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Description :

Voici un utilitaire Windows développé par Actar, vous permettant de télécharger la plupart des applications en tout genre (émulateurs, jeux homebrew, loaders...) ainsi que des titres pour la console (ios, chaînes...). L'application télécharge les outils directement depuis le site officiel (quand cela est possible).

Vous aurez besoin du .NET framework 3.5 installé sur votre PC pour que le logiciel puisse fonctionner (téléchargeable ici)
Ou bien "seulement" .NET framework 2.0 depuis la version 2.0 de WiiDownloader.

Fonctionnalités :
- Télécharger des applications diverses.
- Configurer un périphérique sur lequel seront directement placés les applications téléchargées.
- Créer un script qui télécharge automatiquement les outils que vous voulez.


- Changed function for get file name to download in Editor

- Changed function for execute external program
- Added NaxoR93 in credits for translations
- "Probably" NO MORE RELEASE (if no one have problem with this obviously)

- Changed function for search link in bootmii or mediafire
- Small code clean
- Some minor fix

- Some little fix
- removed russian support in languages

- Increased time for create cIOS

- Added a warning message in Editor Mode (only for download from NUS)
- Added MD5 check for ModMii.zip download

- Little typo error (a classic for me). =P

- Now Wilbrand will not be selected in tutorial if MAC address isn't write

- Now, one first problem in a download, the program try to redownload it automatically
On second time, ask to user what to do.
- Download function now, check filesize less frequently, to use less memory.

- Changed MD5 check function
- Changed standard download function

- Test version

- Increased time for download before time-out warning (now 25 seconds of inactivity).
- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^____^

- Now recomended cIOS include d2x-v10-beta52 (no more v8-final)
- Little graphics change in "About your wii.." form

- Little speed increase when used external program

- Fixed (I think) problem with antivirus

- Test version for understand a problem with some antivirus

- Added support for d2x v10

- Increase time for create cIOS with ModMii to 5 minutes. After it: time out error

- removed use of sharpii: Now I use only NUSD.exe, all download wad from NUS in cache will be re-downloaded (the MD5 is different)

- little issue in some message

- Now also wilbrand works if launched in a folder withn't ANSI format (like Chinese characters)

- Code clean and slight increase in the speed of execution of external programs

- Fixed a possible problem when progarm is in folder withn't ANSI format

- Finaly fixed an issue with Windows Vista:
Now WiiDownloader works without any problem with every Windows version (32 bit and 64 bit)

- Added button [1] in guide/tutorial
- Probably fixed a problem with WIndows Vista SO

- ... to much time Hackmii doesen't work.
Now finalyy WiiDownloder will use Hackmii Installer 1.2

- Hackmii Instller 1.0 came back in bootmii.org...
And also for wiidownloader guide.

- Fix an issue in tutorial about Hackmii Installer

- HackMii Installer 1.0 link seek removed by TT. Now in guide will be used 1.2

- Changed WiiDownloader auto-update.
Form this release it work without problem also using XP home edition

- Now is possible to download Hackmii Installer 1.0 or Hackmii Installer 1.2

- Fixed an issue with Help button

- Return to Hackmii Installer 1.0 (there is already the link in bootmii.org)
This becouse with the new title ID will be so much problem with so much homebrew.

- Add a message box at the end of download (if no problem as occured) when using the script for create the guide.

- Update search in bootmii.org for new Hackmii Installer 1.2

- Update search in bootmii.org for new Hackmii Installer 1.1

- Added code for show also [-] button image in tutorial

- Fixed a little issue in progress bar

- Now guide will be created on an HTML file with some images (more nice and practice)
- Fixed issue for blank text, in case of missing language files (thanks to Ayatus for suggestion)
- Add MD5 check to other program file
- Added minimize button
- Other minor changes

- Add creation of "error_log.txt" in the same folder of WiiDownloader.
That file will be created when some problems occurs during downloading or creating cIOS.
It can be useful for me for understand if there are some problem in the application.

- From this release isn't needed NET 3.5, but only NET 2.0

- Added "set do default" in "about your wii" options
- Some little changes in the functions to calculate the percentage in progress bar

- Fixed an issue with 64 bit SO: now it works correctly without problem on 32 and 64 bit SO.

- Some change in 'About your Wii' menu:
Now WAM will be automatic downloaded if necessary

- Now when WiiDownload update Database, will be downloaded also "WiiDownloaderChangelog.txt"

- LIttle correction in tutorial creatng.

