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Whitehole v.1.0.1 par Mega-Mario et SunakazeKun est un éditeur de niveau compatible avec Super Mario Galaxy 1 et 2 !!

Vous aurez besoin de Java JRE7 pour que cette application fonctionne.
Whitehole est compatible Windows et Linux.
Normalement il fonctionne aussi sous OSX mais n'est et ne sera pas suivi (pas par l'auteur en tout cas).


Version 1.4.3
Added: Full support for paths and path points!
Added: Multi-renderer, which replaces the old Double and Triple renderers
Added: New object rendering (coins, black holes, ...)
Added: Gravity rendering
Added: Obj_arg descriptions are displayed to show more information about the current object
Added: Improved property field names
Added: Randomized path colors which replace the previous ones
Added: ShapeModelNo editing and rendering has been completely reworked and it doesn't crash the program anymore.
Fixed: Area rendering for SMG1 has been specified
Fixed: Wrap and filter modes for BMD and BTI renderers weren't properly configured
Fixed: Position, rotation and scale copying doesn't work
Fixed: Editing cutscenes freezes the program when saved
Fixed: Crash if a non-existing model file can't be loaded
Misc.: A lot of cleanup, although there's still a lot of shitty code...

Whitehole v1.0.1
Hotfix for Whitehole v1.0.

Fixes a potential corruption bug when saving. The bug would occur when saving Good Egg Galaxy, and could have happened anywhere else. It would hinder Whitehole's zone reading/saving mechanism, and perhaps have bad effects ingame.

This archive just contains the updated Whitehole.jar. If you don't have Whitehole v1.0 already, you should download it.

Whitehole v1.0
Stable release fixing a few problematic issues of v0.9 RC, namely:
* edited levels should no longer cause freezes on a Wii
* selecting/adding/removing objects should now work for everybody
* fixed some rendering issues, all galaxies should be editable now
* better rendering for some objects
* and more

Whitehole v0.9 RC
The first release of Whitehole, the graphical SMG1/2 level editor.

Quote :
1. Getting started

Whitehole is a Java program. It is built against JDK 1.7 so it'll require JRE7 (or anything equivalent) to work correctly.
For Windows users, a little launcher (whitehole.exe) is provided for convenience. Otherwise, on any platform, you can just open a terminal/console and type: java -jar whitehole.jar

Whitehole operates on files extracted from a SMG1/2 ISO. So you first need to get an ISO. We aren't going to help you find one, though.
Once you got your ISO, you need to create a folder and extract the files in it. For now, extracting the ObjectData and StageData folders is enough, but that may change later, so if you want to be sure, you should extract all the ISO's contents.
Now open Whitehole and hit the 'Select game folder' button. The dialog shown may be disturbing at first because it looks like a file selection dialog but it is meant to select folders. Select the folder where you extracted your ISO's contents. The StageData and ObjectData folders must be directly in that folder. If everything is allright, Whitehole will list all the galaxies available.

To edit a galaxy, you select it and hit 'Open galaxy' (or alternatively double click in the list). You can also open the BCSV editor, but you really shouldn't try to use it unless you know what you're doing. The BCSV editor is a raw, user-unfriendly tool that lets you edit BCSV files, that is, many data in SMG games.

2. Editing a galaxy

Once you have opened a galaxy, you will be shown a window with lists and a white panel. The program isn't crashed or frozen or anything. Loading and prerendering a whole galaxy just takes a few seconds, so be patient.
Eventually, if everything goes right, the window will show a rendering of the galaxy.

The left panel lets you choose which scenario and zone you want to edit. It also lists the objects in the current zone under the current scenario. The galaxy preview is also interactive. Moving the mouse while holding the left button moves the camera, moving while holding the right button rotates it. Clicking an object selects it, or deselects it if it's selected. Moving the mouse and holding the left button while an object is selected, moves it. You can also use your mouse's scrollwheel to move the camera or objects perpendicularly to the screen.

The Zones section of the left panel has a button labeled 'Edit individually'. Clicking it will open the selected zone in an individual editing window. The zone editing window works pretty much the same was as the galaxy editing window. Changes made to a zone in one window only reflect in the other ones when they're saved.

The Objects tab allows you to add and delete objects. I think that part is self-explanatory enough...

When an object is selected, the Objects panel will show all of its properties, and let you edit them. It is quite raw atm, though.

3. The settings

The settings can be modified from the galaxy listing window, by hitting the Settings button. There are a few settings available:
* Check for object database updates on startup: if enabled, when launched, Whitehole will download a more recent version of the object database (objectdb.xml) if any.
* Use shaders for 3D rendering: if enabled, the 3D renderer will use shaders. This allows for more accurate rendering, but you need a compatible GPU.
* Render objects in low-res when dragging: if enabled, when moving the camera in a galaxy/zone view, the graphics will be rendered in wireframe. For slow GPUs.

Informations sur la base de données des objets : http://kuribo64.cjb.net/?page=objectdb

http://kuribo64.cjb.net/?page=thread&id=80 Site officiel : http://kuribo64.cjb.net/?page=thread&id=80

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^ Déconnecté taktik02
#1, posté le 30/11/12 à 22:48:18
5 messages
Petit nouveau
Merci, mais je ne comprends pas comment fonctionne le logiciel. ::(::
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^ Déconnecté Itachijiraya
#2, posté le 30/11/12 à 22:53:35
天 Moderator 朱
4282 messages
Dieu des dieux
C'est à dire ?
Lancer le logiciel ou modifier un Super Mario Galaxy ?
^ Déconnecté taktik02
#3, posté le 30/11/12 à 23:36:21
5 messages
Petit nouveau
En fait j'ai logiciel et l'iso. Mais après sais pas quoi faire pour utiliser l'iso.
^ Déconnecté joo21000
#4, posté le 01/12/12 à 18:16:52
67 messages
Petit parleur
Moi aussi, j'arrive pas a lancer ce logiciel...

Edit: C'est bon, ca marche (et autant dire que meme sur mon PC (qui, au passage, est très pas puissant) il y a un bon rendu et un logiciel tres bien fait): je pensais que le Java requis était installé mais en fait...: non, il l'était pas...

Dernière édition le 01/12/12 à 19:07:48 par joo21000.
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^ Déconnecté taktik02
#5, posté le 06/12/12 à 20:49:44
5 messages
Petit nouveau
Autant pour moi, j'ai réussi a utiliser l'ISO. En fait il fallait prendre un utilitaire (présent sur ce site) pour extraire l'ISO

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