kennyjlove
#15, posté le 18/12/13 à 10:15:36
3 messages
Petit nouveau
BOnjour à tous,

J'ai essayé d'installer Retroarche sur ma Wii ainsi que ma Wii U mais j'ai exactement le même problème sur les 2

J'ai copier le répertoire " retroarch-wii " dans le répertoire "apps" de la carte SD 512 Mo, une fois que je démarre la Wii, je lance le Homebrew Channel, je vois bien Retroarch que je charge et là j'ai un écran noir et je ne peux rien faire.

Je vérifie ma sd card, je la remplace par une autre de 8 Go mais même erreur.

Si vous avez une idée elle vraiment la bienvenue.

Merci d'avance
^ Déconnecté Ligeia
#16, posté le 09/01/14 à 17:48:30
15 messages
Petit nouveau
La nouvelle version (v1.0.0) ne marche pas chez moi. Ecran noir et la chaîne Homebrew redémarre. La version précédente marche nickel. Hormis un souci pour lequel j'aimerais bien un peu d'aide : impossible de lancer des roms arcade. J'ai utilisé Final Burn Alpha et Romcenter, les roms apparaissent en vert, mais quand je les lance sur la Wii avec Retroarch j'ai une exception ISI et ça redémarre, quelle que soit la rom arcade/neogeo lancée. En revanche, SaGa sur Wonderswan Color marche à la perfection. Comment faire pour que les roms arcade marchent SVP ?
^ Déconnecté zeb44
#17, posté le 09/01/14 à 18:07:34
108 messages
Apprenti parleur

Oui, rester sur la 0.9.9 et attendre la V1 stabilisée.

Pour la partie finalburn, ça marche chez moi. Finalburn Alpha pour les Roms Arcade, Finalburn CPS1 et CPS2 pour les Roms CPS et Finalburn neo pour les Roms Neogeo.

Pour la partie Neo geo, il faut bien entendu le Bios et les Roms en mode Finalburn (donc par les Roms Mame)
^ Déconnecté Ligeia
#18, posté le 10/01/14 à 17:37:02
15 messages
Petit nouveau
Il me semble avoir tout ça, et j'ai tout vérifié avec Final Burn et Romcenter. Bizarre. Mais merci quand même.
^ Déconnecté Pikamik
#19, posté le 06/02/15 à 03:02:13
25 messages
Salut à tous. J'avais plus touché à la version depuis la v0.9.9 et là je me dit que je lancerai bien cette new version et là "surprise" ! Une nouvelle section arcade est en plus, donc j'ai pu lancer quelques jeux FBA qui ne tourne pas sur Wiimame comme street fighter 1, mais j'ai un craquement dans le son intempestif.... C'est le même chez vous ou ca vient de ma configuration ?::huh:: Up

Dernière édition le 13/03/15 à 02:59:34 par Pikamik.
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#20, posté le 13/03/15 à 04:38:29
358 messages
Salut, ça vient de la wii qui lag car pas assez puissante je crois.
^ Déconnecté Pinpi
#21, posté le 13/04/15 à 13:27:43
1 messages
Petit nouveau

Apres quelque test fait avec RetroArch, je n'arrive pas à configurer la WIImote pour me servir des boutons 1 & 2 dans les jeux (par défaut c'est les boutons A et 1 qui son parametrer).
Les seuls bouton pris en compte lors de la reconfiguration son les directions du nunchuck.

Avec un Pad Gamecube pas de soucis j'arrvie à configurer les boutons.

Avez-vous le même probleme, ou un solution ?
^ Déconnecté Fabb
#22, posté le 23/07/15 à 00:19:57
186 messages
Apprenti parleur
Rah la fausse joie ::'(:: ! Je m'attendait a Retro Achievements sur Wii, je l'aurait prit direct ::xD::
^ Déconnecté zeb44
#23, posté le 29/07/15 à 20:55:06
108 messages
Apprenti parleur
Interface de plus en plus complète, ergonomie de plus en plus poussée, mais on ne retrouve pas la rapidité d'exécution propre aux anciennes versions. Dommage.
^ Déconnecté xtopher
#24, posté le 01/08/15 à 17:19:13
267 messages
Apprenti parleur
Je ne sais pas si cela a été réglé dans cette version. Mais depuis la version 1.X , Retroarch semble consommer + de ressources (et la Wii est déjà limite de ce côté!!!). J'ai testé pas mal de versions post 1.x, mais plusieurs jeux qui tournent bien sur la v 0.98 ne tournaient pas bien voir pas du tout sur les versions plus récentes de retroarch.
Problème réglé ou pas avec cette v1.22 ? ... je n'ai pas encore testé (pas trop le temps là )... puis je ne vois pas trop ce qu'apporte les versions plus récentes par rapport à la v 0.98; mis à part la sélection automatique du bon Core par rapport type de jeu.::(::
^ Déconnecté chervieux
#25, posté le 29/09/15 à 10:35:28
8 messages
Petit nouveau
je viens d'installer la dernière version sur ma wii, je voudrais emuler des jeux N64 mais je ne trouve pas le core....quelqu'un saurait me dire si retroarch peut le faire ou non? j'ai vu sur le net que oui mais peut etre pas sur la wii, peut etre que en version pc ...
je ne retrouve même pas les roms sur la sd.
du coup je me demande vraiment si c'est possible ou non

merci pour vos reponses

Dernière édition le 29/09/15 à 10:41:50 par chervieux.
^ Déconnecté payhen44
#26, posté le 29/09/15 à 11:19:59
3868 messages
Dieu des dieux
Non... Soit tu utilises ( Not64, Wii64 ou Wiiware)..
^ Déconnecté NY152
#27, posté le 11/11/15 à 00:20:02
1 messages
Petit nouveau
Perso, je ne comprends pas comment on lance cet emulateur car après avoir copié le dossier, je me retrouve avec pleins d’icônes Retroarch dans l'homebrew Channel (une par cores finalement). Et j'ai beau les essayer un à un, je me retrouve avec un reboot de ma Wii ! Quelqu'un sait comment faire pour avancer ?
^ Déconnecté Roukxwel
#28, posté le 11/11/15 à 11:34:12
782 messages
Utilise Le Wiiflow d'ABZ
tous les emu sont integrer au loader via des plugins et sont fonctionnel

dont retroarch

^ Déconnecté xtopher
#29, posté le 11/11/15 à 12:18:55
267 messages
Apprenti parleur
Quote NY152:
Perso, je ne comprends pas comment on lance cet emulateur car après avoir copié le dossier, je me retrouve avec pleins d’icônes Retroarch dans l'homebrew Channel (une par cores finalement). Et j'ai beau les essayer un à un, je me retrouve avec un reboot de ma Wii ! Quelqu'un sait comment faire pour avancer ?

Le mieux est de mettre un forwader* (sorte de raccourci) direct sur le menu wii.
*C'est WAD que tu installes sur ta WII via Pimp my Ride.
LOLTube.fr - Humour image
^ Déconnecté fullfull007
#30, posté le 20/01/16 à 14:24:05
1 messages
Petit nouveau
bonjour j ai telecharger retroArch 1.2.2 alors ma question vas vous paraitre bete mais ou je dois mettre le dossier dans apps ou a la souche de ma carte sd la j ai un dossier zip dois je le decompresser j ai tenter mais rien de concluant....::'(::
help please

Dernière édition le 20/01/16 à 14:26:41 par fullfull007.

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