- Make some little change in the "About Your Wii" menu.

- Only a little graphic change in "HELP"
- Now WiiDownloader startup is little more faster.

- Fixed a problem downloading WiiFlow Forwarder in "about your wii"
- Update WAM to 2.7 in the feature for create script.

- Fixed a problem downloading more Loader in "about your wii"

- Update WAM to 2.5 in the feature for create script.

- Changed internal funciton for check/create folders.

- Added greeting at the end of tutorial ^__^

- Almost completed tutorial created and help guide.

- Only correction on text alignment

- Test version

- Only some typo error.

- Ok, fixed list of WADs in tutorial.

- The list of WAD in the guide can be not correct, I will fix as soon as possible

- Added support for help and create guide in "about your wii" menu
(version removed for a moment, need to fix a thing)

- Now from the page for create the script for mod a wii, the application for default will use "WAM" with wilbrand. ANd WAM will be the only wad downloaded.

- Added others control when a downloaded archive contains files that are in "read only" mode. (like "Bash The Castle")

- Now application check, before copy to device, if there is necessary space available. (is difficult that can be happen.. but why don't check it? =P )
- Fixed a possible freeze starting downloading

- Little fix: I forgot to make editable "cache" in menu item, sorry

- Addedd MD5 check for all tools file.

- Little correction in "script edit" (becose in previus version I remove use of SFK).
- Add messagge when application write data to selected device.
- Change some "ErrorMessage" in "WarningMessage" (before all was Error message... not correct).
- Timeout set at 20 seconds (before was 15)

Now WiiDownloader can be used also with no connection (but only if the files to download are just downloaded previously)
- Addedd support for russian language
- Add some message when dropbox don't be online and database or application can't be updated.
- Add some check and message when a file that must be used by wiidownloader, but is used or open by other process
- Remove use of SFK for filter dinamic link (mediafire and bootmii)

- LOL... Addoed only an intial message when WiiDownloader can't start beacuse dropbox is down.

- Added controls for haven't any crash (especially with folder open in explorer).
- Added initial check for check if network connection is available.
- Other minor chages.

Honestly actually I don't know, how other check I can do for haven't any crash.
I tryed to do anything and more, but the application seem to be ok.
For a while I will stop to modify the code... but for any problem, please tell me.
Meanwhile I can spen my time to update teh database.

- Now deleting alle file in cache, will be deleted also the files created with modmii (in the next download ALL will be recreated/downloaded)

- Add some cache options: enable, disable and delete alle file in cache
- Add link to 91wii.com (for chinese support forum)

- code clean

- BIG BIG changes: now isnt' necessary NET 4.0, but only NET 3.5... that is just necessary for ModMii. (There is no need to install too many things.)

- Add a check for ID and version in cached file

- Improved use of cache feature. Now really faster! =)
- Next step to add: free cache, disable/enalbe cache, delete all downloaded files

- Now in "Aboot your Wii", when a script will create, all information and chech box checked will be saved in settings.ini (not only FW and MacAddress)

- Only code clean

- Little typo error in editor mode

- Added use of "cache" also for file downloaded form url (downloading IOS or cIOS, this feature was already done in previous version)
- Add more cutosmizable text in editor mode
- Other minor graphical changes

- Added info about version of application and database in the main page.
- Other minor changes for haven't any freeze or crash in downloading (or when download is stopped)

- YEAAAA! FIXED! ...I'm talking about a problem that would happen (in particoular condition) using NUSD.EXE or SHARPII.EXE (too long to explain.. but now is OK)

- add other chack in case of freeze (or stopped by user) during and after use of external program. Now i hope to have take all possible case.
- Actaually I add a static timer when usign particoular external program not easy to monitorate:
60 seconds for create a cIOS (not for download the base) and 20 second for other simply operations (that in normal condition will take 2 seconds)

- add more check using any external prgram (in case of freeze with them)

- only little layout changes

- added support for Dutch Language

- Found and fixed a possible error using the the feature for create script (alwyas caused by the add of unicode encoding creating files)

- sorry, adding the use of unicode encoding for support chinese language I broken the feature for create cIOS: fixed.

- added support for Chinese Language

- add link for changelog in "about" menu
- add authors of translation
- add info when downloading a wad of system menù (es: RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v450 = 4.1E )

- no changelog, sorry... but it's the first stable version! =)

- Added some editable text for cache

- Some add in chinese ini file (thanks to kavid)

- Some add in french ini file (thanks to bendis6)

- Other add in language.ini for cache fature

- Little change in some script (i must do it for the incoming "cache feature")
- Add some editable text in all languages.ini files (for editor mode)

- Completed español.ini (sorry, but I made it using google.translate....)

- update WiiFlow latest release to 4.0.3 (r433)
- Added some Forwarder (WAD - Forwarder)
- Added WiiXplorer (Homebrew - Utility)

- corrected some error in italian.ini ( LOL )

- added Dutch Language (thanks to ground)

- added Chinese Language (thanks to kavid)

- added Waninkoko WAD Manager 1.7
- update GX latest beta release to 1203
- update Genesis Plus GX to 1.7.1

[v79] and earlier
- no changelog, sorry... and I can't remeber what I add in each version.. =P


[v160] 02/27/2013
- Changed wiitdb link for WiiFlow

[v159] 02/24/2013
- Updated link for GX (but always for r1209)

[v158] 02/15/2013
- Updated FCE Ultra GX to v3.3.4

[v157] 02/12/2013
- Added some script in "homebrew - games" ^__^

[v156] 02/10/2013
- Updated WiiEarth to 2.3

[v155] 02/10/2013
- Some uptade in wiiflow settings file

[v154] 02/06/2013
- Fixed spanish translations: Special thanks to NaxoR93

[v153] 01/25/2013
- Added MyMenuifyMOD v1.5 ( in "Homebrew - Utility")

[v152] 01/24/2013
- ModMii updated to 6.2.5

[v151] 01/21/2013
- Some add-on in italian tutorial.

[v150] 01/21/2013
- Updated GX to r1209
- Removed russian support
- Now all file of loader cen be stroed in cache (not only gametdb package, that change evry day)

[v149] 01/15/2013
- Some little changes in Italian tutorial

[v148] 01/14/2013
- Updated CFG mod to r51

[v147] 01/12/2013
- Other changes in Italian tutorial

[v146] 01/10/2013
- Correct error in link for CFG USB Loader Glass forwarder

[v145] 01/07/2013
- Updated GX to 1208
- Some changes in Italian tutorial

[v144] 01/04/2013
- Updated WiiMc to v 1.3.2

[v143] 01/02/2013
- Updated all MD5 for downloadable archive

[v142] 12/31/2012
- Updated WiiFlow to v4.1

[v141] 12/30/2012
- Removed script for v9 (now there is v10)

[v140] 12/28/2012
- Updated syscheck to v 2.1.0 (beta 19)

[v139] 12/24/2012
- Added d2x v10 in "WAD-cIOS"

[v138] 12/23/2012
- Updated nusDatabase.ini with MD5 of all downloadable titles

[v137] 12/18/2012
- Updated France tutorial (thanks to bendis6)

[v136] 12/17/2012
- Addedd [1] button in images for tutorial

[v135] 12/16/2012
- Little changes in tutorial (about use of hackmii installer)

[v134] 12/14/2012
- Little changes in tutorial (about WAD for IOS236 installer)

[v133] 12/14/2012
- Updated CFG mod to r50

[v132] 12/08/2012
- Changed scripts for Hackmii Installer

[v131] 12/08/2012
- Updated GX to r1207_mod1
- Uèdated WiiFlow to r4.0.5
- Updated Priiloader to priiloader_MOD_IOS236_r142_LULZ (for new hbc 1.1.2)

[v130] 12/08/2012
- Come back to Hackmii Installer 1.0

[v129] 12/08/2012
- Updated Hackmii Installer script (v1.2)

[v128] 12/08/2012
- Updated Hackmii Installer script (v1.1)

[v127] 12/07/2012
- Added [-] button image

[v126] 12/07/2012
- Some change in all tutorial file

[v125] 12/04/2012
- ... o__O I don't remember!! LOL

[v124] 12/03/2012
- Update WAM (and WAM.it) to v3.0

[v123] 12/01/2012
- Explian (in tutorial) also the files that can be deleted after softmod (if you follow my guide obviously)

[v123] 11/29/2012
- Added some info in HELP info in "about your Wii"

[v122] 11/25/2012
- Added AnyRegionChanger

[v121] 11/25/2012
- Updated Genesis Plus GX to v1.7.2

[v120] 11/24/2012
- Add Eula and RRegion Select in Stanard Databse (Official Hidden Channels)

[v119] 11/23/2012
- Add Glass and Matrix Forwarder for CFG USB Loader

[v118] 11/21/2012
- Update WAM (and WAM.it) to 2.9

[v117] 11/21/2012
- Some correction in italan turorial file

[v116] 11/18/2012
- Updated Wiiflow to 4.0.4 (r434)

[v115] 11/18/2012
- Update WAM (and WAM.it) to 2.8

[v114] 11/16/2012
- Added some WiiFlow Forwarder
- Updated FCE Ultra GX -> v3.3.2

[v113] 11/15/2012
- Updated MD5 check for all downloadable files.

[v112] 11/14/2012
- Update WAM (and WAM.it) to 2.7
- Update PimpMyWii to 2.32
- Update WAD for use Pimp Offline

[v111] 11/13/2012
- Update WAM to 2.5
- Update GX beta to r1204

[v110] 11/11/2012
- Little correction for all turorial file

[v109] 11/11/2012
- Some little correction in italan turorial file

[v108] 11/11/2012
- Added greeting in tutorial file ^__^

[v107] 11/11/2012
- Much changes in tutorial files (but actually only in italian and english)

[v106] 11/10/2012
- some correction in tutorial file

[v105] 11/09/2012
- other typo.. o___O

[v104] 11/09/2012
- Some little correction..

[v103] 11/09/2012
- Create turial files for help and tutorial
I'm SURE that there so much error (typo.. bad english) but I'll fix next time,
now I'm too tired.. +__+

[v102] 11/08/2012
- I forgot to include information about the size of the wad

[v101] 11/08/2012
- Added RVL-Shopping-v21 for all region in nus.ini
- Updated necessary script to Shopping-v21
- Added IOS62v6430 in Active IOS script
- Updated português ini file (thanks to NunonixXd)

[v100] 11/07/2012
- Added IOS62v6430 in nus.ini

[v99] 11/07/2012
- Added WAM 2.3 (english version).. 2.2 was only italian.

[v98] 11/06/2012
- Added some games

[v97] 11/05/2012
- Wrong image name for NeoGamma

[v96] 11/04/2012
- Some change in french ini file (thanks to bendis6)

[v95] 11/04/2012
- Little correction in chinese.ini file
- Added some Forwarder

[v94] 11/03/2012
- Add "cache" editable text in all ini files

[v93] 11/03/2012
- Updated chinese.ini file (thanks to kavid)
- Updated CFG USB Loader to r49

[v92] 11/02/2012
- Added some Forwarder (WAD - Forwarder)
- Added NeoGamma (Homebrew - Loader - Neogamma)

[v91] 10/29/2012
- Added russian.ini (but still in english)
- Added other editable message in all .ini files

[v90] 10/29/2012
- Added some editable text for cache

[v89] 10/28/2012
- Some add in chinese ini file (thanks to kavid)

[v88] 10/28/2012
- Some add in french ini file (thanks to bendis6)

[v87] 10/23/2012
- Other add in language.ini for cache fature

[v86] 10/22/2012
- Little change in some script (i must do it for the incoming "cache feature")
- Add some editable text in all languages.ini files (for editor mode)

[v85] 10/22/2012
- Completed español.ini (sorry, but I made it using google.translate....)

[v84] 10/21/2012
- update WiiFlow latest release to 4.0.3 (r433)
- Added some Forwarder (WAD - Forwarder)
- Added WiiXplorer (Homebrew - Utility)

[v83] 10/19/2012
- corrected some error in italian.ini ( LOL )

[v82] 10/18/2012
- added Dutch Language (thanks to ground)

[v81] 10/17/2012
- added Chinese Language (thanks to kavid)

[v80] 10/16/2012
- added Waninkoko WAD Manager 1.7
- update GX latest beta release to 1203
- update Genesis Plus GX to 1.7.1

[v79] and earlier
- no changelog, sorry... and I can't remeber what I add in each version.. =P

A la fin du téléchargement, si vous n'avez pas configuré de périphérique de destination, vous aurez un dossier COPY_TO_DEVICE dans le dossier WiiDownloader, qui contiendra le fichier téléchargé.
Il se peut que le premier téléchargement avec WiiDownloader échoue, relancez-le et il devrait passer sans problème.

http://gbatemp.net/topic/331626-wiidownloader/ Site officiel : http://gbatemp.net/topic/331626-wiidownloader/

Télécharger Télécharger WiiDownloader v2.7
Les fichiers avec l'extension 7z se décompressent avec winrar ou 7zip.

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